The sounds and the smells embraced me as I walked through the door with Allison. It was amazing what I could smell now.

I could almost smell everything in the room. I thought to myself while I and Allison moved through the crowd of people.

Before I ever met Allison I had occasionally went to Lydia's parties but not frequently. I usually didn't have a date like Allison or didn't care all together. But now that I'm here, with this gorgeous girl, I can't even process it. It feels like a dream.

I wasn't just-a Nobody- on the bench anymore. I was not just that loser who was horrible at lacrosse or that guy who hadn't had a date to that one party. No, I was a different person now and I liked this new me. I liked that I could be good at lacrosse and get the girl I always dreamed off. I liked showing off against that asshat Jackson. I liked gazing upon this rare beauty and being able to say that she was with me. It was, in a sense, liberating to me. I finally felt free.

But I knew that there had to be some universal cost. You couldn't just all the sudden gain the princess and get the kingdom without slaying a dragon or fighting off a witch. That was the reason why Stiles words shook me slightly.

"You're a werewolf,"

But that couldn't be. Werewolves were just make-believe after all. They were something to scare children with and make not to well written movies with. It could never be reality. No matter how weird my life got or how queer things seemed to me fantasy would stay fantasy and reality, reality. I took my mind off it. There was no use worrying about a myth, and miss out on this perfect night with this perfect girl.

Allison stood by me looking like my Cinderella, but more appropriately she was my snow white. Her raven black hair swept down her back and pale skin shined under the moon light, illuminating the smooth surface. Her red lips were a beautiful sight to behold.

She quickly gave me one of the drinks in her hand and smiled. "So Scott," she started as I sipped my drink, "Have you always been so good at Lacrosse?" she asked, I smiled and shook my head.

"No, I actually sucked," I told her finding a very surprised expression on her face. That look made me want to laugh. I held back though and continued, "But I guess I have a lucky charm this year." I eyed her hoping to find my flirtatious comment fruitful. To my amazement, the flattery bore many fruits.

She smiled as she shook her head, looking away with a faint rosy pink on her cheeks. I couldn't help but smile back at the innocent and rewarding movement. I mimicked the movement flustered as well.

Before I would never have been able to talk to a girl so boldly, but for some reason I felt better. I felt stronger, and, in a sense, I felt braver. I felt more driven to accomplish my goals. Before I was lacking something to drive me to be courageous like this, but thankfully I found it in those woods. I smiled to myself as I looked up from the ground.

Someone was watching me.

My smile faltered and my eyes narrowed to across the pool. I stared at the opposing figure. A lone figure was standing by a fire as still as a statue looking at me with interest and curiosity.

I returned the stare also interested in the man. He had black short hair and a nice smooth face, with blue piercing eyes. He definitely had a lot of muscle underneath his leather jacket and white shirt. Even I could see that from where I stood. He wore black pants and shoes as well, and even though I would never admit it he was handsome.

I only looked at him for mere seconds until he became familiar to my mind and eyes. I realized then that he was the man we had met in the woods. He had given me back my inhaler when I lost it the night before. Stiles had said something about him, and he had told me his name.

It was Derek... Derek... Derek Hale.

His family died in a house fire, and from what Stiles told me no one survived. Derek was supposedly staying in that very house his family was murdered in. Why he even thought about coming back I had no idea. Just coming back to this town was strange but living in a house where your family died. Now you're just begging for attention from the populous.

So the questions beckoned, what was he doing here, but more properly what was he doing at Lydia's party?

We both stared at each other trying to figure the other out. It was much like a dance that we had been intertwined in. My footing trying to match his as we both examined the other like meat on a plate. This performance was familiar to me. We had done the same in the woods.

He had stared at me in the same way back then. His blue eyes moving over my body and grazing over it like a predator. I felt like he was looking over my body to see whether it was worth picking at and tearing apart. Those eyes moved over my body meticulously. There was something about Derek Hale, something different about him that seemed daunting but alluring as well.

Our stare was suddenly broken as a dog began barking towards our direction. The dog was madly yelping like his life depended on it. Derek turned his head to look at the hysterical animal. He looked at it pausing for several seconds.

He then turned his gaze back to me. His blue eyes had an intensity to them that sent shivers down my spine. He almost looked like he had found me out the wolf among the sheep. His eyes seemed to say "I've found you," in a calm whisper that made my heart race in my chest.

