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(Previously on Watchful Protectors)

Rukia and Chad looked at him, but they complied, "Let's go." Rukia grabbed Chad's shirt, then shunpo out the battle between the Daiko Shinigami and Seis Espada.

Ichigo and Grimmjow glared at each other, Ichigo grabbed Zangetsu as the white bandages are unwrapped the blade, and Grimmjow unsheathe his zanpakuto.

"Ohh...shiny, tell me Shinigami do you even know how to use that to take me down?" Grimmjow sarcastically said.

"Let's see it'll cut you down...see IF that works." Ichigo said in emotionless tone and ready his stance

Grimmjow smirks on his comment, ready his stance, Grimmjow lunges at Ichigo, Ichigo lunges at Grimmjow, swinging their blades that they collide together to create enormous shockwave in the sky.


Chapter 3: Unexpected Turn of Events

(Meanwhile - North side of Karakura Town - Far Away from the Incursion - Ryuu Kurosaki)

Nightfall in Karakura Town, it seems so peaceful and quiet, that you can hear the noises and grasshoppers chirping around the neighborhood, see the wind breeze through the grass and someone on the run to search something amiss in the north district of Karakura Town.

Then Ryuu stops in his tracks. The reiastu is inside the old abandoned hospital clinic, which has most of its entrances and windows bolted wood. The unwanted decoration tells Ryuu that the hospital has been decommissioned for a long time, "Hmm that was weird, the reiastu I went after...just stops right here...weird."

This made Ryuu feel a little uneasy, in his gut he's getting the feeling that something is about go down, as he walked in to the entrance of the hospital, tore down the weakened bolted wood right front of him, and went inside the old building.

(The Old Decommissioned Hospital - Ryuu Kurosaki)

Ryuu is now looking at the lobby, it was full of cobwebs, and dust, straight pillars and the wall are damaged. The lobby's counter was partly damaged, the wood is molded and damaged like someone punch through it, then he turns to his right, he sees the big faded color blue doors, he walks through the doors, every room and section is filled with dust, rubble and papers scattered everywhere, Ryuu went to every floor and sections of the hospital just the same he saw through the building, nothing like it is abandoned forgotten memory.

Ryuu is back at the lobby, in a thinking gesture, "Hmm...No sign of that unusual presence that picked a while ago, but it's strange that why did it led me here?"

Suddenly, in the hallway a little girl in pink-white clothing with chain on her chest is panting as she running for her life like something is chasing her down in the claustrophobic decay walls. As she pass down in the hall's corner, a dark figure with odd white mask with red eyed orbs and a black cloak, starts terrorizing the female plus.

"Come here little girl, I promise it won't hurt you...ah what the hell, I'm going slice you up then eat your fragile corpse hehahaha." the cloak figure said in a dark singing tone.

The child plus is running as fast until she tripped over then landed on floor, she looks back then she in a trance of fear, that her eyes are wide, her mouth quivering and her body trembling, the dark figure got really close to his meal, "This going to be sweet when I'm going to minced you." He said in a dark tone. Tears are falling in the girl's eyes then she lets loud scream then he raise hand that have chain coming out in the middle of his hand then turns into a kurasai-blade.

"Oh...don't worry this won't able to hurt you that much"the terrifying figure said an insane tone, as he swings his arm ready to kill the little child as she closed her eyes for the final blow but suddenly a black chain wrapped around the kurasai-blade, then with enough for force to swing him up, left, right to the wall then pulled him while child ducked down so she won't get hit, then as he's getting pulled then his mask cracks open as it collides with a scarred fist, with that strong force it sends the terrifying figure though a wall into the diagnostic room.

The girl looked at the hole where her attacker went through, before she can speak she hears a dark tone voice behind, "Are you ok?"the brunette plus look behind her, she blinked into wide-eyes that she sees a the person wearing a gray-black lining Shihakusho and a hellish mask, who is to be known other, Ryuu Kurosaki.

The little girl is frighten of Ryuu's mask as she fixing to scream but kneel right front of her, moving his hands slow pace to calm her down "It's okay, look..."Ryuu grab the bottom of his mask, lift it up that surprise the girl that she see his real face with his dark red eyes, "Just a guy in a mask." Ryuu said in normal assuring voice to calm down the young child, who made her feel relieved of it.

Suddenly, the Sinner breaks free from the rubble, staring at his attacker who is a Hell Reaper and the plus child,"I have been wondering when you going to show up, thanks to my 'bait' she did all the work just to bring you here."

Ryuu put back his mask back on then he moved the little plus girl behind him so she wouldn't be frightened, Ryuu looks at the Sinner with emotionless red eyes, "You used and terrorize this little girl just to lure me here.

The cloaked Sinners scoffed at the Hell Reapers comment, "Yeah, and by the looks of it, I have no longer any use of her."

Ryuu glare at the Sinner after his comment but the Hell Reaper needed to know why is he is doing here, "Ok, since I'm here now, let me ask you something?

What's a Sinner like you doing here in the World of Living?"Ryuu asked the Sinner

The Sinner chuckled underneath his mask, "Well I was going to feast some souls in this world, like that little girl there, but not anymore, you know I've never tasted a Hell Reaper before but I guess that makes the first, and after I'm done with you, I'm going do my endless slaughter on these souls!"

"Well that's not going to happen."Ryuu said an dark emotionless voice.

The Sinner looked at the Hell Reaper, "Hehaha…but still you think can actually stop me with that little sword of yours?" the Helling arrogantly said.

Ryuu give an obvious look in his red eyes, "Well this little sword of mine...is willingly able put scum like you down."

The Sinner chuckled at the Hell Reaper's comment then Ryuu looks at the frightened child that she clutching on Ryuu's long-sleeved, ankle-length gray coat in fear, Ryuu knows if he and the Sinner fought, she'll get caught in the middle of it or the Sinner will able to use her as burden to let him escape on his endless killing. "You should get out here kid, this is about to get messy." (Remember Ryuu's Hell Reaper robes are exactly alike of Ichigo's Bankai robes but in a different color)

This comment made the girl acknowledging with nod, the plus quickly got up, then starts running at entry door that leads her to out the hospital and stops at tracks, looks back at her protector with her light brown eyes, "Be careful, ok?"

"I will, now go." Ryuu casually said.

The plus girl starts running out to the old hospital, leaving Ryuu and the Sinner alone in the old hospital complex.

"Now that she's gone, now it's time that I should give you the message." The Sinner said in an uncaring manner, while Ryuu's eyes reverted back to red as he looks at the Helling with a glare.

"What message?"Ryuu emotionlessly said.

"This."suddenly the Sinner lunged to the Hell Reaper with a punch that Ryuu is able to dodge, then a another fist coming to Ryuu that he's able block the punch with hand then Ryuu grabbed his opponent's arm, then twirls the Sinner around, as it made the Helling to hit wall, Ryuu elbowed the Sinner's back head that made him groan in pain, then the Sinner elbow the Hell Reaper's side twice, then place his feet on the wall and pushed back with great force that able to send them two through the Hospitals wall one by one that Ryuu is crashing each of them, then they crash through one last wall as they are separated when they crash down on the cafeteria, The Sinner crash on a table and Ryuu crashed on floor as he is skidding through the tables and hit the wall on his back.

Ryuu slowly got up, then saw the Sinner lunge at him tried to connect his fist on the Hell Reaper's mask but Ryuu ducked down the attack comes then Ryuu uppercut the Helling's chin, that made go up in air, and in the time Ryuu high kick in the chest with great force that sends the Sinner up walls then to the rooftop.

(Outside the decommissioned hospital)

The Sinner groan in frustration that he is getting beating really bad by the new Hell Reaper that his master told him about, "I'm done playing around..." the Helling as summons his weapon, "Lets get this party started." as starts spinning the Kusari-Gama as he sees the Hell Reaper coming towards him, Ryuu grabbed the hilt of his sword and The Sinner sends his deadly weapon at the Hell Reaper. Ryuu's eye reflection sees the blade coming towards him.


(Meanwhile - 700 meters away Karakura Downtown - Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Grimmjow)

An explosion that sends a powerful shockwave right on top the buildings, as you see the Seis Espada and the Shinigami Daiko jumped out the shockwave, Ichigo landed on the street and Grimmjow landed on side of building then he leapt down from the side of the building at the spot, slashing his zanpakuto downward with a bloodthirsty smirk on his face. Ichigo brought Zangetsu up and blocked the strike, stopping Grimmjow. Ichigo winced slightly at the force behind the blow. They held this for a few seconds, both trying to overpower each other. When the ground began to crack from the reiastu, Ichigo angled Zangetsu and sliced downwards, at which Grimmjow retracted his blade and jumped back a few feet. At the moment he touch the ground, Ichigo Shunpo'd forward, Grimmjow using sonido, their blades clashed which made a massive shockwave.

The two exchange sword strikes, switching from offensive to defensively, Ichigo and Grimmjow's blades clashed; the both struggle to push back, as their blades back and forward with all their strength. When their Zanpakuto collided, the surroundings around them, the concrete is now a crater, buildings fall apart, windows shattered cause by their reiastu. Ichigo has a serious concentrated look, Grimmjow have his maniacal smirk.

Suddenly, Grimmjow spun his zanpakuto in a way to cut Ichigo's hand. The only thing Ichigo can is to pull back his hand as he releases his grip on his zanpakuto. Grimmjow brought his right leg up and kick Zangetsu out of Ichigo's reach, the massive cleaver flying to the side and embedded in the concrete road. Grimmjow look back at Ichigo with an insane grin on his face, he tried to lash the orange haired Visored but his opponent evade every swing from his blade.

Ichigo cursed himself that he's in dicey situation, he evading every sword strikes and blows from the manic Arrancar, he have no weapon at the moment, right now he have to do hand to hand combat but it wouldn't be a fair fight. It would be risk to not get cut in shreds, but he's found way to disarm Grimmjow to make this fight even.

The Espada lunged forward, tried to pierce his blade through Ichigo's chest, Ichigo caught the blade with both of his hands, then went up to blue-haired Arrancar and grabbed his sword-arm, Ichigo back-fist on the side of his opponent's head, knee Grimmjow's gut that made him spits out saliva, Ichigo twist his arm then hand-palm his elbow that broke the Arrancars arm. Grimmjow winced in pain that the attack made him dropped Pantera and landing on the concrete road which is a few meters away from Zangetsu, and kicked him in the stomach that sends Grimmjow crashing through the building.

