No one is different. These people who are called "individuals", are really all the same. Each and every one of them think alike, perform their jobs alike, and live alike. They're all just striving to be a somebody- to be noticed.

Other people were never truly important.

Other people were never truly important to you, and you weren't important to them. You vowed to stay out of their way as long as they stayed far from yours, and that was how you lived ever since being released from prison for something your father burdened you with.

You also vowed never to follow in his cowardly footsteps and run away from your problems, but that's exactly what you've been doing for as long as you can remember.

When you met them, your life started to change. And even if you still distanced yourself from everyone, sometimes it was nice to have people that cared about you. Especially her. There was nothing special about her, you knew, but there was just one thing that really perplexed you.

She was so elusive and you hated it. She was today. She was tomorrow. She was a puzzle personified and you just could not understand her actions. She was a kind young woman, and that's what made her different from everyone else.

She made you realize that people could be individuals; that they only do things similarly because they have to do them to live, and that that does not make their feelings and opinions all the same. She made you aggravated yet you were intrigued by her at the same time.

Maybe, you thought for a short while, that you liked- no, loved, the radiant Tomoe Tachibana.

You soon realized that you were probably not capable of loving someone, so that theory was definitely out of the question.

Could it possibly be the sheer fact that you two were polar opposites? Night and day, water and fire, the moon and the sun? Maybe because you did not mix, like oil and water. Maybe it was because you had never met someone more cheerful and happier than her. The possibilities clouded your head, but only the first seemed to interest you.

You were snapped out of these complex thoughts when Dr. Freebird asked you if you were alright during an operation briefing.

You nodded, not exactly paying attention to the gentle giant.

The next thing you knew you were sitting in your office, finished with yet another successful surgery. You figured that today was just an off day for you and you'd be back to your usual focused self bright and early tomorrow morning.

However, a knock on your door startled you and the long inky hair that was poking through the now open door made you start to panic. She was the last person you wanted to see right now.

You immediately granted her access to your own world by getting up and opening the door with wide eyes, barely thinking or hesitating at all.

"Doctor? Are you alright? Do you need anything? I'm about to go home, so I was wo-"

"It's alright, thank you Dr. Tachibana." You emptily said. You don't really know why you opened your door in the first place anymore.

"Oh, alright," she smiled, gently placing her hand on your shoulder which made you a bit uncomfortable. "You don't have to refer to me with such formalities, we have been acquainted for almost a year now."

You nodded idly while pretending to be focused on the notepad in front of you, but you were truly under her spell. Fazed by her scent, the feel of her soft, dainty hand over your tense and tall shoulder. She had to stand on her toes just to reach you, and it honestly looked a little silly.

You could practically see the disappointment in those big, purple eyes of hers as you watched her shoulder blades droop through the thick fabric of both her coat and kimono. "I was about to return to my home for the evening, and I thought that a proper farewell was in order." She paused for a moment. It was noticeable that she was thinking hard about something. "I have not seen you leave Resurgam in the longest time... This must mean that you have been working very hard lately, correct?"

Worry and concern ran through her voice as you realized that she didn't know that this was your home.

The hospital provided housing for you and at the time of your release from prison, you didn't have the money to rent out an apartment and you were sure no one wanted an ex-convict running free in their home, so you gladly accepted.

"I live here," you simply replied, scribbling meaningless words onto the notepad and shrugging.

"Oh- Oh my, I'm sorry. I-I didn't know, so I just assumed that you were on duty, you have my apologies." She stuttered as her face turned a beautiful shade of rosy-red and her eyes shifted from yours to the linoleum floor tiles.

She was gorgeous yet had some kind of childish charm to her as a pout became visible on her face.

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