A/N: Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
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Happy Birthday to me.

I'm 13 today, and finally old enough to be on this site. I've already been on for five months. Just couldn't wait! So I figured I'd post this oneshot to celebrate that I'm now officially a teenager. It was also my little sister's birthday eleven days ago. She's seven. Ali and Leta's reactions are based on her.

And it seems that FX (English channel BTW) know it's my birthday, as today they showed old replays of Truth or Consequences and Reunion, so I'm in total Tiva heaven! Because he couldn't live without her, and he always had her back!XD

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Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

"Mommy! Daddy! Wake up!"

"Ima! Aba! Guess what day it is?"

The peaceful silence of the house was shattered at twelve minutes past five in the morning. The two girls bounded across the hallway, squealing excitedly, into their parents' bedroom. They jumped upon the bed, shouting at their parents to get up. Tony and Ziva groaned, rolled out of bed, and followed their twin daughters downstairs.

Aliza Tali and Letizia Caitlin DiNozzo were seven years old today. After three painful weeks of constant reminders ('it's our birthday soon' became a daily thing), the day was finally here.

Downstairs, the kitchen table was littered in presents, all wrapped neatly in sparkly paper. Upon seeing this, the girls squealed in delight, and rushed over to them. In the corner, there were two odd parcels, which were distinctly bike-shaped.

They decided to leave breakfast until later, and let the twins open their presents quickly. After quickly ripping open the envelopes and scanning through the cards, they moved on to the presents, eagerly tearing off the paper.

Thirty minutes and one very messy kitchen later, all the presents were revealed. They had both gotten new bikes – their old ones now getting too small – and many other gifts from their parents and extended family. They received My-First-Chemistry sets from Aunty Abby, beautiful illustrated story books from Uncle Ducky, a massive stack of Nutter Butters from Uncle Probie, a life-size model of the human skeleton from Uncle Jimmy and a wooden doll house from Grandpa Gibbs.

Later, after a busy day at Gibbs' house full of party games and chocolate cake, the DiNozzo family finally got home. The twins, now too tired to walk from the car, were carried inside by their parents, who promptly tucked them into bed.

"Happy birthday, Ali. Happy birthday, Leta. Laila tov," Ziva whispered, kissing the girls' foreheads in turn. She turned and walked over to her husband who was stood in the doorframe. He immediately wrapped his arms around her, his hands coming to rest on her swollen belly.

"We did good with the girls, didn't we?" Tony said, leaning over and kissing his pregnant wife's cheek.

"Yes," she said. "We did. I love you, Tony."

"I love you too Ziva. Forever and always."

"Forever and always."

A/N#2: Just some pointless, plotless Tiva fluff! It was written in the space of fifteen minutes, and would've been longer, but it's nearly midnight and I want to get it posted whilst it's still actually my birthday. Just a oneshot, won't be continued, but we may see more of Ali, Leta and mystery-baby in the future if I feel like it. Not just yet, though.

A/N#3: Just in case you were wondering (which you probably weren't but hey-ho) Aliza and Letizia mean 'happiness' in Hebrew and Italian.

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