Jamie stared at the application in his hand. It was an application to the New York Police Academy; Joe had given it to him when he had visited a month ago, before he died. Jamie smiled as he remembered the visit.


"Joe why are you giving me this? I'm at Harvard Law; I'm not going to be a cop." Jamie sighed.

"I know that Jamie but we both know you don't really want this. You want to be a cop; you need to be a cop." Joe argued.

"I can't Joe; I have loans, and Syd, and what Ma wanted to think about." Jamie replied weakly.

"You can pay off the loans eventually, Sydney will understand and Ma would want you to be happy." Joe paused and looked into his brother's eyes. "Just think about it ok." Jamie nodded.

*End Flashback*

Jamie knew his brother had been right. Jamie had always wanted to be a cop but went to law school because he knew his mother didn't want him to ever be a cop. Joe had told him once that he was too selfless, always putting the wants of others before his own needs.

As Jamie pulled out a pen he made a decision, for once in his life he was going to be selfish.