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An anchor is important.

A boat may use an anchor many times. By sea, it is very common to use a large anchor to steady a boat. Storms, rocky waters, or even just needing to stop for moments justify the use of an anchor.

An anchor, however, can be more than that. It connects to the bottom of the body of water, to ensure safety for a small time. It is a lifeline; if a boat were to try to flip while anchored, the anchor helps in the odd of the boat not flipping.

When you lose an anchor, you lose all these things. Metaphorically, losing an anchor means losing all these things and more.

Debbie lost her anchor. In reality, she lost multiple anchors. Her anchor, her lifeline, she lost. Her anchor, her commonality to the vampire world, she lost. Her anchor, her emotional rock, she lost.

All in one incredible bout of honor and leadership, he sacrificed himself for the betterment of everyone. All in one incredible and humbling sacrifice, she lost a huge chunk of her life.

That huge chunk of her life was Darren, Darren Shan, Vampire Prince, and only ever half-vampire Prince. With his loss, she lost more than just him. She lost her life and her sanity.

Confined to her room and bed by the vampires themselves, she mumbled gibberish and speaking of a dark future. No vampire ever believed her words, even though some may have bettered the clan's well being.

She developed nightmares, much like Harkat. A man of the name Desmond Tiny haunted her dreams, always with a misguided, content smile on his face. He always watched Steve Leopard, Lord of the Vampaneze, and Darren fight with a certain sick pleasure. Familiarity danced in his eyes as the two men fought. Sadly, in her dark nightmares, the fight never ended correctly. Darren always lost, pinned by Steve and slowly cut to pieces.

Her mind couldn't take it. Her mind clogged, thoughts slowed, and insanity took over her brain. Desmond Tiny's contented, cruel laugh echoed throughout the confines of her skull, creating an inner turmoil so large it could've been divided among all peoples of the world.

She was a perfect example of Desmond Tiny's work. Harkat's nightmares could've driven him to an early (or second) death. As with hers, it was entirely possible. Her nightmares were conjured by Mr. Tiny, meant for her to get off this planet. She was too much of a reminder for him of his failure of controlling destiny, as his sons showed him.

Slowly, her mind was shown the door. Her body soon followed. Organs shut down, as did her limbs and senses. Vampiric medics were intrigued by her state, but their study didn't last very long.

Maybe it was better she passed. It was less time of being in this world, and more time in Paradise to see her beloved. Desmond Tiny would never admit it, but he sometimes did like a happy ending, unlike his usual traumatic ones

He'd never admit he orchestrated her early death, not just to get rid of his reminder, but so his suffering son could once again see her. However, it was the nicest action he ever performer, reuniting the anchor with it's boat.

Debbie's spirit had much to learn, however, after learning Darren Shan would be stuck in the Lake of Souls for too long of a time.

So, maybe Mr. Tiny thought it was a sad ending inside of a happy one.

So, I read the Cirque du Freak series, and I was completely hooked from book one. It was one of my favorite series ever, though I absolutely hated the ending. I loved Darren's character, so his death was unacceptable for me.

And, I know, many of you in this fandom don't like Debbie much, but I honestly liked her personality and views. She certainly stopped Darren from committing heinous actions, so I was fine with her. I'm a firm DarDeb supporter so don't kill me. :)