Ginny Weasley held her mother's hand as they left King's Cross station. With Ron gone, now it would just be the two of them, all day long, all year. Barely ten, she wanted to be at Hogwarts too, with her brothers, and not sneaking rides on broomsticks and trying to pay attention to the lessons her mother taught. This was especially true when she saw the boy with the lightning-shaped scar getting onto the train as well.

In the cracks of the pavement, she noticed a cluster of dandelions. She dropped her mother's hand and ran forward to them, kneeling down beside them. "Ginevra!" her mother cried, "You're too close to the street! Be careful!"

Dutifully, she stood up, plucking one of the flowers. She closed her eyes, drew in a large breath, and made a wish she would never admit to making. Then she blew as hard as she could, watching the seeds scatter in the wind. I wish I may, I wish I might...

Her mother caught up to her and took her hand, warning her to stay close. Ginny nodded and the dandelion stem fell, forgotten, onto the sidewalk.

A/N: For the Drabble Collection Challenge. Prompt: cluster. I'm not JKR and don't own the characters. Word Count: 192.