Driving around the town with my windows rolled down, summer almost near us, is refreshing. The town has become quieter now that Autumn has passed, no more suspicious deaths or gory killings like we have had for the past few months. Everything seems to go dormant, quiet now that the sun shines down and the grass grows greener every passing day, the flowers bloom. It suits the changing of the season and makes me relieved that we don't have to deal with any more grief and death.

Girard went to prison for life while his fellow accomplices got half of his sentence. Allison wasn't charged with murder or sent to jail. She got tried as a child, not an adult. She had to do community service hours and a number of other things as well for being with the others, but besides that, she was let go. And it was a good thing that the judge decided that too, her grandfather influenced her to go there and she was obviously traumatized by the experience. She hasn't been herself since then, putting her in jail would only make it all worse.

Peter Hale also stood trial for the killings after Derek brought his uncle in. He hadn't known about any of the dealings that his grandfather did, thought that he was too ill to do any of it. But after linking together everything that happened, and a testimony from his nurse as well as Derek, he was sent to prison. He was given the death penalty for his crimes.

He is still sitting on death row right now, trying to weasel his way through appellate court, saying that he was falsely accused or pleading insanity. In time he will eventually get what he deserved. There is too much evidence for him to slip out of the court or to be given only a life sentence. He killed four people, all of which he had a clear motive to want to harm. They were all involved in the murder of his family and the burning of the Hale house.

Attention has been drawn from the media about the gruesome murders that took place here and the bizarre events. But all of that has almost died down, fading away with Winter's chill. And everybody seems to be better off for it.

I even think that Stiles attention has now been drawn to a girl or someone of interest. He talks longer on the phone in softer tones and wants to stay after school more, not only for Lacrosse. Things haven't been this good in a long time. Longer than any of us really wish to think about. I certainly don't. All I want to think about is the future. I pull up into the McCall's household, grabbing the groceries I got and heading for the door. The next second I catch Melissa coming out of the door, in a simple dress, yet still as lovely as ever. "I bought what you asked me too. What are you going to make?"

I pull up into the McCall's household, grabbing the groceries I got and heading for the door. The next second I catch Melissa coming out of the door, in a simple dress, yet still as lovely as ever. "I bought what you asked me too. What are you going to make?"

She smiled at me mischievously, helping with the groceries and pecking my lips. "You'll have to wait until it's done to find out," I smirk as we walk into her house, not talking about the past events or any of the cases that are currently back at the police station. I sit down the food on the counter and help her prepare the meal, thinking only of her and how beautiful she is. Life hasn't been this good in a long while.


The day at school is beginning to dwindle down as I pace the empty halls with Lydia, watching her talk about chemicals and geometry. She pronounces everything beautifully like she is speaking French, her lips perked up in a small smile. "Are you paying attention?"

"More so than you think," I tell her, leaning towards her face, about to give her a small kiss. She stops me, raising an eyebrow. "Come on, Stiles, stop thinking with your dick and more with your brain. Let's get this started so we can win at the Science fair."

"Can't we do a volcano? You know the judges love that shit." She rolls her eyes, but there is a sparkle in her gaze that lets me know she is amused. "Are you a fourth grader?"

"If I say yes, can we do that?" She pushes me away and tosses her hair back, not yet agitated because she is grinning. "Alright," I relent as we move into the lab room, with the other competitors doing their own experiments, "let's do this. We'll show them up like we're Einstein and Hawking, babe."

"So I'll make the atomic bomb, while you write the theory on Black Holes," Lydia tells me without shame. I laugh at her quick wit and rebuttal back and forth with her while doing as she said and writing down the equations for our science experiment. She likes to do the hands-on work, the actual building of our projects. I don't oppose the writing of it, and I'm less of a risk taker than she is. She has too much confidence to be scared to do this while I'm more reserved for the writing.

We work in silence after a while, each doing what they were assigned. And I can't help but feel at peace with her. I'm so lucky and damned happy to have her in my life. I've had a crush on her since around sixth grade and now she is with me. What kind of crazy twist is that? I never thought that we would be together, mostly because she was with Jackson. Since he left, quite abruptly after he stood trial against Gerard Argent to run away to London, she was more open to spending time with me and Scott as well. She knew our secret now and kept it.

Since he left, quite abruptly after he stood trial against Gerard Argent to run away to London, she was more open to spending time with me and Scott as well. She knew our secret now and kept it.

She helped Scott to channel some of his new powers now and researched about it alongside him. She was just as curious as I was about Scott's power and what he could do. It was nice to have someone else there to help me with Scott and who knew about it. It made things easier for me if I couldn't be there for him and she could be.

After a while of spending time together, we both ended up falling for each other and trying out a relationship. So far it has been going well. There isn't anything bad between either one of us, no fights or arguments that went on for too long, or got us into brutal fights. So I'd take that as a win. And hopefully, it would stay this way. Maybe in the future, things might work out for us.

"Hey, " Lydia calls, making me snap my head up to stare at Lydia, watching her strawberry blond hair get tossed behind her shoulder to reveal her collarbone and pale skin. "Want to get out of here?" she says smiling coyly as she nodded towards the back of him where their competitors used to be, now they were gone. He smiled and nodded his head, taking her hand as she leads them away. He doesn't ever want to let her go.

