On October 29, 2012, Anthony DiNozzo Jr. Transferred to DC from New York. He had to transfer because his dad got a new job. It was his first day at Fivay High School. He saw his old friends. They use to live in New York but then moved. His old friends are Deeks, Callen, and Sam. They were haning out with their friends.

"Kensi, Nate, and Eric meet Tony Diozzo." Callen said.

"Hi!" They all said in unison.

Just when Kensi was about to speak, a GMC Sierra Lifted truck pulled up into the parking lot. From the driver's side, Harry Gibbs came out. He was wearing a Hollister t-shirt and Hollister jeans. He also had an Aeropostale bookbag. And he was talking on his iPhone 5. He has sandy brown hair. He looked like a Hollister model. From the other side, Kate Gibbs came out. She had a Hollister skirt on. She also had on a shirt from Forever 21 that said 'I'm too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me'. She had a Victoria Secret Pink bookbag. She was texting on her iPhone 5. Then from the back, Ziva Gibbs came out. She was wearing Hollister skinny jeans and a Hollister t-shirt. She had a Hollister bookbag and was listening to Little Things by One Direction and on facebook on her iPhone 5.

"Who are they?" Tony asked.

"They're the Gibbs. Ziva is the one with the skinny jeans. Kate is the one with the skirt. And Harry was the one driving. Their older brother, Andrew used to go here. Every single sport he tried out for..made it. Now his younger brother and sister come here. They have another sister. Her name is Abby. She's only in 8th grade. She's coming here next year. " Deeks explained.

"Ziva and Kate are cheerleaders. Ziva is the captain. Kate is the co-captain. And Harry is the captain of the football team." Sam said, giving more details.

"Ummmm...I have to go now. Bye. Nice meeting you Tony." Kensi said hurridley.

As Kensi rushed off, Tony asked why she had to go.

"Well, she had to go because she's a cheerleader and have to meet up with the cheereaders." Sam said.

"Another question, who's older? Kate or Ziva."

"Kate." They all said in unison.

"Then why is Ziva captain and not Kate?"

"Because Ziva done cheerleading since she was little. Ever since ninth grade, Kate started doing cheerleading. " Nate explained to his new lost friend.

Sorry if this was short. But, I'm really tired because I stayed up all night last night just to listen to Little Things. I heard it like 13415654846416516188486343 times already (; Now I can't get the song out of my head and I know all the lyrics.