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THIS is an idea I got after watching Avengers, and having people complain about my other fics not having matching timelines. I'm going with the Avengers taking place in 2012? And then I did some VERY COMPLICATED MATHEMATICS to figure out around what age Harry's kids would be, judging from the epilogue. It's basically canon through all the books, but the epilogue doesn't happen. I'm not sure on the details in those '19 years' so I kind of made them up.

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Warnings: This has potential slash in it, not sure yet if that's where I want to go. It's not Ginny bashing - sometimes marriages just don't work out, and people can be mature about it. There might be some swearing. F*** if I know.

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Chapter 1/Prologue/Intro/Setting Thing

Magic had always surrounded the life of one Harry Potter. During his childhood, and into his late teens, he had lived a cursed life. Literally – that megalomaniac snake-faced bastard had blasted an Avada Kedavra straight to his face when he was only a year old. It had only gotten worse from there. He was cursed with horrible relatives, fickle schoolmates, bad press, and an onerous prophesy. It was all very exhausting.

However, after the second Voldemort War, the Wizarding World claimed that Harry Potter lived a charmed life. He married his (second) school sweetheart, Ginny Weasley, and entered the Auror program with his best friend, one of his wife's brothers, Ronald. The papers loved him, his new family loved him, and he was close with all of his friends. He had inherited an unspecified but much-speculated-upon amount of money from his parents and posthumously innocent godfather, and was apparently set for life.

Harry had gone through it all with a smile, grateful to have finally achieved a semblance of normalcy. So when Ginny and Molly had dropped enough hints about weddings, Harry had proposed. When Ron and Kingsley came to him with their eyes lit up, talking about Dark Wizards and the catching thereof, Harry singed an employment contract. When reporters asked after him without malicious intent, Harry inwardly sighed, but smiled for the camera.

While Harry was undergoing rigorous Auror training, Ginny tried out and made Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies. Harry was bursting with pride for her and attended every game. Her brothers teased her good-naturedly, while Mrs. Weasley tsked about 'proper jobs for witches' and dropped copious hints about settling down and making grandbabies.

Harry lived in a flat in London for the first few years, while Ginny lived with her parents. The Weasleys all stayed close after the war, trying to help each other through Fred's death. George took it the hardest, naturally, so Harry tried to make time to help him with his shop, as did Ron. Hermione even helped him research a few things, which caused everyone to look at her askance, before George finally burst out in slightly hysterical laughter.

The family that seemed to be built around the Weasleys flourished after the war. Harry and Hermione were naturally adopted into their ranks, but others could be found at Mrs. Weasley's dinner table at any given time. Luna Lovegood often drifted in at odd hours, looking very windswept and dreamy as usual. She was rebuilding her house only a few hills away, and contributed to the dinner table with pots of foul-smelling soup and dubious vegetables. Dean Thomas would occasionally help Luna with her rebuilding, and he invariably dragged along Seamus Finnegan, who in turn sometimes brought Lavender Brown. This made for slightly stilted conversation when Ron, Hermione, and Lavender were in the same area, but they all soon got over that. The old Gryffindor Quidditch team would come by for dinner and the incidental after-dinner Quidditch Match. Oliver and Percy were had a peculiar friendship that could only be developed between two very different people sharing a dormitory for seven years. Katie, Alicia and Angelina all came to life up George's spirits, and it may be said that Angelina, in particular succeeded. Neville Longbottom came, also, when he wasn't helping Professor Sprout with the rebuilding of Hogwarts grounds and his continuing study of Herbology. Sometimes he brought along Hannah Abbot, who was also helping with the reconstruction, and they both endured good-natured ribbing from the Weasley clan.

Indeed, the Burrow became a sort of informal house of healing for many of the War-stricken families, all drawn by the loving, warm atmosphere the house exuded. One of Harry's favourite people that visited was Andromeda Tonks, because she always brought his small Godson, Teddy with her.

At the end of the war, Harry had offered to raise Teddy, but Andromeda and Molly had unanimously teamed up and told him he was too young. Mrs. Tonks didn't want to part so soon with the last remnant of her daughter, and they assured him that he could be as large a part of Teddy's life as he liked, which placated Harry enormously.

