Me and my brother, Mouth, were watching a TV show about a police chase while Dad was trying to fix the sink.

"Turn that TV off kids, I can't hear myself think." Dad said, reaching under the sink.

"Yeah right, Dad." Mouth muttered, giving Dad a look. He then walked up and turned the TV of while I sat down on the counter. After he turned it off, we still heard sirens. We both shrugged before Mouth went to help Dad while I watched.

"The water gone down, son?" Dad asked from underneath the sink.

"No-" Mouth said before being sprayed in the face with water. I started laughing while Dad remained oblivious.

"Gone down now?" Dad said, popping his head out. He then saw that the water was spraying Mouth and tried to turn the water off while I watched and laughed. Mouth gave me a dirty look when it turned off, but I just shrugged.

Me and Mouth walked up to the Mikey and Brand's door and I knocked. Mouth started combing his hair when we saw Brand walk into the hallway.

"Oh, it's Mouth and Sam." Brand said, shrugging. Mikey pulled open the door and we both walked in.

"Hey Mikey. Yo Mikey. Hey Mikey. Hey guy what's going down." Mouth said, talking in a bunch of different accents and putting his foot on the table. I just went and sat down next to Mikey.

"Ignoring my idiot brother, what's up guys?" I told them.

"Hey who's older? Who has more authority?" Mouth challenged, taking advantage of the 2 minutes he had on me.

"Get your foot off the table, Mouth." Brand told him.

"You got it. What's going down guys? Hey what's the matter with you guys? Come on what's the matter? Nuclear Saturday or something? Come on you guys. This is our last weekend together. Last Goonie weekend. We gotta be going out in style. Cruising the coast. Downing the bruise. But no! One older brother had to go and screw it up." Mouth preached as Brand swung at him.

"Quit lecturing us, Mouth. We get the point." I told him, annoyed by him already. Most if the time he's alright. Sometimes he gets a little overbearing though.

"Flunking your driver's test." Mouth said disappointedly shaking his head at Brand. We then heard Chunk screaming from outside.

"Hey you guys. You gotta let me in!" Chunk yelled as Mouth walked to the door.

"Jerk alert. It's Chunk." Mouth said, smirking. I rolled my eyes, knowing exactly what he was going to do.

"I just saw the most amazing thing in my entire life." Chunk yelled, hoping to be let in.

"First you gotta do the truffle shuffle." Mouth told him.

"Don't make him do that." I told Mouth.

"Now, now Sam. He wants to come in, he's gotta do it." Mouth said.

"Come on!" Chunk complained.

"Do it." Mouth commanded. So Chunk sighed, stepped onto a rock, lifted up his shirt, and started wiggling. I stood up and walked to the door before it could get any worse.

"Why are you such a jerk?" I asked Mouth, ramming into his side as I walked over and pulled the lever that unlocked the gate for Chunk.

"Aw, the only girl Goonie comes to the rescue." Mouth mocked. I just rolled my eyes as Chunk walked in.

"Oh Sam thanks. Thanks a lot." Chunk said, walking behind us into the house. He tried to walk up but Mouth slammed the door in his face.

"Listen okay? You guys will never believe this. There were two cop cars okay? And they were chasing this 4-wheeler. And they were both flying all over the place. It's the most amazing thing I ever saw." Chunk told u excitedly as Mouth, Mikey, and I crouched down by the fish tank.

"More amazing than the time Michael Jackson came over your house to use the bathroom." Mikey stated, feeding the fish.

"More amazing than the time you saved those old people from that nursing home fire, right?" Brand asked sarcastically.

"And it was even more amazing than the time you went and ate your godfather's pizza." Mouth told him while I changed my position to sit cross legged on the floor in front of the couch. Chunk looked at me for help but I just shrugged.

"Okay Brand. Michael Jackson didn't come over to my house. But his sister did." Chunk said. We heard some music and looked out the window to see Data sliding from his house window to our front door. So I quickly ran to open the door but it seemed that Mouth and Mikey had the same idea. Mikey opened the door but forgot about the screen. Data crashed through the screen into Mikey, who fell into me, who fell into Mouth and so forth. Mouth had kicked me in the head in the process, so when I stood up I had to grab onto Mikey because of dizziness.

"Woah, let's sit you down." Mikey said, sitting me down on the couch before noticing what Chunk was holding.

"Hey, I bet you guys thought I was gonna drop it, huh? I know you would think that from good ole Chunk-" Chunk started before he set the statue down too close to the edge and it fell into the floor.

"Chunk, you idiot!" Brand screamed as everyone else ran over to the statue. I wasn't too far away though, so I could still see. Mikey held it up and it didn't appear to be broken.

"See, it's perfect huh? It's perfect-" Chunk said before stopping when he notice what fell off. To tell the truth I was having a hard time not laughing at the look on Mikey's face.

"Oh my god! That's my mom's most favorite piece!" Mikey exclaimed, causing me and Mouth to laugh.

"You wouldn't be here if it wasn't." Mouth said, causing me to laugh even harder.

"Shut up, Mouth." Mikey yelled.

"Shut up, Mouth." Brand told him, whacking him in the head.

"Ain't his fault Chunk can't catch." I told them harshly. Chunk gave me a look but I ignore it.

"Hey any of you guys ever hear of Detroit?" Data asked.

"No." Mikey said.

"Certainly. Where Motown started." Mouth told him.

"It's also got the highest murder rate in the country." I pitched in while rubbing my head to get rid of my dizziness.

"Well let me tell you what. That's where we moving when we lose our house tomorrow." Data told us.

"You shut up about that stuff. It will never happen. My dad will fix it." Mikey said.

"Yeah sure he will. If he gets his next four hundred paychecks by tomorrow afternoon." Brand told us while hanging upside down on his excercise machine.

"That's wrong Brand. It will happen." Mikey yelled.

"Chill out Mikey. They're just trying to be realistic." I told him calmly.

"You believe me don't you?" Mikey asked my desperately.

"Well of course I do Mike. They are just downers." I told Mikey, trying to cheer him up. He smiled when I used the nickname I call him so it must have worked.

"Thanks Sam." Mikey told me. I just waved my hand, saying it was no problem, when the door opened.

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