Derek narrowed his gaze towards me. We stared for only seconds before a person came in front of my view, snapping me out of the image of him. I waited there for the man to pass and when he moved Derek Hale was nowhere to be found.

I looked up on instinct at the moon in the night and I saw it. A creature that was so animal like. It had long sharp claws and black fur that seemed to be illuminated by the glaring light of the moon. Was that Derek? I thought, No it couldn't be! I told myself, That was just your imagination werewolves aren't really.

Scott, they will never be real! Derek is not one and you are not one! I scolded myself trying to keep my sanity as the thought of werewolves crossed my mind over and over again. The image of that animal continuously ran through my mind. And inside I felt like I was about to scream. Was Stiles right?

"You okay?" Allison asked dragging me out of me thoughts with a worried look. My eyes then traveled to the spot that I had seen Derek, but there was no trace of him. He was like a ghost I thought.

I recomposed myself and swiftly looked back at Allison and nodded my head, "What- yeah I'm fine," I said smiling like a little child. She smiled back a little hesitant to do so.

Silence then settled between us as our conversation quelled, and my mind went in a vacuum of time surrounded by Derek and nothing but him. That image kept flashing in my eyes, and the possibilities seeming more and more likely than before.

Worry settled into my bones.

Allison noticed the change in me though, and even though I could not see I knew she had a small sad smile on her face.

But then the music came on.

She nudged my shoulder effectively getting my attention. She took the drink with ease form my hand and settled both ours down. Then sweetly she smiled extending her hand.

I was hesitant. And then she had a twinkle in her eye and mischief on her lips.

I smiled reluctantly and nodded taking her hand. She led me into the middle of the growing crowd of dancing people. When we were in the center she wrapped her arms around me and we danced close together smiling like fools.

My mind was still on Derek Hale though. I couldn't help but grow curious about him. Why is he here? Why did he look at me like that? And why exactly was he so fixated on me? These were questions I asked myself and I either came up with a fantasy story or I do not know.

My mind grew ever distracted from Derek though. The breathing of Allison was made clearer. I could hear the slight gulps she made or the hitches in her voice as I touched her back and caressed it. I could hear almost anything form her slight breathing but nothing seemed as pleasurable as those hitches in her voice. Curious I wrapped my hands around her and her breath mode that same noise. It was lovely. A silent noise coming from her that only I could hear. I savored it.

Then I looked around the room as I danced with Allison, leaning in close to her form. Then my eyes caught something in a corner and as he looked towards them he found that he could hear them now. Moans were passed back and forth as tongues battled and licked each other. Hungry growls were what I heard but then they let go of the other's mouth. Then I saw who took part in the heated exchange.

It was Lydia and Jackson.

I shouldn't have been surprised, and I wasn't, what surprised me was the reaction to my gawking. Lydia began clawing at his back, moaning for more in soft breaths. "Oh, yeah baby," she said as he claimed her neck sending kisses here and there on her skin. And then her eyes met mine, but she didn't look disgusted at me staring. Instead she looked at me with lust.

I could smell it all around her body,

It smelled like an overbearing perfume but it also felt intoxicating and so very tempting. Lust, How could I smell this? I turned my gaze from her and then I took in the scent of Allison. It engulfed her body like a fire.

How did I not notice it before? How can I notice it now?

The smell sent me into frenzy and that was when my mind stopped asking questions. Allison then placed her forehead on mine. So I just let the scent embrace me. I could smell the want and the need that was growing within her. My hand moved over her arm for a slight touch and through the vibrations in her body I could feel that skip of a heartbeat.

I grabbed on to her tightly almost greedily with my hands clenching her jacket in a tight fist. Her breath was on my lips. The smell of mint and alcohol mixed with the unyielding Need. Her lips then brushed against mine, but something happened then.

I felt... warm. I felt too warm, and then came the pain.

Where was this intense pain and heat coming from?

I felt so dizzy.

What was it, was it the drink maybe?

Allison noticed my change in character, and she looked at me worried. "Scott, are you alright?" she asked. I nodded my head reassuring her even though I felt like something was about to burst out of me.

"I'll be right back." I said hurrying into the house and noticing the stares that I was getting.

My vision slowly became blurred and sweat trickled down my body.

