October 1999…

It was a slightly chilly, but still bearable day in October. A day that Rena Miller would not soon forget. Although she didn't know that at the time. All she knew was she and her boyfriend, Andy Yablonski, were going to a Steelers game. She had known Andy since she was five years old and he was her "on again, off again kindergarten sweetheart" as her high school friends liked to call him. She had just finished putting on her jersey when she heard a knock at the door. She went to let Andy inside.

"Hey honey," she said kissing Andy long and hard.

"Is the most beautiful girl in Pittsburgh ready to see the Steelers kick the Ravens ass?" asked Andy excitedly.

"Hope so," she said grabbing Andy's hand and heading out the door.

"Baltimore Ravens 14, your Pittsburgh Steelers 28!" shouted the announcer as the Terrible Towels were waved.

"Great game, thanks for bringing me babe," said Rena happily.

"Well if your day is great now, it's about to get even better," said Andy as he pulled something out of his pocket.

"What the? Is he? Is that?" thought Rena.

"Rena Michelle Miller, I've known you since we were five years old. We've always been friends and even more than friends in high school. I know I've made lots of mistakes but I've changed. For you," rambled Andy getting down on one knee and opening the box revealing a diamond ring, "Rena I love you. Will you become a Yablonski and marry me?"

Rena stood there stunned, "Oh Andy," she breathed and started to cry.

"Oh no. she's going to say no," thought Andy.

"Yes. Yes I'll marry you."

"Really," asked Andy.

"Of course baby. For you," said Rena. A big smile came across Andy's face as he stood up and slid the ring onto his fiancée's ring finger. And on May 18, 2000, Rena became a part of the Yablonski family.

The End!

Hope you enjoyed!