After a few years during which Harry and Ginny were unendingly engaged, Harry finally picked up on the increasingly blatant hints and had Ginny set a date. Ginny went into raptures over the wedding, while Harry smiled and cuddled Teddy and worked on Auror case files and paid the bills. He got his brothers-to-be and old dorm mates together to remodel Grimmauld Place, and managed to turn it into something that a normal person would love to live in. Harry felt quite accomplished after that.

He and Ginny had a lovely wedding, organized by Mrs. Weasley and paid for by Harry. Harry passed through it in a relieved daze, still not quite believing that he was free of Voldemort, free to love and be loved. He and Ginny enjoyed their honeymoon, and before he knew it, Ginny was announcing at the Weasley Sunday dinner that she was pregnant. Harry was thrilled. He was finally starting to create the family he had longed for as a child. Internally, while being terrified of being a father at such a young age, Harry resolved to be the best father he could be. He wanted to be there for his child; while he had always thanked his parents for their sacrifice to keep him alive, he would hate to deprive his child of their father the way he had been deprived of his.

This had Harry seriously reconsidering his career choice. It had been his dream when he was a teenager to pursue being an Auror. However, this had been when Voldemort and his followers would stop at nothing to take his life. The majority of the Death Eaters had been caught, and Aurors were mainly working covert missions to track down the remaining supporters of the late Tom Riddle. With all the media attention Harry was getting, covert operations were very impractical, and there was always the chance that a raid could go wrong, and he could lose his life. Although technically he was the Master of Death, he was sure that it didn't grant him immortality; his survival had been based on the exchange of soul and blood between him and Lord Voldemort. So he could still die, and leave his child without a father, a thought that tore at his heart.

He explained this to Kingsley, and handed in his resignation. Kingsley seemed disappointed, but understood, and was more than happy to point out areas of the Ministry in which Harry would be more than welcome. Apparently, every department wanted him, from Foreign Affairs to Magical Games and Sports. Even the Department of Mysteries had outlined an offer for internship, and Harry had been tempted, before deciding that proximity to the Veil and Time Magic would not be beneficial to his mental state. And although he loved Quidditch, he privately thought it would be petty to make a career of it. No, he still wanted to help people – he just wanted to do it in a minimal-risk environment.

He discussed it with Ginny, and while she didn't fully understand that he didn't want to be an Auror, she accepted that he wanted to love and be there for their child, and supported his decision. Ginny was glowing with the idea of her child; she had seen how Harry was with Teddy, and wanted to give him a child of his own. The pregnancy made it impossible for her to play Quidditch safely, but she was welcome to attend games, and soon developed an even keener eye for the sport. Luna, who had assisted her father in re-starting the Quibbler, idly suggested that she contribute sports blurbs, which Xenophilius may or may not print, depending on how many breaking stories on Crumple-Horned Snorkacks he had managed to find. Ginny had been bored with pregnancy – her mother had taken to locking her away in the Burrow, teaching her to knit proper Weasley jumpers, as well as baby items that Ginny secretly cooed over. So it was that Ginny welcomed the part-time work, and her articles were so well received that she was soon being asked for as a freelance sports writer for any number of Wizarding publications. Harry was enormously proud of her, and asked that she not strain herself. She had quite the account built up from her years of professional playing; that coupled with Harry's inheritance, Auror paycheck, and 'Voldemort bounty', the Potters weren't all that concerned with finances.

Harry decided that above all, he wanted to help people that may have been in his situation. While he wasn't as passionate about causes as Hermione, he wanted to make sure that magical children never went without, as he did. Admittedly, a lot of the neglect was due to a certain Albus Dumbledore, but Harry believed that he could assist muggle-born wizards, as well as magical orphans. Hermione helped him fast-track through his muggle A-levels and he crammed his way through a social working degree at a London College. He didn't want to cheat, but magic made things that much faster, so he may have waved his wand to gain a few qualifications.

Surprisingly enough, the muggle Prime Minister supported his ideas for muggle-born children, and Harry gained a liason job with Social Services in the muggle world. The job wasn't financially lucrative, but it was immensely rewarding in other ways. Harry managed to get most of the hard work out of the way in the nine months that Ginny was pregnant, so that when his child was due he was able to sit back and help his wife. Not that there was much to do, what with the help her mother and sisters in law were providing.