I had to get out of there. I had to get home before I passed out. I thought, and I found Stiles.

He was looking at me very concerned saying, "Hey Scott, are you alright?" I ignored him and ran to the entrance of the house. The heat and pain was just too much and every second I stayed I felt like something bad was about to happen. It was something that I did not want anyone to see.

As I ran out I heard the footsteps of my friend trailing behind me. I could hear every little detail. I also heard the noise of a certain girl yelling my name.

"Scott!" she screamed over the loud music. I ignored her though when the pain started to grow. It quickly got to the point that I didn't want to talk. My mouth felt like it was being ripped opened from the inside. My hands hurt so much and there was such overwhelming pain in my face. My whole body hurt. Not one section was sparred from the cruel feeling. I squeezed my eyes shut and hoped the pain would go away but as that failed I ran harder. My breathing was coming out in wheezes that were labored and unnatural.

What was happening to me?

I soon heard the sound of my feet hitting the road and then felt the outline of my car. I got out the keys fumbling with them slightly but before I knew it I was in the car, driving away from the sounds and the lights.


"Scott!" I yelled again with no response coming from the boy who was supposed to drive me home. I watched him taking off to only god knows where.

I sighed in defeat while the car sped off into the night disappearing.

Now how am I going to get home?


I turned around with the sound of my name in my ear. It was a man who had called to me.

He was a man with dark hair, a smooth face, startling blue eyes, and a white shirt with a black leather jacket. He looked to me much older than me but I could not be sure looks can after all be deceiving.

"I'm a friend of Scott's," He said with a smile. "My name is Derek." I eyed him.

Was he his brother?

"Are you his brother?" I asked in curiosity. But the question was stupid he said they were friends, and just as I was about to correct myself he answered.

"I guess you could say that," He said smiling with pearly white teeth and sky blue eyes.


Although I had to admit that he seemed intimidating to me and there's something about him that did not sit right with me. It could have been his smile. It could have been his eyes. It could have been how he appeared out of nowhere but most of all it was his whole person that did not sit right with me.

He seems like he knows something that I don't. I smiled at him, still cautious.

He may not even be Scott's friend just someone looking for a quick grab.

"Why did he run off?" I asked and Derek sighed but he was not annoyed he was worried. And he wasn't faking it either he was very concerned.

"I'm not sure myself," He said looking down the street. "Do you worry about him a lot?" he looked towards me and nodded.

"Well recently, I have been." He said shrugging. I smiled at the stranger but it was a half-smile. My mind was still not satisfied yet that this man was someone I could trust. Maybe it was just me but he just did not sit right with me. Slowly though, I was beginning to believe him. There was a sliver of mistrust though.

"Well Allison, would you mind if I took you home?" He asked quickly with a warm smile spread across his face. I stared at him judging him. "I'm not sure," I stated. He smiled at me nodding, "I understand," he said with a slight frown on his face. "I'm glad you have sense unlike some other girls. You'll need it." He told me winking. Then he smiled starting to back up, turning away from me. He stalked over to the long street of cars.

"Wait!" I called to him he looked up a little hopeful. "I was just testing you, seeing if you would freak out or if you would walk away. You passed." I said and walked over to him.

"Besides, if you did try anything, you wouldn't know what hit you." The man raised his eyes brows and smiled in amusement.

"I don't doubt it," he said smiling as he waited for her to catch up to his side. When we were finally side by side he started to walk again. But the renitence that followed was a bit awkward for me.

"So tell me a little about yourself." He said while I sighed in relief slightly. It was better than the silence, but that was something everyone had asked me to do. I was the new girl in a small town and word spread fast. It spread faster than I would have even fathomed.

"Well I just moved to town." He cocked an eyebrow and stopped walking for a second. "You mean you are from the argent family?" I frowned, "Well, word gets out fast here." And didn't she know it.

After the small talk he seemed to be in slight discomfort, but the expression was only there for a few minutes before a smile spread on his face. "Welcome to the neighborhood," he said a bit sarcastic with a hint of sincerity as well. He opened the car door for me when we reached the shinning black car.

"Thank you," I said and leaned back in the seat as he closed the door.

He then went to his side and got in the car. Then off we drove. "You have a very nice car," I said sincerely rather than just saying it to talk about something. It was very clean and looked to be hardly used. Actually it looked brand new. Derek shrugged.

