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"Halloween is two weeks away, Bella. You're getting a costume and you're coming to this party."

Alice and I had been best friends since childhood. Never having been one to pass up a party, she insisted on dragging me along with her to every last fucking frat party in the Seattle metropolitan area until she landed the guy of her dreams; The Cowboy.

"You are the bane of my existence, do you know that? You only want me to come so you can ogle Jasper all fucking night. I'm not interested in being the third wheel," I huffed. She was interrupting me from studying like I had planned. "Go find yourself the sluttiest Annie Oakley outfit in town and dress Tex up as a cowboy to match. You two will make the perfect pair. You don't need me there."

"Will you at least come shopping with me today?" She fluttered her eyelashes and gave me the good ol' Alice pout-face she knew I couldn't say no to.

"Ugh, fine. Let's go."

We settled into her car, the highly inconspicuous (wink, wink) bright yellow Porsche that Daddy gifted her with at our high school graduation. Alice was always well put together but much more humble than her parents, who were more interested in keeping up with the Joneses than taking care of their daughter. They seemed to think that expensive gifts and a no limit Black Card equaled love while they traipsed around the world and left Alice alone most of the time.

This was how we had become such close friends. Charlie, the copstache wearing overprotective but incredibly lovable father of mine had always had a weak spot where Alice was concerned. He'd probably ended up spending more time with her than her own father ever did. Since the two of us had gone off to college, when we went home for holidays or breaks; Alice always came to our house.

Despite her denial, I knew the relationship, or lack thereof with her parents troubled her and caused her to seek out emotional attachment with one too many of the wrong kind of man in our years of friendship. Since she'd met Jasper though, things had been different. Tex treated her like a princess, just like she deserved.

While I on the other hand had been single since senior year of high school and could care less about dating anyone. My last boyfriend, Tyler and I had dated for three years. He had been my first everything and the douchebag cheated on me with that whore Jessica Stanley after a night of drunken stupidity that the kids of Forks liked to participate in. He groveled and begged and apologized... and I told him to fuck off.

Nobody should be surprised that I wasn't interested in dating. Not that I wouldn't have minded getting a little action sometimes, but whatever; I just wanted to finish college and focus on my career. There was always time for meaningless sex later and I was not shy about owning a very well used sex toy.

"Where exactly are we going, anyway?" I asked her as she sped off down the street and I grabbed for the oh shit bar.

"There's this new place, it just opened downtown for the season I think... Jasper told me about it so I thought we could check it out first."

"Shoulda known it was Tex."

"Ugh, could you not call him that, please?" I flipped her the bird and turned the radio on, ending the conversation.

We pulled up outside the rickety-est fucking building centered somewhere in the middle of

downtown; the sign out front read: Esme's Ensembles. Smiling to myself I rolled my eyes as I exited the car.

"I thought you said this was a Halloween store?"

"It is... I guess. A pair of brothers own it now. Esme was their mother... she was a costume designer. Jasper said they kept some of her designs here so people can rent them and they're turning the other side of the building into a Halloween store."

"Are they even open?"

"For us they are," she said before giving me a wink.

She grabbed my hand and drug me in the direction of the entrance. Please let it be locked, please let it be locked. Admittedly, I was only mildly afraid that we might never leave since the place really was giving me the creepiest fucking vibe. Red velvet drapes lined the front of the store, making it impossible to see inside before we walked through the front door. Instead of your standard jingling bells when the door opened, they had a fucking screamer, as in a lady who screams her head off and scares the shit out of you as you walk inside. That wasn't helping me with the whole scared out of my wits issue I was having. Thankfully, it didn't last long. It was clear that the other side of the door was where the 'brothers' had focused all of their efforts.

To my surprise, the place was actually clean. It looked to be your typical carbon copy of one of those Halloween Express stores. Racks had been scattered about and they held plastic covered costumes... French maid, power ranger and... Oh lord! Did that really say 'Night Time Romeo'–Do people actually wear this shit and is he wearing lipstick? Shaking my head with a tiny laugh I continued to observe the store. Tables with black cauldrons held cheesy Halloween trinkets... fake blood, plastic vampire teeth and ugh, those fake plastic snakes. Typical.

My arms instinctively went to my chest, crossing them impatiently as Alice flitted forward and started browsing around as if it wasn't completely strange that there appeared to be nobody in the store besides us. "Alice," I whisper-hissed. "Are you sure they're open?"

"We're open!" Turning, I found myself face to chest with a giant. With dimples... and big arms... and a smile that could probably charm the panties off my grandmother.

But I still squeaked because he'd been right fucking there and I hadn't expected him to be so damn close. To which he laughed a loud, barking, bellowing laugh that filled the whole store and was kind of infectious. Discretely, I took the opportunity to get the status of his ring finger. Unoccupied. What was that I said about meaningless sex? Yeah, forget that. You didn't really think I was serious about that, did you? Who was I kidding. I had about as much chance with this guy as Steven Tyler had of picking out a pair of pants that don't securely hug his nuts.