In 2005, James Sirius Potter was born, and joined the steadily growing ranks of Weasley grandchildren. Molly was ecstatic, and Harry walked about in a happy daze. Indeed, he ended up staying home almost as much as Ginny to help with the new baby. Six-year-old Teddy was fascinated with 'Jamie', as everyone had nicknamed the baby, and was a proud older brother. Ginny had looked confused for a moment, but Harry insisted that that was the relationship he wanted between the boys, and she sighed and nodded. Harry knew that Ginny had never been quite comfortable with Teddy's role in his life; Hermione had explained to him that Ginny felt vaguely threatened. Other than the occasional odd look, however, she was wonderful with Harry's Godson, so no arguments arose.

It was a hectic few months with the new baby, and they wouldn't have gotten through it without Mrs. Weasley's help. They tried as hard as they could to keep 'The Saviour's Son' out of the papers, but they had to pose for the odd family shot every now and then. Ginny got a surprise after James was a few months old; she and Harry had been 'celebrating' James starting to sleep through the nights, and the result of that was another pregnancy. Harry was, again, happy beyond belief, even though Ginny viewed her condition with some trepidation. She told Harry she wasn't sure she could give attention to both boys, and Harry was getting quite involved with his social work and charities. Indeed, he had been dragged into a lot of muggle events, and was able to help many children and peace-keeping organizations based out of Britain. He calmly reassured his wife that he would always have time for his children, and that his family came first. He insisted that they see this as a blessing, and when Ginny looked into his pleading green eyes, eyes that had lost his own family at such a young age, she couldn't help but agree.

So it was that in 2006, Albus Severus Potter was born, and had his name promptly shortened to 'Al'. Ron claimed that it was the kindest thing to do with a name like that, and though Harry tried to defend his reasoning, he always laughed and agreed. Ginny grumbled teasingly about not getting to pick out a name, but all of her brothers pointedly reminded her of one Pigwidgeon, and Harry had looked so horrified that everyone had burst out laughing.

Harry and Al were especially close, and Teddy loved Al just as much as Jamie. Jamie had dark red curls and Ginny's brown eyes, but Al was all Harry. Sometimes Teddy changed his hair and eyes to match Harry and Al, and the red-headed Weasleys would snatch Jamie away to save him from the 'black-haired, green-eyed demons'. This resulted in a lot of giggling toddlers, and laughing adults, and Ginny looking oddly tight around the eyes as she looked at the three boys.

When Al was one, Ginny and Harry started talking about Ginny going back to Chasing. Harry supported it, and offered to adjust his work hours so that he could take care of the kids. Molly was always willing to babysit, so Ginny tentatively contacted her old coach. Before a contract could be signed, however, Ginny discovered that she was pregnant again. She came to Harry in tears, and he comforted her and tried to get her excited about another baby, and promised that this was the last one. Ginny loved her children, but she wanted to get back to the career she loved before she was too old.

The other Weasleys were very excited about Ginny's pregnancy. Hermione, with a one-year-old Rose on her hip, announced that she and Ginny were again expecting together. Molly got out her knitting again, in raptures over the amount of grandchildren she was accumulating.

Lily Luna Potter was born in 2008. This time, Ginny was the one who decided the name. She had been cornered by her sisters-in-law, however, to make sure that she wouldn't choose something like Euginia or Ursula. Ginny ended up deciding to honour Harry's mother, and their good friend Luna. Hermione supported this fully, claiming to have been teased mercilessly over her name when she was a child. Ginny, who still refused to respond to 'Ginevra', solemnly agreed.

Harry was in awe of his daughter. He thought she was the most perfect, beautiful girl in the world, and would often just watch her sleeping. Ginny laughed teasingly at him, calling him a weirdo, and he would smile and nod and go back to gazing at his daughter. There was a change in Harry's and Ginny's relationship, he noticed. He threw himself into his work and his children, and Ginny threw herself into Quidditch, attending games and training to get into shape for the next season. She had banned Harry from having sex with her; contraceptive charms didn't seem to work all the time, as Albus and Lily had shown. She wanted to focus on rebuilding her career and Harry respected that. He was mildly concerned that he didn't even really miss his sex life with his wife, but eventually shrugged his shoulders and worked harder with his charities and orphanages. He had created a network of muggle-born support, employing squibs in centres where confused parents may take their magical child. He and Hermione had worked to have the laws allow disclosure to muggle parents that came looking for answers. When some pure bloods wailed about the statute of secrecy, Harry argued that early knowledge was better than the child growing up thinking it was abnormal.

