Sandi and the Hurricane

Lawndale, Somewhere State, USA

"But San-de!" Quinn whined to the former head of the former Fashion Club, "You can't go down to D.C., there's a hurri-cayne!"

Sandi sniffed at her frenemy, "Gee Quinn, if you don't want me to see, like, MY hurricane, then just say so."

"But she did say so Sandi," Stacy piped up from the background.

Sandi gave her the biggest glare yet.

"Eep!" Stacy squeaked in total cowardice.

Two Days Later

A video surfaced on YouTube of a skinny girl in the latest water resistant fashions, standing on a beach in D.C. in the middle of Hurricane Sandy.

She was yelling that it was completely un-fashionable for it to ruin such a hip place with wetness and wind and stuff.

She didn't see the stop sign that was swept up by the wind, but we can guess that she felt it when it slammed into her from the side, slicing her to ribbons before the wind caught her up and whipped her away.

Three Hours Later

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the ragged remains of a girl named Sandi Griffin were shat out of a sharks rear-end.

They were never recovered.