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Greetings, Fanfic Reader. Helmsmanjoker here, (do a Hypnotizing trick) you will not skip past this, you'll laugh and be curious at the moments, you will tell your friends.

While this story may follow the cannon there will be differences, so don't expect everything to be exactly the same.

The story takes place after Ichigo defeats Jin Kariya, which ends the Bount Incursion. Ichigo, his brother Ryuu, and his friends say their goodbyes to their friends from Soul Society. This begins in the Arrancar Arc, when Yammy and Ulquiorra who go to Karakura Town to gain info on Ichigo then return to Las Noches to report the mission. And Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and his Fraccion disobey Aizen's orders and go to the world of the living. There they encountered Ichigo, his friends and the other Soul Reapers.

After being brought back to Hueco Mundo, Tier Halibel learns of what Grimmjow's battle with Ichigo from her Fracciones and takes an interest of him that she wants to meet him in her own terms. Now Ichigo, Ryuu and his friends must prepare for their next battle, Winter War is coming.

Now the Ryoka and the Gotei 13are about to face off the Traitorous Sosuke Aizen and his Arrancar Army but something sinister has been stirred outside of this war. Can Ichigo, his brother and friends stop this war and end this new evil?

The main pairing is Ichigo Kurosaki X Tier Halibel.

The Secondary Pairing is OC Ryuu Kurosaki X Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck or Yoruichi Shihoin (Your choice to pick Ryuu's love Interest)

And there's going to be few OC characters but right now this OC that I'm presenting is Ichigo's older brother, we'll tell him more in the next chapter.

So this is my first Ichigo x Halibel pairing story, so enjoy and review of what you think. Now on to the Story


Watchful Protectors

Prologue – Overture


In the blue skies of Soul Society, everything was peaceful and tranquil. But moving down to the surface to Soul Society, on outskirts of the Seireitei, a massive shockwave blows dirt out of the way and impacts on the ground. Then a figure raises his blade, and with a yell sends a black-red crescent moon wave across the field where it hits something or someone…

"Getusga Tensho!" Ichigo yelled as he swings Tensa Zangetsu, sending the dark crescent wave of power at Kariya. But the Bount dodges, causing him to lose sight of his opponent. Then, the orange-haired substitute appears behind Kariya. Before Kariya can react Ichigo successfully kicks the Bunts legs and then across the chest, which causes Kariya to roll across the ground ridiculously. Recovered and on his feet Kariya then charges at Ichigo who does the same, and the two clash again.

As they fight their intense battle, dealing harsh blows to one another and destroying buildings in their wake the travel across the Soul Society. While moving from one place to another in their quarrel they end up arriving on Sokyoku hill.

"Ah, Sokyoku Hill, do you know what it is?" Kariya said in a bored tone.

Ichigo who's currently in his battle stance gives the Bount a solemn look, "I know this place better than you do."

Kariya sends him a deathly glare, "This is a perfect place our final battle."

The two take their stances, ready to battle but are interrupted when Ichinose appears. Both combatants are surprised as he was supposed to have been killed by Kenpachi Zaraki. Then Ichinose pulls out his Zanpakuto and attacks Ichigo. As the two fight Kariya watches, then they stop for a brief second, "Kariya, where are the Koga and the others?" Ichinose asks.

"They're all dead," Kariya said in emotionless tone.


"They all died," Kariya repeats emotionlessly from behind Ichinose.

"Is that so?" Ichinose murmurs his head back in Ichigo's direction.

Ichigo on the other hand calls out to Ichinose demanding to know what's going on, "Hey! What are you planning to do?"

Ichinose didn't give him an answer and again attacks Ichigo. Both their blades clash and struggle against each other. Ichigo uses all his strength to shove Ichinose's sword away -leaving him open to attack- and with a well-aimed kick he sends him back five feet, landing on the floor in front of Kariya.

"Stop this, Ichinose!" Ichigo yelled.

"I can't!" Ichinose yells back at him.

Ichigo scowls to cover his slight confusion, "What are you trying to do when your bodies in such a mess?"

Then without warning Ichinose suddenly shunpo's behind Kariya and raises his blade to his neck, much to Kariya's disbelief.

"What is the meaning of this Ichinose?" Kariya asks, still a little shocked by this small change of events.

"If you…insist on destroying the Soul Society, then so be it. After all it is I who left this place behind. I would not be sad to see it disappear," Nobody moves as Ichinose pauses. "That's what I'd thought. I saw my beloved Captain in you. That's why I followed you and did as you asked."


