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Part 1: Taylor Swift

2. Cold As You


You have a way of coming easily to me
and when you take you take the very best of me.

It was fun, innocent, and flirty.

I was Amber Millington, and you were Mick Campbell.

I was the head cheerleader, and you were the head of the football team.

We were the most popular and the most good-looking people in the whole school. We lived in the same house. It was only natural that we would like each other. It was only natural that we would start dating. It was only natural that everyone would expect us to be the perfect couple.

And, for a time, we really were.

But everything good comes to an end.

Only this was more than just a plain ending. It was more like, slowly and steadily, it all came crashing down - like little dominos, falling one after the other. The flame that had burnt so fiercely at first had burnt out.

I was happy, I was sweet, I was kind, I was laid back. But you came along and you took it all away, leaving the jealous, cruel, and unforgiving Amber Millington behind. The Amber Millington that would ruin one of the best friendships she'd ever had over a boy. The Amber that I'd tried my very best to hide away. You took the very best of me, and left nothing but the very worst. You left me a mess.

So I start a fight, cause I need to feel something.
and you do what you want 'cause I'm not what you wanted.

We used to talk all the time - about our friends, our families, our hobbies. You shared with me your love of sports, and I shared with you my love of shopping. You took me out on nice dates, to the movies, to the mall, to a nice restaraunt. We sat at lunch together and talked about our day, and always sent each other long, sappy good morning texts.

And then, slowly, it all stopped.

Our conversations became shorter and shorter, your texts became less and less lengthy, and the time of our next date became longer and longer. You got busy. You had football practice, or basketball practice, or track. You had to tutor with Mara. You needed Mara to help train you. All of the sudden, I, Amber Millington, your girlfriend, was no longer your top priority.

It got to the point where I would have to come to you between classes, or when you were on your way to practice, or when you were heading off to another study session with Mara. It got to the point where I nearly had to beg for you to spend some time with me. Me, your girlfriend.

Your reply was always the same: "I've really got to do this first, babe. But we'll talk later, yeah?"

I started to think that maybe there was something wrong with me. That maybe I'd done something I shouldn't and that it was my fault that you weren't spending time with anymore. And suddenly, little by little, all our blissful, carefree relationship began to fade.

I stopped you on the way to French that day, once again, begging that you spare some time for me. And you gave me the same excuse. And this time, I didn't just let you walk by, like I normally did. I started a fight, right in the middle of the corridor. Because I needed to feel something towards you, anything. And that was the only way I knew how.

And you turned defensive. After all, that is your only reaction to when someone tries to argue with you, isn't it? Apologize? No, the Mick Campbell would never think to do that first. Instead, you blatantly pointed out how clingy and desperate I'd been and how obviously I didn't want you to do well in school or get a sports scholarship, and after all, the world is not all about me. And you were yelling about how I shouldn't be so jealous and bitter and the whole school could hear you and I was mortified. And then you just walked away, not even giving me the chance to make a retort.

And I started to wonder then if maybe you didn't even care about what I had to say.

And maybe you didn't even want me anymore.

Oh what a shame, what a raining ending
given to a perfect day.
Just walk away, ain't no use defending
words that you will never say.
And now that I'm sitting here, thinking it through,
I've never been anywhere cold as you.

So there I was, sitting alone in my bedroom, thinking about how the best relationships can end in the worst possible way, and how fitting it was that it was raining and that maybe even God was crying over my break-up.

I'd defended you over and over again - you were busy, but you still loved me. You needed time to pull your grades up, but you still loved me. You needed Mara to help you train, but you still loved me.

I was too oblivious to remember that you hadn't told me that you loved me in about six weeks, and there was no point in defending the words that you would never even say.

So I walked away from you.

I let you go.

I quit.

And now I was up in my bedroom, alone, thinking it all through. And do you know what I decided, Mick Campbell? I decided that I've met a lot of people. I've been a lot of places. But I've never been anywhere cold as you.

You put up walls and paint them all a shade of gray.
And I stood there loving you and wished them all away.

I'd always been myself around everybody. I'd always done whatever I wanted to do - that was just part of who I was, and I wasn't afraid to let anyone else know it. And, for a while, back in "the golden days" of our relationship, you knew the real me, too.

But somewhere along the road, something changed. You would say things like, "I don't like it when you do this, babe," or "I don't like it when you wear that, babe." And something about the way you said it didn't sound like a comment. It sounded more like a dictation. It wasn't I don't like, it was don't. So I didn't.

So, slowly by slowly, as I continued to drop things that were important to me but not to you to the side, the open space I'd always lived in was now surrounded by walls painted a drab shade of gray.

Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I knew this shouldn't have been happening. I knew that I didn't really want this. But I wanted you. So instead of knocking the walls down, I stood there loving you and wishing them all away.

And you come away with a great little story
of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you.

Oh, what a shame, what a rainy ending
given to a perfect day.
Just walk away, ain't no use defending
words that you will never say.
And now that I'm sitting here, thinking it through,
I've never been anywhere cold as you.

You never did give a damn thing, honey
but I cried, cried for you.
And I know you wouldn't have told nobody
if I died, died for you.

Died for you.

Our relationship was give and take. I was the giver, and you were the taker. I gave up parties, spending time with my family, precious friendships, all for you. And you took it all, and gave me nothing back in return. Yet still, there I was up in my room, crying for you.

Because I still cared about you and I still loved you. Cliche, isn't it?

You would never tell anybody that, though.

In fact, you probably weren't even aware of it.

But do you know what? I would have died for you, Mick.

I really would have.

Oh what a shame,
what a rainy ending given to a perfect day.
Every smile you fake
is so condescending
counting all the scars you made.

We don't talk anymore. Which means nothing has really changed, has it?

At least we're civil. Every time we pass in the hall or on our way to our rooms or just happen to sit next to each other at the dinner table, we shoot each other small smiles, nothing more.

Albeit how awkward my tiny smiles are, I really mean them. Because despite it all, I want the best for you. Even if I know the best isn't with me.

And I wish I could say that you meant your smiles, too. But I know you don't. They're more of a sign of acknowledgement that I still exist. It's almost as if you've forgotten that at one point in your life, I was really important to you.

Your smiles to me are fake. And they shouldn't bother me as much as they do, seeing as I broke up with you two months ago today.

But do you know what?

Your fake, condescending smiles still hurt just as much.

And now that I'm sitting here thinking it through
I've never been anywhere cold as you.

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