Chapter 1: One Second

"Hey K, I'm gonna run to Starbucks. Want the usual?" Rosalina asked, poking her head into the storage room of their clothing store, NYC Baby. After the Naked Brothers Band broke up in Kristina's senior year, Rosalina transferred from NYU to UCLA with Kristina and the girls made a life for themselves in LA, bringing a taste from their hometown to their new home.

"Yes please, thanks girl." Kristina said, putting a box onto a high shelf. She checked her watch and went back out into the main store. She turned on the radio and an old song started to play, one she remembered from middle school. She felt her phone vibrate in the back pocket of her jeans. She pulled it out and opened the text from Rosalina. It read, turn on 97.8, I miss it a lot. She quickly answered back, I know me too, I do miss my family. I miss the boys. But since that fight, I dont think either of us can handle it.


"Hey Dave, whats going on?" Thomas asked, coming into the apartment he shared with David and Qaasim. After the fight, all three of them transferred to a different school in NYC and moved down south to New Orleans after graduation. They all attended Tulane University and graduated with degrees. Thomas opened up his own garage and became a well known mechanic in the area. David became the baseball coach at the local high school and Qaasim opened a daycare with Little Grace.

"Nothing really, just ordered a pizza." David said, not moving his attention from the Yankees game on TV. "Qaasim's on his way home, he just called. I've gotta head out to make sure everything's set up for the little league tournament this weekend."

"Alright sounds good." Thomas said, plopping himself next to David. "So, how are the boys doing?"

"Down by 2. Jeter's in a slump." David sighed, taking a drink out of his bottle of Coke. The door opened a minute later.

"You guys are never gonna guess what I just saw on the way home." Qaasim said, slamming the door behind him.

"What?" The boys asked, turning their attention from the TV to Qaasim.

"A billboard for Nat and Alex. They're kicking off another world tour here next week." Qaasim said.

"And why did you think we would care? And why do you even care?" Thomas said as he turned his attention back to the game. David did the same.

"I don't care at all, I was just telling you guys. I'm still mad about the fight too. It was way out of line." Qaasim said, sitting on the couch next to his best friends.


"Are you almost packed Alex?" Nat yelled up the stairs of the London house he shared with his brother. After the Naked Brothers Band broke up, Nat and Alex dropped out of school to pursue their duo act, the Wolff Brothers.

"Yeah, I'll be right down. Is the cab here yet?" Alex asked, coming down the huge staircase. Both of them had slight British accents.

"Yes, I'll be waiting in it. Lock up when you're done." Nat went outside into the cool night and got in the waiting cab. Alex got in a few minutes later.

"Ready for the biggest year of our lives?" Alex asked his older brother.

"You bet dude." Nat grinned as the brothers did their handshake.


Cooper had just locked up his office in downtown Brooklyn. He climbed in his car and headed towards his apartment. He stopped at the red light and scanned through the radio stations. A song about love and friendship came on. It was his all time favorite song that always made him miss his old friends. The light turned green and Cooper pulled forward as he sang along to the song. Then, in an instant, everything was a blur. A semi truck ran the red light and nailed the drivers side of Cooper's small car. The collision pushed Cooper and his car into a telephone pole on the opposite side of the street. In one second, the life of the former members of the Naked Brothers Band was about to change forever.