Ichigo looked at the hole that send the Arrancar in, but when he was fixing to get his zanpakuto but he heard Grimmjow's voice coming through the hole in the building, "You broke my arm!" he cried, Ichigo sees the blue-haired Arrancar grasping his arm, he's starts to sob mockingly and starts to cackle, and swing his arm which re-intact his arm.

Ichigo rolled his eyes in annoyance, "Great."

Grimmjow charged then tackles Ichigo that they smash into the building's solid wall, the light blue-hair Espada grabbed Visored's face, then starts smashing the back of Ichigo's head about four times on the hard solid wall and straight kick on Ichigo's abdomen, cause Ichigo to go straight through one building to another, then crashed and fall down to the street as he cracked the concrete on his back.

Ichigo turned around as he winced in pain, got on his knees and hands on the ground, coughing out blood out his mouth, then Grimmjow abruptly grabbed Ichigo's back collar to get him up from the concrete, and deliver a uppercut on his opponents face, that sends Ichigo up in the air, Grimmjow lunges towards Ichigo, but then Ichigo looks down at the crazy Espada who is coming right at him, Ichigo did a quick back-flip to regain his stance, Grimmjow sonido right beside Ichigo to give a left kick to his stomach but Ichigo blocked his kick then quickly grabbed and pull the Espada's leg which made the Espada move towards the Visored, and Ichigo back-fist on Grimmjow's face with enough forced Grimmjow leaned backwards, Ichigo circle around then lift his leg up, move his leg down with full force to have the heel of his foot impact on Grimmjow's chest that made groan in pain as he falls down like a bullet, and hit the street's light pole and smash the car's hood with his body.

Ichigo was amazed himself that he's strong enough to hold on his own even against Aizen's elite warrior, "Huh, I guess all that sparing with Ryuu really paid off."

Ichigo shunpo at the road, away from Grimmjow crash into the struggling to get out the damaged car, as he sees Ichigo, his eyes narrowed at his enemy then he sonido in front of the orange-haired Visored, which caught Ichigo off guard, Grimmjow tried to high kick to aim at Ichigo and being swung forward. Ichigo evaded this and jumped back when Grimmjow followed through with a roundhouse kick. Ichigo jumped forward and aimed a punch at Grimmjow's stomach. His fist was caught, but immediately let go of when Grimmjow was going land a punch to Shinigami hybrid, but Ichigo back-off his fist to imbalance then use this advantage to follow through with a kick to Grimmjow's abdomen, the impact send Grimmjow far away from Ichigo, he quickly got his grounding, When he did so, Grimmjow stood there with his street fighting stance, but the two fighters saw their Zanpakutos away from them and they quickly start running towards their weapons.

Ichigo and Grimmjow grabbed their swords then they both shunpo/sonido right front of one another by clashing their blades with a loud sword clang. The two continued their motion and both landed where the other had jumped from. This was done once more than that, though Ichigo managed to get some height on Grimmjow and forced him down onto the street, where another battle of strength began.

Grimmjow spun around Ichigo's stance and came in with a kick, aiming for Ichigo's temple. Ichigo leaned back quickly and felt the air from Grimmjow's leg as it passed by his face, mere inches from connecting. Ichigo leaned forward again and followed it with a slash of Zangetsu at Grimmjow, who blocked it with his zanpakuto. When Ichigo noticed that Grimmjow was holding his zanpakuto with one hand, his eyes widened. Grimmjow quickly brought his other hand forward and smirked when a cero started charging in his palm.

"Getsuga Tensho!"

The sudden attack caught Grimmjow off-guard. A decent-sized explosion shook the area around them, followed by smoke-trails that leapt out of the dust cloud. The one on the right, Grimmjow, who went through the shop merchandise, well...what's left of it. His right temple was bleeding and there was an impressive burn up his left arm, which still gripped his zanpakuto. The smoke trail on the left, Ichigo, landed in the street below. Due to him not being on the receiving end of the attack, Ichigo had no wounds on him at all, even his robes were battered and his hair is now messy.

Grimmjow looks down at him with the same dangerous smirk on his face. "Ha! You're not as weak as I thought, Shinigami! You might be worth my time to kill you." He threw his head in laughter. When he stopped and looked back down at Ichigo, his eyes widened when he found Ichigo floating in the air right in front of him. He barely had time to bring his blade up to defend himself when Ichigo attacked with a diagonal slice with Zangetsu. Grimmjow managed to block the strike, but after he did so, he noticed how Ichigo was holding his zanpakuto.

Ichigo had attacked Grimmjow using the lowest part of the blade and was gripping Zangetsu as far up the handle as he could. It looked rather awkward, something Grimmjow was going to use as a jab against Ichigo's abilities, but when Ichigo suddenly caught Grimmjow's fist with Zangetsu's handle with surprising speed and force.

Catching Grimmjow off-guard, Ichigo was able to continue his attack with a punch to his gut that that lowers his upper body down then kneed on his face that spews out blood out his mouth while his upper body lean back up in Ichigo's level and fist-palm the Seis's chest. When Grimmjow stumbled back in pain, Ichigo brought Zangetsu back, and with a cry of "Getsuga Tensho!" he swung his blade forward and unleashed another wave of sharpened reiatsu at Grimmjow, who was only able to bring up his arms to shield his face from the attack. The attack hit Grimmjow fiercely and, once again, exploded on impact. When the smoke cleared, there Grimmjow stood, a long, deep, cut from his right leg to his left shoulder. He brought his hands down and, needless to say, looked pissed. "How the hell this bastard is besting me in this fight?"

"That's it, you piece of shit. Now I'm really going to kill you." Grimmjow brought his zanpakuto forward and placed his right hand on the blade, starts clenching on the blade, then a blue light starts enlighten the blade, and gathering reiatsu starts envelope around the light-blue haired Espada, he yelled out. "Kishire!" He dragged his fingers back quickly, "Pantera!"

There was an explosion of reiatsu that absolutely destroyed a few shop buildings, shattered glass broken around the buildings, a massive crack on the concrete road then made into a crater and around him and spiraled upwards around where Grimmjow stood at.


(70 meters away from the battle – on top of the Yengen building)

Apache, Mila-Rose, and Sun-Sun above the building, watching the battle as it is far away from them. Mila Rose and Sun-Sun are impressed that the Shinigami is able to stand against the Seis Espada, but Apacci cast the thought of Shinigami's ability like is was nothing, though they are wondering and confused that why did their master order them to be in the World of the Living, secretly to watch and study the orange-haired Shinigami that Halibel is interested in.

"It looks Grimmjow is going full strength against the Shinigami." Sun-Sun said. Then a shockwave went through her and comrades.

"Yeah, but right now, he's in his resurreccion form, I never thought this kind of power can be so devastating." Mila Rose said while she got shivers running course through her body.

"Yeah...but I'm wondering why would Halibel-Sama send us to watch this Shinigami, I mean, they are our enemies including Aizen-Samas', don't you think it's weird?" then a shockwave went past them as It's coming from the battle

Sun-Sun looked at Apacci with lavender eyes, "Yes, it is suspicious that Halibel-Sama ordered us to be inconspicuous to watch this Shinigami but I'm curious that why all the sudden she find this Shinigami interesting?" She put her arms as in a thinking pose.

"Yeah...what if..." Apacci walked right between her comrades that narrow their eyes at Apacci, "there is something we don't know about Halibel-Sama, I mean what is she's not telling us." then another shockwave went through them as it made them covering their faces from the wind from the shockwave.

"You think she's hiding something?" Sun-Sun said in questionable tone, that she looks at Mila Rose, she too is looking at Sun-Sun, the two wants to know what her unicorn-comrade is getting at in this conversation.

"Uh yeah...look I know we been with her through hell and all but don't you think that we need to know what's really going on?" Apache said in smart remark, and then Mila-Rose went up to Apacci, her green eyes staring at the icy blue and dark brown eyes.

Mila Rose knows that her brash horned friend is right even she hate to admit. about one thing that why is her Mistress is keeping secrets from her and other friends, other than that why she have eye of interest of this orange-haired Shinigami, ever since Aizen give the details about him, she starts to act suspicious after when Ulquiorra presented the boy's capabilities to the Espadas and the Fraccion in the Throne Room with Aizen-Sama and his cohorts, but Mila Rose couldn't figure why she doing this or how did this boy got her mistress's attention. Now that the three are desperation of answers

"You know for once in my life, Apacci…you are right." As Mila-Rose said that shocked Apacci, but she continued to speak, "I think it's time for us to find the truth of what Halibel knows." Apacci nodded in agreement.

Then they looking at Sun-Sun, who still sleeve covering her mouth, until she spoke, "Well it seems that we are all in agreement, but I too want to know what she has to say." after their conversation is over, the three turn back their attention to fight, as another shockwave went through and this time they see a lot of dirt coming out the building like someone crashed into a building to another.


(200 meters away from the fight – Ikkaku and Yumichika)

Yumichika's eyes narrowed at the powerful reiastu from the distance. He turned to address Ikakku, who leaps back to plan his next attack.

"Ikakku, do you feel that?"

Ikkaku grinned manically, "Yeah, it certainly is powerful. Too bad though, but if Ichigo survives I'll ask him of how the fight turned out."

Edrad jump to the side to slice Ikkaku in two with his zanpakuto, but Ikkaku is able to block his zanpakuto's sheath then pushed off the Arrancar and as Edrad and Ikkaku few feet away from each other; they ready themselves an offensive stance.

"How disrespectful." Edrad sneered at his opponent. "You should be more concerned about your own opponent as I am more capable of killing you, Shinigami."

The bald headed Shinigami smirked at the Arrancar, I'm not so sure, Arrancar." He retorted. "Wanna try and prove it?"

"You won't able to regret those words, Shinigami. Besides I won't even to release to defeat one as arrogant as you." Edrad said in arrogant manner.

"Then let's go!" as Ikkaku slams his sword's hilt with his sheath then starts to spin his zanpakuto, "Nobiro, Hozukimaru" and turns to a spear with a wax wood shaft.

Ikkaku lunge forward and attacked his Shikai release, sticking it out in a way that would skewer his opponent if it connects.

While Ikkaku is fighting, Yumichika contacted Soul Society.

"Yes, Ayasegawa-san? What can I do for you?"

