Mating Season

AUTHOR NOTES: this is the sequel to the story "The Jinchuriki Hanyou" that I came up with during my free time. I claim no rights or don't claim to own any of the characters featured from the Naruto series. The character Yuki-Hikari belongs to Shadow Realm Triforce (formally yyh-ygo-fma) and both Ryokoto and Kazuki belong to me. This sequel was done up as a request for some of my readers for the first story of "The Jinchuriki Hanyou" as this story takes place right after the ending of the first story so read it first before you read this one. This story will contain many lemons so please do not read it if you are not into that sort of thing!

SPECIAL KEY GUIDE: "regular human speech", 'thinking to one's self ', *mental/telepathic speech*, (author notes), bold - demonic speech, italic - animalistic speech

HONORIFICS/TRANSLATION NOTES: san: Mr. and/or Mrs. sama: higher social hierarchy, dono: lord, kitsune: fox, mate: wife/bride, hanyou: crossbreed, onii-san: big brother, hai: yes/alright/ok, tou-san: father, okaa-san: mother, arigato: thank you, koi: love, kami: god, chan: endearment and familiarity expressed towards girls, kun: endearment and familiarity expressed towards boys

Five - a parents farewell

Both Kushina Uzamaki and Sakura Haruno were pregnant with cubs as both were carefully monitored. But neither one of them showed any complications. Kushina spent what little time she had left with her mate Kyuubi and her son Naruto. Kyuubi held on as long as he could as he wanted to see not only his cub but his grand cub. Naruto stepped up as hokage as the treaty between all of the races were finalized. No longer did demons and/or Jinchuriki need to hide themselves from view. The demons and Jinchuriki were fully excepted in any and all villages. Naruto and Kyuubi even helped Sesshomaru marry to his human mate Rin (also from the Inuyasha series). Kushina hoped that this time she would be able to remain alive long enough to see her own child and her grandchild. The nine months came and went by quickly as both Kushina and Sakura went into labor at the same time. Both women gave birth to a single child. Kushina had a female child who had hers and Kyuubi dark fiery red hair. Much like Naruto, her upper half was human while her lower half was that of a dark maroon red fox. Her kitsune ears had black tips while her two kitsune tails had white tips. She had three whisker scratch marks going across her cheeks like Naruto and Kyuubi. The young kitsune cub had the same bright blue eyes as Naruto. Both Kyuubi and Kushina had named their daughter Naruko in honor of their first son. Sakura gave birth to a male kitsune cub whom was a spitting image of Kyuubi as he had black tips on his ears and tails. His lower half was exactly like Naruto's as it was a dark maroon red color as he had black paws. Three whisker marks lined his cheeks as he had Sakura's blue-green eyes. His hair was a light shade of red compared to his red fur. Both Naruto and Sakura had named him Kurama in honor of Naruto's father Kyuubi.

Kushina had managed to hold on for a whole year as Sakura had given birth to two more cubs. Twins, one male and one female. The female had violet red hair and sea green eyes. Her fox features were actually a dark violet purple with white tips on her ears and tails. She didn't have her lower half like her father Naruto and/or her older brother Kurama. They named her Kushina after Naruto's mother which she agreed to. The male cub looked completely human compared to his older brother and sister. He looked exactly like Naruto when in his human form and the former fourth hokage Minato Namikaze. Kyuubi had suggested that they name him Minato after Naruto's blood father. Both Naruto and Sakura agreed. Minato much like all the other kitsune cubs had the three whisker marks across his face. But the time had come as Kushina and Kyuubi were moments away from their death. Naruto and Sakura promised to take care and watch after Naruko.

"Tou-san... okaa-san. I will miss you!" stated Naruko as she hugged both of her parents.

"Tou-san... okaa-san. I hope that you will be able to rest well. Don't worry about the leaf village and/or the Jinchuriki. I will be able to take care of them." Naruto stated as he lightly hugged both his mother and father.

"We know that you will do an excellent job as hokage keeping everyone safe." replied Kushina as she lightly kissed Naruto on the cheek.

"Naruto... my cub. I am so proud of you and I hope that you will guide your cubs and your sister as wisely as I did for you." stated Kyuubi.

"Kyuubi-sama... Kushina-san... it is time." stated Tsunade. Both adults nodded their heads that they understood as they made their journey to the Jinchuriki traveled with them as they went to the Jinchuriki burial grounds. Even their mates came along as the time would come when they too would need to be put to rest. The Jinchuriki were all buried on very sacred land that was only for them and their mates. When they arrived at the burial sight both Yugito and Killer B began to go through the rights as they laid Kyuubi's and Kushina's body in the ground.

"We the Jinchuriki gather here together as we lay the bodies of both Kushina Uzamaki and Kyuubi Yohko to rest. Allow their spirits to be joined in the next world side by side for all eternity. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Allow their souls forever to rest in peace." both Killer B and Yugito stated in unison. There was a brilliant flash of light as both Kyuubi's and Kushina's body went up in a bright white flames. All of the Jinchuriki let out a loud howl as they cried for the lost of two of their own. Naruto's, his cubs, and sisters cries were the loudest as they said their farewell to Kushina and Kyuubi. Now it was up to the new generation of Jinchuriki to keep the peace that they have obtained. No one could tell for sure where their journey would take them.


This is the end of the story as I do not plan for another sequel. But if someone else wants to pick up this story, I welcome to use the idea that I have come up with. All I ask is that they give me credit for coming up with the story and idea behind it. I hope that you all enjoyed the two stories and I hope that you will stay tuned to further stories that I will come up with!