Not How it Was Meant to Be

[This is a Throve Fanfiction. (My friend wanted me to write it ~ Clato all the way, baby!) This is a three or four part story. Hope it turns out Ok!]


I was just about to kill her. That annoying little, pathetic girl from District 12. Fire Girl. Katniss. Her name hisses like poison in the back of my brain as I am lifted away from the brat. I stifle a gasp. It's him. Thresh. The huge District 11 boy has picked me up, and is now yelling in my face. Something about Rue. Oh, right. I had taunted that little baby into Katniss's face.

"I didn't kill her!" I yelp, scared and afraid for my life.

Thresh ignores me "Were you going to cut her? Like you cut the little girl?" He bellows. He is so close, I could lick him if I wanted to. Still holding me by my throat, he tells Katniss to leave. Why won't he kill her? Or me, for that matter.

Just then, a cannon goes off, and Katniss has faded into the trees. Cato. His name itself clears my head. I start to yell "CATO! CA-"

The boy's large hand clapped itself to my mouth, and black spots begin to appear. I'm sure that I am going to die, until he releases his hand, and drags me over to the supplies. I just watch him rip up Cato and my bag. There was some sort of armor in it. It takes me a while to process this, but Foxface must be dead. Peeta has been sulking in a cave, thanks to that cut Cato gave him. And, there's no way Cato died. So, safe to assume that it was Foxface that died. At least, that's what Cato and I called her. Her build had been lean, her eyes willy, and her hand red. Not to mention that she was one of the smartest.

Reality hits me in the face when Thresh begins to head to the wheat fields. Instinct kicks in, and I struggle, against going there, into a place of unknown. However, I realize to late that my efforts will be futile, and Thresh just pulls me into the endless fields, with Cato nowhere to be seen.


I wonder what stopped me from killing Knife Girl. Sure, she was vicious, and about to kill Fire Girl. But... Something inside me had stopped me. Maybe I could use her as a lure for Sword Boy? They seemed to care about one another. Plus, he would be on the lookout for her, as they could go home together. Ha, cute. If Rue had lasted longer... I could have taken the girl who was almost my little sister home. She would be safe, forever naive to the games. Well, to late to turn back now.

I think that it's fear that keeps Knife Girl silent. What else would It be? I am dragging her through a place she has never so much as seen in a picture before, and I'm her only chance. My grip on her wrist stays tight, and she occasionally tests it. Of course, to no prevail. My instincts lead us to the shelter I had. There, I had two stones set up to grind wheat, a sickle to gather the wheat and kill animals, along with a blanket and sleeping bag that I had used to make a lean-to. In a way, I had found my paradise in hell.