"It comes with the family," I scoffed, "Well must be a great family," I said looking at the car's back seats.

"Yeah..." He said seeming depressed at the statement.

Was that a touchy subject?

"You know Scott and I are brothers in a way that he doesn't really acknowledge yet." he said with a bit of agony in his voice.

I looked at him like he was a mystery, which he was. The way he seemed to have a dark aura around him I didn't know if it was just first impressions or something else. Soon silence was in the car and no one talked. I was puzzled over what he said 'Scott and I are brothers in a way he doesn't acknowledge yet' what did he mean by that? Were they step brothers and Scott was reluctant to accept it. Or were they just that close of friends I didn't know but if it wasn't that, what could he have meant. The silence began to tug on my conscious and Derek's cold stare didn't help. A luring dangerous feeling came creeping up as the silence engulfed my senses.

"What are you thinking about?" Derek asked with his eyes still on the road surprising me.

"Nothing just you and Scott, how you watch out for him," I said cautiously waiting for the sound of an answer. I watched his face grow frustrated a little but only for a second. His face quickly turned back to a cold look.

"I guess that's what Family does in times of need and hardships. They look out for each other even if they can't see they're in danger." He said with anger in his voice.

Was that directed towards me?

Did he think I would hurt Scott?

I saw him stare at me through the mirror. It was threatening. The look made me feel cold, very cold.

Even though I tried to hold back the shiver it came over me and my body shook. He noticed the movement and asked, "Are you cold?" I shook my head.

"No not really," He smiled saying, "You don't have to play the brave girl. There is a sweater in the back but you should take off your jacket first though." he pointed to the back of the car, and I reluctantly reached for the sweater.

I took off my jacket throwing it in the back not really paying much attention to it. I then slipped on the sweater ah-hinge as I felt the warmth.

"Thank you," he shrugged it off. "No problem," He said and then the slightest grin came to his face that shook me more than his cold stare. I was just glad he didn't notice my visible fear of the smile. I shook it off pulling my attention to the road.

It shouldn't take long to get home.

Then something occurred to me something I should have realized a while ago. My heart raced in my chest as my hands clenched. "Derek," I said making sure my voice did not falter or stutter. "Do you know where I live?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said and I knotted my eyebrows together as something like fear and caution came over me. "How do you know where I live?"

"Your family and I have a sort of history together." He didn't elaborate on it any more than that, but by the way he emphasized rudely at the word family it was obvious that whatever had apparently transpired wasn't good. If something bad did happen between them then that would explain his discomfort when he found out exactly who I was.

What had happened though?

The question escaped my mind when I saw my house come into view.

I sighed as he parked on the road and not the drive way relief washing over me. I got out of the car smiling grateful for the ride home.

"Thank you for the ride."

I said moving away from the car but he called to me, "Allison," I turned around and felt another shiver go up my spine. The sound of his voice had intensity to it. It was almost like he was giving me a command.

"Don't tell your father about this. I would rather him not think I was taking advantage of his daughter or something like that." I was going to say my father wouldn't think that, but thought better of it because he would think that.

So I nodded. I wanted to keep this as much a secret as he did. He would kill Scott if he found out I was left at the party and his friend or brother had to pick me up.

"Sure," he smiled and was about to roll up his window when I remembered.

"You want your sweater?" He shook his head. "No, you keep it. Take it as a Hi-nice-to-meet-you gift," I nodded.

"Thanks, oh and I didn't catch your last name," he smirked.

"Hale," he said softly, "It was nice meeting you Allison. I hope we meet again in the future." With those last words still in my ears he took off down the road waving from in the car. I turned around and went inside my house to find my father packing up again.

"Dad, where are you going?" I asked he shrugged.

"It's just some business don't worry sweetie," He stopped packing though and looked at me knowingly. "So how did your date go?" I rolled my eyes.

"Disastrous but it's all good I guess."

"Why what happened did he do something?" My dad asked being the very over protective parent he always is. "No," he sighed, "Good because I have a whole closet of things I could do to that boy." I rolled my eyes. My dad was a person who sold guns for a living, an arms dealer. He sold to the cops and many other people as well. That was probably where he was going now, work. I swear by how much time he spends in the garage and at his job I would think he was born with a pistol in his hand. I kissed my dad on the cheek.

