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~ Summary ~ Jasper gets a call from his brother Peter telling him that he will meet his mate soon. The next day an injured vampire knocks on the Cullen's door and Jasper instantly knows that she is his mate and gets very possessive, protective and dominant of her. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that stay with them being together, when old enemies come, will their love concur all?

Finally I found you, my Angel

Chapter 1

~ Jasper's Point of View ~

My name is Major Jasper Lee Whitlock, now just Jasper Hale. I'm a vampire. I know what your thinking 'are you mad, vampires don't exist.' But they do, not the type of vampires that you see in the movies and books though. We don't burn in the sunlight no, we sparkle, I mean it's not very manly to sparkle like glitter and shine.

We don't die by the smell or taste of garlic or getting a stake through the heart. We can only be killed by being ripped apart, then you have to burn the limbs and pieces, which can only be done by another vampire or a werewolf, but I'll tell you about them another time.

Anyway as I was saying we have enhanced senses like we can see in great detail for about 2 miles. For example could see the details on the leafs and be able see the dust molecules in the air 2 miles ago. Enhanced hearing, we can hear the quietest noises such as heartbeats and be able to hear quiet whispered conversations in a room full of noisy people. Enhanced strength, being able to pick up a Land Rover (that's a car for people who don't know) with me little finger with ease and can crush rocks and concrete with my bare hands. Enhanced speed, if I moved full speed humans wouldn't see even if I ran straight past them.

When we are hungry, or should I say thirsty our eyes turn black. When other vampires have just fed their eyes turn crimson. Not us though, our eyes turn a light butterscotch colour but still turn black when we're thirsty.

I bet your wondering what makes you so special why should you get to have different coloured eyes than normal vampires. Well the reason is that normal vampires have crimson eyes is because they drink human blood, and we, the Cullen's drink animal blood so therefore we have a light butterscotch colour eyes. Let me tell you something animal blood tastes, well to be honest disgusting but it's better than murdering someone I think, but it never fully fills you, it leaves you hungry the best way to describe it is a human only living on tofu (animal blood), you end up craving some meat (human blood). Human blood, well it's the sweetest, tastiest and satisfying thing I've ever had, but that's my opinion.

The animal diet, or vegetarian lifestyle (our inside joke) was started by my adoptive father for intensive (sp?) purposes, Carlisle.

Carlisle Cullen was the son of a pastor. He was born in 1640 (I think) in London, England. His mother died giving birth to him. Carlisle's father and other pastors led hunts for werewolves, witches and vampires, claiming that they were attempting to rid the world of evil and sin. Most of the time they would end up killing innocent people. As his father got older, Carlisle was put in charge.

One night, he was attacked by a vampire and left to die on the streets. Knowing he would not be accepted by society, (sp?) he hid himself and silently went through the painful transformation, emerging as a vampire. Horrified, he tried various methods of killing himself, but nothing worked.

One night, he could endure the hunger no longer and fed on a group of passing deer. Then realizing that he did not have to kill human to live, he set out to perfect his resistance to the blood lust and became a doctor. He stayed with the royals of our kind the Volturi, but after a few years set out to travel and be a doctor.

Second to join him was Edward, who was dying from the Spanish Influenza, in Chicago, 1918. After a plea from Edward's mother to do anything in his power to save her son. Out of loneliness Carlisle snuck Edward out of the hospital and changed him. They soon found out that Edward could read minds.

After a few years Carlisle met a dieing Esme, who he had once treated when she was 16 for having a broken leg, and felt a pull to her but knowing she was too young to be with him and let her go, in a morgue, after a failed suicide attempt after losing her newly born son. Carlisle changed her and they soon became mates.

Carlisle than transformed a young beautiful girl called Rosalie Hale, as a intended mate for Edward, who was almost killed by her drunken fiancé and his friends in Rochester, New York. But they weren't mates and hated each other. Edward hated Rosalie because her thoughts were so vane and bigheaded and Rosalie hated Edward because he was the only man to not ever desire her.

One day, while hunting Rosalie found a dying man named Emmett who had been mauled by a bear, and carried him over 100 miles to Carlisle and asked Carlisle to change him for her because she felt a pull to him and didn't trust herself to. After Carlisle changed Emmett, and soon him and Rosalie became mates.

