"What's that?" Mouth asked.

"Looks Ike the cook is carrying something to the kitchen or something." Data told him while we watched the scene.

"Yeah food or something." Mikey said. We all walked back around and walked into the house.

We looked around for a while before we heard the door slam and turned around. That's when we saw the lady from the window walk up to us.

"How long have you kids been at that door?" The lady asked. Mouth, being the smartass he is decided to speak for us.

"Long enough to see you need about four hundred roach motels in this place." Mouth told her. That's when a guy walked out of the kitchen.

"How the hell am I supposed to create with that Smithsonian piece of shi-" The man starts before he sees us and starts talking in Italian.

"Jake, these boys are customers." The lady says while blocking the door so we couldn't leave. They talked for a few minutes in Italian while the boys and I exchanged looks. That's when the boy spoke up.

"Eh, kids, uh? You make yourselves comfortable, uh?" Jake told us. "She's going to cook you something."

"What do you want?" The lady asked us while looking very irritated.

"A glass of water." Data says in a shaky voice.

"Water, water." Chunk adds nervously.

"Four waters." The lady's says to Jake before turning to us again. "Is that all?"

"Yeah." Mikey hurriedly tell her.

"Yes, yes." Data adds. That's when Mouth decided to speak up.

"No! I want the Veal Scallopine..." Mouth starts before seeing us miming for him to shut up.
"Shut up Mouth." I whisper to him while the others nod in agreement. But he just ignorant us and continues. "...I want the Fettucini Alfredo...a bottle of Fettucini, a 1981." Mouth says while kissing his thumb and finger like a gourmet chef. The lady the grab him, puts him in a headlock, and forces his mouth open.

"The only thing we serve is tongue." The women tell him while pulling out a switchblade an forcing Mouth's tongue out of his mouth. We all watched in terror before I decided that I had to step in.

"Ma'am, I am so sorry for my brother's behavior. Please don't cut off his tongue. I don't want to have to explain what happened to my dad." I told her frantically. She looked at me for a moment before nodding slightly and turning back to Mouth.

"You like tongue? Be lucky that sister of yours was here." The lady says before closing the switchblade and letting go of Mouth. Then she turns to all of us. "That all? Sit down!" We all run and sit down while the woman goes into the kitchen, Chunk falling over in the process.

"You alright, Chunk? Hey guys..." Data says.

"I know...I know..." Chunk starts to tell us but fades out.

"What happened to the two guys in the polyester suits that came before us? What happened to them?" Data asked and I suddenly remembered the 2 men and the fact that they never left.

"I know." Chunk says and we all look to him for the answer.

"What, what is it? Spit it out." Mikey told him impatiently.

"You guys, if we don't get out of here soon, there's gonna be some kind of-" Chunk starts before we all "shhh" him to quiet down. He then speaks in a quieter voice. "-hostage crisis. Out in the garage, ORV, four wheel drive, bullet holes the size of Matzah Balls!"

"Chunk, I'm starting to O.D. on all your bullshit stories." Mouth says rudely.

"Yeah." Data backs him up.

"Well it doesn't seem all that made up." I told them quietly.

"Don't tell me you believe this stuff, Sam. It's all bull." Mouth states.

"Well how can you be so sure? I mean I know I didn't see those two guys leave so where else could they be?" I ask before the lady from before returns with our waters. But the liquid inside the glasses did not look like water.

"There's your water!" The woman says while frowning at all of us.

"Thank you, Sir, uh, Ma'am." Data tells her.

"Thank you, Sir-" Mikey starts before realising his mistake and recoiling. "-I mean, Ma'am."

"This' supposed to be water?" Mouth asks while holding his drink up into the light.

"It's wet, ain't it?" The lady states before getting angry. "Drink it!"

"Miss, where's the men's room, please?" Mikey asks while trying to get away.

"Can't you hold it?" The woman replies.

"No." Mikey states.

"Mikey, this ain't the kind of place you wanna go to the bathroom in it." Chunk says while trying to stop him from going. But the lady heard him and turns to face him.

"Why not?" She asks briskly.

"Because, they might have daddy long legs in 'em-" Chunk starts before he sees another man carrying a bag through the window and move closer to Mikey. "-or dead things Mikey! Dead things."

"Eh, to go to the bathroom?" Mouth says while pouring his drink from one glass to another.

"Killer dead things. Big. Mean." Chunk continues to try to stop him and at the point I don't want him to go. He looks to me and I shake my head no. But he then looks to Mouth and sees the water and cracks.

"Lady, please!" Mikey practically begs.

"Downstairs, first door on the right." The woman says impatiently.

"Thank you." Mikey says while looking relieved and starts to head to the stairs.

"Mikey, come on." Chunk pleads.

"Stay to the right!" The lady snapped at him.

"Yes Ma'am." Mikey told her politely.

"Please Mikey, dead things!" Chunk yells after Mikey.

"Stay to the right!" The woman yells when Mikey reaches the stairs.

"I know, 'Stay to the right.' Thank you." Mikey states before walking down the stairs.

I am so so so so so so sorry to whoever is still reading this. I wouldn't hold it against you if you had already dropped this story. There has just been a lot going on lately and it's hard to concentrate on this story. I will try to update as soon as I can though!