"There is a destructive opponent that the Shinigami Daiko, Kurosaki Ichigo, has increased exponentially. I want a spatial freeze in one thousand-ken radius of Kurosaki Ichigo

"Say again, one thousand-ken spatial freeze?"

Yes. A number of Konpaku have already been caught in the conflict. I am taking pre-emptive measures to prevent further loss of human life.

"Copy that. It may take several minutes, but we will get the area specified within a spatial freeze."

Yumichika put his communicator away and went back to watching Ikkaku fight, Keigo could only watch listen blankly at what is going on.


(Karakura Downtown - Ichigo vs. Grimmjow)

Ichigo quickly pulled himself out of the rubble of the edge of the building. He is slightly hurt from that cheap-shot attack then saw a line in the concrete that stretched back for a couple buildings. Grimmjow had taken him by surprise, to say the least. A single punch while he was off guard sent him back several hundred feet, skidding in the concrete, went through the building and to another. It seemed that the Arrancars release is strong, "Geez, I never thought the arrancars resurreccion can be that brutal."

"Come on, Kurosaki, is that all you got I know you can better than that!"

Ichigo wasn't going to wait to test out any more of Grimmjow's abilities, deciding it be best not to take any chances. He brought Zangetsu forward and cried out. "Bankai!"

An explosion of Ichigo's own reiatsu flooded the area. When things calmed, Ichigo stood there holding Tensa Zangetsu in a battle-ready stance. A laugh was heard from above.

"Hahaha! Pretty good, Kurosaki! But it's not going to do any good to save your ass!"

Ichigo managed to bring Tensa Zangetsu up just in time to block an attack from one of Grimmjow's clawed hands. He had no time to react when Grimmjow's other hand followed through and slammed him down and skidding him in the road, Grimmjow let go of him and back away as he's fixing to pummel him down but with Ichigo's unexpected reflexes he lunged towards Grimmjow, then grabbed his head that made him crash and skidding the Arrancars face on the brick to window of the building, as soon they're off the building, Ichigo hand-palmed the Espada's navel as it made him crashed into a building

Ichigo ready his stance to fight again. When Grimmjow sonido right front of him, Ichigo brought Tensa Zangetsu up to defend himself. When he blocked the first strike, Ichigo angled his blade quickly and caught the second strike that followed, and then managed to jump back to dodge a kick that was sure to have knocked his head clean off.

Ichigo managed to simply dodge or block Grimmjow's strikes consecutively for almost a full minute, but was overwhelmed by the ferocity. When Ichigo held Tensa Zangetsu up to the side block a left hook, he coughed up blood when Grimmjow suddenly planted his right hand in his side of his abdomen. Grimmjow ripped his hand back, removing flesh from bone as he did so.

Ichigo tries to slash at his opponent with his black katana, but Grimmjow caught his sword in his forearm claws, pull Ichigo towards him, kneed on his gut, then grab the back of his collar and throws him into a building.

In the rubble, Ichigo stares at Grimmjow with such determination to find to hit him, "This guy is fast and strong in his resurrecciòn form, but there's way to defeat him." Ichigo looks down at the floor as he was thinking how he's going to defeat the Seis Espada of Aizen's elite army, and then his thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice that he didn't expect not too long ago.

"Ah king, you're not doing so well by letting this guy kicking your ass." Hichigo said in sarcastic tone.

Ichigo see his hollow counterpart, someone he didn't want to talk or want to see at this moment but he knows that his hollow is part of him so he didn't come out the blue to gloat at him, "What brings you here?"

Hichigo smirks, "Well I going insult your sorry ass but however..."He sarcastically said as he paused then starts to say in serious manner "There's something you need to tell you.

"What is it?" Ichigo replied to his psycho counterpart.

"In your battle against this crazy bastard…" Hichigo was interrupted

"Really? He's not the only crazed psychopath that I have to deal with." Ichigo said.

"Hey I might be a crazy but I got good reasons to help you dense bastard." Hichigo said back to Ichigo.

"Sometimes." Ichigo said with unfeeling tone.

Hichigo eyes are up in wonderment when he said that,"W-well …yeah your right… that sometimes I do..."then he going into the conversation but he shook his head drastically, "It doesn't matter...look the point is that your physical attributes are now different than before you know."

"How?" Ichigo asked.

"Ok there are three things ok...1. Is that whenever you are fighting by using hand to hand nor sword fight against the guy, do you even notice that you are beating the crap out this weirdo?

"Yeah I was starting to realize that when fighting this guy." Ichigo glaring at the Seis Espada, "But it looks like he's able to counter my speed..." Ichigo was interrupted.

"Speed!?, This guy couldn't keep up nor doesn't have the speed when you shoved and skid his ass onto that building and besides he looks all washed up and you're not because your stamina has been improved."Hichigo said.

"Not until he threw me into that building, which it hurts though." Ichigo replied.

"That right there is the last attribute of your physical capabilities, while you're fighting this guy, well look at him."Hichigo pointed Ichigo to look at his opponent. As Ichigo look at Grimmjow, his white clad armor is badly damaged, a few sword scraps on his upper torso down to his feet, and bloodied on the top of his head included armor like head guard was chipped off due to the fact that he skidded Grimmjow onto the building.

"Now look at you..."Ichigo looks at himself, that his shihakusho is batter but he picks up a large piece of glass out of the rubble and motions it at his face then looks his chest that he has no cuts or gashes that Grimmjow stabbed him with his hand, it shocked that wounds or cuts are actually gone, "You see he's taken more of a beating than you are and your wounds have been healed in seconds."

Ichigo is now calmed as he looks at himself at the glass shard before he drops it, "So I noticed but does it also affect my powers too?" Ichigo got up from the floor and glares at the maniac Arrancar.

Hichigo sighed as he doesn't know how to answer that,"I don't know, Ichigo, but there's one we can do but you know what it is, huh?"

"Looks that way, it's the only way I need to win this fight." Ichigo narrow his eyes as thought about using that power.

"Yep but here's the thing, since you got my power, I'll let you a freebie to use it without being exhausted nor no limits of being shattered while you're in combat."Hichigo grinned widely.

"Hmph...How generous of you." Ichigo sarcastically thought back to his psycho counterpart.

"Generous?"Hichigo chuckled by that response by Ichigo, "To me, it's more like fight to survive, Ichigo. Now go out there and kick that Arrancar's ass!"

Grimmjow starts laughing triumphantly. "How does it feel to be completely outmatched, Kurosaki?"

Ichigo said nothing in reply, but quickly brought his hand up and brought his hand down as he slashes on his face. The overwhelming reiatsu of black and red spurs out as it starts covering the building, the road and coming towards Grimmjow who has to jump back a few feet.

Then as starts reiastu starts to evaporate, Grimmjow could barely see his opponent, then as the reiastu completely vanishes, Grimmjow's eyes widened as he sees Ichigo who stood there with a Hollow mask with three red linings on the left side and right side of its mask covering his face. Ichigo then spoke up, his voice affected by the transformation.

"I didn't think I'd be using this soon after obtaining it, Grimmjow. I guess I'll be able to find out how strong this really makes me now."

Faster than Grimmjow could react, Ichigo shunpo'd in front of him and sliced horizontally, leaving a gash in his torso. The new gash crossed over the one from Ichigo's earlier Getsuga Tensho painfully, and then Grimmjow strikes back with his kicks but Ichigo blocks the attacks and then Grimmjow tries stab Ichigo's abdomen with his clawed hand but the orange-haired hybrid grabbed his hand, pulled the Seis Espada towards him, elbowed Grimmjow's face with his sword-arm, kicked him in chest that Grimmjow that sends him up in the air, then Ichigo quickly grabbed hold of Grimmjow's armored tail with both hands (which his right hand carries Tensa Zangetsu) and starts spinning around an incredible speed and throw him down to buildings that Grimmjow is crashing every building he go through and as crash through the last building that able slow his momentum. Then Ichigo shunpo right by side his opponent unleashed a Getsuga Tensho behind the Espada that went down to the concrete street.

Ichigo shunpo at his opponent's location, then he sees Grimmjow in a concrete who is snarling at him and the Seis Espada got back into the fight with another roar. He jumped forward and brought a clawed hand down on Ichigo, but it was blocked effortlessly. Not allowing Ichigo a chance to attack, Grimmjow speared his other hand forward, aiming for Ichigo's stomach. This attack was blocked by the flat side of Tensa Zangetsu. Before Grimmjow's eyes could widen in surprise, the blade was angled and slashed upwards, creating another deep gash on Grimmjow's chest.

Grimmjow touch his chest that he sees blood in his hand then clutch his bloodied hand in fist in anger, then lunged towards the masked hybrid, as he tries to punch-slash and Ichigo, who manages to dodge every single one of his attacks. When Grimmjow kicked Ichigo's side abdomen, then Ichigo grabbed his leg then threw him into a the brick of building, as Grimmjow was fixing to lunge at his opponent but he was forced back to the wall as he grabbed Ichigo's blade with his clawed hands. Grimmjow try push to push off Ichigo but the orange-haired hybrid place his hand on top of the blade of Tensa Zangetsu blade, and then said, "Getsuga Tensho." Grimmjow's eye are widen in shock before succumbed to it as the building itself crashed down upon the Seis Espada.

Ichigo jumped out of the way as the building is collapse, but he knows better that Grimmjow isn't knocked out from that attack he did then he looks at building that turned nothing but rubble. Ichigo

ready his battle stance just making sure that Seis Espada isn't trying to surprise attack him through that rubble.

Ichigo felt Grimmjow's reiastu rising from the rubble; the hybrid readies himself for what's coming to him. Then Grimmjow jumped out the rubble with his great speed, grabbed both of Ichigo's arms, so he couldn't attack, then Grimmjow tries to slash the hybrid, but the masked Ichigo quickly head butt Grimmjow and kicked the Espada in gut that send him back a few meters away from hollowfy Visored.

As the two enemies are distances away from another, Grimmjow clutches his head with one hand and the hand placed in his side abdomen, the head butt that made Ichigo's left side of his Hollow mask shattered but Ichigo swipe the left side of his face to reform the mask back on.

At this moment Ichigo had become much faster, stronger when he has his hollow mask on but Ichigo not only he feels that he has power of the Soul Reaper and a Hollow, he also feels that there's something else dwells within him that something more sinister than his hollow counterpart, but Ichigo know it's not the time to dwell in his thoughts while he's in middle of a fight.