Edward was still alone till me and Alice joined them, and Alice and Edward became mates. I met Alice in a diner in Philadelphia and she told me to come with her and I could live a life without killing, Alice has the gift to see the future, and I am empathic, which means I can feel emotions as well as manipulate them. I was very depresses before I met Alice because when I would kill humans I could feel their emotions like the pain, fear, depression and acceptance. I lived a life of murder and pain before I met Alice but I won't tell you now to save you from having nightmares.

As Jasper came from reliving in history of how the Cullen's came to be, heard the slight rustling in bushes a couple feet from where I was relaxing. The wind picked up and blew the scent of a bear towards me, so I decided to go after it.

I stalked towards the bear, who just realized I was there, turned and left out what the bear thought was an intimidating roar, but it didn't phase me so I roared back louder, the bear finally realized that it was in danger and started to run away. I wasn't in the mood to wrestle with one, so I just jumped on the bears back and knocked it to the ground, snapped its neck and bit into it's flesh and started drinking the sweet, but biter tasting blood. When I was finished I buried it and ran to the meadow, that I found one day while hunting and lay down on long green grass and relaxed.

After a few hours I got a phone call from my brother Peter, not brother by blood though, by venom in the southern armies. (You'll get to hear Jasper's story later.)

(Phone calls starts Jasper = Bold and Peter = Italics)

"Hey fucker! How you doing?" I asked down the phone.

"Hey brother. I'm fine thanks, Why do you have to call me fucker though?" Peter asked in an mock annoyed voice.

"I call you fucker coz you are one." I told him. "Now not that I'm not happy hearing from you but why are you calling?" I asked him curiously.

"My knower told me something interesting today." Peter has a gift, even if he said he doesn't, he just knows things kind of like Yoda. "You will meet your mate soon, but before you interrupt me, and I KNOW you will, all I know is that, she will knock on your door and will be badly injured" I roared out in anger and pain at the thought of my mate being hurt and my teeth ache to bite and kill someone.

"Peter I've got to go, I need to go rip up some trees. Bye" I told him and didn't give him a chance to say good-bye I was just too angry.

(End of phone call)

~ Jasper's Point of View ~

After two hours of taking my anger out on trees. I decided to go back home and tell my family, that Peter told me my mate was going to come soon and knock on

the door.

As soon as I opened the door I was jumped on by a black haired pixie.

"I'm so happy for you Jasper. I had a vision on Peter calling you and told everyone, I can't wait to meet her. We will be best friends, she could be my shopping buddy. YAY!" Alice said once she got off me and went back to Edward.

All the girls hugged me and the guys shook me hand, all told me congratulations.

'Edward I just want some time to myself, could you tell everyone that I've gone to my room?' I thought/asked Edward.

He nodded.

I went to my room reading one of my Civil War books. Even though I lived through it I loved to read them to see how many facts they got right and wrong. I red till the light know of the door caught my attention, so I went down vampire speed and answered it.

~ Evangeline's Point of View ~

I finally got away, I don't know how long I've been in that compound. All I know is that I've got to keep running. I'm really injured that's for sure, my leg had been ripped off so its still attaching itself and needs venom, multiple bites that haven't been cleaned out yet and I desperately need to hunt.

I caught the sent of 7 vampires and decided to go to them and ask them to help me reattach my leg, close my bites and maybe even hunt for me. That's if they don't decide to kill me first, if they do I will try to defend myself but against 7 vampires and I'm injured I have no chance. But for some reason I feel a pull toward the vampires so I'm going to take my chances and go to them.

I limped up the driveway and step to the door. I grabbed the door frame to hold myself up as my leg was really hurting me and I knocked on the door, so quietly that if someone wasn't a vampire they wouldn't have heard it. All noise in the house stopped, the talking of people, the TV was switched off or muted I don't know coz I haven't got x-ray vision. I heard heavy footsteps approach the door and the door opened.

I looked up because I am about 4.5ft at the most and he is probably 6ft. He had curly blond he that when down to his chin, he was covered in bite marks and has an aura around him that screamed danger, but for some reason I didn't feel afraid I felt protected and safe, and then I finally saw his eyes and what I saw shocked me is that they were a beautiful honey gold. I felt a pull to him, which means this beautiful (I know you don't call men beautiful but I couldn't think of anything else o.k.) man is my mate.