Ichinose attacks Kenpachi with multiple strikes but the spikey-haired Captain dodges each one by casually moving out the way.

Out of breathe from the fighting Ichinose glares at Kenpachi yelling, "Why do you stand in our way when we're trying to bring about an iron justice?"

He thrusts his zanpakuto forwards at the Captains face but Kenpachi catches the blade before it reaches his face.

"How meaningless!" He roars, "Are they really your goals? Loyalty to someone is different than depending on them.

Their battle rages on and Ichinose grows angrier with Kenpachis, certain that the blood thirsty Captain would never understand.

"Why are you acting as if you understand?" He screams, his reiatsu spiking with his rage.

With both Soul Reapers surrounded by their own reiatsu the charge at each other, bringing the battle to a close as Ichinose's blade snaps when they collide.

(Flashback ends)

"My fight with Zaraki made me remember something I had forgotten. I wanted to improve the thirteen Protection Squads and Seireitei. That was my desire. My Captain and I desired the same world. That's why I was willing to give everything for the Captain. That was my ideal even after the Captain fell," Ichinose explained and Ichigo moves his blade down. "But that ideal turned into revenge the moment my Captain died. Kariya, you have gained the power to change the Soul Society. I will kneel before you again if you use this power to restore Soul Society," Ichinose gripped his sword tight and added in a darker tone, "But if you insist, if you insist on using that power for revenge, then I will stop you!"

Unknown to Ichinose as he continues on about being the only one who can stop Kariya, the Bount in question brings a collection of swirling air to his hand. Ichigo is the only one who notices but everything happens too quickly for him to be able to do anything.

Kariya gives Ichinose a blank look, "Ichinose, I'm not going to be able to follow your advice."

A wind begins to swirl around the pair Ichinose yells determinedly as he raises his zanpakuto, "I'll stop you!"

He brings his glowing zanpakuto down in an attempt to cut down the Bount in front of him. However, Kariya has other plans and catches Ichinose's hand and pulls it up, becoming more violent as he does.

"Your power cannot stop me. You've helped me out a lot," Kariya says holding Ichinose up higher as the wind stops. "Because of you, you bought me enough time to gain full power of Joukaishuo."

With his one arm pulling Ichinose up and the other by his side, Kariya prepares to strike. Realizing what's about to happen Ichigo sprints forwards hoping to get there in time. Almost reaching the pair Ichigo is suddenly stopped by Kariyas power, and shielding himself from the winds onslaught he can only watch as Kariya runs his arm through Ichinose stomach. Ichinose jumps back wincing in pain and breathing heavily. Blood runs out his chest and falls to the ground as he tries to stay up and stop Kariya.

He falls to the floor and with the last of his strength he reaches out and grabs Kariyas ankle.

"Kariya!" He screams weakly coughing as he does. The Bount turns around his eyebrows furrowing in annoyance using his power to lash out at the mortally injured Ichinose adding to his wounds. The attack cuts thought Ichinose's chest sending him flying through the air and then towards the floor. Ichinose's body hit's the floor, already dead as it churns up a cloud of thick dust.

Rage boiled through Ichigo after seeing Kariya kill off his own comrade, "Kariya! Bastard! Do you realize what you just did?"

"What're you trying to say?" Kariya smirks.

"You just killed one of your comrades!" Ichigo retorts swinging Zangetsu in the Bounts direction. "He's followed you for so long!"

"So what?" His voice is void of emotion, uncaring as he address's Ichigo.

"So what?"

"That man was your enemy. Why do you have sympathy for him?"

"This isn't sympathy," Ichigo yells, Tensa Zangetsu still pointed at Kariya. "I'm just saying that I can't forgive someone who'll cut down his comrade like that!"

Kariya closes his eyes for a brief second as he explains as if it were obvious, "I never once thought of him as a comrade. He was just a pawn to help me reach my goals."

As Kariya says those words, Ichigo is fueled by rage his reiatsu building up around him, "You bastard!"

Ready to finish his battle with Ichigo Kariya summons his doll causing a vortex of wind to form. Ichigo is momentarily confused by the sudden change but has little time to voice it as Kariya introduces the silver metal that is now attached to his arm.

"This is my doll, Messer," Kariya says with a smirk flicking the blade of wind to his side. "You can't even get close to me now."

