The Mission CHAPTER 1

Hello there! I am actually pretty new to this section, I usually write over in the Devil May Cry community. However after finishing Chris' campaign on RE6 I couldn't sit still until I wrote an alternate ending. This story does contain spoilers-so don't read if you haven't finished the game! I hated the fact that Piers died and it was so obvious that it was going to happen! So, I came up with this :3 I'm not certain I'm finished with this story, but this first chapter can be read as a one-shot if you prefer. If I do continue there may be some Nivenfield. I am a yaoi fan ;)

If anyone is out of character please let me know! I've only played RE 5 and 6 so I feel like I have a grasp on Chris but everyone else is sort of sketchy. Enjoy!

Chris felt Piers pull his hand free of his grasp and reacted instinctively, shoving his subordinate forward by his shoulder into the escape pod. The younger man turned around looking shocked.

"Don't you dare Piers," he warned menacingly.

"Captain, it's too late for me, you can still get out of here," he urged breathlessly.

Chris started to work on the controls. "You got me out of that shithole in Edonia, I'm getting you out of here. I don't need another martyr Piers. We are both getting out of here." he insisted, finishing at the controls and jumping into the pod as the doors closed and shot them out of the compound.

"Captain…" he whispered. It hurt so badly, like he was being eaten alive from the inside. "I'm already infected, getting me out isn't going to change anything," he choked.

"Jake and Sherry got out. Jake has the antibodies. It's not too late Piers, I just need you to stay with me. That's an order." He kept saying Piers' name as though that would help keep him at his senses until help arrived.

The younger male allowed for a ghost of a smile. "I'll try."

Chris took his hand and held onto it. "I need you to do more than try. I can't lose another partner Piers. I don't think I could take it."

"But you're Chris Redfield."

"And I'm only human. You know that."

A determined look came over Piers' face and he nodded.

Their pod rocketed through the water and both were oblivious to the station exploding until the shockwave hit them, sending them to the surface even faster. The force of breaking through the surface jarred them, but Chris managed to keep his grip on the younger man's hand. Piers didn't say much, just tried to control his breathing and take note of any changes in his body. Waiting; wanting to warn Chris before he lost control of himself.

His captain never looked away from his eyes even though the changes to his face unsettled him.

"Captain…how long?"

"They should have already sent an extraction team for Jake and Sherry, they should be able to swing by for us."

"How long?" he repeated.

"A few hours-tops."

Piers grinned a little. "That seems pretty optimistic in…my opinion Captain."

"I feel like I have to be."

"Promise me something."

He paused before nodding. "Okay Piers."

"If I lose it…promise me you'll put a bullet in my head."


"Promise!" he growled, and Chris didn't see any reasoning with him.

"I promise."

A while after that Piers lost consciousness despite Chris' best efforts to keep him awake. The sight of him laying there made a sense of panic start brewing in the captain's guts. He moved a little and convulsed once in awhile. Each time he did it made Chris tense, his pistol was a troubling weight on his hip whereas usually it was comforting.

His hand never left that of his second in command, though his gaze tripped from his face to the sky, hoping that help would be coming soon, praying that it wasn't too late. His hand flew to his pistol as he saw Piers' mutated arm writhing, from all the encounters he'd been in before he should have known to back up-to ready his weapon. Most of all he should've known to shoot. However, he did none of these things. He held onto Piers' hand and watched.

The last thing he would have ever expected to happen…was exactly what did. The prongs that made up his mutated arm and allowed it to project electricity twined together, the limb changing and tightening until it looked-structurally at least-like a human arm. It was still an angry, scarred red and had threads of muscle that glowed with electrical energy, but it didn't look as bad as before. Though Chris did have to wonder why such a thing would happen. He watched carefully as Piers' body changed, covering muscle and bone that had been exposed and the changes to his face shifted and seemed less severe.

The young man let out a long sigh as his body relaxed.

Chris couldn't believe his eyes. Why would such a thing happen? He'd been around long enough to know once someone was mutated, they were mutated. He'd never seen a virus act this way. Perhaps it had just reacted differently to Piers, though he could think of no discernable reason for that to happen.