This really concerns Grimmjow, that not he's getting overpowered by the orange-haired human, it's that there's something different now about the boy. "What the hell is going on with this punk? This isn't the same kid that Ulquiorra showed us in Las Noches, back then his reiastu is weak when Yammy beat the hell out this Shinigami but right now his reiastu just somehow got higher, even higher than me?!" Grimmjow clench his sharp teeth as thought of that scenario. If Ichigo used that Getsuga Tensho technique and managed to catch him with it, it'd be over. He looked forward and saw Ichigo standing there, Tensa Zangetsu outstretched to the side. What really caught Grimmjow's attention were his yellow irises.

Grimmjow growled. "Don't look at me like that! You think you're superior to me because you are able to hit me with a few lucky shots, Huh?!"

Grimmjow growled as he jumped up in the air and began rotating at an incredible speed. Ichigo saw this, but instead of preparing himself, he's looking for an opening when the Seis Espada is spinning, he carefully examines his movements then quickly matching Grimmjow's speed. The two blurs approached each other, and then passed by each other, several slices could be heard.

Grimmjow stopped and landed on the building below as falls to his knees, Ichigo stopped himself onto the air for footing while clutching his wound that Grimmjow stabbed him in the mid-abdominal. No movement was made for a few seconds. Then, Grimmjow's left leg, his stomach, and his right shoulder shot out blood. Grimmjow's eye's widened in pain. He growled, managing to get one word out. "How…how are you able to cut me while I was moving in great speed?"

Ichigo looked down on him, responding in the same twisted voice. "You were spinning incredibly fast, Grimmjow…but I could tell all your limbs, even your tail, were going to be used in the attack and were part of your rotation. All I did was to watch carefully your movements and match it with my own. When I did, I easily slipped by your attacks."

Grimmjow didn't admit out loud, but he was impressed. He allowed himself to think that. Then he didn't dwell on the thought for too long, getting back into the fight. He came at Ichigo as fast as he had the very first time. Unlike before, though, Ichigo managed to track Grimmjow as he approached him. When Grimmjow came within feet of him, Ichigo sidestepped and slashed out with Tensa Zangetsu. The blade met Grimmjow's armor with a very loud screech, but did no damage to Grimmjow.

Planting his foot down, Grimmjow turned and attacked Ichigo again, using the same attack he had just done. This time, Ichigo brought Tensa Zangetsu up in the air and timed his attack just right. Bringing his blade down on Grimmjow's back as he sidestepped him, Grimmjow slammed down into the street below.

Pulling himself up from the crater, Grimmjow growled. He stood up and slashed his claws outward in Ichigo's direction. Several, incredibly long, spear-like objects traveled their way to Ichigo, whose eyes widened. Ichigo just managed to evade the attack, but the buildings for the rest of the block weren't so lucky. They were decimated entirely.

"What was that?" Ichigo yelled out at Grimmjow.

"Desgarron, My strongest technique!" Grimmjow yelled back. Doing the same thing as before, Grimmjow slashed out one of his clawed hands, creating the Desgarron again. It came from Ichigo's left and was easily evaded by jumping up higher into the air. This was a mistake, as Grimmjow had already brought down another Desgarron above Ichigo. Now it was Ichigo who was slammed down into the street below.

Ichigo brought himself up wary situation, with his mask cracked as it exposing his left eye, as the Desgarron is sparking Tensa Zangetsu's blade, Ichigo put one hand the hilt of his sword and the other on backside of the black blade. "Getsuga Tensho"he yelled as the black-red wave pushed and completely wipe out the blue claw-like energy away

When Ichigo stood up completely and looked up at Grimmjow with determination in his eyes, Grimmjow laughed. "You're taking a beating, Kurosaki! But, that only means-." Grimmjow slashed down, creating more Desgarron. "-your torment continues!" The Desgarron claw comes straight down at Ichigo once more. This time, Ichigo knew what to do. He jumped forward and met one of the claws of reiatsu with Tensa Zangetsu. Putting more reiatsu into his attack, Ichigo was able to push back the attack until it cracked and shattered. This left a hole from him to attack through. He brought up Tensa Zangetsu and cried out,

"Kuroi Getsuga!"

The attack flew through the air at Grimmjow, who only smirked and prepared himself. At this point in the fight, and the condition of Ichigo's mask, it was strong enough as it had been previous times. Grimmjow was able to stop the blow with both of his hands and dispel the attack as it he felt he didn't put an effort in it. Only when the attack dispersed, Grimmjow didn't see what's coming.

Ichigo was already there in front of him, hiding behind the Kuroi Getsuga, while the blade is fixing to puncture the panther Arrancar. Grimmjow had no time to react as Tensa Zangetsu was plunged through Grimmjow's ribcage. He sneered at Ichigo, blood dripping out of his wound. He couldn't move his limbs, as he fell back off of Ichigo's blade. Instead of falling down to the concrete, his wrist was caught as Ichigo looks at his fallen opponent with pity.

(70 meters away from the battle – On top of the Yengen Building)

"It seems Grimmjow is been defeated." Sun-Sun said.

"The human is strong enough to take down an Espada." Mila Rose said emotionless yet impress tone.

Apacci scoffed, "Ha! That pathetic Shinigami just got lucky that he survived his fight with that crazy bastard." as she said arrogantly

Sun-Sun looked at her Unicorn comrade, even though in that harsh sentence she said, she is right that no lesser Arrancar nor Shinigami wouldn't stand a chance against the Seis Espada...until now. "it's strange that this human that Ulquiorra said that 'he's not worth to kill" but it looks like his theory about the boy is wrong."

Mila completely agree with her snake-Arrancar comrade, "Yeah." The lioness Arrancar open up a Garganta on fabric of the world of the living, "Come, our mission is a success but we're going to have a talk with our master as soon we get back to our palace."

Apacci and Sun-Sun agreed, and then the three female Arrancars went through the Garganta as it shuts behind them.


(Meanwhile - at the middle streets of Shinjuku and Aguri)

Ichigo lowered himself and Grimmjow down on the concrete, Ichigo's mask cracking and disappearing completely. Grimmjow was laid down onto his back, as he was still conscious.

Ryuu saw this, he is impressed that Ichigo can fight his battles on his own and "Heh, it seems you are able hold on your own."

Ichigo know that familiar voice is none other is his brother, Ichigo was going to say his name but with Grimmjow in Aizen's army, he can't expose his identity. As he turns to look at his Hell Reaper brother "Yep thanks to yo-." Ichigo quickly stops talking when he sees Ryuu's robes are battered and what Ichigo's attention is that Ryuu's right of his mask is gone, but blood wound was on his exposed face on the right side. (Well, it only shows his eye and face cheek)

Ichigo look at his brother with concern that who or what attacked him? Ryuu waved it off to Ichigo, "I'm fine but we're going to discuss it until we're done here."

Grimmjow slowly turn his head looking at the Hell Reaper with anger in his eyes, "Done here? Done here to let your Shinigami friend finish me off?!" then he looks at Ichigo, "What the hell are you waiting for, Kurosaki?! C'mon take the kill!" he shouted at Ichigo for trying to provoke Ichigo to kill the badly injured Arrancar.

Ichigo give him solemn face that shows no emotion to the Arrancar, "No." then his Bankai Zanpakuto change back to its Shikai form including his robes and then white string at the end of the sword wrapped and covered the blade like it was sheathed, then put his Zanpakuto on his back.

Grimmjow sneered at when he made that comment, "Why the hell not?! Are you a fucking coward? A warrior would never spare his opponents life in the verge of death, they kill them without hesitation! So come on what are you waiting for!"

Ichigo looks down at Grimmjow with no emotion in his eyes, "No, I will not. If I kill someone in cold blood that can't defend themselves or injured, that would be murder. In my own terms, Grimmjow, you're lucky you face a merciful opponent like me."

As Ichigo said those words, Ryuu smiled underneath his mask and his looks down at stone floor, "Hmph...He's getting bolder every minute..." he looks at Ichigo, focusing on sensing Ichigo's reiastu, "interestingly, it seems that his powers are getting stronger and...Something is strange of his reiastu, it's different than before." Ryuu look at his brother appearance, "His clothing is battered but his skin shows no cuts and bruises, his power is different somehow, even he defeated one of the Espada in Aizen's army, I fear that's not enough to face Aizen and his armies or..." Ryuu looks at his left side, remembering when he followed an unknown presence that lead him being attack Sinner attack in the old decommissioned hospital, "Or worse." Ryuu thought.

Grimmjow scoffed in reply, but said nothing else. Suddenly, he, Ryuu and Ichigo sensed someone else. They both looked up and saw a Garganta opening above them. When it opened completely in the fabric of space, Tousen walked out into the World of the Living.

"Tousen." Grimmow sneered at the blind ex-captain in squad 5.

"How disgraceful, Grimmjow. Going against Aizen's orders and venturing into the World of the Living, and then, on top of it, getting defeated by the Ryoka boy." Tousen used a shunpo and appeared next to Grimmjow. Then he senses the presence of the Hell Reaper and the Substitute Shinigami, who are reading their weapons if Tousen tries to attack.

"It seems we meet again, Kurosaki Ichigo...and You!" Tousen said with scornful tone to the ash-black haired Hell Reaper.

Ryuu glared at the traitorous blind ex-captain who is slightly grabbing his Zanpakuto, "It seems that way, but I wouldn't do that if I were you, if you attempted to bring destruction upon on Kurosaki and me, we shall do the same to you."

"I would consider that but for now none of it matters though, not even only Soul Society is our enemy but you and your Ryoka companions are becoming an nuisance of Aizen-Sama and the fact is that you too are an enemy of Soul Society and it will not be done not by Soul Society's so called justice. Their laws are so tainted as it is, and your judgment will be bound on my blade, Hell Reaper." the blind traitor grab Grimmjow's arm, then Tousen open a garganta right behind him.

Before Tousen can take back Grimmjow back to Las Noches, the Hell Reaper spoke up to the blind Shinigami, "Speaking of justice, how's that going when you sided with Aizen, there's no justice only bloodshed that's all there is to Aizen, those who follow him it will be the same as always, including you, Tousen, there will be no justice for you if you keep following him." Ryuu said

"Aizen-Sama showed me the way that you cannot understand, Hell Reaper." Tousen said as the conversation is ended, even Ryuu know it's pointless to talk him out for now.

