Hello it's FusaoKairi here I'm taking a hiatus from my Naruto story to dive into my other big fandom digimon! I wanted to do a seaosn crossover story so bad and the plot bunny wouldn't leave me, so here you go!

The Emergence Begins

"Those meddlesome children" snarled Demon as he wandered along the coast through the Dark Ocean still lost after being exiled there a nearly year ago.

Although he wasn't bothered by the darkness in the slightest he really wanted to get back to the digital realm and reassert his army and plans.

However it seems that it will be to no avail. The cloaked figure with his fingered wings and red eyes was hopelessly lost. He had heard tales and seen glimpses of this world, but he never imagined how expansive it actually would be.

There was much more than just endless ocean like he'd originally thought was there.

"ARGGGGHHHHH!" Demon roared his frustration into the air. "How am I supposed to finish what I started if I can't even escape this damn place!, and thanks to those stupid digivices I'm still underpowered.."

"What you be the point of that…" A menacing but oddly silent voice echoed through the air.

"What?! Who's talking show yourself!" Demon demanded twisting around looking for the source of the voice.

"Even if you defeated the chosen children there are others would that could come and rise against you…." The voice continued ignoring the demands given.

"SHOW YOUR- wait what do you mean "others" aren't the chosen children my only real competition?" Demon stopped ranting long enough to listen now very interested in what he was being told.

"Well of course there are others..other worlds like this"

"Other worlds of darkness, well that doesn't concern me any!" Demon snarled at being given useless or to him redundant information.

"No I mean other earths and digital worlds...with different chosen children just defeating the one's tied to yours doesn't guarantee you a victory…"

"The others could be called upon by the four powerful enough to do so…the four that are split across all these dimensions.."

Demon paused to consider the information, and realized that the voice was correct. Of course if this alternate universe exists, why wouldn't there be others with their own chosen and their on digital Gods.

"So are you suggesting something…comrade" Demon enquired interested, maybe who or whatever was giving him this information could be a useful ally.

"I suggest a team up of sorts… a gathering of the most powerful enemies from all the known dimensions to destroy the problem of the digidestined…"


"I'm listening" Demon said giving an evil smirk under his hood his shoulders quivering in sadistic excitement.

"With my power I can resurrect some who have fallen to the digidestined of each world, but I will only resurrect those I see fit too"

"Although for a certain world, I may need to alter certain strings to resurrect an enemy..."

"Look I don't care what you do or how you do it, but get it done!" Demon replied impatiently too excited to delay this plan any longer, but sudden a thought occurred to him.

"Why are you willing to go out of your way to help me, or any of the other digimon that were defeated? What is it you really seek? Don't you want to take over the real world as well?" Demon asked, after all he was a crafty one himself he knew that this dark entity had to want something in return.

"I want my bride who previously escaped me, and too get rid of the warrior who bares the greatest threat to me, the other real worlds mean nothing to me...you and the others I will resurrect can have them for all I care…." the voice slurred off as the rustling of the waves was heard.

Demon didn't question what just happened, but instead began to focus on getting his strengths back for the glorious, grueling, gory battle he knew was ahead.

Meanwhile in the dimensional core named "Gaias" the original Sovereign Digimon were discussing the events they just watched unfold in an omniscient orb.

"So it seems that Dagomon has finally grown impatient and is finally planning a forward attack." Ebonwumon the oldest Sovereign a two-headed tortoise with a tree upon it's back mused worry evident in his voice.

"So what are we sitting around moping for let's mount an attack, and alert our own alternate counterparts!" Baihumon the youngest a saber fanged large tiger roared angrily wanting to take immediate action.

"For once I agree with the tiger, we can't continue to let this threat grow Dagomon's power is great, possibly the greatest of all the demonic type digimon." Zhuqiaomon said frantically flapping his fiery wings.

"Calm Yourselves Baihumon, Zhuqiaomon! It is that exact type of rush in attitude that could get everyone killed!" Azulongmon the azure lightening dragon chided.

"Besides alerting our other dimensional counterparts isn't enough, it might have been if any of the digidestined from any dimension had managed to free Fanglongmon.." Ebonwumon trailed off missing his old leader.

All of the Sovereigns lowered the head in respect to the original first digimon that gave life to every digital world, but has never been able to see the lives he made himself, for almost a millennium.

"As is we will need All the digidestined from each world, and we need to transport them to the world that is to be attacked first..." Azulongmon reasoned, as he was always the most levelheaded when being proactive. He had to be; even if Ebonwumon was the oldest among them he was too peaceful to be the leader that title now fell on him and his alternate counterparts.

"Which world is Dagomon going after first?" Baihumon questioned now sedated from his earlier episode.

"Unfortunately ours the oldest digital world…Dagomon's a smart one I'll give him that he knows that our dimension hosts the original digital world, and thus hosts the primary core for all the Digital worlds." Azulongmon whispered despairingly.

"So we need return the Legendary Warriors here, and transport the others here as well..." Baihumon said giving a nod.

"Yes, it would seem so…I just wish it wasn't so soon. I mean I know it's been a six months since they've been here, but our Legendary Warriors have been through so much in such little time. It's a shame they don't get a longer break…" Ebonwumon said sighing as he shook his two heads back and forth.

"I know Ebonwumon, but they're tough and besides we have no choice, this threat entails immediate danger to all the alternate real worlds as well..." Zhuqiaomon reasoned not really wanting to recall the warriors so soon himself.

"Zhuqiaomon's right Ebonwumon we can't waste any more time! We begin the ritual now! The fates of all worlds depend on the digidestined now!" Baihumon assured.

"We'll help along the way if can Ebonwumon, but us and our counterparts need to mainly focus on holding all of the dimensional cores intact due to the dimension hopping that is about to take place" Azulongmon ordered.

"So Ebonwumon ready the ritual, and let's get this underway!" Azulongmon ordered as Ebonwumon walked away to do his duty giving the dragon a small smile.

So there you guys go the prolouge to my epic, now a forewarning this is only a season 2-4 crossover so no Savers or Xros wars mainly becasue I only really watced Digimon up to season four and even though I have seen Xros Wars and Savers I really don't care for them sorry :( Also the Legendary Warriors digivolutions, personalities, digital world ,and main story will be quite different but still with some similarites from the actual show in many ways. So it's Auish in that since as well.

I warn that the Adventure 02 ending is Auish as well, because in my version/headcanon the whole world doesn't get digimon partners. Only the Japanese digidestined and some of the international kids( mainly the one's that were focused on in the 3 parter episodes like Catherine the french girl). I always thought that ending defeated the purpose of the Digidestined being special in the first place :(

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