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Brothers by Design

Tim walked into the OSP building. Gibbs had gone out and told him to help the other team. He took the elevator up to the Operations Center and walked inside. He walked down the stairs and saw that a couple of other people had joined the others, including a tall, buff African American agent with his back to him.

Tim just hung back. He wasn't sure what he should do. He knew Gibbs expected him to help, but this wasn't his office or team. He felt like he might be intruding if he tried to do anything.

The agent with his back to Tim turned around, shocking Tim in the process. He knew him. The man was older and more buff than he remembered, but he would know the man anywhere.


Eight-year-old Timothy McGee was running. He had been running since he left his school located on the Navy base. Unfortunately, it was not the first time he found himself in such a position. This happened every day at around this time. Tim was the kid everyone liked to pick on. He was smart and liked things like science and computers. It was the kind of thing that got him picked on and bulled. Much like he was being now.

Tim felt himself being shoved to the ground and his arm being twisted behind his back. "No! Get off."

"Shut up, you little dweeb," one of his tormentors said laughing.

"Come on, let's give him a weggie," one of the others said.

"I saw we just beat the hell out of him. That oughta teach him not to show us up," another said.

Tim closed his eyes tightly and prayed that whatever they did, it would be over soon. After a minute, he felt the pressure on his arm and back disappear. He opened his eyes and turned around to see one of his father's men holding the boy who was on top of him by the scruff of the neck.

"Let go of me, man," the kid said as he tried to squirm out of his grasp.

The man held him firmly and with little difficulty. "You think it's funny torturing those younger than you? You think that makes you a man?"

"Lay off, Dude! McGee's a freak. Everyone knows that. He had it coming!" The boy yelled.

"Yeah? How would you like it if I smacked you around? Going after someone younger than you is an act of a coward. If I catch you messing with this kid again, I'll give you what you deserved," the man said before finally releasing him. "That goes for the rest of you too."

They all scurried away as fast as they could.

Tim's rescuer reached his hand out to him. "You okay, little man."

Tim took his hand and allowed him to help him up. "Yeah, thanks."

"No problem. I ain't got no patients for bullies. You're Captain McGee's kid, right?"

Tim nodded.

"You tell your old man about those punks," he asked.

"He wouldn't care. He'd just say it's my fault for being weird," Tim said sadly. He knew his father real well. His dad would blame him for getting bullied.

"Well, he's wrong. No one deserves to be treated like that. What's your name, kid?" the man asked.

"Tim. My name's Tim," he said.

"Hi, Tim. I'm Sam."


Tim was finally brought back to reality by Sam's voice. "Hey. You're from Headquarters, right?"

"Y…yeah," Tim managed to say.

"Yeah, Sam, this is Agent McGee," Kensi said.

Sam blinked. That was a name he hadn't heard in nearly twenty years. Of course he remembered the kid. That was a time in his life he wouldn't soon forget, even though he wished with every passing day that he could. Not because of the kid of course, but because the horrors that they'd both seen and felt.

Sam wondered briefly what to say. Should he tell Tim that he remembered him? What if forgetting was a comfort Tim had managed to gain. He had been a child at the time. Children had a way of protecting their minds from severe trauma. This definitely qualified.

"Nice to meet you," Tim finally said. He figured he'd play dumb and see if the kid did mentioned knowing him.

Tim couldn't believe it. Sam didn't remember him. He couldn't help but be hurt by that fact. Sam had been his lifeline back in the day. He was literally the only reason Tim was still breathing. He'd meant a lot to him. Then again, he supposed Sam might not want to remember him or the crap they went though. Tim sure wished he could forget. "You too."

Sam felt relief rush over him. The kid didn't seem to remember him. That was a good thing. It meant that his life had gone relatively back to normal at some point. "So you been filled in?"

"Uh, yeah, for the most part," Tim said.

"Okay, let's get back to it then," Sam said before he went over to the touch screen and began updating them on the new information.