"You will receive punishment in Las Noches, Grimmjow. With your heinous actions, you got every Arrancar killed." Tousen told Grimmjow in complete seriousness. Grimmjow didn't even look back at Ichigo as he was, literally, dragged into the Garganta. It closed behind them, leaving Ichigo and Ryuu alone in the rooftop.

Ryuu sighed as he put his fingertips on his forehead, "How many more that are blindly loyal to Aizen that they'll follow that path.

"Ichigo! Ryuu..!" A very familiar voice shouts at the Kurosaki brothers

Ichigo and Ryuu looked back then see Rukia and Renji jump one building to another and glide down to the street that Ichigo and Ryuu are at. With Grimmjow gone, nothing stopped them from returning at their friend's side. He nodded, "We're fine, and Rukia you can relax now."

Rukia sighed in relief, "Good to hear."

"Anyway...how are y'all and others doing?" Ryuu said in assurance, as he looks at them as they are battered

"Yeah, we're fine but...Taicho Hitsuguya and Madrame are suffered major injuries, but luckily in time Orihime is there now treating his wounds."

This almost shocked Ichigo and Ryuu until Rukia told them that their friend, Orihime, which made them both relief to hear.

"What happen to Grimmjow's followers?" Ichigo asked.

"They're dead, we were able to defeat them with the..."Renji said was interrupted by his Hell Reaper friend.

"Gentai Kaijo." Ryuu suddenly said as he stares at Renji and Rukia.

"Y-Yeah, how did you know?" Renji starts scratching the side of his temple with his fingers.

Ryuu lightly chuckled as his raises his hand on his mask, then swipe upward to make his mask disappear, to show his face around his friends and his brother, "I've known it ever since you and the other Shinigami came here into world of the living, even you guys have invisibly tattooed in your bodies, but I can still feel that unusual spike in your reiastu so Soul Society can grant you that power.

Renji and Rukia looked him with an impress look on their faces but their thoughts were interrupted again by Ryuu, "Here's a thing you guys, even you use the Gentai Kaijo to give y'all an edge to defeat your enemies but in the long-term...you won't able to stand against Aizen's arrancars because you and the other Shinigami lack of strength and Intel about the Arrancar's capabilities." Renji and Rukia looked down of what Ryuu said.

"Don't worry. You guys already know what you're up against…" It'll give y'all much more time to train yourself of what's coming." Ryuu reassured Renji, Rukia and Ichigo

Rukia notices of Ryuu's wound on the head including the mask partially broken, she wonders what happened to her friend, "Ryuu, what happened?" this got Ichigo, Renji, and including Rukia's attention.

Ryuu swipe the blood on side of his head as his wound on flesh start to heal, "I was attacked."

Ichigo steel his gaze at his brother to find out who attack his brother, "who attacked you, Ryuu?"

"Is it an Arrancar?" Renji bluntly said.

"No, it's not Arrancar or not one of your own. I fear that we're not only facing Aizen's Arrancar army, something has been stirred up here in the World of the Living if you want to know more about scenario go to Urahara's shop which I'm pretty sure he wants to know either.

Renji looked at Ryuu, "How urgent is this scenario?"

"Very." Ryuu seriously said.

Rukia was going to say something but Ryuu interrupted her, "Be quick about it...and bring Orihime and Chad, I think they need to hear this."

"On it...let's go Rukia." Renji said.

Rukia look at Renji, "Yeah..." then she looks at her Hell Reaper friend, "We'll be there shortly." then the two shunpo leaving the Kurosaki brothers alone.

The silence have bestowed upon the rooftop that the Kurosakis are quiet until

Ichigo broke the mundane silence, "Ryuu?" Ichigo said as he looks at his Hell Reaper brother with solemn look.

Ryuu sighed, "By the looks of it, Ichigo, I don't think we're facing Aizen and his army alone in this fight." Ryuu said in a worry tone. The ash gray Kurosaki brother sighed, then looks at his Visored brother straight in his eyes, "Which means Ichigo, is that something evil that has stirred outside in this war and whatever it is...the situation is heading from bad to worse."

Ichigo look at his brother in very concern look that he brought up the comment that there is something much worse than Aizen and his Arrancar Army


(Somewhere at Karakura Park)

A dark figure look at as it appeared to be opening of fabric of space, "The message is now clear for Hell Reaper now and everything planned will take necessary steps of this plan, My Lord."

"Good now make it happen." An unknown monotone voice said.

"My Lord." The dark figure bow down as the fabric of space is closed shut.

"So what are our orders and are His commands?" a dark figure with a female soft tone of voice as she deliberately wants to know of their Lord's orders. Three more figures came out the shadows, as they waiting for their leader's words.

"The plan has changed, right now we got the Hell Reaper hybrid attention, now it's time we're going to take necessary step for this plan to be set and by the looks of it that we're going meet some comrades along the way." The leader of the group said.


(Las Noches - Tres Espada's Palace - Balcony)

Tier Halibel is staring the golden desert beauty in Las Noches. She made no other movements as she stood still, as her mind has so many things going on in her mind. As she send her three of her fracciones to World of the Living to study this human with Shinigami powers, even they are suspicious of her methods of curiosity but she's deeply taken an interest on this human ever since Aizen told her and other Espada about him and his accomplishments. She was thinking about the boy until her mind was intruded by her Zanpakuto counterpart.

"You still have an eye of interest of your obsession, but to tell the truth he is handsome young man that you might want to caress his face and smother him with your..." Tiburon said with perverted smirk.

"T-Tiburon what is with you!?" Tier cheeks turned red but thank goodness of her collar it didn't show even though the Tres Beauty was caught off guard about her Zanpakuto spirit comment, but as she can tell that Halibel is ignoring her because she is deep of thought of the orange-haired human that she taking interest of the human even Tiburon also.

"Hey I'm just saying of what's going on in your mind that's all." Tiburon assured her wielder as making perverted smirk but as she can tell that Halibel is ignoring her and yet flustered of her words but now she is deep of thought of the orange-haired human even so Tiburon is also interested of Human Hybrid, and Tiburon sigh, "Alright fun's over, Ruiner."

Tiburon knows that her wielder starts to observe this human boy, Tiburon not only she find this human's powers but fascinating of boy's dedication that her wielder and human are similar way in such way even they different from each other. Even though the boy is human with Shinigami powers but Tiburon felt a Hollow essence in him when Ulquiorra showed the Shinigami-hybrid's capabilities also intrigue of his dedication that narrowing down in Tiburon's spirit. Even though this boy's commitment of purpose is startling of both material and the immaterial spirits but at the same time they want to know more about him even if it means to meet him in person.

Even Tier Halibel herself is impressed by the human's powers and commitment, he invade Soul Society, bested two of the strongest captains in Soul Society, went through all that trouble just save a dear friend of his, from execution. And when Cuatro and Diez Espada arrived in Karakura Town, he's willing to protect those who were dear to him even it costs his life, which resonates her that she's willing to protect her fracciones and sacrifice herself for them, even though she doesn't want admit that this she is taking such admiration of this human that made her resonance in some way.

Thanks to Aizen, she gains more power to protect them from harm's way. Even though she was grateful for Aizen for recruit and giving her and comrades more power, but by the time when she join the Espadas, she knew there is something sinister about him and his schemes are too extreme.

Tier knows that Aizen is not only a powerful intellectual Shinigami but a fiend that will never stop until he get what he wants. It's extremely easy to see through him that he will keep the Arrancar by his side till they are no longer useful that he will discard of them without a second thought, then then those experiments he attempted on other Hollows for his creation of a 'perfect' Arrancar. It is not another reason for not trusting this man, nor do I trust his goals. She thought she walkthrough a path that can give her peace of some sort but even now she is walking down to dangerous path…darker path.

"If you feel that way, why don't just get out damn dull place before it's all too late." Tiburon implied.

"Even though you are still yearning about him, why don't you just get out this dull place to him instead sending your comrades to spy of him?" Tiburon said

"It's not spying on him. I'm only observing of what drives this boy to face these impossible odds." Halibel said

Tiburon place her silver-gray hand with her temple as she sighed in annoyance, "Whatever."

Then another thought came into her mind, The Hell Reaper that Aizen mentioned to her and other Espadas. Honestly they have no idea of what their intentions are or what they are capable of, that her and other Arrancars have never encountered one.

Even though she was grateful for Aizen for recruiting and giving her and comrades more power, but by the time when she join the Espadas, she knew there is something sinister about him...she began to feel that Aizen is not only a powerful intellectual Shinigami but a fiend that will never stop until he get what he wants . It's extremely easy to see through him that he will keep the Arrancar by his side till they are no longer useful that he will discard of them without a second thought, then then those experiments he attempted on other Hollows for his creation of a 'perfect' Arrancar. It is not another reason for not trusting this man, nor do I trust his goals.

But she was wondering what motivates the human to have so much power? They are so many things going around in Tres Espada's mind; she thought as her eyes are closed, she starts thinking about what unknown masked individual told her.

(Flashback - Hueco Mundo - 100 years ago)

In her time she just a mere hollow that's eats other hollow for an relentless the need to feed gain power and to survive, but Halibel didn't lose herself as feeding upon the Hollows that she faced and killed, until one day one she has reached the highest Menos level that all Hollows wanted but having a hard time to achieve that level. Tier Halibel went through all that trouble but at the end it was worth it to achieve the Vasto Lorde class and now she no longer need to feed and not kill any Hollow for power.

Now as a Vasto Lorde, she is wondering on the sands of Hueco Mundo alone, she met the proclaim 'king and god' of Hueco Mundo, Barragan Louisenbairn, who is offering her to join in his army to wage war against the Soul Reapers but Halibel refuse the offer to join him because she has no interest of war, but the 'God'' tried to reason/threating the female Vasto Lorde but she will never submit to the wretched "king" of Hueco Mundo, after she left Barragan and his followers, she returns back to her mundane hollow life in the sands of Hueco Mundo.

Later, Halibel was under attack by swarm of hollows in the caverns that the Adjuchas take shelter in, she fought her best to stay alive but the odds are too much for her, she has no strength left to fight back while the Adjuchas are talking about that how they will devour her. Then suddenly a pinkish ray eradicated Adjuchas left and right beside her, then Halibel saw a turquoise haired woman in a white uniform jumped right front of between her and the Adjuchas, unsheathe her then charge straight at the Adjuchas, slashing and blasting the mindless, hunger attackers. The lone female Vasto Lorde watched in awe that this strange woman came out of nowhere and saved her. The turquoise-haired woman came right front of the shock and awe female shark Vasto Lorde, the person who is offering her hand is none other her old predecessor Nelliel Tu Oderlschwanck, "Everything's going to be alright and you're not alone anymore." she said with a smile to assuring that Halibel is safe.

