The Mission CHAPTER 7

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Epilogue 5 months later…

Piers' breath frosted in front of his lips as he looked down the line of his scope. It felt good to have his weapon in his hands again, his muscles were still straining a little in protest against the heavy gun, but he couldn't be bothered about it. It had taken a month for all of the incisions in his arm to heal up enough that he could begin strength training so that he would even be able to pick up his beloved anti-material rifle, let alone fire it.

He was glad to finally be back in the States, he was on required medical leave until he was recovered enough to go back to field work. Chris had been regulated to paperwork since their return, having been diagnosed with PTSD, it was really no surprise after everything he'd been through he'd be a little traumatized. He'd be the last one to admit it though. It didn't help that he kept having to relive it as the both of them had to give numerous statements on what happened in China and the month and a half that followed. He was coping, but he'd be off the field for as long as Piers and maybe even longer.

Dorri Wolfram was still Piers' primary physician and she'd come back to America with them to fill out her own statements. She was about as much of a celebrity as Piers was, the first doctor to save someone infected, and the first person to be fully cured respectively.

Piers shook his head and returned his focus to the task at hand. He was really going to have to get his single-mindedness back when it came to shooting, but he figured that he was just nervous. He wanted to try shooting today, but he was just…stalling, worried a bit that the recoil was going to injure his arm again after all the training and therapy he'd really hate to have to start all over again.

"It's alright you know. The doctor cleared you weeks ago,"

Piers gasped at the voice and whirled to see Chris standing less than a foot from him. When had he gotten there? His instincts really were failing him. The snow layering the ground must have crunched as his Captain made his way over, and he hadn't heard it.

"Didn't mean to surprise you, I thought you knew I was here," he apologized.

"Pfft, of course I did," he scoffed.

"Oh right, of course. I know I always jump three feet in the air when someone I know is right next to me speaks," he teased.

The young man smirked and his green eyes sparkled, the only remnants of the infection were the scars, paper-thin ones all over his face and then his entire right arm, which was pitted and covered in dark scar tissue.

"Come on. Let's see you fire off a few rounds. You've been putting it off. Time to face your demons and all that," he coaxed the sniper. "Besides, you're gonna get rusty if you don't start practicing soon," he teased.

"Challenge accepted," he answered as he turned back to lining up his shot. He still hesitated, but not long this time, allowing his finger to squeeze the trigger hitting the target in the head. The recoil slammed into his shoulder and he winced a little, but it didn't keep him from turning and lining up the next one taking down four more 'targets' before lowering the weapon and rubbing at his shoulder.

"You okay?" Chris wondered, walking over to place his hands on the young man's shoulders making circles with his thumbs.

"Yeah, just a little sore. That feels good though. Shooting does too, especially since I thought I'd never be able to again," he explained, looking over his shoulder at his partner. "What brought you out here anyway?"

"No one had seen you for awhile so I figured I'd come looking, was pretty sure I'd find you out here though."

"Am I really that predictable?"

"To me maybe," he chuckled, pulling Piers back against his chest as his arms twined around his waist. The sniper placed his free hand on top of that of his partner. "Your hands are like ice. Maybe we should get you inside. Some hot chocolate maybe?" he whispered in his ear.

Piers smiled. "Sounds almost romantic of you Captain."

"The romantic stuff comes after that," he promised with a grin.

"Then what are we still standing here for?" he demanded quickly moving out of Chris' grasp with a wide grin. "I'll race you!" he claimed before darting off a few steps, turning to make sure the other man was following.

The ex-Captain chuckled as he ran after him.

Piers cupped the chipped mug, holding hot chocolate between his palms. One side completely human and normal, the other scarred and disfigured. He tried to be grateful-at least he still had an arm, but sometimes he hated looking at it. Worse than that he hated other people looking at it.

The sofa sank next to him as Chris sat beside him with his own mug.

"You look broody again, I thought I told you to cut that out," he teased.

Piers chuckled. "I can't help it. I take after my captain."

"You really don't want to do that."

"He's the best man I've ever known. He saved my life."

Chris threw his arm over his shoulders. "Yeah, you saved his too. Thing is he can be a little thick sometimes. Thinks and regrets too much," he stated conspiratorially, sipping at the cocoa as Piers rested against his shoulder.

"It can't be all bad."

He smiled lightly. "No, I don't regret telling you I love you."

"I don't either," he grinned.

The apartment was quiet, not so much as a shouting neighbor the break the silence that surrounded them. Chris' place was nearly barren. The only thing to alert anyone that someone lived there was the occasional photo on a dusty table and the messy bedroom, clothes and blankets scattered about haphazardly. The kitchen wasn't much better, dishes piled in the sink and take-out containers spread all over the counter.

Piers liked it though, better than his place, which was even worse than Chris'. His captain lived sparsely; the sniper still had boxes he hadn't unpacked since he started at the BSAA.

"I wish there was a fireplace," he said absently.

Chris chuckled. "It would help set the mood, huh?"

"It reminds me of this time that my family went skiing," he said with a soft smile. "My dad was home from his tour and it was winter, kinda like it is out now. So we went out to the mountains and he was teaching me how to snowboard. Somehow I managed to sprain my wrist and we spent the rest of the night in the lodge drinking hot chocolate in front of the huge fireplace."

The ex-captain smiled. "You ever learn how to snowboard?"

"Nah, that was the last time we went."

"Maybe we should go."

Piers quirked an eyebrow and looked over. "Really?"

"Yeah, just you and me, after the therapy with your arm is all finished. To…celebrate…or something," he said taking a long drink of his chocolate.

The young man smiled at the thought. "I think I would have to say yes to that. Assuming they don't want to ship me out immediately."

"Things with the C-virus have calmed down considerably now that there's a vaccine. All the worst areas have been quarantined and taken care of. There shouldn't be any reason you need to leave right away," he explained, kissing the sniper's temple.

Piers chuckled. "Maybe. Let's call it a plan then." He took a drink of cocoa and they lapsed into comfortable silence again for a few minutes.



He hesitated. "Do you think…you'll ever go out on the field again?"

The older male contemplated it for a short while, sipping at his drink as Piers watched him carefully. "If I can get to a point of remission…where I stop blanking out and keep control of my impulses then…yes, probably. I have the most experience. They want me back out there…I…I know they need me. But I just…" He trailed off, the look on his face conflicted. "Damn it…I'm so tired, you know?"

"I know Captain," he murmured thinking about losing their men to the C-virus…to that-he shook it away. It did seem hopeless though sometimes, but if no one tried then things would only get worse.

"I think I just need some time off after I get this…thing…under control. Get the reigns back on my own life, relax a little bit, see my sister, spend some extra time with a certain person," he said with a twist of his lips.

Piers smiled. "That sounds pretty good to me. Assuming I'm the 'certain person' of course." He placed his mug on the table next to the couch before twisting to straddle his partner's waist, running his fingers through his hair.

"Who else could it possibly be?" he asked, putting his mug aside as well before resting his hands on his partner's hips, sliding them up under the shirt he was wearing to caress his sides.

His smile persisted. "Who indeed?" he asked before leaning forward and meshing their lips sweetly. He moved to pull away but Chris pulled him back their lips meeting again for several short kisses as if a magnet were dragging them back together. "Is this the romantic part?" he whispered.

"That depends," he replied with a smirk. "Is it working?"

He chuckled. "What do you think Captain?" he asked before diving in for another kiss.

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