Luigi's Mansion the Musical

Chapter 1: The Scary yet Romantic journey begins

*Anything italicized is someone's thought bubble or someone is singing

17 year old Ember McKnight walked in through the front door of Peach's castle. She was performing at Peach's Halloween party/ball. Princess Peach Toadstool knew that Ember was the new girl in Mushroom Kingdom and that she could sing very well. Plus, Ember was like a long-lost sister to her. So, she asked Ember to perform a song that would fit perfectly in with the mix of Halloween. Ember agreed, since she didn't have anything better to do that night.

When Ember got there, she saw all the cute costumes. She saw her old best friend Princess Daisy Floral of Sarasaland as a goth girl wearing all black. She saw that Peach was supposed to be Sailor Moon, and she had to give Peach the credit for such an awesome costume. It looked just like Sailor Moon's sailor-form: From the meatball hair, to the red leather boots with the gold crescent moon on the white band. But when she saw Mister Mario Mario, she noticed that he was Tuxedo Mask. Are they dating? Did they plan that, or was that just by accident? Ember thought to herself.

Ember looked in the mirror that was by the front door and checked over her costume one last time: Blue hair that looked like it was a flame in the cheerleader high ponytail, one strap black leathery crop-top t-shirt that showed her bare mid-drift, black leather pants with a silver belt on her waist and silver skull boots on her feet. Her right hand had a black ball room like glove that stopped half-way on her upper arm and that was the arm she strummed her guitar with. She had a black bracelet on her left wrist and her guitar was a purple electric with the same color blue as her wig flames on it. The strap was around her neck and she was holding it like how the girl she was trying look like for Halloween would hold it in her favorite TV cartoon show on NickToons. Now, the reason why she was dressed up as Ember McLain for Halloween that year, was because she figured that since her name was Ember, she would dress up as Ember from the NickToons TV cartoon show, Danny Phantom. So, that's why.

When Peach saw Ember dressed up as, well, Ember, she couldn't help but laugh. She thought the costume was clever. "Thanks. I'm glad you like it, Princess Peach." Ember had said. "Oh, please, just call me Peach." Peach replied. "The stage is all yours, Miss…McLain." Peach winked when she said Ember's costume name. Ember giggled a little and nodded, indicating she was saying thank you and walked up onto the stage. The band was all set to start the song. She took a deep breathe as she walked up to the microphone. The song started, just as 18 year old Luigi Mario walked in, dressed up as, wouldn't you believe, Danny Phantom.

(SONG: "Calling all the Monsters"—China Anne McClain)


Calling all the monsters, calling all the monsters, calling all the, calling all the, calling all the monsters…

Ember started playing her costume's guitar (since it was a real electric guitar) and was having so much fun up on the stage.

Heart thumps and you jump, coming down with goose-bumps,

You dared to go there, I'ma-I'ma get ya so scared…

You've stayed into late, to be getting afraid,

This scene extreme, I-I-I-I'ma get ya so scared…

Gonna get your body shaking wishing you could just awaken…

Tonight all the monsters gonna dance, we're coming to get ya! (x2)

If you're only dreaming, why I hear you screaming,

Tonight all the monsters gonna dance, we're coming to get ya!

Everyone, including Peach and Mario, were dancing to Ember's voice and song. Luigi, however, was afraid of the song. He kept thinking that monsters would come out, but when he saw his brother having a good time, he brushed it off his shoulder and danced with everyone else.

You hide or you try, kiss tomorrow goodbye,

We thrill to your chill, b-b-b-bucking for a freak out…

We might just bite, underneath the moonlight,

More fun if you run, I-I-I-I'ma, I'm already chasing…

Gonna get your body shaking wishing you could just awaken…

Tonight all the monsters gonna dance, we're coming to get ya! (x2)

If you're only dreaming, why I hear you screaming,

Tonight all the monsters gonna dance, we're coming to get ya!

Calling all the monsters, calling all the monsters, calling all the, calling all the, calling all the monsters…

Gonna paint it red, get inside your head, head, head,

Like a demon choir, playing with fire, fire, fire…

Gonna get your body shaking wishing you could just awaken…

Tonight all the monsters gonna dance, we're coming to get ya! (x2)

If you're only dreaming, why I hear you screaming,

Tonight all the monsters gonna dance, we're coming to get ya!

