(( A/N: PLEASE READ: Forging Forgotten Memories and Blood and Roses before reading on. ))

Severus tossed his possessions in his suitcase without much thought as to what they were. His suitcase had been enchanted to sort his belongings for him, so he didn't even need to fold the billowing robes he tossed into the bag. This would be the first time he had moved since he had come to the school at eleven. It had been countless years since he had started teaching.

Severus took the black Daisy plant he nurtured in his personal quarters and put it into the bag with more care. Under it, he found his old silver mirror. The mirror reflected the face of a blond haired blue eyed boy that he knew to be himself. It was strange to be so personal with such an unfamiliar face. He set the mirror on the bed and continued packing.

He threw the tie he had kept from his school into the bag like it was a dead rat, and even slipped his wrought iron lamp and slipped it into the bag. Parchment, quills, ink, pajamas... There were too many things from the many years he had lived here. Even the journal that he kept at his bedside, only to be written in once a year and have the pages ripped out.

Severus wandered to the bed again and stared at the mirror. He had asked the mirror to show him his worst memory, and it always took him first to the day he had called Lily that horrible name, before it divulged the other horrors of his life to him... but something felt different today. "Lithe... Show me what you see." He spoke softly to the old mirror. The boy's face swirled black, then back to white.

The image turned to someone he had not seen for a very long time. "Can you believe this wretched school lets non-human beasts parade around as normal students? I hate the lot of them." A childish black haired boy spat at a beautiful black haired Ravenclaw girl. The image choked Severus up so badly, he nearly shed a tear on the spot.

A horrible moment he had all but forgotten. The girl had told him that she was a vampire, that she loved him, that she trusted him, that she would never forget him... and without a care he had snapped that he had hated her. He had never even apologized for his mistake. It was true that he had hated the werewolf but after years of contemplation, he could never bring himself to hate his vampiric friend. Not for an instant.

There was no way to find the girl again, he had never seen or heard of her since that day. For all he knew, his friend Auren was long since dead. He dearly hoped that she had not gotten staked by a moron like Lockhart The thought made him shake. Suddenly Severus wished he could reach into the mirror and stroke her hair as he had never thought to do before.

The mirror flipped to images of a childish him ignoring the beautiful girl as she spilled her heart to him. The hours she had sat by his bedside when he had gotten a bad case of the floogen-flu. When she had come down with the same sickness, he had visited her only once. Severus wished he had a time turner so he could go back and slap himself.

He still loved Lily, but that was no excuse for mistreating the loyal friend he had in Auren. Severus caught himself whispering apologies to the mirror and quickly set the offensive object down. That life was over. The man that girl had cared about was dead now. He was beginning a new life, looking like Lucius Malfoys long lost brother no doubt.

Severus hated looking like a Malfoy, but he couldn't take his old looks back. He was suppose to be dead. Severus threw the mirror into the bag with malice, what he wouldn't have given for his father to have been the man who now now followed him in the form of a dog.

An idea came to him... He could turn Dog back into a man now. He was already on the run, no one would recognize two dead men any more than they would one. "Here boy." Severus tapped his leg to call the animal over from the corner of the room. The dog hopped up and loped over.

Severus cast several charms over the dog to discern what type of magic had changed him. He had never really thought to look before, because there was never a time that Dog being a man would have been any good. The spell was complex, but old. It was difficult, but Severus managed a counter spell.

There was a high chance that the counterspell only worked because of the age of the original spell. As the form twisted and contorted, Severus pulled a robe from his bag and tossed it around the quaking mass. There was a yelping sound that turned into gruff laughter. "Finally figured it out, my boy..."