"That's some impressive confidence you have there," Ichigo says bringing Zangetsu up in front of him, ready to attack.

The two stare at each other for a few seconds before sending waves of energy at each other. The attacks clash violently spiraling around each other and forming and explosion that spreads between the combatants. Before the dust clears both Ichigo and Kariya engage each other as they try to gain the upper hand, Ichigo having a harder time due it being difficult to get closer to Kariya.

As the battle goes on, Ichigo crashes in the ground below. Hoping to finish him off Kariya sends several strong blasts of wind towards Ichigo. But reiastu surrounds orange-haired reaper protecting him from the brunt of the attacks. As the dust around Ichigo disperses it allows Kariya see Ichigo barely damaged. Shunpoing away Ichigo then quickly maneuvers around Kariya using the speed of his Bankai in order to gain an opening.

"Your counter-move involves attacking your opponent using the tiny opening created at the instant of attack," Ichigo explains as he dances around Kariya, "But what happens when I don't give you any openings?"

Then Ichigo repeatedly charges at Kariya, slashing and clashing swords several times while Kariya struggles to block them. As he blocks the Kariya tries to find a way to get away and barely manages to reach the ground, away from Ichigo's speedy onslaught. But Ichigo has the upper hand and catchs up with the Bount and begins to cross blades with him again.

As they trade blows, Ichigo fires off a Getsuga Tensho and is able to hit the Bount square in the chest. Kariya is sent flying backwards as he tries to protect himself with his reiastu, more dust being kicked up as he tumbles across the floor. The dust clears to reveal the unharmed Kariya who quickly reveals the true electric nature of his doll.

With the true nature of his doll revealed Kariya sends multiple lightning attacks at Ichigo he barely manages to dodge them only to finally be hit in the back by one. As he begins to fall ground ward Kariya launches up to meet him slashing Ichigo across the stomach and electrocuting him at the same time. Ichigo screams in pain as electricity crackles around him before crashing to the floor and rolling to a stop.

Standing on air Kariya watches Ichigo fall, taunting him when he doesn't get up straight away. Ichigo cruses as sweat beads down his face, the fighting having taken its toll on him as Kariya takes a moment to talk about Joukaishuo.

"I haven't told you this, but there isn't just one Joukaishuo."

"What did you say?" Ichigo coughs from his position on the floor, with Zangetsu lying in front of him.

"If I release the Joukaishuo inside of me, it will trigger the other Joukaishuo to explode as well. And the Seireitei will be reduce to nothing" Kariya explained with as little emotion as possible.

Again Ichigo calls up to the Bount, "Why are you doing this? You'll be killing your companions, Shinigami and even yourself! What's the point?!"

"The Bount are a rotten clan," he explains, his voice filled with disdain. "We've been given such great power and we've never tried to escape our shackles from the Shinigami. The Shinigami are even more rotten. They gave birth to us Bounts and used us for their own benefit. I was unable to forgive any of this. I'm taking everyone with me." Anger flashes across his face, "I'm going to destroy all the Shinigami and every last soul!"

"You...You're insane," Ichigo mutters.

"I'm sane. It's the world that's crazy." Kariya says, "But none of that matters, soon this world is going to end."

"What're you saying?!" Ichigo roars as he begins to get up, "Like I'll…" He grabs Zangetsu and crawls onto his knees, "Let that happen!"

Rukia and Renji appear on the sidelines but Ichigo barely notices, took busy trying to figure out a way to win the battle. He has to stop Kariya, if he doesn't everyone…all his friends and all the innocent souls will die. He can't let that happen, he has to get up!

'How can I draw more power?' Ichigo thinks to himself desperately as he clawed his way onto his feet. Hollow Ichigo lets out a dark chuckle taking Ichigo by surprise and taking brief control. Kariya's eyes widen slightly as he watches Ichigo's irises turn yellow, and not giving the Bount a chance to do anything Ichigo shunpos at Kariya swinging Tensa Zangetsu across Kariya's chest. A thick cut was left slowly dripping blood and Kariya's shirt is destroyed into nothing. As Kariya skids to a stop, recoiling from the attack while Ichigo quickly regains control from his Inner Hollow.

Ichigo stumbled slightly as he brings a shaking hand to the left side of his face, making sure the mask wasn't there. Fear courses through him as he realizes he could've lost control to his hollow, but his thoughts are soon interrupted by his opponent.