Halibel looked her Nelliel with shock yet admirable in her eyes, that moment was good until Halibel and Nelliel heard a male voice which it sounds an if someone is irritated or annoyed, "Nelliel, have you found those weaklings yet?!" an irritated voice is none other Nnoitra.

Nelliel looked at where Nnoitra voice coming from the other side of mountains, "If Nnoitra find this girl, he'll kill her..." Nelliel whispered herself then looks back at Halibel, Nelliel smiled at her, "Just stay put and be very quiet." the turquoise hair, soft spoken beauty starts running to where her other 'partner' is at. As Nelliel run, the blonde Vasto Lorde took a good look at her rescuer's back, her uniform has a tear in the back of her white uniform, that expose her bare back but yet shows her Espada rank number tattoo '3' which Halibel find the number astonishing yet strange why is there a number marked on her back, and that was the first and last time that Halibel had ever see her predecessor.

Halibel slowly found somewhere safe so that she can heal her wounds, as she is fully recovered, she thought of the events of a while ago, of the turquoise-haired woman who saved Halibel, she thought really hard of what Nelliel told that she's not alone. And now she serves a purpose, to help weak female hollows from the male hollows for being neither subjugate nor devoured.

After she made the vow, she is start searching for female hollows that needs help; most of the female hollows are weaker. That this made male hollows take as an advantage to use them as bait, subjugate, or devoured, until she saves three female Adjuchas from being sought out by mindless savage male hollows.

Sung-Sun was the first Halibel found, she was being attacked by several hollows that were slightly below adjuchas class she uses advantages on her enemies in combat. Sun-Sun is the most intelligent of Halibel's group but her skills in fighting are equal to that of the other two.

Next, she rescued Mila Rose from a powerful Adjucha who had sought her out because she is a female. She fought with all her might but she was nearly defeated the hollow, but in the end had I not stepped in she may not be alive today.

Last, she saved Apacci from another typical hollow who wants to become a 'greater' Adjucha; Apacci would've been dead if Halibel didn't intervene.

The shark Vasto Lorde gathered the three to work together not only they're easy prey for the male hollows but fight as group from the worlds' dangers alone. They fought together against any male hollow who tries to subjugate them; the three Adjuchas may fight together but constantly argue one another since they first met.

They all rested on white sands of their world except Apacci who has trouble sleep, she was asked her master that why doesn't she kill and devour the hollows in Hueco Mundo that's how things work around in the plain desert, kill or be killed in order to get stronger, Apacci, then Mila Rose, and Sun-Sun (listening while they're a sleep) are too wondering why doesn't she follow the rule, then Halibel tells her and her other comrades about the philosophies she carries on.

"We kill others, but...I don't believe that the power we gain from sacrificing them truly makes us stronger. If we can't defeat them on our own, then we just need to defeat them together. That's all there is to it." Halibel looks back at Apacci, Mila Rose and Sun-Sun tells them another, "There's no such thing as a world without sacrifice. But if we force others to make sacrifices, one day we are certain to have sacrifices forced upon us as well." that philosophy inspires the three Adjuchas to have an admirable devotion to their master.

Halibel and the group run-in to the God-King of Hueco Mundo, Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sun-Sun froze in fear, but Halibel bravely stand as a Barragan and his army look down upon the female hollows, Halibel grows tired by the bothersome king of ranting on her about rebellious attitude around Hueco Mundo, Barragan offers her the same choices that has given to her back in past, Join his army to wage war against anything that is an inferior to him if not you'll vanish in Hueco Mundo that he cannot see, one of Barragan's subservient, a Hammerhead Adjucha telling the stronger Halibel that she has no choice to become Baraggan's servant, as he said those words the large hammerhead touched the female Vasto Lorde shark, which is a stupid thing he shouldn't done, Halibel slashed the Adjucha's head open that cause the him to panic on the sands, while Barragan's army start to jeer and fixing to attack, but Barragan stop this incursion and mockingly tells Halibel that how bold of her for slashing one of his subservient right front of him. She and her comrades left Barragan and army including that Hammerhead idiot who is still panicking on the sands. She thought she'll never see that Adjucha again...but her thoughts underestimated her later on.

Years later, Halibel was scouting ahead while Apacci, Mila Rose and Sun-Sun defeated another typical male Adjucha then back to their hideout, Halibel soon encountered a group of hollows who they were talking about the rumors about Hollows with broken masked, Halibel heard these rumors but she never seen one before, after she's done spying on the Hollows she makes her way back to her hideout until felt a powerful reiastu coming from in her hideout, the only thought she can think of is her comrades.

The shark Vasto Lorde sonido to her hideout quickly as possible then inside she a hammerhead humanoid hollow try to kill Apacci but Halibel sonido between the shocked Apacci and Hammerhead hollow, at first she did not recognize hollow until she saw his mask slash open, she knows who she's dealing with, it's one of Barragan's subservient that she cut when he touched her, but he changed, the Hammerhead Arrancar who is seeking revenge on for making a fool right front of his 'King', the hollow overpowered the Vasto Lorde with whirlwind attack, thought he killed her but he didn't, she got out the attack quickly, then she sees the hollow about to unleashing his cero at her comrades but Halibel quickly sonido right front of him use her arm-like blade to move the hollow's arm upward to redirect the cero elsewhere, the Hammerhead tried to hit but she sonido out his reach and sonido right front of comrades. The three Adjuchas tried to protest to stay and fight but Halibel told them to run, they reluctantly complied, the hammerhead humanoid doesn't want to kill those 'small fries', he interested to kill the shark Vasto Lorde herself.

Meanwhile, the three female Adjuchas fleeing their lives as their master told them to do, Apacci protested that they should go back and help her, but Mila Rose told her they had to do what she told them and Sun-Sun told her that how they supposed to fight him?

Apacci is now in a turmoil, that they're leaving their master behind so she can fight the hollow with a cracked mask, she stops running, looks back at the direction they came from, wondering that she want to go back to help her master.

"Apacci! C'mon we need to get as far as we can!" Mila Rose calls her out.

Apacci looks at the Adjucha lioness, "No I'm tired of running, I'm going back to help, Halibel-Sama!" she yelled.

"What?!"Mila Rose yelled.

"You heard me, I'm going back to help Halibel-Sama."

Apacci tried to run back but she was blocked by Sun-Sun and Mila Rose.

"Get out of my way you two!" Apacci yelled at the Anaconda and Lioness.

"Just hold on for minute, Apacci. Even if we go back and save Halibel-Sama, what makes you think we can defeat this guy? Sun-Sun said.

"I don't know but we have to try but I am not letting Halibel-Sama to die for nothing even if it means to sacrifice ourselves for her, and besides she taught us three about how should we stand against odds who are stronger than us but I know we have our differences but I'm asking you this that we need to help her so that she won't die for nothing.

Which shocked Mila Rose and Sun-Sun that Apacci is right, that they need to stop running from everything that stronger than they are, but the three know that wouldn't give up on their master who taught them to work as a team rather facing the world's dangers alone. And right now, they need to go back to help their master from the hammerhead Arrancar.

Back to the hideout, Halibel was on her knees as she struggle to get up, the Arrancar walk towards the female Vasto Lorde, Halibel quickly swings her blade to the intruder, but the hammerhead Arrancar grabbed the blade then fisted the tip of her blade to break, then throw her arm-blade out the way so he grabbed her head then starts bashing her to the walls, then throw her out her hideout then landed on the rock that made a big impact on her battered and beaten body, then the Hammerhead Arrancar grabs her blonde hair, lift her off the ground to his level as she gasps in pain, the hollow starts gloating at her about that Hueco Mundo will into changes and after he kills her, he'll think his king will let him be part of his circle then wield a blue spear-like lance power to kill Halibel but she saved by her comrades, Halibel is surprised that her comrades come back to her, the Hammerhead Arrancar sneer at the three Adjuchas, then Apacci tells him that her and comrades will anything to protect to their master even if they sacrifice themselves for her, Mila Rose and Sun-Sun agreed to her words, Halibel begs them no to do it, but the three of them charge at the enemy, leaving the Shark Vasto Lorde horrified.

She watches the trio fought with their best effort but they were taken down by Arrancar, Halibel remembered what she said back in the past, that 'she doesn't want to become stronger by killing and sacrificing others...' Halibel felt like she regrets thinking that way, This is the first time that made her felt like she was emotional vulnerable that she blames herself to let this event happened, but then she looks at the hollow with anger for hurting the ones she care about. She stands up, then states that 'their sacrifices will not go to waste' and preparing herself to strike down Barragan's lackey.

The hollow yells at Halibel that there's nothing she can't do, but the arrogance of that being purposely left him off guard which gives an advantage for Halibel to sonido right by the Hollow, swing her arm-blade downward, connect her blade on the Hammerhead's arm, she able cut the Hammerhead, then she uses part of her reiastu to make the sands go up to distract the hollow as she which made him an wide open, she slash him across his abdomen that made the hollow turned around in pain as he lost his footing, Halibel run towards her opponent, "This ends here." she jumps up in a sideway motion, starts spinning an incredible speed, then when the Hammerhead Arrancar regain his footing he looks back and sees Halibel bringing down a finishing kill.

The sands burst up in air, then as sands vanished, Halibel and the Hammerhead are in a crater of sand, the Vasto Lorde manage to cut the hollow deep in his shoulder but the Hammerhead smirking and tells Halibel that she shouldn't her blade can't penetrate his hierro', this made Halibel shock in disbelief that her last attack couldn't hurt him, the hollow slash upward on her sternum to the curve of her right breast but this attack made her go in mid-air, the hollow jumps then clench his hands to a fists together then hit the female Vasto Lorde to tip of the sand crater, bounce up and falls as she rolling down the ground then stops, Halibel struggles to get up while the Hammerhead makes his way towards her.

The Hollow relentlessly walking towards the badly hurt female shark Vasto Lorde, "Not yet...It's not over yet I will continue to torment you." The Hammerhead Arrancar said as he creates an energy lance.