Ember was getting ready to end the song and stopped playing her guitar as she sang:

Coming to get you…

(End of song)

When Ember was done singing the song, everyone went berserk. Ember couldn't help but smile. But she smiled even wider when she saw her secret crush Luigi cheering louder than everyone else.


"Luigi, was it really necessary for me to come with you?" 18 year old Ember asked. "I mean, I thought Mario was waiting for you there." Luigi stopped walking and looked at his best friend forever and always (BFFA). "He is. I just don't like walking through Boo Woods alone." Luigi replied. Ember sighed as they continued walking through the woods together. She didn't like going through woods either. She was scared of them…not that she didn't love them, because they had cute little animals in them. But she didn't like how spooky Boo Woods was. She always got nightmares after walking through them when she was a little girl. She even was dared to camp out in Boo Woods by her grade school bully. She hated that boy. She stayed behind Luigi as he had his flashlight on looking around. But she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings. All she could do; was think about when she and Luigi first met.

Luigi was thinking of that night too. He couldn't believe how HOT Ember looked in her Ember McLain costume. But now whenever he looked at Ember, he would see an innocent, greenish-blue eyed girl with long brown hair with hot pink tips (LINK TO PIC: . ), and pale white skin.

Ember always wore punk like clothes. She was wearing this night long black tights with holes in them, showing the fishnet underneath, a hot pink mini skirt, long high-heeled black boots that stopped underneath her knees, a hot pink tank-top with a black leather jacket over it, a black pearl necklace, black twisted dangly ear-rings, a hot pink choker necklace, and on her right hand middle finger, was a silver ring that said '1Thes4:3-4'. That was Ember's Purity Ring. She may have been a punk, but she was a punk that didn't want to do that before marriage. She was a firm believer in Christ and was devoted in her faith…well, tried to be.

Her make-up was applied in sections-that's what she told Luigi-but you couldn't tell. Her eye-shadow was black and hot pink, she made sure that the black was a little bit noticeable but not to the point of gaudy. She blended them to make a hotter hot pink and her hot pink liquid eye-liner went across the edge of her eye-lids perfectly. The lipstick on her lips was a hot pink in color. Her hair was down, as always. But it was curly on the hot pink tips of her hair. She always wanted to look her best anytime she was to hang out with Luigi, even if she didn't believe them to date.

After a while, Ember started looking around the woods. She knew that Luigi would be a nervous wreck if anything happened to her. So, she kept her eyes and ears peeled. And she kept them peeled, until she noticed that Luigi was looking over his shoulder at her. When he realized that she saw him looking at her, he quickly turned his head back to the front. Ember blushed, but smiled. He likes me the way I like him! She thought to herself.

Ember and Luigi stopped after a while and Luigi leaned up against a tree. A spooky tree if you asked Ember. Ember was trying so hard not to blush at the thought of Luigi liking her back, but she knew she was epically failing. She really liked him and she knew it. But she didn't want to admit it to be more than just the word 'like'. For she was a punk rock girl, and Luigi was a goody-two shoes follow the rules kind of guy. She knew that if they started dating, Luigi would become a punk and Mario would hate her for as long as she lived. She didn't want that to happen.

Luigi looked over at Ember and noticed the blush on her face. He smiled and looked away. I guess she likes me that way too. He thought to himself. After a while, Ember stood up and walked across the woods alone. She wanted to keep looking for the mansion, to get her mind off of just grabbing Luigi and kissing him on the lips (yeah, you can tell it's not 'like' anymore). "Be careful, Ember!" Luigi called over. "I'll be fine!" Ember yelled back. That's when Luigi decided that the break was over and it was time to keep searching.

Ember was walking around by herself in Boo Woods, looking for someone to ask directions to a new mansion, when Luigi called out that he found the place. Ember ran over to where Luigi's voice came from and stopped behind Luigi as she looked at the scary looking mansion. "Uh…are you sure this is the place?" Ember asked, sounding a bit scared. "That's what the map says." Luigi replied as he looked at the map for a second then back at the spooky mansion.