Things continued in this way for many years, so that Harry never really noticed how distant he and Ginny had gotten. They both doted on their children, and they did many things as a family, but they never really did anything as a couple any longer. Harry was only vaguely aware of this, because Ron and Hermione would often drop Rose and Hugo off at Grimmauld so they could go on a date night. So it was that the Potters went on in a mildly abstracted manner, with the Potter children and Teddy going along alternately to Harry's work with children, and Ginny's Quidditch games. Ginny travelled a lot for her games, but Harry tried to bring the kids once a month or so during the season.

During December of 2011, Harry started noticing odd behaviour from his wife. She fidgeted, and would tear up at odd times, and go a brilliant red at others. Christmas at Grimmauld (the Burrow was simply too small for the Weasley family, so everyone stayed in the old townhouse) was somehow tense, with Hermione giving Ginny piercing looks, and Ginny looking at her children opening presents with a fixed smile on her face.

On New Years Eve, Ginny sent the children to a cousin's New Years party, and asked Harry for a quiet evening in. He agreed, with some trepidation. They had an awkward dinner, and then they sat in the living room, and Ginny grasped Harry's hand, tears in her eyes.

Harry listened in shock as Ginny claimed that she wanted a divorce. She had fallen in love with another man, and nothing had happened, but she couldn't stay married to Harry while she was feeling these things. Harry nodded numbly as Ginny cried and apologized, and promised not to make this hard for the children, before he got her to stop. He quietly asked if she needed anything, and she shook her head, guilt swimming in her eyes. She told him that she had enough from playing Quidditch, and Luna had a job lined up for her for when she retired. She would pack her things within the next few days, and contact a solicitor. Harry walked her to the door, and after an awkward silence, she gently kissed him goodbye and walked out.

Harry sat alone that New Years, welcoming in 2012 with a gin and tonic and a dazed expression. He wandered the house, looking at pictures of his family, seeing the smiling faces of his children, and felt a resolve harden in him. When he thought about it, he and Ginny hadn't really been married for quite a few years – the only thing they had in common anymore was Jamie, Al, and Lily. Harry smiled at the thought of his children – at least Ginny wasn't being vindictive about this. He would respect her decision and do the same. It was then that he realized that this was probably the best decision for any of them. He was honestly alright with Ginny leaving him, which indicated that he wasn't really in love with her anyway. Ginny deserved someone who loved her. He just hoped that the Weasleys wouldn't hate him.

Harry and Ginny called a Weasley adults meeting and explained their mutual separation. Mrs. Weasley cried, and Ron and Percy were very angry with Harry before Ginny intervened and explained that it was all her fault. They all assured Harry that he was still a part of the family, and he should definitely still come to all family events. Ginny nodded tearfully, and Harry was grateful.

Hermione, who had ended up in magical law, managed to get Harry and Ginny Potter divorced with a minimal amount of fuss. Of course, the press had a field day with the news, and both Harry and Ginny had to sit down with their children and explain that even though Mummy and Daddy weren't living together anymore, they still loved Jamie and Al and Lily very much.

Ginny moved her things out into a magical duplex in London, with two guest rooms for the children. She and Harry had agreed on split custody for the kids; all in all, it was a very civil divorce, with each side wanting it to work as painlessly as possible.

With all the legalities out of the way, Ginny finally felt free to pursue her love interest, and Harry threw himself into his work as a distraction from the press. He only took time off to spend with his children and Teddy, who had started Hogwarts already, but always came home for Easter break. Things began to settle down for the Potter family, as Winter turned to Spring, and the children adjusted to the change. Jamie, at 6 and a three-quarters, acted out a bit more that usual, but Hermione assured Harry and Ginny (separately) that this was perfectly normal behaviour in a divorce situation. It was also normal for Lily to bit a bit more clingy to both parents. Al's behaviour didn't change all that much, but he did grow closer to Lily; he was much more patient with her needy ways than James was.

As Summer approached, things had developed some semblance of normalcy. A normalcy that was soon to be disrupted when Ginny brought her new lover to meet her children for the first time. Due to that seemingly innocent incident, the lives of the Potters would be thrown into turmoil, into a new world rampant with Superheroes, rogue Gods, and irritating billionaires. But such was the enchanted life of one Harry Potter, Chosen One and Saviour Extraordinaire.

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