Leon: Claire do I really have to wear this rabbit costume?

Claire: *Gives Leon a look* What the hell do you think?

*Ada walks in with a red dress on*

Chris: Who are you supposed to be?

Ada: Ada Wong, gosh...

Kmart: Thats funny...

Chris: Everythings funny to you.

Kmart: Yeah, like your face.

Chris: *Speechless*

Ada: Now where is everyone?

Claire: Carlos is trying to get his costume on.

Ada: Lemme guess hes gonna be a hooker?

Claire: ...

Ada: What?

Leon: Actually hes dressing as Justin Bieber.

*Steve comes running in*


Kmart: *Giggles*

Claire: Seriously?

*15 Minutes Later Everyones In The Living Room*

Alice: Is this costume tight on me?

Claire: Nope, you look good.

Leon: Really Chris, you dressed up as a vibrator?

Chris: Yes, i'm hoping to get in Jill's pants.

Ada: *Smiles At Chris* I'm afraid Barry's already doing that.


Alice: What a day...

Carlos: Didn't you say that last time?

Alice: BITCH! You better back off or i'll strangle you with your own testicles...

Carlos: Oh shit..