"Night dad, don't over work yourself." He chuckled, "I wouldn't even dream of it. If I did I would never hear the end of It from your mother." he kissed my forehead.

"Night sweetie," When he was done kissing me goodnight I went up the stairs, but he stopped me. "Allison," he called, "Where did you get that sweater?" I was about to say from Scott's friend but thought better of it. It would just raise questions about who he was, what his name was, and excrete. Plus I don't think I want to tell him about Scott leaving me because he did have a closet full of things he could do to him. He waited there crossing his arms.

"From my date," I said quickly not wanted to cause too much suspicion. "I was cold so he lent it to me," He eyed me, "Alright," he said a smile on his face as he shook his head and muttered something about boys and tactics. He waved to me as he grabbed his things and went out the door.

"Bye honey,"

"Bye," I said watching him go. After the door closed I smiled confidently. Sometimes I couldn't lie to my Father I looked up to him and respected him too much to lie. It was a blessing and a curse really. Tonight though, it seems that no curse had befallen me. I smiled and went to my room passing my mom on the way. She looked at me up and down.

"Where did you get the sweater?" She asked and I sighed as my other parent inquired about my clothing. "It is from my date mom." She shook her head, "Back in the day it was a necklace, now it's a sweater. What has become of the teenagers?" I smiled and kissed her good night.

Then I finally got to my room and with a happy sigh I flopped down on my bed. I was exhausted and glade to be home with the comfy sheets. My eyes then grew heavy; I did not realize how tired I was until my back reach the mattress. My limbs went limp and even though I should change I was exasperated from talking running and worrying all day.

My eyes fluttered asleep with the last thought of Scott.

I wonder where he ran off to.


I slammed my bedroom door taking off my shirt and jacket. I needed to cool down. The pain, it was overwhelming. It felt like sharp edges were underneath my skin probing it form the inside out. My fingers felt as if a knife were at each tip probing the skin beneath. I crawled into the bathtub and turned the water to cold. I felt the pain inching away bit by bit. A sigh escaped my throat in relief.

But it didn't help one bit because it came back with a vengeance. Now those points were ramming through me. Those knifes broke past my skin stinging my flesh and leaving it open to fester. I squeezed the side of the tub a gushing feeling scathing in my mouth like it was being ripped opened. As I slowly let go and looked down at my hands I noticed how abnormal they were. The water dripped over me settling my temperature but it did nothing for my state of mind.

Something was coming out of them.

Are those claws?

How could this happen?

Am I really a werewolf?

As the nails came through I stood up, slipping a little as I got out but I steadied myself. I looked at my teeth in the mirror. There were large canines in my mouth now. I looked with wide eyes at the growing teeth and then my gaze traveled up. And I saw my face. My eyes, they glowed a deep yellow color.

I looked into the mirror in disbelief hoping, wishing this was a dream.

Please be a dream.

The feeling of knifes in my body came back, and it quickly became known that the sweet wish wasn't granted and this was real. Then I heard the knocking on the door.

"Scott! It's me, Stiles! You okay, Scott?!" I moved my way towards the door and opened it slightly.

"Scott let me in! I can help." He said pleading, but I didn't know what I could do to him. What this transformation could do to anyone. What it could do to my mother, my friends and- Allison!

"No, is Allison okay?" I asked. He stopped and answered, "Yeah she's okay she got a ride home everything's fine." I shook my head, laying my forehead on the door. I slightly winced at the pain from my mouth and face.

"No, everything is not okay!" I tell him urgently. I had to warm him, tell him before something else happens to me. "I know who it is. It's Derek he's the one who bit me. He's the one who killed that girl." I said hoping the words would sink in to him. He stopped and stayed completely silent. It was not the silence of just shock but knowing and it was not something I liked. I could smell the worry and fear pouring off of Stiles.

"Scott," he said pausing, "Derek is the one who drove Allison home," my eyes widened in shock


I slammed the door and locked it running to my window and jumping out.

I felt the moon shine its light on me. I howled to it as I felt the last of the transformation take effect. I snarled trying to find her scent while seeing everything in my red vision like it was day. I felt a whole new strength surging through me, but I didn't glimmer in the strength long. I needed to find her, Allison.

I ran towards her scent.

Derek Hale, if I find you I'm going to ripe your throat out.

I ran into the moonlight night.