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"Hello"-Normal Speaking
"Interesting..."- Nightmare Moon speaking.
'Huh'- Normal Thoughts.
'All mine...' Nightmare Moon's thoughts

AN: Recently I noticed an uptick in the amount of gore fics that popped up. At first, I was puzzled until I realized that it was because of Equestria Daily's "Nightmare Night" Contest. I was then inspired to write this to prove that one needs little to no gore for a proper scary story...

When I was younger, Luna, and later Nightmare, told me that there things that lurked in the darkness, within the spaces created by shadows that even they would be wary of facing at their full power. And that they would be terrified to fight then with so much of their magic locked away by the seal that the Elements of Harmony had placed upon them centuries ago. Old things… powerful things

But we took comfort in that such things existed only in Equestria. But, as we learned on that night so close to Hallowe'en when I was ten, we were wrong…

So very, very wrong…

Harry grumbled as he kicked the ankle deep leaves with his feet as he walked, his hands shoved into his jacket's pocket in order to protect them from the chill of the late autumn night. "They just had to leave when I wasn't there, didn't they?"

Nightmare scowled from where she was perched upon his shoulder. "Those insolent foals are going to get it the next time they're asleep. I'm going to make certain of it!" Her scowl deepened and her wings fluttered in anger as she once more read the note that the three had found taped to the door of number 4.

' Boy,
Your Aunt, myself, and Dudley are going to a Halloween party being held for several clients of my company. You will go to Mrs. Figg's as I do not trust your freakishness this close to Halloween.

Luna grimaced a bit before she noticed Harry shiver some before he pulled his coat closed. She then softly smiled as she flapped down and draped herself over him the best she could with Nightmare on his shoulder. "Better?"

Harry nodded a little as the clouds moved across the bright harvest moon above causing the shadows to shift and move as the three made their way to their little hideout to rest for the night. "Much better, thank you."

The lunar princess just nodded before she looked around thoughtfully with a frown, her eyes easily seeing through the darkness around them as she kept watch for threats. "I do wonder where Mrs. Figg might be… odd for her to be gone at this time of night. And pretty weird for the Dursleys not to even bother checking first for all they dislike you."

Harry just shrugged as he ignored Nightmare's snort of derision. "Maybe because it's close to Hallowe'en, she decided to get herself a black cat?" Harry then looked around himself. "Any idea as to how far we are from the hideaway?"

Luna continued to look around as she hummed to herself. "We've still got a ten minute walk…" Suddenly her ears swiveled toward the side soon followed by her head…

*90 feet away*

A man with a heavily scarred face slowly grinned as he pulled the omniculurs down from his eyes, both of which glinted with malicious glee in the darkness. "There he be boss... Just like I told yeh."

One of the other cloaked men smirked under his hood, his breath visible in the moonlight. "Shame that those foolish relatives of ours never thought of doing something so simple as looking in a Muggle telephone book to find him."

A third just frowned as he looked around nervously. "I don't trust them." He then spat on the ground. "How do we know that those bloody wankers will keep their word? They were the ones who kicked us out of our families on account of being squibs."

A moment later he's bodily slammed into a tree with a hand around his neck as the second man pulled his face close to his choking companion. "Don't be a daft fool Matthew. I don't trust them either." He then snorted with a sneer, "But I don't care either. It's because of people like his mudblooded bitch of a mother that I was born without the magic that was rightfully mine and cast out!" His face slowly reddened in pure hatred and anger. "But in any case, I'll take any chance I can to regain the name of Malfoy."

As he stumbled to his feet after being let go, Matthew coughed as he rubbed his throat. "Don't you dare do that again, do you hear me Hades?" He then spat at the feet of the man who was just moments ago choking him. He then gestured in Harry's direction. "I'm just saying that we should be careful." As he continued to glare, he sneered. "And you forget who gave that fat fuck and his disgusting Muggle family caramel apples spiked with Suggestion Potion!" He then motioned to the others there. "We should be bloody careful! We already know that whatever protection the old coot placed on him prevents our families from coming close to where he lives which is why they turned to us in the first place!" He then scowled. "Who knows what else is protecting the little shit!? For all we know we might be being sent to our deaths just to see!"

A woman then made her way through the group, the others parting to allow her. She could have almost been called beautiful if not for the fact that her eyes were as cold and emotionless as a great white's. With an almost concerned looking smile, she laid a hand on Matthew's shoulder causing him to turn. "Matthew…" Suddenly he jerked in her grip with a gasp. He first looked down to see her hand as it gripped the knife now buried hilt deep in his stomach before jerkingly looking back at her watching him calmly and dispassionately. "Since you're acting so gutless, I suppose then that you have no need for those you have." Her arm jerked and with a groan, Matthew dropped to the ground dead. She then pulled out a handkerchief and wiped off her knife as if it was nothing more than a fact of life. "Well then, with that issue resolved, should we not grab our target? It would be a waste not to, considering that he has so generously made things simpler for us?"