Halibel able to get up, but too weak to fight back but she refused to give up for her comrades, she lunges to the hollow with her broken blade forward, hit the Hammerhead in chest with no fatal attack, the Arrancar knocked Halibel to the sands, put his foot on Halibel's head, turn his energy lance in spear stabbing motion to give Halibel her inevitable death, "Now die!"

She closed her eyes in fear as the energy lance comes down knowing it will be her end, but nothing happened, she opened her eyes slightly then her eyelids are widen as for her emerald pupils are small as she saw a gray-hooded figure stopped the energy lance with one hand, Halibel and the Hammerhead are shocked to see an unknown individual right between them, "You know what happens to a person who comes for revenge for a foolish reason?" the gray figure look up at the vengeful Arrancar with red eyes as it crushed the Arrancar's energy lance with a grasp, that made the hammerhead gasp in fear, "They'll face worse things than death." then suddenly the Arrancar is sliced diagonally as blood spurs out on gray-hooded figure and Halibel. The Arrancar's body drops down on the sand and the gray-hooded figure sheath its sword.

Halibel is shocked, that a powerful being swiftly killed the Arrancar that she couldn't able to see the attack or it didn't even move, then the gray-hooded figure swing down its sword to blood out the blade then sheathe it and then turned around, looking down at battered female Vasto Lorde, who looks curious yet afraid of the person that saved her, and the Vasto Lorde finally able to speak to its unknown savior, "Who-who are you?"

"Well I'm not hollow..." the gray-hooded figure starts to raise it scarred hands to the hood, "I'm certainly not a Shinigami..." then pull the hood down, and this struck Halibel in fear that she's able to see her rescuer's mask, a demonic mask, "I'm something more."

Halibel for the first time in her hollow life is afraid of this unknown figure because of that its appearance, it's the mask and the red eyes that brought fear into her and she is wondered that it will kill her like the way it killed that Hammerhead Arrancar. The masked stranger walks to her as Halibel tried to crawl away from the masked stranger, but her body is so weak to move, Halibel closed her eyes waiting for her fate, knowing that her comrades will die in vain. Instead of meeting death the Masked stranger held its hand out at for the Vasto Lorde, Halibel was hesitant first until she sees her rescuer's red eyes, "Don't be afraid, I'm not here to hurt you." the Masked Stranger spoke to the Vasto Lorde with kindness but in a frightening tone.

Then the Vasto Lorde finally grabbed her rescuer's hand, then her rescuer picked up on her feet, put the Vasto Lorde's arm around the Masked Stranger's neck, and carried Halibel, then turned around, let go of blonde Vasto Lorde's hand as she let rest on around her neck, then the Masked Stanger lift her hand up slowly in mid chest level, she begin to levitates her comrades, Halibel is amazed that the stranger can carry them without carrying them at one of a time, and the Masked Stranger carries Halibel and her comrades back to their home cavern.

(Tier Halibel's and Bestias Cavern Hideout)

They're back in their hideout; the masked stranger looked around at their hideout, cracked walls and debris on the floor which it tells the Stranger that Hammerhead Arrancar and the Shark Vasto Lorde did pretty good damage in the cavern. The Masked stranger put down her comrades gently and put Halibel right next to her three comrades, she was glad they were safe and that Masked Stranger didn't seem to have anything other motives for helping her, "You know, it's very rare to see a Vasto Lorde to protect other hollows from dangers of Hueco Mundo, but however, you are unique."

"What do you mean by unique?" The blonde Vasto Lorde shark said in a confused tone.

The Masked Stranger raise its hands in position to heal her as she look straight at the Vasto Lorde's green eyes, "Well unlike other most hollows who are cruel, barbaric, contentious and arrogant who uses their power for tyranny to subjugate and kill hollows, but there are some who are good just you like you are but they need guidance of their own and You are selfless, brave, and kind of what I saw today but someday soon when you have guidance of your life, it will change something exponentially of you forever."

"Also when I saw those three defeated I overheard you that 'their sacrifices will not go to waste' ...Sacrifice…Sacrifice…sounds to me that must be your dedication right?" The Masked Stranger asked.

Halibel simply nod of the Masked Rescuer's inquiry.

The Masked Stranger chuckled then spoke again, "You see…your dedication of that purpose gives you strength that makes you and those around you stronger, that you'll willing to protect your comrades even it sacrifices yourself for them as they will sacrifice themselves for you, I know there will be casualties but someday you'll have the power to prevent casualties from sustaining of your own or everyone's life and when you do…you will have to make impossible choices to sacrifice of what matters to you."The Masked Stranger said with honest words about Halibel's personal philosophy.

Halibel look at the masked rescuer in awe that its words are honestly true about concept of Sacrifice that resonates deep in the Vasto Lorde's soul. Then the Masked Stranger kneel down right front of shark Vasto Lorde, looking at the diagonal gash on her chest down to the navel, "That Hammerhead fool really got you deep. If any further on the wound could lead to fatal, but somehow you're lucky."

"Luck has nothing to do with it; it's just I don't give up fighting the one who hurt my comrades so that drive keeps me going to fight for comrades even if means for me to die."Halibel said even the Masked Stranger could see in her green orbs, seeing such determination and caring in her eyes, the eyes of a very strong yet gentle soul but stubborn as she is.

The Masked Stranger chuckled of the Vasto Lorde's words, "Even though you say that…doesn't mean you have to disregard luck, but it sounds to me that sacrifice is not the only resolve you have."

The Masked Stranger is ready to heal the Vasto Lorde as a place hand on the female Vasto Lorde's middle of her chest, "Alright, this going to feel a little weird, so ease your mind and body." then the masked figure are eyes then suddenly open its eyes but this time they turn eyes are white, Halibel relax herself as she starts to feel normal then she starts to feel drowsy like she was going to faint, then she gasps in air that her mind starts pull her into unknowable, she starts to see random visions of battles, people that she see people around her smiling and laughing as they are have good time and Hollows bowing down to her that she couldn't describe nor speak of it. By the time the masked figure is done healing/foreseeing her, Halibel caught one last glimpse of herself holding both of her hands with someone with orange hair and a black kimono.

Halibel curiously looks at her rescuer as she is trying to recover her breathing from the event she had, "W-What was that?" she tried to speak in hesitation yet breathing heavily, even her body is too weak even she is healed but she was able lift her arm onto her chest feel that gash is fully gone.

"Don't strain yourself; it wouldn't be good idea if I were you." The Masked stranger assured Halibel so she wouldn't hurt herself.

Halibel still breathing heavily as having a hard time to speak, "What happened? What did you do to me?"

This made Tier Halibel feel shock in amazement as she rapidly gasping but she shook it off then she looks up at the masked figure, who looks at her with a emotionless look of its red eyes, "Nothing so far but Forgive me, It's unexpected for me that I had done this when I heal a spiritual being...but from that phenomenal event, you may have something that no spiritual being never had." the Hell Reaper said.

"What is that?" Halibel said with a curious tone.

"A destiny...a destiny in such ways you can't imagine." the Masked Stranger plainly said.

The shark Vasto Lorde looked at her savior with curious eyes, "What can you tell me about my destiny?" Halibel eagerly asked.

The Masked Stranger chuckled, "That's something you're going to find out for yourself." then she stands up, starts making its way out as she is leaving the female shark Vasto Lorde and comrades back in cavern hideout until the Halibel call out to her masked rescuer, "Wait!..." the Masked figure stop at its tracks, then looks back at female shark Vasto Lorde.

As the masked figure looked upon the blonde Vasto Lorde's strong yet curious green eyes, as, "What about my comrades, what of their future?"

The masked figure sigh then turn around as it looks at the Halibel straight in her green eyes "I don't know, Mrs. Vasto Lorde but all I can tell you that…depending on what path of your destiny leads you to…will be their salvation or their damnation."

Tier Halibel wanted to say something about the orange-haired person in that phenomenon event but she was interrupted by the Masked Stranger, who is leaving as she walking up the stairs Tier's hideout, masked figure look back at her as she in deep thought of something after that event "Mrs. Vasto Lorde...you are fully capable of deciding your own destiny but the question you must face is...which part will you choose. " And those were the last words of the telling Halibel of which path of destiny leads her to, and then the Masked Stranger walked out the hideout leaving her in questioning of her destiny is about to come in light.

(End of Flashback - Now the Present - Las Noches - Tres Espada's palace)

Halibel opened her eyes as she is gazing at golden sands of Hueco Mundo as she is still deep in her thoughts about what the Masked Stranger told her about her own destiny, "Am I destined downed this path as we continued more bloodshed in Aizen's quest?"

"Or can my path be changed from all this to a better path like what my rescuer said…" Tier thought

...and how is my destiny have to do with you, Kurosaki Ichigo?" then she place her hand on her chest where her heart is at...she thinks about the vision of her and the orange-haired figure are embracing each other's arms, her heartbeat is began to flutter and beating fast, she never felt this kind of feeling in her Hollow existence. Halibel thought in a trance of wonder as she thought about this scenario.

Tiburon smiled of this as she knows her wielder is thinking about her future including this human name Ichigo, "Guess we'll find out soon enough where this leads to." Tiburon thought to herself.

Then suddenly, she felt a small yet powerful reiastu coming from inside her palace but she knows who are in her palace, "It seems they made it back and their mission is a success, time for me to know about this human."

(Tres Espada's palace - Inside Chambers - Living Quarters)

Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sun-Sun are chattering about how they're going to bring up the conversation to their master, then they saw her coming down from the stairs they quickly adjust themselves as Halibel is now standing right front of her Fracciòn.

The trio lightly bow their heads down to their master, "Halibel-Sama." they respectively said. Halibel may not like them to bow down to her but as she already knows that they do this because it shows how much they respect her as their master, "Ladies..."

It seems that you three are unharmed as the mission is a success." as she greeted her Fracciòn as she walks to the soft recliner and sits with her legs crossed as she crossed her arms underneath her bosom

"H…Hai." Apacci said as for Mila Rose and Sun-Sun compiled but at the same time they feel as they were petrified by their mistress's green eyes.

"I'm not here to make you uncomfortable, so please have a seat." Halibel kindly gesture her hand to make her Fraccion sit on the long sofa ash she sitting on. They complied as they sit on sofa. Halibel knew that her Fracciones wants to know why is sending them to the human world to observe the boy and why all the sudden why is she taken in interest of this orange-haired Shinigami that she's interest in but first she wants to know what happen in Karakura Town since Grimmjow and his Fraccion unintentionally left Las Noches in this late manner

"Tell me what happened of your mission in the human world." Halibel said.

