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"Hello." - Normal Speaking
"Interestingā€¦" - Nightmare Moon Speaking
'Huh' - Normal Thoughts
'All mineā€¦' - Nightmare Moon's Thoughts

As the terror from what he had gone through ebbed from him, Harry was lying there on the cold, hard ground splayed on his front as the pale pre-dawn light illuminated the area as it washed away the night. After a few moments had passed, Harry could feel Nightmare as she wiggled in his coat underneath him before he rolled over on his back, his chest heaved as he breathed in the chill, late October air. When she poked her head out, the dark Alicorn plush took one look at him and saw the tears as they gathered in the corner of his eyes. She made her way far enough out of the jacket and hugged him around his neck. "It's over..." Nightmare nuzzled his neck before she moved a little farther and buried her face in his hair as she whispered as if only half believing it. "It's over..."

Harry's arms just came up and held her close to him as he started to sob in relief while the edge from the horror of that night was washed away with his tears. Luna then joined them in the hug as she cried herself from pure relief. "It's finally over..."

Harry just nodded as his emotions thickened his voice as he could not quite believe it himself. "And we're all still here..." He then sobbed some more. "And we're still here... together..."

The two Alicorns tightened the hug as they shakily smiled while they spoke as one. "It's all over and we're all still here together..."

As the three laid there as their tears and the early pre-dawn light washed away the terror of the night they had just had away, Amakirah softly smiled. Her smile only grew as she spotted a soft glow that covered the three, unnoticed by them. The glow slowly faded away as it was overwhelmed by the gathering dawn. 'Seems that the connection between them has both grown and strengthened... Good.' She waited and gave them the time for their sobs to calm down, by which time the sun had begun to peek over the horizon. Once she knew that they had calmed enough, Amakirah walked over and held out her hand. "I do believe that it is time that we left this place." Her eyes twinkled some. "And neither do I think that you would wish to stay much longer within sight of this place."

After he glanced at the still darkened with windows of the mansion, Harry shuddered. "No, no I don't." As Luna got off him, he reached out and grabbed Amakirah's hand before he was pulled to his feet. He then took one last look at the mansion, the light of day caused it to lose it's sinister appearance and gave it an saddened look, though he now knew it to be simply a facade which hid it's true nature. After he shook it off, Harry laid his hand on Luna's shoulder as he smiled at her. "Let's go home..."

Luna slowly nodded as Nightmare stayed where she was, her forelegs wrapped around Harry's neck. "Yeah, that sounds... wonderful..." As they began their walk, Luna frowned as she looked at the sky, the few clouds visible promised that it was going to be a bright, sunny day. "I'm still having trouble believing that we spent nearly the whole night in there..."

As the light blue Alicorn shuddered, so too did Nightmare as she finally let go of Harry's neck and sank down into his jacket. "I agree..." She then closed her eyes as she sank more into the sound of Harry's heartbeat as the rhythmic sound calmed her. 'We're alive...' She then opened her eyes while she frowned. "I know it was only some hours..." She paused for a moment. "And yet..."

Harry nodded. "And yet it seemed like an eternity... especially..."

Luna shivered some as she leaned against Harry, she took some comfort just from his (and to a lesser extent, Nightmare's) presence. "Let's... not talk about that for a while..." She shivered again as she looked back at the mansion and a shadow in the window shifted. She then turned back to Harry. "Even in the light of day..."

Harry suppressed a shudder himself. "Agreed." They soon reached the gates, which were partially opened with the shattered chain and lock on the ground. After they walked through them, the group took a moment to close the gates and Luna used her magic to repair the chain and lock before making sure the gate was secure once more. Then they turned, leaving the lonely, abandoned property itself and what spirits dwelt there. It isn't long before even the gates are out of sight when Harry turns to Amakirah. Once he does, he can't help the heat that rose to his cheeks which had nothing to do with the cold. 'Whoa... she's...'

In the sunshine of the early morning, he can see Amakirah for the first time clearly. Obviously in her late teens, she carried herself as a woman far older then what her looks would have suggested. Her eyebrows were thin and barely noticeable and she wore heavy eyeliner which drew attention to her honey brown eyes which sparkled with mirth. For a short moment, Harry couldn't help but wonder what she might have looked like in normal clothing before he flushed even farther as her lips turned upwards in a large smile. Then she laughed in a rich tone. "You're staring, little one." She took some pity though as she squeezed his shoulder. "But I do not mind, little one. Many men and boys in my homeland do much the same."

Harry's blush though, refused to go away. "Still wasn't polite though."

Amakirah just gave another boisterous laugh. "Perhaps not!" Her smile then softened a great deal. "But in your case Harry, I find that perhaps that I do not mind much."