Hades smirked and chuckled as he shook his head. "You are a cold hearted bitch Cygnia." He then looked at the rest of the group. "Let's get the boy…"

As her eyes widened as her nose caught the unmistakable scent of death, Luna whipped her head around. "Run, now!"

A few minutes later finds Harry as he dodged through trees and under fallen ones as the sounds of his pursuers echoed behind him. "Oh why ever… the bloody hay… was I stupid enough… that walking through woods at night… was smart…?"

Luna glanced back for a moment, easily keeping pace with her human friend. "They're still a ways back…" She then growled. "As small a comfort that may be…" The Alicorn shook her head. "Harry, we can't head to the hideaway.. It's too exposed and they'd find it easily and trap us inside.

Harry bit his lip in thought as his mind swirled. After a moment passed, an idea came to him and his eyes widened as he changed direction. "I got it!"

Luna blinked as she continued flying beside him, her body simply phasing through any obstacle in the way. "Where are we going now Harry?"

Nightmare grunted from where she was hanging onto Harry's shoulder, his movements causing her to bounce around. "I am wondering much the same myself, Little Princess. Where are we heading, child?"

Harry gave them both a glance as his breath came harder and harder while his legs burned from exertion. "Well… Like you said… the hideaway would be… a trap… So we… need a someplace… where we could… hide…" He then grinned as the woods started to thin out. "And I just… remembered the… perfect spot…"

The translucent Alicorn blinked as she saw what looked like a rundown mansion with many of the windows on the lower wall boarded up and it surrounded by a large stone wall. "There?!"

Harry just nodded before he reached the large cast iron gate and squeezed between the bars. He then continued to run for the front doors. "Yeah… plenty of places to hide… in there..." Once he reached the door, Harry nearly ripped off his coat before he shoved it and Nightmare (while ignoring her protestations) into a hole scorched through it. He followed soon after with some difficulty even for his smaller than normal size. Luna then drifted through the door and looked around as Harry greedily gulped the air, without care for it's mustiness. "There… we're safe…"

Deep in the basement of the mansion, the shadows shifted in the darkness and gloom as a presence that had been absent from the house for many a year suddenly returned. Once it was fully there, it stilled for a moment as it took in it's surroundings and sniffed. There was also the sound of wood sliding against wood. After several minutes, it realized fully what was wrong and why it was there.

Someone was in the mansion, trespassing upon what it had long since deemed as sacred ground to it.

And so it would do as it was summoned to so by it's word which bound it to. As the ancient pact, which for so many thousands of years, and still did despite being so many thousands of miles from it's original home, had asked for it to do. To protect it's chosen place and punish those who would trespass. A shuffling sound in the room, as if very old fabric being drawn across the floor, is heard in the gloom and a few moments later the stairs leading towards the entrance to the basement creaked and groaned as they supported a great weight. The being slowly made its way upstairs...

Meanwhile up on the Ground Floor main foyer, Luna and Nightmare stiffened as they felt an old power as it washed over them, which caused them to shiver. Harry noted their reactions and raised an eyebrow. "Something the matter you two?"

Luna soon shook it off and gave him a slightly shaky smile. "It's nothing to worry about Harry..." What she left unsaid was that she hoped so. She then waited until he had turned around before she frowned and shuddered once more as she looked around them, the shadows seemingly to have become much more ominous with her realization. 'We are not alone here... there's something else in here with us...'

Nightmare looked over at her and shared a nod, the two silently agreed to keeping a watchful gaze over their surroundings. But before the dark Alicorn could say anything, the sounds of shouting can be heard outside distracting her and which caused her to scowl. 'And there's the reason that we're even here.' She then cleared her throat. "Child, I think that it might be best to be elsewhere in case they manage to break down the door. And even if they don't, this is the first spot they'll come when they enter from elsewhere."

The spirit-like Alicorn nodded in agreement as she set down. "I fully agree with her for once, Harry. We should head out from here and keep out of sight." Her smile turned tense as she sensed whatever was in the house grow closer, its presence nearly suffocating. 'Not to mention making damn sure that whatever that is has a hell of a time finding Harry... I do not like our chances if it comes down to us needing to fight it.'

Harry glanced at the door and nodded as he put his jacket back on and zippered it back up, but not before he placed Nightmare inside it snugly. "Yeah, that sounds like a pretty good idea..."

After he flinched from a shout, Luna's eyes softened some as did her smile while she tilted her head. "Do you remember that light spell I taught you Harry?" The small globe of light that appeared that floated just above Harry's hand as it cast the illumination of a candle answered her question. She then gestured at the stairs leading to a second floor landing, which she noted that along with the other doors around was also open. "Well then? Shall we, my kind gentlestallion?"