"Is that…your inner power?" When Ichigo says nothing a smile works its way onto Kariya's face, "But it seems that power has dried up as well."

Kariya then tries to use spiritual particles in the air to heal himself, but finds he's unable to and realizes but it's from when Ran Tao injected him with something during his fight with Uryu. Seeing that Kariya can't heal himself, Ichigo smiles knowing this is his chance to stop Kariya.

Noticing Ichigo's smile Kariya says, "It looks like you're a bit late."


"It should be soon now. Just a bit longer," Kariya says, "Just a bit longer until Joukaishuo is filled with power. When that comes I will release Joukaishuo and an end to everything."

"Like I'll let that happen!" Ichigo roars with and launches himself at Kariya with increased resolve. His zanpakuto was met by Kariya's lightning blade as the two clashed again and their battle resumed with Ichigo vowing to defeat Kariya.

As battle went on it was brutal, they were both almost equal with Ichigo trying to gain the upper hand. Small craters appeared all over the battle ground as they both clashed at random intervals. With a twirl of wind from Kariya's blade Ichigo was pushed back and sent crashing into the floor. Gasping for breath as he pulling himself up Kariya rises into the air as he assure Ichigo that setting off on Joukaishuo won't trigger a chain reaction. But before Ichigo can stop him Kariya sends a bolt of lightning off into the rest of the Seireitei in attempt to set off a Joukaishuo.

Fortunately, his lighting collided with a fire-like Getsuga Tensho and a wall of pink petals, stopping it in its tracks in which the petals then preceded to surround Kariya. Recognizing the attacks as his brothers and Byakuya Ichigo was slightly surprised that his brother was working with byakuya let alone that they'd appeared to help.

"Nii-san," Ichigo yelled in surprised at his brother as Kariya became enraged that the Ichigo's sibling and the Captain had stopped his attack. As Kariya frees himself Yoruichi appears as well.

"Yoruichi, you arrived in the nick of time.' Ryuu smiled, confidence lacing his voice.

Yoruichi smirked landing beside the black-haired boy that was Ichigo's older brother, "I always arrive in a right time, Ryuu."

"Ichigo, everyone's working on sealing the Joukaishuo but it's going to take a while," Ryuu said after Ichigo and Yoruichi had a quick exchange, adding, "But it's a question if all of the Joukaishuo will be sealed in time. You've got two choices, Nii-san, you let Kariya blow us sky high or we kick this Bount ass."

Then with a smirk of his own and understanding his brother's words, Ichigo nods to his brother to get ready to attack.

Kariya glares at the three who've just joined the battle before yelling with unwavering resolve, "I'll simply defeat all four of you and then fulfill my goals."

Ichigo now ready for battle smirks, "Don't count on that."

With a forceful swing Kariya sends a huge blast of lighting towards the group but Byakuya's Senbonzakura protects them. Taking his chance Ichigo charges toward the Bount and the two of them continue to clash blows with Ichigo reminding Kariya that he's his opponent.

'Damn. I've spent too much power holding back Joukaishuo. It can't be helped,' Kariya thought.

When the Bount didn't make any move to attack Ichigo also stops only while Kariya was briefly surrounded by a red glow and charges at Ichigo, but his attacks fiercer than before.

"Why's Kariya's power increasing instead of decreasing?" Ichigo asked as he sensed the rapidly rising power coming from Kariya's attacks which ended with him taking a direct hit.

Ryuu answers his question but Ichigo didn't hear him, "He's using the power of the Joukaishuo."

Shocked by the obvious answer Yoruichi calls out to Ichigo, "Ichigo, he's using Joukaishuo as his own power!"

The outburst gains Kariya's attention and his head snaped in Yoruichi's direction, "Huh! So What?!" And with a flick of his blade Kariya sends a bolt of lightning towards Yoruichi but Ichigo's brother just manages to stop it with his wave of Jigoku-Kasai.

"The Joukaishuo will be ready soon," Kariya said returning his attention to Ichigo who'd recovered, "Just what can you do in your exhausted body?" He sneered as Ichigo was bent over slightly. And before Ichigo could say anything the Bount disappeared, reappearing behind Ichigo and kicking him into a stone wall.

Not moving from his position Kariya mocks Ichigo before sending more lighting towards the orange-haired reaper. Ichigo's brother calls out to him and is about to charge in to save him when the lightning is conducted by Ichinose Zapukato. Then Ichigo gathered all his strength, creating a blue aura around him while Kariya did the same –only with a red one.

