Title: At Curtains Close

Character/s: Eighth Doctor and other main Time Lords/Ladies

A/N: I wanted to capture the finial moments of the Time War from the POV's of the more well known time folk.


The Master.

The Rani.



The Doctor.

She wouldn't abandon her people, even after they cast her out of her presidency. She watched as the outer worlds burned, the fire racing as though along a fuse toward Gallifrey. She bowed her head, sitting cross-legged on the floor. She felt death coming, but she didn't feel it hit.

He had heard the rumors. He knew they wouldn't survive. He had fought in the war so far, that was why he had been resurrected. He hated the Daleks as much as the next Time Lord. But he had always been one for self-preservation. So when his people burned, he was hiding at the end of universe, with no memory, in the form of a young human child.

She wouldn't believe what they were saying. They were the greatest civilization the universe had ever seen! And she was fighting for them, finally acknowledged for her great talent. She was the one who designed the bio-weapons. She was in her lab, to caught up in her work to notice as the world died. She didn't even look up as she died, she never saw it coming.

He had it all planned. He saw the end coming written in the stars. That is why they had returned his life to him and let him rule. He was their creator, almost a god. He knew they would escape. He breathed deep on last time before death claimed him and his people.

She had been shot early in the war. It had left this regeneration useless. She lay in bed, looking out her huge window when it ended. She shed a tear as it took her.

He screamed and sobbed, even as he felt his time to regenerate creep upon him. He stared at his burning world, his burning people. He watched the Daleks burn with them, but it didn't make it right. In fact, it only made worse. What right did he have to bring genocide to the two most power races in all of space and time?

She stood.

He ran.

She fought.

He ruled.

She fell.

He destroyed all.