Hetty was sitting in her office when she heard someone knock and then come in. She didn't bother even looking up to see who it was. She knew already. "Mr. Getz. I trust you've finished your analysis of Mr. Hanna and Mr. McGee."

"I have," Nate confirmed.

"Have a seat," Hetty said. She waited until he sat and then finally looked up at him. "Well?"

"It's clear to me that both Sam and McGee experienced unspeakable horrors at the hands of Jason Taylor and his buddies. Neither would go into detail, just as they never have in the past, but they made their contempt for Taylor known," Nate said.

"Not surprising," Hetty said. She would be worried if they didn't hate the bastard.

"No, definitely not. It worries me what they'll do when they come face to face with this man, especially Sam," Nate said. Both men had expressed a certain desire to see Taylor dead, but Sam was much more volatile about it and a lot less honest about it.

"Why is that, Mr. Getz?" Hetty asked.

Nate took a deep breath. "McGee was bigger victim. He was the one Taylor and his buddies wanted. Sam was just collateral damage. I know you might think that would make McGee the more angry one, but it's just the opposite. I've known Sam a long time. He would react more drastically to someone innocent, especially when that person is someone he cares about, being attacked more than he would to a personal attack. He wants Taylor to pay for what he did to McGee. It's my belief that he wants him to pay with his life."

"He said this to you?"

"No. He says he doesn't care how Taylor is stopped as long as he is. I don't think he's being truthful though. I think he told me what he thought he had to, to stay on the case," Nate said.

"So then you think he should be taken off the case," Hetty summed up.

Nate sighed. "If it were anyone else, I'd say, yes, take him off the case, but like I said, I know Sam. If you take him off the case, he will work it on his own. He will not top until he catches up with Taylor. My recommendation is to keep him on the case and watch carefully. That's my recommendation for both of them."

Hetty nodded. "Alright, thank you, Mr. Getz."

Nate immediately stood up and headed for the door.


Tim was asleep at Callen's desk in the bullpen. It was far from a peaceful sleep, and not just because he'd fallen asleep in a chair. He was tossing and turning like he was having a terrible dream, which he was.


Tim was screaming as two men were carrying him from room to room. One of them had him by the legs while the other held him by the torso. "No, please, leave me alone."

"Shut up!" one of them growled menacingly.

Tim was carried into a room with a large table set up in the middle. Tim was placed on top of it. He tried to fight to get away, but both men held him down as Jason Taylor started tying him down.

"Take his shirt off," Jason said after binding Tim's legs to the table.

Tim screamed louder as his shirt was pulled from his body. He didn't know what they were going to do to him, but he knew it wouldn't be good.

Once his shirt was off, ropes were brought around his torso and then his shoulders. By the time they were done, the only part of Tim's body he could move was his head.

Jason left the room for a second, but soon came back.

Tim's eyes widened in horror when his biggest tormenter came back in. He was carrying a hot poker and had this sick grin on his face. "N…no. Please don't! Please! Sam!"

Jason laughed maliciously and walked over to him. "Hanna can't help you now, kid. No one can."

"No! Please, just leave me alone. I'll do anything," Tim said desperately.

Jason chuckled. "Oh, if Daddy could see you now. His own son begging. What would he think? He'd be so ashamed. Luckily for you, you'll never have to hear what he thinks. By the time he finds out, you'll be long dead."

Tim was crying and pleading incoherently at this point.

"Shut up and act like a man. Real men don't cry and they certainly don't beg. Though you can scream if you want," Jason said before lowering the hot poker towards Tim's bare chest.


Tim woke up with a start and gasped. He looked around to find himself at the OSP building. He took several deep breaths as he tried to recover from the nightmare slash memory he just had

"Are you okay?"

Tim turned around to see Agent Blye a few feet away from him. "Yeah, I'm fine." That was most definitely a lie. He was far from okay. He hadn't been okay since the day he was kidnapped, and with Taylor on the loose, things were even worse.

"Are you sure? You looked like you were having a nightmare," Kensi said. She'd seen him tossing and turning. She thought about shaking him awake, but wasn't sure it was a good idea. This was a guy who had been severely tortured as a boy. If he was dreaming about that torture, he could react violently to being shaken out of it.

"Well, it wouldn't be the first time," Tim said. He'd had nightmares since the kidnapping and he'd come to the conclusion that he always would. They weren't as frequent as they used to be, but they'd always be there. It was just something he had to live with.

"You get them a lot?" Kensi asked. She had to assume he did. No one could go through something like that and not have nightmares about it forever. It had to be even worse when it happened to a child. She just couldn't imagine what Sam and McGee had been through.

"Often enough. Where's Sam?" Tim asked as he looked around and saw no sign of his friend.

"Not sure. He said he had some calls to make. He's probably checking on Callen," Kensi said.

Tim nodded. "Are there any leads?"

Kensi shook her head. "No, not yet. Right now we're trying to find someone Taylor might go to for help. I'm going through the prison logs now to see who visited him. Hetty's also trying to get a meeting with your dad through the Ops. Center. She's hoping he can at least give us some insight."

"Yeah, good luck with that," Tim muttered under his breath. He had a feeling his father wouldn't be so willing to talk with them. He could hear the excuse about how busy he was already. "Can I help in anyway?"

"Uh, yeah," Kensi said before grabbing a few files and holding them out for Tim. "These are all people Taylor knew before the kidnapping. Help me go through them and pick out any that you think may have helped Taylor.

Tim immediately got up and approached Kensi. He took the files from her and went back to Callen's desk to get to work.