Her human friend gave her a cheeky grin at her. "But of course my Lady." As they started up the stairs, Harry gave a shudder as the globe of light revealed old oil paintings as they made their ascent. All of them seemingly glared at him accusingly as if to tell him that he should not be there. His attention was pulled away though as Luna asked him a question which caused him to blush. "Hmm? Sorry Luna, I wasn't paying attention."

Luna just shook her head. "That's perfectly alright Harry, I can understand why you might be... distracted by your surroundings right now." She glanced at the paintings herself for a moment. "I was wondering however if there might be a story behind this place." She then shifted her eyes around. "For someplace having been abandoned for as long as it seemed to have been with all the dust and cobwebs, it is in very good condition. One would think that the local teenagers would have broken in long ago and done some damage like those other abandoned buildings we've come across." Harry, however, doesn't know the true reason for her question. 'Perhaps knowing any stories might give some clue as to what is stalking around here...'

Frowning, the ten year old shook his head. "I really don't know much Luna... Just some old stories that I overheard."

Nightmare snorted a bit. "Whatever you tell us would be more than sufficient, child."

Harry just shrugged. "Okay then." After he coughed a bit from the dust floating around, he continued. "Like I said, I don't really know much, but apparently the old owner was one of those guys who went around on adventures doing things like looting old tombs and ruins and such. At some point though, weird things started to happen here in this very mansion.

Luna raised an eyebrow at this. "'Weird'? How so?"

The young human next to her frowned. "Lights drifting along the grounds, sounds like muffled conversations and sometimes screams echoing through the halls. I heard that his pet goat was found dead in the yard, completely torn apart." Both Alicorns flinched at that. "Got so bad that his servants started to run off one by one and not even with how bad the economy was back in the thirties could he hire someone."

The plush Alicorn stared at him. "And then what happened?"

Harry suddenly stopped in the hallway. "Um... Soon, he was the only one living here and one night his screams were heard along with gunshots. The bobbies showed up and busted in the door not too long after to find that he had simply vanished. There were a few bloodstains on the main foyer, and that was all."

Now Luna stared at him, fully aware that whatever is in the house is not close thankfully. "He just vanished!?" She looked at him aghast. "Wasn't anything else ever found?!"

Harry shook his head. "Nope." He started walking again as he gestured around them. "They searched the place up and down with people. Bloodhounds not coming anywhere near here, and they never found a trace except for the blood. He was simply gone." He then shrugged. "Afterwards they boarded up the place and it got the rep for being haunted. Some of the teens said that even going on the property was enough to raise the ire of the ghost."

Nightmare just rubbed her forehead. "And why... did you think that coming here was a good idea!?"

Harry just gave her a deadpan expression. "Because maybe it was the closest place that I could think of where we could easily hide until they gave up?" He then shrugged. "Besides. with you two here, what ghost will be able to bother us as long as we're together?"

Both Luna and Nightmare shared a look, the same thought echoed through their heads.

'It's not ghosts that we're worried about...'

Having entered the foyer, something shuffled over to the recent tracks made by Harry and Nightmare. It stood there for several moments in the dark as it examined their tracks before it turned and regarded the door as it listened to the shouts and banging on the other side.

Hades snarled as he gave the door a hard, swift kick. "ARGH!" Turning, he smacks the nearest man. "IDIOTS!" He then held up a finger. "One, count it: ONE skinny little kid was all that you needed to catch! Then we could have hauled his scrawny little ass back to our families for whatever the hell they wanted to do to him and then we would have been reinstated into them! They could do whatever the bloody hell they wanted!" His fist slammed back into the door as he continued his rant. "They could brainwash him, torture him... FUCK! They could slowly, painfully kill him in a drawn out ritual designed to resurrect the Dark Lord for all I bloody well care! As long as I get the name Malfoy back I honestly don't give a fuck!"

Cygnia walked up and placed a hand on his shoulder before looking back over the rest. "We are not going to fail. I, for one, want to become a Black once more. And any who threaten that will be shown my... displeasure. Understood?"

There are several nods and mutters before Hades gestured around. "Well you morons... MOVE IT AND FIND A WAY INSIDE!" As they scrambled away, he snarled and stomped his foot. "Idiots..."

Inside, the thing stared at the door for several moments as the sounds faded away. It then considered the marks and footprints in the dust upon the floor before it made a gesture and a small whirlwind of dust formed. it followed the trail up the stairs and into the hallway, obliterating it and causing it to have seemingly never existed in the first place. A few more minutes passed before it started shuffling toward the most likely entrance for the incoming intruders. It felt a small pang of sadistic joy knowing that, without knowing where their prey was, the greedy and evil beings would stick around for a while as they searched and would likely split up. As for the boy, well, it could easily find him later...