Mating Season

AUTHOR NOTES: this is the sequel to the story "The Jinchuriki Hanyou" that I came up with during my free time. I claim no rights or don't claim to own any of the characters featured from the Naruto series. The character Yuki-Hikari belongs to Shadow Realm Triforce (formally yyh-ygo-fma) and both Ryokoto and Kazuki belong to me. This sequel was done up as a request for some of my readers for the first story of "The Jinchuriki Hanyou" as this story takes place right after the ending of the first story so read it first before you read this one. This story will contain many lemons so please do not read it if you are not into that sort of thing!

SPECIAL KEY GUIDE: "regular human speech", 'thinking to one's self ', *mental/telepathic speech*, (author notes), {Yami no Tamashii (dark souls) language}, bold - demonic speech, italic - animalist speech

HONORIFICS/TRANSLATION NOTES: san: Mr. and/or Mrs. sama: higher social hierarchy, sensei: teacher; dono: lord, kitsune: fox, mate: wife/bride, hanyou: crossbreed, onii-san: big brother, hai: yes/alright/ok, tou-san: father, okaa-san: mother, arigato: thank you, ototo: little brother, yami no tamashii: dark souls, koi: love, kami: god

One - Yugito & Itachi

Several months had passed by since the village hidden in the leaf other wise known as Konahagukure. Kyuubi the nine tail kitsune, dono of the Jinchuriki and hokage of the leaf, began repairs to the village. Their allies and those who worked with them returned back to their home villages and native lands. Even the three great demons that remained within the human world even returned back to their home dimension. After all of the repairs were made, plans were put into effect for Yugito the two tail Jinchuriki cat and Itachi Uchiha. Kyuubi had come to a realization that they too, the Jinchuriki also needed last names. So Kyuubi took on the last name of Yohko after one of the greatest kitsune demons that used to live long ago. Kyuubi gave his own kit Naruto the last name that used to belong to his okaa-san of Uzamaki, Haku was given the last name of Tsume (which translates as claw in Japanese), Gaara was given the last name of Sabaku (which translates as desert in Japanese), Killer B was given the last name of Gyuki (Killer B's tail beast form name which translates as eight tails and/or giant ox), Yugito was given the last name of Nii, and Yuki much like how the Uchiha and Hyuga clan have their clan name as their last name, she too did the same. Yugito and Itachi had prepared the Uchiha grounds for them to have housing separate from the rest of the humans and the Jinchuriki that live within the Uchiha grounds. Itachi arranged for Sasuke and Sai to have their own place but Itachi would still keep an eye on both his ototo and adoptive brother. Both Sasuke and Sai never treated Yugito any differently as she loved the boys almost like they were her own cubs. Even with everyone taking up their own houses, Itachi and Kyuubi had arranged for one of the main buildings to be used as a meeting grounds were they would all dine together and hold special events like holidays together. When Sasuke and Sai grew old enough, they would take up residence in one of the many houses within the Uchiha grounds. The same would be said for the young Jinchuriki. Even though demons were thought to be immortal creatures it wasn't true of the Jinchuriki as they grew old and eventually would die. So Kyuubi picked the next hokage to be Tsunade until Naruto was old enough to take over as hokage.

Itachi's and Yugito's wedding was held on a warm summer day as Itachi wore his clan robes as he stood at the alter along with Sasuke wore similar robes as he was Itachi's best man. Sai also wore the Uchiha robes since being adopted into the clan as he was the ring bearer. Yugito walked down the isles wearing a white kimono as Haku was her maid of honor as she wore a blue kimono. Yuki was the flower girl as she also wore a blue kimono. Kyuubi was wearing his dark red regal robes and hokage's robes as he gave away his sister Yugito. Everyone attended the wedding as it was the first ever of its kind of the first wedding between a demon and human. It would set the tone for all the other weddings between humans and demons even though the demons had their own ways of tying their mates together by marking them. So in Yugito's mind, she and Itachi were already married but Itachi wanted to hold a human ceremony as a formality. Yugito thought it would be interesting to experience a human custom so she went ahead to marry Itachi in a human wedding. Jiriya played the part of the priest as he joined the two together.

"Now ladies and gentlemen I present the Uchiha-san!" stated Jiriya formally as the crowd cheered and roared loudly for the two newly weds.

Itachi and Yugito went back to their new home in order to fully consecrate their marriage. Yugito was in heat as she had waited for the right time to satisfy her lust. Itachi carried her new mate cross the thresh hold of their home as she was purring kissing Itachi wildly.

"Itachi… I want to bear your cubs." Yugito moaned. Her twin bronze tails was wrapped around Itachi's waist as her ears were pinned back.