"Want to get out of here?" she says smiling coyly as she nodded towards the back of me, where their competitors used to be, now they were gone. I smiled and nodded my head, taking her hand as she leads us away. I don't ever want to let her go.


The woods bloomed with life, with the trees leaves green and bright overhead, new plants growing and sprouting from the ground. Birds chirped in the air while I shuffled through the life in bloom around me. It is nice to the difference here, the contrast between winter's chill and frost to now with spring bringing green back into the world around. I hurry to Derek's house, sensing that he is there. When I come over to it, I see Derek sitting on the porch and resting, his house is still charred and blackened, but I can see the newly bought wood and other tools laid hazardously outside.

Derek had told me that he wanted to start to rebuild his home, to make a better one in its place. He said that he wanted us to live in it at one point. The thought that the two of us would live in a house that had so much death and horror inside it made me shiver a little. I could sense the ghosts that lingered there, some still in dreadful pain from the past. Derek had reassured me that this home would be a new beginning. And I couldn't help but to agree with him, especially when he smiled so brightly at the prospect of renewing it with life. The ghosts of old would still linger here, but I was confident that with time and love this house could dispel them from here.

My powers have been growing since the day that I discovered them. I can sense different presences, supernatural ones, now. I can hear the ghosts in the house, sense other werewolves around me and I can even feel the life inside every breathing being. It is a strange and new development, but one that grows with me instead of coming all at once. I practiced my talents with Lydia, having her as a guide when I wanted to try something new.

The girl is now a trusted friend of mine and Derek's, though it was hard at first to let her into our tight circle, it was well worth the effort. I slowly move towards Derek, making sure to make myself known to him so that I don't startle the man. I can see Derek smile with his eyes closed, probably having smelled me long before. "I thought you were going home today."

"Change of plans, my mother decided to have a date," I flop down on Derek's lap, uncaring of the sweat that gleams across his skin or the fact that he was shirtless. I have seen him that way so many times now that it doesn't bother me at all or cause me to blush anymore. In fact, I prefer him with his shirt off, makes having fun with him easier. "So I decided to have my own date."

Derek raises his eyebrow at me but does not shake me off his lap or protest to the idea. He only eyes me carefully. "What?"

"You know that we had a deal."

"Yeah, I know, do your homework first blah blah blah manly voice, college," Derek laughs at me, his smile brightening up his cheeks into a light pink as his eyes shine down on me. "You know you really are a pain in the butt to have around."

"Isn' that what I'm supposed to be saying," I lean into his ear boldly and whisper, letting all my fears and doubts scale away when I catch the smell of lust in the air, Derek's smell.

"When did you get so daring?" Derek questions as he leans forward to smell me, his hands going up my shirt. "You like it," I breath in a gasp as Derek starts to palm at my groin, not wasting any time, but then he suddenly stops.


"Do you want to do this?" he asks, he always asks now. Since the time when he took advantage of me at my house, every time that we start anything sexual he asks me first, repeatedly. He doesn't want what happened between us to ever occur again, going so far as to completely stop in the middle of everything to ask me again and again.

But it wasn't any trouble for me, it actually excited me to know that he cared so much to ask, even when I initiated the kissing. I'll admit that when we started to do things, flashes backs started happening, moments when I remembered what had occurred between us. He was there for me, though, patient and kind, willing to do anything to ease any of my worries.

With time, I was able to heal. Not that what happened will ever leave me, but it got better to deal with. And because Derek was so caring and considerate, it helped out a lot. And besides, when he asks me, it isn't always as deliberate as this. Sometimes, he will ask me in a deep husky voice, with his hands touching me in all the right places and whisper into me hear in such dirty and ways if I want to have sex. It's such a turn on for me now that I'm disappointed when he doesn't ask me like that.

"Yes, I'm sure," I say and kiss him on the lips, hearing the woods around us echoing with life and vigor, the trees creaking in the spring wind. He then picks me up and we go inside, forgetting the past troubles we faced and all that we have been through, in here we focus on one another. We listen to each other's breathing, the pleasure in our voices and nothing else. In here we love each other until we fall asleep without a spot of any of it given to the outside world.


Scott is asleep in my arms, safe and protected as we lay across the large mattress in the living room. It's dark outside, the night quiet with Scott's breathing taking over the room. Moonlight streams in from the windows, making Scott seem like an angle as it coats his skin in a wondrous pale glow. I take another smell from him and let it drown me. I cherish this moment, let all my senses relish in the way that he smells and everything that is him.

It's been years since I have had a family or a relationship that I could count on. This is more than I ever thought I would get. When I came here, my thoughts were on revenge and ambitions. They were not on starting a new family or gaining something so precious and dear to me. There were on bloodshed and hate. Now, everything has changed. And it is all because of the boy that rests peacefully in my arms. A smile graces my lips as I feel him reach for my warmth, curling back into my chest. I place my arms over him, whispering in his ear how much he means to me.

I then start to fall back into sleep, thinking how that one night we met put everything into place.

The End

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