Then again, he hadn't seen what the other two vials in the case had done to their victims. Carla's had mutated her horribly, but she still retained her knowledge and identity, no matter how shattered it had been. Simmons had retained a mostly human façade when he wanted it and contained his memories and drive. The one Piers had gotten had been the last strain, and so, logically, the most advanced. Chris just had to hope his partner's mind had survived the ordeal.

Hours passed with no sound of a plane or helicopter and not a squeak from his earpiece. He was worried it had been ruined in their watery excursions, though he couldn't be sure. He just had to hope the GPS on one of them was still functional or no help was coming.

Night had fallen, the stars twinkling above them numbering in the millions out here in the ocean with no lights to pollute their beauty. Piers started to stir, shifting a little and making a small groan as he started to come around. Chris squeezed his hand and to his surprise his partner returned the gesture.

"Piers?" he asked, careful to keep his tone neutral, to not show his anxiety. Hoping it was actually Piers that answered him and not a virus using his body as a shell of its former self.

"Chopper here yet Captain?" he croaked.

Chris grinned and squeezed his hand again. "Not yet Piers."

"I told you, you were being too optimistic," he smiled slightly, opening his eyes. Chris would have swore his heart stopped. Instead of the emerald green hues he was used to his eyes had turned a startling red reminiscent of Albert Wesker.

The look of surprise on Chris' face alerted Piers that something was wrong, but right that moment he decided he didn't want to know. He was sure he looked like hell. On the positive side, it seemed like the feeling in his right arm had returned but how was that possible when his arm had been torn off?

He decided to chance it by lifting the limb and lightly gasped at the sight of it, seeming just as puzzled as Chris had been.

"How do you feel Piers?" he asked, knowing he'd been feeling pretty terrible trying to fight of the infection before he passed out.

"Not…bad," he offered, his tone calculated as he moved his fingers watching them react to his command. After a moment of silence he looked back at Chris. "Guess I got lucky."

"Maybe," he answered hesitantly.

Piers wanted to reassure his captain-he felt fine. Then again, that might not be any comfort at all. "Has anyone ever survived one of these viruses before?" he thought he should know this, but nothing was coming to mind.

"I only know of two, and neither are quite like this. The first is Sherry, but she only survived because she got an antidote and the other was Wesker and he had to take injections to stabilize it."

"So why would Ada create a virus that worked this way?" he wondered.

"It's possible she didn't know what it did. You still have the syringe Piers?"

He frowned. "I think I jammed it in my pocket, but I wasn't thinking very clearly at the time Captain."

Chris smiled a little. "Just wanted to know if we had anything the lab could analyze when we get back."

"To make a cure."


Piers glanced at the alien limb, then back to his superior with a nod. If they could fix it he would in a heartbeat. However he didn't regret his decision and he wouldn't have regretted giving his life for the mission either. If he had to do it over he would make the same choice. What he didn't fancy was becoming a lab rat because he'd injected himself. To that end he hoped he had the empty vial still on his person somewhere. It would be easier to work on a cure from the virus than trying to separate it out of his blood.

He realized after a moment that Chris was still holding onto his hand. Still worried about him. "Thank you, for not leaving me behind."

"That was never an option to me. If you ever try another stunt like that Piers so help me…"

"I won't," he stated with a half-smile.

"The BSAA is going to want to run a lot of tests. You might not be stable and this could be temporary."

"I know how it works Captain. I'm ready for it. It was worth it to stop that thing and get out of there," he stated, carefully sitting up.

"Yeah, I guess we completed the mission, that's what matters."

Both of them paused as they heard the sound of chopper blades and looked out to find a helicopter the light of which bounced around before landing on the two soldiers. They each lifted an arm to shield their eyes, but they never let go of the other's hand.

So, that's what I have so far :3 Let me know if you liked/hated/whatevered it. I take constructive criticism very seriously! Also let me know if you want more. I'm working on it, but I guess we'll see where it goes :) Until next time!

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