"Please can…you help…me." Is all I can get out before I started to fall the floor, my body recognized that my mate was here and trusted him to take care of me, so my body shut down. I can still talk but not move very much without severe (sp?) pain.

My mate caught me before my body could touch the floor and lifted me up and held me protectively against his chest. I saw him looking and felt him run his hands over my body. I heard him roar in pain and angry as he noticed my leg and the multiple unclosed bites on my skin.

At the sound of My mates roar 6 vampires came rushing in, a tall blonde who seemed to be, a female with dark caramel coloured hair who had a motherly aura around her. A huge muscley (If that's even a word) guy who looked like he was a body builder before he was changed, a beautiful female at his side who had long blonde curly and looked to be a total bitch. (No offence Rosalie lovers or bitches!) Another male who had penny colour hair and looked to be really stuck up and spoilt and finally a female who looked like a pixie at first glance with being short and spiky black hair and elflike features.

My mate gently laid me on the soft cream carpet and crouched over me snarling and growling loudly at the 6 vampires as they stood at the doorway. They all got down on their knees, kept their hands in front of them and exposed their necks, the ultimate submissive pose.

Once my mate was sure that they weren't a threat to me he picked me up, still facing the vampires and walked backwards up the stairs, once they were out of sight then turned around and walked me to what must have been his bedroom and he laid my down so gently on his bed it was as if he thought I would break from the slightest touch.

My mate spoke now and I was stunned by his commanding get gentle, rough, deep voice.

"My mate, what is your name?"

"My name…my mate is Evangeline, but…you can call me Eva or whatever…you want…to. What is your name…my mate?" I told/asked him. I had to stop in several places when my voice wouldn't come out or my throat hurt.

"My name is Major Jasper Whitlock. May I call you Angel my mate? Since you are the light in my darkness." I tried to nod but as soon as I did, I cried out in pain.

As soon as my ma-Jasper heard that noise he straddled me. He was careful not to touch my leg or wounds and he nuzzled into my neck trying to calm me, I calmed in seconds.

"My mate, My Angel, I need to take care of you, help you heal. First by giving you a lovely hot bath to help clean you and relax your muscles, then reattach your leg properly otherwise it won't heal right, after that I need to clean your bites and heal them with MY venom because they smell like THEM and your only going to smell like ME and only ME after I claim you. By the way this is not up to debate I'm your mate and I WILL take care of you!" He explained to me, talking possessively at times.

"O…k…O.k" I tried to say, I think he understood me because left lifted me up and took me into his bathroom.

He sat me down carefully down on the side of the bath and started to fill the bath with water, then started lifting my top off but it hurt too much when he told me to lift up my arms so I let out a soft, small whimper in pain.

So my Jasper understood my whimper and asked me. "My Angel, since this is hurting you can I rip your clothes off you? That way it wont hurt you."

I let out a little "Mmm" sound trying to tell him yes, he understood me and ripped off my remaining clothes, then he removed all his clothes and lifted both of us into the bath carefully and started washing me.

At first I was tense because the water hurt me wounds or he starting making a soft but loud purring noise that made all my tense muscles relax and made me feel loved, content and wanted. When My Jasper felt this he purred louder saying, "That's it my Angel relax for me. Relax for your mate."

When he was finished cleaning me, not staying in one place for too long, and there was NOTHING sexual about it just one mate taking care of the other mate.

He lifted me out of the bath a dried me and then himself quickly and put on a pair on boxers and jeans, leaving me still naked my Jasper walked us back into his bedroom, laid me down on his bed and slowly began to reattach my leg. Whispering sweet nothings like "Your doing great my Angel." and "Shhhh, I'm nearly done." By the time he was finished I was crying heavily (Yes, my vampires can cry and you would know that if you red the authors note at the top.) my Jasper started purring to calm me down. When I had stopped crying he moved onto the bites first he would suck their venom out of me and then licking it closed to sooth the pain and making them smell like him. Once he was finished my eyes were starting to droop, because I was tried and hadn't had a good night sleep in ages.

"Go to sleep, my Angel." my Jasper whispered soothingly.

"Ooook, Gooood nigght." I whispered back my words slurred as I was so tiered. I think my Jasper said something else but I was asleep then.

For the first time in god knows long I slept a peaceful night dreaming about Major Jasper Whitlock. My mate.

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