"Yugito you are in full heat. But I don't know if having sexual relations with you is the same if you were a human." Itachi stated placing Yugito down onto her feet when they reached their room. Yugito's claws were busy taking off Itachi's robes carefully since they belonged to his clan.

"It is the same concept as we contain many of the same parts as a human. The only thing is that we tend to be more wild when we mate as we want to do it in every way possible." replied Yugito. Itachi's hands were working to take his mate out of her kimono.

"Well that is good to hear. I will try my best to keep up with you!" replied Itachi.

Both Itachi and Yugito had stripped each other of their clothing as they stood nude within their room. Both leaned in kissing each other hard and passionately as they moaned in each others mouth. Both had their hands wrapped around the back of the other heads deepening the kiss as Itachi licked and nipped the bottom of Yugito's lip forcing her to open her lips allowing Itachi's tongue to dive in. Their tongues danced in a sinful dance as Itachi took his time to map every inch of Yugito's mouth. When the need for air became great, the two lovers parted.

"Yugito you are beautiful." Itachi stated seductively as he began to fondle her full and luscious breasts. Itachi licked and nipped down to her breasts as he took one in hand while suckling on the other. His hands rubbed across the breast while his thumb subtly journeyed across her hardening pink pearls, pinching and caressing them sluggishly, lovingly while his mouth and tongue did the same with the other nipple. Yugito moaned out loud as Itachi's free hand traveled down parting her long slender legs. Two of his digits instantly slipped inside and encountered the full brunt of her heat for the first time. He moaned at the wetness that stimulated his senses and at how the hot moisture became thicker and thicker along the length of Itachi's prodding fingers as they pushed in and out of her at a steady pace. Yugito collapsed onto the bed throwing her head back moaning and purring out loud. She opened her legs up fully thrusting her hips against Itachi's fingers.

"Oh…. Itachi…. I'm coming!" moaned out Yugito as she screamed out as her release leaked out of her vaginal area. Itachi took out his fingers licking her liquids off of them.

"Yugito… are you ready?" asked Itachi. Yugito slowly nodded her head eyeing Itachi's pulsing erection. Yugito licked her lips in anticipation. Itachi lined himself up between Yugito's legs as he thrusted himself deep within Yugito's sheath. Yugito moaned out loud thrusting hard against Itachi driving him deeper into her body as her twin tails were wrapped around his shoulders and legs wrapped around his waist. Both panted wildly as they thrashed wildly against each other. Their pace became hard driving Itachi hard erection deep into Yugito's fiery sheath.

"Itachi…. more… please…. Kami… yes…!"

"~ngh… Yugito…. Koi….. ah…!" Both were close to coming and hard. Yugito's walls clamped down around Itachi's erection as she let out a guttered scream calling out Itachi's name as she came. Itachi pushed himself deeper into Yuigto as he felt all of his muscles clamp down as his warm seep spat into Yugito's hot sheath as he moaned out Yugito's name. Both collapsed against each other as they were drenched in sweat. Itachi pulled his body to lay besides his mate as he pulled a blanket up to cover up their nude bodies. Itachi gently leaned over kissing his mate on the forehead as she was purring softly in her sleep.

Though they only managed to have sexual relations only once, it was enough to have Yugito to become pregnant with cubs. Yugito was to remain in her cat form while raising the cubs until they were ready to be born. Kyuubi over saw the pregnancy as he taught Tsunade how to proceed to check a Jinchuriki while they are pregnant with the cubs. The Jinchuriki like most humans will carry the cubs for a full nine months as they could give birth to multiple cubs at one time. There was no inkling of how many cubs Yugito would give birth to. Then the day came during a nice crisp fall day when Yugito gave birth to three cubs, triplets. The first cub was a male whom had Itachi's black hair and Itachi's blood red Sharingan eyes who they named after Itachi's tou-san, Fugaku. The second cub was a female with brown hair as the tips of her tails and her ears where blond as she had Yugito's emerald green eyes. They named her after Itachi's okaa-san, Mikoto. The third cub was another male as he had Yugito's golden blond hair as the tips of his tails and ears where black. He had Itachi's dark grey eyes who they ended up naming Matatabi (Yugito's tailed beast form which translates as two tails and/or monster cat). Yugito and Itachi loved their three cubs as the three young Jinchuriki whom were born in cat form remained that way until they were three years old, then they managed to take on their human forms. Even though they were Jinchurki hanyou like Naruto, but they didn't take on a form similar to Naruto's as their form looked exactly like their mothers but they had trouble shape shifting much like Naruto does.


Gaara & Yuki