The ten year old just stared at her confused before he gave the same look to both Luna and Nightmare as they snorted in amusement. After a moment though, he shrugged it off and laughed, which, after the night he had just experienced, felt better then anything as the others joined in. About five minutes passed before they stopped laughing and for a while after they simply enjoyed the walk as the leaves crunched underfoot. Harry then looked at the teen beside him. "Can I ask a question Amakirah?"

She nodded, still with a smile. "You may, little one."

Harry then bit his lip. "After everything that happened... are we friends?"

She stopped and while she still had a smile on her face, it was tinged with sadness. "I would like to think so." Amakirah then became thoughtful for a moment as she looked him in the eyes. She then reached into her clothing and slowly withdrew a sheathed knife. The sheath itself looked to have been made from bronze and was covered in rows of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. The hilt was seemingly gold with rings composed of pieces of a bluish gemstone which separated even more rows of hieroglyphs. At the top, it widened into a fat crescent which had a pictograph of a scale with a feather in one dish. Amakirah looked at it for several seconds before she clasped Harry's hand and placed the knife in it. "Here, I give this to you as a proof of our friendship Harry. May it serve you as it has me."

With no small amount of reverence, Harry slowly slid it out of it's sheath and sucked in a breath as he saw that it looked like it was made from silver and had an edge far sharper then any other knife that he had seen. "Wow..." He then looked up at her in no small amount of shock. "I... I don't know what to say..."

Amakirah giggled some from the look on his face. "It has been in my possession for many years and dates back to the days of the High Priest himself, little one." When Harry tried to give it back, she stopped him. "No, little one." She then got down to his level and brought her face close to his, which caused him to flush deeply as Nightmare grumbled while both Luna and Amakirah giggled. "I give this to you both because it is a promise that the day shall come in the future where we will meet once more..." Her eyes then visibly saddened. "And because it shall aid you on your journey that shall soon start. You and your Guardians."

Luna blinked at that. "'Journey'? What the hay do you mean by that now?"

Amakirah's sadness is nearly palatable. "You and the dark one shall soon begin a journey with the little one like when you did when you performed Ra's Journey. There will be darkness, though of a more metaphorical form, on all sides that shall try to smother you and the others that will join you on your journey. But, like with the torch you held, there will be light keeping the darkness at bay which will be close to you."

As he gulped and fully slid the knife back into it sheath, Harry gave her a scared look as Luna and Nightmare looked mildly disturbed. "Will... will it be as bad as...?"

She closed her eyes for a moment before she pulled Harry into a hug. "You will face many dangers, trials, and tribulations, little one. And there will come times when your flame is nearly snuffed out as the torch was. But as long as the three of you stay together, your flame shall come back each time stronger then it was before." She then smiled. "But once you reach the end, and come through the darkness, the rewards you three shall receive shall be great." Her frown then returned. "But for that to occur, little one, you must never falter on your path. For if you do, the darkness will swallow you Harry and you shall never return from it."

Harry just nodded as he felt his stomach drop. "I won't."

Luna then chimed in from beside him. "And I'll be there to make sure that he doesn't."

As Nightmare nodded and agreed, Amakirah smiled as relief flowed from her. "It gladdens my heart and lightens it to know that." She then looked at each one of the trio for a few seconds. "The bond that you share is truly a special thing and together, you shall do great things." She then took a breath before she sighed. "However, now it is time for me to walk my own path that will be separate from yours for a time."

Harry swallowed the lump in his throat as he felt some tears that prickled at the corners of his eyes. "Will I see you again?"

Amakirah laughed a little bit. "Did I not say that the dagger that I gave to you was a promise of such, little one?"

Harry then blinked as he looked at the knife once more before he bit his lip. "But... I don't have anything to give to you..."

Amakirah gave him a kind smile. "But you already have, little one" After she saw him look at her in confusion, her smile grew some. "Your friendship is a great gift for you to have given me and I shall cherish it. I need no other reminders." She then looked at him with a gentle expression before she leaned down and kissed him on the cheek which caused Nightmare to scowl as Luna giggled at the dumbstruck look on his face. Amakirah then smiled as she started walking back along the path in the direction that they had come from. "Perhaps if we had met in a different time Harry Potter... but we shall still meet again."

Harry suddenly snapped out of it and blinked as he whipped around. "Wait! I never told you..." Harry then trailed off as he noticed that she had seemingly vanished. " last name..."

Luna just stared as she looked in all directions, it having been impossible for someone to have done that with nothing but leafless bushes and trees around. "Where the hay did she go!?"

Nightmare just shook her head. "I don't know... it's as if she had just... never existed..."

As he shivered, Harry looked at the dagger in his hand before he unzipped his jacket a little and slipped it into a inside pocket and zippered it back up. "She existed alright." He then glanced around for any sign and after he found none, he turned. "Come on... we should head home." And as they did, even though they didn't mention it to the others, each of the three could hear Amakirah's faint laughter drifting on the wind...