"This is it! I'm going to hit you with all that's left of my strength," Ichigo says with determination as a column of blue light surrounded him

"Then I'm going to settle this, too," Kariya replied and a column of red light also surrounding him.

"Let's go!" They both yell in unison pushing off the ground and towards each other, their blades pulled back and ready to swing at their enemy. Yelling as they charge the pair swung at the same time, their blades clashing in a ray of sparks. They pushed against each other, both trying to gain the upper hand.

"The Jorkai Crest is backed by all the Bounts!" Kariya boasted pushing back with more force, "Can you withstand it Ichigo Kurosaki?"

"And what have you ever done for the Bounts?" Ichigo retorted sweat beading on his forehead as he withstood the onslaught, "You're the one who treaded your comrades like pawns! I won't lose to someone like you!" Ichigo added more pressure to his attack forcing Kariya to back down slightly.

"What do you know? People hate those who're superior to themselves. Your friends aren't any different! Over time, friends who you trusted will come to fear your power and distance themselves from you." Kariya argued, "What's the point in protecting them?!"

"There is meaning! There is no reason to it!" Ichigo disputed determination for all his friends and family coursing through him. "I protect them because I want to! I'd risk my soul!"

"Your soul?" Kariya snorted as the crest on his chest activated.

The two pushed closer together as Yoruichi ask Byakuya and Ryuu's for help to seal the Joukaishuo, but the Captain and Hell Reaper didn't move.

Yoruichi went right beside of the black-haired Hell Reaper, she's looks at him with concern, and Ryuu looked at her with those dark red eyes and smile, and Have a little faith." he whispered to the purple-haired Goddess, which she understood

"Nothing matters anymore! I'm going to end everything now!" Kariya growls leaning towards Ichigo in order to push him away. Recovering from the push Ichigo looks back up at Kariya and launches himself towards the glowing Bount.

"Kariya!" He roars bringing Tensa Zangetsu back to strike as a half-smile curves' onto Kariyas face before he swings forwards at Ichigo. They both clash with each other one last time and a huge explosions occurs arcing high into the sky.

After the clash Ichigo crouches onto the floor while Kariya speaks, "It looks like it's over…I'm a little disappointed, I won't get to see if you walk down the same path that I have." Kariya pauses for a second before speaking for the last time, "Ichigo K-"

A solemn look crosses Ichigo's features as Kariya turns nothing but dust in the air, his last words interrupted. Ichigo begins to collapse forwards but is caught by Ryuu and his friends came, all calling his name ensuring that he's okay but Ryuu reassured the Ryoka and his Soul Reaper friends, "He'll be fine." Ryuu looks down his exhausted orange-haired, "He just had a long day."

Yoruichi went to the group, Ryuu looked up and seeing her given him a pleasant smile and quietly mouthing words, "Have faith huh?" which Ryuu comply with nod and a small smile.

After all the greetings Ichigo gets up staring forwards as Ryuu says, "In the end, Kariya died by himself."

"I wonder if this is what Kariya intended all along?" Rukia asks her eyes widening, shocked that someone would go to this extent to kill themselves.

"Who know? Maybe Kariya simply wanted to put an end to his eternal life," Ichigo muses still not sure himself.

Afterwards Ichigo says his goodbyes to his Soul Reaper friends and departs from soul society along with Uryu, Chad, Orihime and his brother Ryuu.


(Karakura Town)

Everyone went back to their old lives but it's not ordinary though. Many things apart from going to school and hanging out occupy their time as they training each other and fight hollows who try to terrorize souls in the town.

As one of these days drawn to an end, in the sky, a figure blonde hair and a wide smile wears the Karakura high school uniform. With his hands stuffed into his pockets as he stands upside-down in mid-air he watches Ichigo and his friends, asking himself a question, "You're an interesting person, Kurosaki Ichigo. But tell me this, what are you afraid of?"

While Ichigo walks with his friends and brother a shiver courses down his spine before his hollow laughs maniacally, "Soon or later, your body will be mine to take control."


Messer – German for Knife

Jigoku-Kasai - Hell-Fire

So that's the end of the Prologue, now begins the Arrancar Arc and The Winter War. As I said this story is going to be the same but different like the manga or the anime that we know but I'll do my best to write to Fanfic to the end. See y'all next time and keep reading true believers.