Ember was afraid to take two steps, but somehow, her courageous ego actually came out of her and made her brave enough to walk up to the mansion. Luigi watched Ember go up to it and got scared that she would get hurt. So he ran after her yelling, "Ember, be careful!" When he caught up to her, Ember opened the front door and looked inside. She all of a sudden got scared and grabbed Luigi's hand, making the green plumber blush a deep shade of pink. Ember blushed too when she realized what she did. "Its okay, Ember…I got you." Luigi said, tightening his grip on her hand and lead her into the mansion. They were in the foyer, looking at all the rotted out furniture that laid there. After a while the old fashioned foyer was too creepy for Ember to take. Luigi could feel Ember's Purity Ring on his gloved hand, which was odd to him because he never felt it before until this night. They walked for a short while, when Ember got sight of the mirror and stopped letting her hand slip out of Luigi's. She looked in the mirror, and saw someone that she wasn't expecting to see.

"So, I see you've decided to come with the green idiot plumber." The black figure in the mirror said to Ember. Ember growled as she clenched her teeth and formed her hands into fists. "You just had to come at this moment, did ya?" She asked through gritted teeth. "Oh, my, Ember…you know I'm always with you at anytime, and anywhere. This is what happens when a girl gets in an accident with a car crashing into said girl…a ghost is formed. But apparently you are still alive and since you are, then I shouldn't even exist right now." The figure said. "Then how do you exist now?" Ember asked, confused but angry at the same time. "Well, let's just say that…half of your heart stopped when you were in the hospital and they had to replace it. That half died, Ember." The figure responded. Ember's hands were in tighter fists now. Her nails were digging through her skin and her jaw was tensed to the point of breaking. "Just…just…" Ember stuttered. She was scared but ticked at the same time too. "…JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" She screamed.

"You okay, Ember!" Luigi yelled as he was running back towards her. "I'll deal with you later, witch!" Ember said as she ran to the center of the sun panel on the floor but, that's where she stopped, for she heard something. She looked up and saw the chandelier was about to fall. Ember was frozen, she couldn't move, she was too scared. "Sayōnara, Ember McKnight…" The figure echoed in Ember's head. Ember was about to move, when it was too late. The chandelier fell down and stabbed her, right in the upper left leg. "AH!" She screamed as she fell down, hitting her head on the ground hard. Luigi ran in but stopped at the sight of Ember, unconscious and wounded. "Ember…!" He yelled as he ran over to her. The chandelier was rising up, leaving a bloody wound in Ember's upper left leg as Luigi knelt down by her side.

He flipped her into his arms and held her close. He suddenly reached the point of being worried and scared. "Ember, can you hear me?!" Luigi yelled, but with no answer. "Ember, answer me! Please!" He yelled again, but still no answer. Luigi noticed that she was losing a lot of blood from her wound in her leg. He set her down gently and fixed up her leg. He took out a green hanky from his chest pocket of his overalls and tied it around Ember's wound. After he was done, he looked over at her face and saw that she was still unconscious. "Ember, please be okay." Luigi whispered to himself. Just then, Ember started wincing as she groaned, indicating she was waking up. Luigi quickly, but gently, picked her up again and held her in his arms. "Ember…?" He asked, hopeful but scared at the same time. Ember finally woke up and saw Luigi by her side, which made her smile. "Luigi…" She said. Luigi smiled too. "Are you okay, Em?" He asked, sounding concerned. Ember just smiled and nodded her head, letting him know she was okay. Luigi smiled some more and helped her sit up. Ember immediately grabbed for her leg as she winced in pain. She felt Luigi's hanky on her leg and smiled with a light blush…light enough that Luigi couldn't see. Luigi saw that she felt the hanky and smiled. "You got hit by one of the spikes on the chandelier. You were losing a lot of blood. I had to patch it up." He said. Ember looked at Luigi with her smile and light shade of pink blush. "Thanks." She responded, as her eyes glowed hot pink and then back to their normal color of greenish-blue.

When Ember moved her hand away from the hanky, she gestured for Luigi to take it off. Luigi did as he was told and he saw that her wound from the chandelier was gone. "What in the world of Toad Town…?!" Luigi exclaimed, making Ember laugh. "Luigi, did you forget that I have powers of the supernatural?" Ember said between laughs. Luigi blushed slightly and chuckled a bit. "Hehe; I guess I did." He said as he rubbed the back of his head. Ember giggled a bit but then gasped when she saw something floating in front of them. Luigi looked and began quivering at the sight of an orange transparent figure with a gold shiny key right in front of them.

