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Chapter 5

-the next day-

I tried to stay out of this situation, keep it away from my life. It just wouldn't leave my head; the thought of it lingered throughout the day.

I had my hand about to knock on the door. I looked up

"Am I really, doing this?" I whispered to myself sounding disgusted.

I was here now; I might as well. I raised my hand again, knocking three times on the big wooden door.

I could hear scuffling on the other side of the door; keys slowly unlocking it. The anxiety rising. Then the door flung open and on the other side was a young blond woman.

"Oh, hello." She said timidly

"Does Oliver Valentine live here by any chance?" I asked the annoying blonde that reminded me of the one on Kellar. Even after not even a minute of knowing her.

"Erm yeah he does."

"You his girlfriend? Already. Shows how much he tells us at work." I sneered

"Oh god no, I'm not! I'm his sisters old house mate!" She laughed.

"Just go get him if he is in." I was becoming increasingly impatient. I was only calling for a flying visit to check if he would be suitable to work again.

The dizzy blonde quickly scurried off to go get him.

Whilst he emerged from around the corner, he saw me and smiled.

"Ah Ms Naylor! What brings you here?" He asked me

"Work. Tomorrow?"

"Oh yeah, I'm fine to do that..."

"Are you going to show me in, or are we just going to chat through doorways?" I asked him

"God, sorry." He said apologetically showing me in.

Their house that they shared was a terraced hour, quite antique inside. Not my taste; too rustic for me.

I sat down at the kitchen table with him

"Tea or coffee?" He asked

"Neither. Just a quick visit to check up on you. Are you coping okay?"

"Where has Jac gone?" He laughed

"Ms Naylor; Is right here."

He laughed. "Yeah, I'm doing fine. Everyone has been great to me, especially you for once!" He said beaming.

I let out a slight grin; after all it was a very rare compliment for me.

For a second our eyes met. I paused a thought for a split second and looked away.

"I better be going." I said, leaning in to give him a hug.

"Thanks Jac." He smiled up at me.

I turned around and left his house behind. I checked my phone, 5 missed calls- Johnny Mac.

I rolled my eyes and called him back.


"Woah don't bite my head off!"

"If you don't spit it out I'm hanging up!" I shouted at him down the phone.

"Me and Mo have been invited to a party."

"So? Do I care?"

"Well it's probably already a rejection as you clearly don't like me. But will you come?"

"Let me think... No." I was about to hang up,

"Oh c'mon! If I don't go I owe Mo £20!"

My facial expression was just confusion

"Why do you owe her that...?" I quizzed him.

"Albi's, 8:00. Just come, bring a friend if you have to."

I never bothered answering him, I just hung up.

An hour and I meant an hour if I went. We didn't want a repeat of last time I went there.

6:30, an hour and a half till the party. I really didn't want to go; but only to prove to Mo I was being decent for once. I scraped back my hair into a formal ponytail and headed towards my wardrobe.

It was only a small bare wardrobe containing only work clothes and the very few formal dresses I had worn various times before on numerous occasions. I reached in to the back and pulled out a suit. It had a pencil skirt, white shirt an a blazer. Probably would look like I was attending a funeral but I was never a very cheerful person in the first place. I put on the ancient suit that I still managed to squeeze into and headed to the party.