The Tres Bestias have hard time to figuring who should start but luckily Sun-Sun spoke so that her other comrades can regain themselves from stammering, "When we got to the Human World, the battle has already started between the human and Grimmjow, but here is something interesting about boy, Halibel-Sama, he's getting stronger." This made Halibel sit up herself straight and ready to hear more of the orange-haired boy.

"As we view the skirmish on top of building, it was a fierce battle, Halibel-Sama. That the boy was in his Shikai form that he proved capable in sword and hand to hand combat that Grimmjow is having trouble to fight the human." Sun-Sun said to her mistress.

"Yeah… the human was giving Grimmjow hard time until he went into his resurreccion form…" Apacci putting both of her hands behind her head as she was relaxing, "Grimmjow was beating the crap out of him when he forced the orange haired Shinigami to release his Bankai." Apacci said as she is not impress about it.

"When the Shinigami went Bankai, he's able to counteract Grimmjow's attacks but it still not enough to fend off Grimmjow as he gained the upper hand until…something unusual happened." Apacci said as she sounds that she doesn't believe what she saw. "As the Shinigami was pinned down at some building, his reiastu starts rise up as we see the essence of red and black starts circle around him, then after I couldn't make out of it that the Shinigami is wearing a…Hollow mask." Apacci said that she too is shocked about it.

Mila Rose scoffed, "Hey did you check your peepholes just be sure you aren't going blind or something?"

Apacci looked at Mila Rose who insulted her, "What was that?!"

As Mila Rose and Apacci are getting at each other, Sun-Sun sweat drop as she looks at her comrades are arguing while they discussing about this boy to their mistress but Sun-Sun couldn't figure herself that she too saw the Shinigami wearing a Hollow mask until she spoke up, "She is right, Mila Rose."

The two stopped arguing as they look at their olive-haired comrade with a shocking expression that Apacci feels relieved while Mila Rose looks at disbelief, "Sun-Sun, How can you be so sure that Shinigami is wearing a Hollow mask?"

"Because as we are down to our knees by that reiastu, as I manage crawl to the ledge of the building I took a glimpse of that boy, when his dark spiritual pressure is gone, I saw him wearing the mask." Sun-Sun said.

"You may have point there, Sun-Sun but it doesn't make any sense that how can a Shinigami have Hollow powers?" Mila Rose said as she still doubting of the topic. Then the two are getting into this conversation about the Hollow Mask, Apacci is between the two as she listening of both opinions of it. And later they brought Apacci in the conversation when Mila Rose insulted her yet again about her peepholes are useless, what can you say one argument and another right?

While the trio is arguing, this information made Tier Halibel went into deep thought of this. This human boy that she taken in interest is not only he's a Shinigami with Hollow powers, even she think this that herself and the other Arrancars are Hollows with Shinigami powers but how can one who is young and dedicated obtain this kind of power? And better yet does Aizen know of this, if he does that why this kind of information is been kept in secrecy?

Back to reality, Halibel is looking at her Fracciones who are still arguing about the Human-Shinigami capabilities while she is listening, "It's impossible for a Shinigami to have Hollow powers." Mila Rose said in doubt.

"Is it Impossible? What of us, Mila Rose? We are Hollows with Shinigami powers, so if he has Hollows powers, there is a possibility that he's like us…in a way." Sun-Sun said.

Mila Rose tried to say something back to counter Sun-Sun's comment, but she has nothing to say because she know that she is right even though she still doesn't believe that Shinigami can have Hollow powers, and right now the conversation is over.

"Either way that even you two arguing of this point, but Sun-Sun and I know what I saw but what really bothers me that how does this pathetic human have this kind of power in the first place?" Apacci said in a questioning tone.

The trio start thinking about it first until Sun-Sun coughed to gain their attention that their Mistress who still wants to know what happened in Karakura Town, so the girls straighten themselves "I don't know… anyway sorry for our argument , Halibel-Sama, we're just got caught in a moment." Sun-Sun said apologetically

"Its fine, ladies…" Halibel said then motion her hand in a precise fashion at her Fracciones, "Please continue."

Sun-Sun and Apacci looked at Mila Rose while she looking at them with questioning eyes then she nodded at them, the amazon Arrancar straighten herself properly so that she can finish telling her Mistress of the battle events between the Shinigami Daiko and Seis Espada, "Anyway after the human puts on the mask, he overwhelmed Grimmjow as he put him on the defensive, the human's reiastu is incredible like none I've ever felt before, like the volume, concentration, and its nature is very catastrophic that it feels that he is one of our own. The human's speed and strength are been doubled than before while Grimmjow seems to be overmatch by the human."

Mila Rose continued, "Grimmjow on the other hand, was forced to use his strongest technique, Grimmjow's attack had the human down for the short moment, then the human uses his strongest technique to wipe out Grimmjow's technique one after another, then at the end Grimmjow was defeated by having the human's zanpakuto through him…but something's different about the human happened after he stabbed Grimmjow."

"Instead of letting Grimmjow fall on the concrete, the human caught his wrist and lay him down in the rooftop of another building, seeing that final event of the battle, it is like the human shown to be merciful to enemies even for someone of Grimmjow's stature, but the human didn't show no hatred nor animosity, it's likely that he's different than most of the Shinigami than what Aizen-Sama told us of him, and when we left before any more Shinigami arrives to his position and so far that's what happened in the World of the Living, Halibel-Sama." Mila Rose finished the details of about the Human/Shinigami hybrid and the Seis Espada but she said in a curious yet heavy heart for the part when spoken of human boy's merciful intent.

Halibel motion her arm upward putting her hand on silky fabric of her face collar in a think posture, her thoughts about the boy is taking an interesting turn of events that he's growing stronger in which last time on Ulquiorra's report about him is irrelevant, then what she is interested is that her Fracciones brought the Hollow Mask the boy is wearing that made him stronger, that how can human who already has Shinigami powers and yet obtain hollow powers on the other than that Halibel is intrigued that Kurosaki Ichigo spare Grimmjow's life other than like those other Shinigami who just kill Hollows without any mercy and remorse. In a way, Halibel can relate to this human that she can show mercy to her foes but in different circumstances that she isn't to be trifled with when comes to anger her.

As silence when on the chambers, the Tres Bestias looked at each other as they are nodding one to the other as they're ready for an opportunity to bring up the question to their Mistress, "Halibel-Sama…" Apacci spoke up to get her Mistress's attention.

"Yes Apacci?" Halibel said.

Apacci looked nervously at Mila Rose and Sun-Sun that given her nod to her, she gulped, then spoke again, "Umm…we need ask you something that we've been wondering. we aren't question of you but we just want the truth, so please tell us that why are you taken a sudden interest of this human boy, Halibel-Sama?

Halibel knew they are going bring up this topic, but right now there will be no secrets to tell her Fracciones who more like her daughters, Halibel feels that it's time for them to know of this, "Ladies, I believe it's time for you to know the truth."

The Tres Bestias sat up straight to hear the truth of their Mistress but before Halibel could speak, the Arrancar Messenger appeared, on his knees, "Apology for my interruption, Halibel-Sama but Aizen-Sama has informed me to tell that there will meeting at the Throne Room, He requested all Espadas and Fraccion to be there as soon as possible.

"We'll be there shortly, thank you." Halibel politely said with a nod

"Ma'am." which the messenger sonido out the Tres Espada's palace.

Halibel look at her comrades, that even though they answers they wanted, they just going have wait for a while, "Looks like you three going have to wait the answers Ladies but as you three might know…"The Tres Espada stands up and as the Tres Bestias did so, "It changed my fate as it changed yours too." Halibel said in serious tone. Which Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sun-Sun are shocked and wonder of their Mistress's words, then looked at each other then looked at her, "We will be patient for you to tell us, Halibel Sama." Sun-Sun said as Apacci and Mila Rose lightly smiled.

Even though Halibel has collar and masked fragment but smiled lightly of their understanding of patience, "Thank You, ladies…let's go." Halibel said as the four women sonido out of their domain.

(Las Noches – The Throne Room 2)

In the room structure that the traitorous Shinigami looks at the view at the sands of Hueco Mundo Aizen is sitting down the chair as it seems he's waiting for something until an Arrancar messenger sonido right in the middle of the room, kneels down at his master, "Aizen-Sama, the Espadas are been informed as you command and I'm also here to inform you that Tousen-Sama has brought back the Seis Espada, Grimmjow back in the palace."

"Only Grimmjow made it back?" Aizen said as it seems he's not surprised.

"Yes, his entire Fraccion has been decimated by the Shinigami advanced team but Grimmjow has sustained major injuries in his confrontation with the Shinigami Daiko." The Arrancar Messenger said.

Aizen's eyes are kept his gaze upon the gray sands of Hueco Mundo as heard the Intel, he didn't seem surprised of it, "That will be all, your dismissed." That Aizen did a wave gesture to signal the Arrancar to leave."

"Sire" The Arrancar Messenger left the throne room.

Aizen picked up a silver stick, grabs the tip of the clip, then expand as it turns a holographic video, that showing Aizen the battle between Kurosaki Ichigo and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, then showed Kurosaki defeated Grimmjow, "So you getting stronger, good there be challenges for you of what's coming, Kurosaki Ichigo." And Aizen pressed the left of the video as it showed another Image of Tres Bestias watching and leaving the incursion and another image at the Tres Espada Palace that Aizen is watching and hearing the conversation then stops the image, "Looks like I have things to care of even for you, Tier Halibel." As Aizen in said as he stares with menacingly mundane eyes as he looks upon the blonde Tres Espada.

To Be Continued…


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So here are you readers, who should be Ryuu Kurosaki's love interest? Yoruichi Shihoin or Nelliel Tu Oderlschwanck?

So choose who should be Ryuu's love interest.

As for the Manga right now, I know it seems old news from last couple of chapters in the Final Arc but lets recap of the events, Yhwach "A" signature is ALMIGHTY, talk about cliché matter huh?

Then holy crap…Yoruichi has brother! Which made me surprised that she has sibling after all.

Most of all I wonder what Ichigo's new Bankai will look like?

I wonder when we get to see Grimmjow, Nelliel, Mila Rose, Apacci, Sung-Sun and especially Queen of Hueco Mundo herself, Tier Halibel (Harribel).

Alright see ya readers next time, Deuces ya'll.