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Episode Twelve; November 2, 2012

James piloted the ship (after using a Time Turner to go back in time to learn how to sail a ship and then back to the present to help them) towards the mysterious island. There was a gigantic cave where they sail into. Their ship was only little so it went through gaps easily.

"The treasure should be in here somewhere," said Hugo.

He was at the front of the ship scouting out for any signs of treasure. He had really good eyes. James however didn't. He was Harry Potter's son so he had crappy eyesight.

"Keep looking," said James.

"That's what I'm trying to do," Hugo replied.

"Try harder," James said.

"How hard do you want it to be?" Hugo screamed unstably.

"As hard as you can make it," replied James.

"Ok," said Hugo.

Suddenly in the distance came a boat. On the boat was an army of angry looking trolls. They had big clubs. Hugo was scared they'd use their big clubs to kill him. James knew he'd something important to do.

"These are the relatives of the troll we killed back at Hogwarts!" he said.

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