Prompt: Purple
Words: 97

Hermione glanced down at the purple gem on her finger. She shyly shot Draco a look. He grinned in response.

They were going to get married. Yes there was a war going on, but they loved each other more than anything. Draco had publicly renounced his family, and surprisingly got away alive.

Molly Weasley insisted the two wait until after they finished their 7th year, but the two of them knew they wouldn't be returning.

No, Hermione, Draco, Ron, and Harry all had a mission to complete.

And they would do it, together.


I just want to thank everyone who had read this story, and left me comments. Your words always encouraged me to move forward. I also want to thank ErynPotter for this brilliant opportunity to write such an amazing story. Thank you all!