Title: Forgiveness

Character/s: Eleven, Donna

A/N: Can be seen as a companion to 'Ginger'.

"Donna," the Doctor whispered in her ear as he wrapped her in a hug. He did that a lot lately, hugged her. More than he used too.

And it wasn't just a quark of his new form, he hugged Amy, and even Rory, but no more than he would have before his regeneration. It was just her that he doted this extra attention on. And the hugs were almost bone crushing, as though he wanted never to let her go.

It wasn't just hugs. He was always there; always ready to get her anything she wanted. Always there to save her just on time.

They both knew it was to make up for him leaving her to a life she hated, meaningful memories gone. But that was something he could never take back. And part of her didn't know if either of them could truly forgive him for it.

But as her arms always responded, crushing him to her with equal strength, she knew that she for one was going to try.