Apparently, the ghost must have saw them and freaked out because it dropped the key and went up to the locked door at the top of the stairs, phasing right through it. Ember stood up, with no problem from her leg, since it had been stabbed like 20 minutes ago. She walked up to the key and knelt down with her knees to her chest and picked it up and stood up straight. She turned to Luigi and showed him the key. Luigi stood up and walked up to her. "Where does it go?" He asked, with his cute Italian accent. Well, Ember thought it was a cute accent. "I think it goes to the room the orange ghost went through." Ember replied. She ran up the stairs with Luigi following behind. "Ember, slow down…you just woke up from being unconscious!" Luigi yelled after her. Ember was at the door when she stopped. Luigi stopped right behind her, bent over and panting with his hands on his knees. Ember looked at him and chuckled a little. "You need to jog more, dude." She said with a grin on her face. "That…is…not…happen…ning…" Luigi said, as he tried to catch his breathe.

Ember rolled her eyes and looked at the door again. For some reason, she didn't seem scared of the house anymore. But she kind of had an idea of why she was brave enough to be in this scary mansion. Her ghost was haunting her every move and she didn't like that. She didn't like that ghost of hers anymore than whatever kind of ghosts there was in this haunted mansion.

Luigi finally caught his breathe and noticed the determination in Ember's eyes, that were glowing a florescent hot pink. "Ember, are you okay?" He asked walking up to her and putting a hand on her shoulder. That brought Ember back, for her eyes went back to normal and she looked at Luigi. "Oh, I'm sorry, Luigi. Yeah, I'm fine. It's just…her again." Ember said, turning her head away as she said the last sentence. Luigi knew right away who she was talking about. "Oh, her…I see. She's bugging you again?" He asked. "Yeah…" Ember said back. She told Luigi when they first met that she was hit head on by a car when she was just 7 years old. She had to, because of the side effect of surviving that car hitting her. Half of her heart was killed and they had to cut it and stitch a new half to it. So, half of her real heart was inside her, but half wasn't her original. It was someone else's. Now, she had to be extremely careful when she performed or went out anywhere, because if she over did it on stage (like at Peach's Halloween Party/Ball), or in gym at school, the other half of her heart would shut down and take the half that wasn't hers down with it. Meaning, she would die and there would be no way to get her back this time.

Ember put the key into the lock of the door and unlocked it. She was about to open it when all of a sudden, Luigi stopped her. Ember looked at Luigi and he was looking at her. "I'm sorry, but I thought I heard someone call your name." He said. Ember listened closely. "You should have died by that Ember!" Ember growled. Luigi was right about someone calling her name…and she wasn't listening. She opened the door and they both walked inside.

It was completely dark and Luigi was tip-toeing the entire time. Ember just rolled her eyes and walked in without a scare in any part of her body. That is, until this happened: An orange ghost appeared in front of her making Luigi jump backwards falling on his butt. Ember just stood there, braver than brave, but shaking like a Chihuahua pup. Just then, the ghost was being sucked into a vacuum like thing and that was Ember's cue to run over to Luigi. She helped him up and kept her hand in his. Luigi didn't seem to care, he just smiled.

The Orange Ghost punched the little old man with the vacuum on his back with his fist and made him flip on his butt. The Orange Ghost then disappeared. Ember ran over to the old man and helped him stand up. "Oof, thanks youngster!" The old man had said. "Sure thing…you okay?" Ember asked, smiling.

"I'm fine. I tell ya, I get a lot of knocks in this line of work."

"And that would be…" Luigi began. "Ghost hunting…I turn ghosts into paintings for my gallery. It was magnificent. But then King Boo took all my paintings and turned them back into ghosts, along with Number 22 Boolosus." The old man said with a sigh after words. Ember felt a little weirded out by the old man. She backed up a little and then, hid behind Luigi. Luigi just rolled his eyes at Ember. "What, you're not scared of a ghost, but you're terrified of this man?" He asked Ember. The old man couldn't help but chuckle. "No, Luigi, that's not it at all. It he hunts ghosts then…" Ember began to explain when three orange ghosts appeared in front of them. "Uh-oh…we better scram youngsters! Hurry; to my lab; posthaste!" The old man yelled and they all began to run away.