"Hey Al, who's your friend?" He asked as he surveyed my face and then looked beyond me in her direction. "Is Jazz with you?"

Okay... It was at this point I realized that apparently they knew each other.

"Emmett this is Bella, Bella this is Emmett. He's a friend of Jazz' and no, he's not with us. We came to get costumes for the party," she finished excitedly.

"Wrong," I said. "She came to get a costume and brow beat me until I came with her," I finished with a jerk of my thumb in Alice's direction.

"Aww, come on Booella. Not into the Halloween spirit?"

"Not particularly," I muttered, wandering over to peer inside the cauldrons and picking up one of the the plastic snakes as a distraction.

"Well girls, there are dressing rooms," he pointed to the back, "through that door. If you need anything I'll just be behind the counter."

"Thanks Em!" Alice shouted as she came over and grabbed me again. She had an armful of costumes and none of them looked like cowgirls. She walked straight toward the dressing rooms and pushed me inside one, handing me a costume. "Not taking no for an answer."

Knowing she would never let me out of this store alive if I didn't put on the costume, I relented. Without even looking at what it was, I stripped down to my bra and panties and started pulling the costume over my head. Okay, so I tried. Who the fuck makes a costume out of... wait, what the hell is this made out of?

"Alice, I am not putting this on," I whispered. "I don't even think I can get it on."

"Give me a second and I'll come help you."

I stood there, ass hanging half out of whatever-the-fuck this was and waited for her to come over and help me. Noticing that they didn't have mirrors in these dressing rooms, I couldn't even try to see what kind of contraption she was forcing me into.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she pushed aside the curtain and walked inside looking like what I'm sure every cowboy's wet dream would be. "Turn around," she said.

So I did and she tugged and she pulled and finally she clapped her hands and pulled me back unexpectedly and holy fuck, where did he come from? Sweet Jesus, Esme should have made a living selling her eggs. This woman sure could make 'em pretty.

"Fuck," he whispered, his lower lip settling between his teeth as he hissed quietly and looked me over.

Sexy McFuckingDelicious started his perusal at my bare feet and appraised slowly, his green eyes scorching up my body until they met my chest and lingered. I swear everything moved in slow motion, like someone had hit a button and was moving us forward one frame at a time because I felt his eyes on every inch of my body as he moved up. And fucking Alice had to break the moment, effectively preventing him from continuing to get lost in my rather mighty fine looking cleavage. I was pretty sure the girls had been moments away from successfully hypnotizing him into taking us into the dressing room and demonstrating how to get out of this dress with the quickness.

"Hey Edward," she sang annoyingly from behind me.

So she obviously knew Mr. Will-you-father-my-children-or-at-least-help-me-practice-the-act-of-making-them, fucking traitor. Wasn't it supposed to be like, a chick law or a commandment or something; thou shalt not hold out on the hottie when your friend is single and could use a good lay?

Screw Dimples... I'd like to take him home. Could somebody ring me up please?

He continued to stand there and stare openly, looking all lickable while I took the opportunity to eye fuck him a little; waiting for Alice to introduce me to my future husband.

Hotstuff was all pale skin and crazy hair like he'd just rolled out of bed. His odd colored hair was almost the color of a penny with flecks of brown and black mixed in between. It's almost the same color as that one guy with the lipstick; you can be my Night Time Romeo, baby. His green eyes sparkled and made my knees wobble. Yes, I said they sparkled and no I'm not insane. He had a jaw that I just wanted to sink my teeth into and nibble on for hours... and those lips, all pink and pouty and ready to be kissed.

His voice broke me from my fantasy and it was all velvet and smooth and if this dress wasn't so tight I'm pretty sure I might have melted into a puddle at his feet.

"Hey Alice," he said and then he blushed when his eyes darted back to me and I smiled at him knowingly. He. Blushed. As if he couldn't have gotten any damn cuter.

The traitor pixie chose that moment to push me a little, causing me to stumble toward him and almost face plant directly into his crotch. Luckily he was quick, he somehow managed to catch me by the tops of my arms and pull me upright, a small smile playing across his lips like he was trying not to laugh at my clumsy ass.

"This is my friend Grace..." Alice joked and I turned to give her my 'shut the fuck up right now' look. "Sorry," she corrected. "Edward, this is Bella."

"Hello Bella," he said quietly, turning the full force of the sparkly eyes on me.

His hands were still wrapped around the tops of my arms and in an instant he seemed to realize that he was still touching me. He acted almost hesitant to let me go, only loosening his hands a tiny bit before letting the tips of his fingers trail softly down the skin of my bare arms, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake. I shivered and made no attempts to move, still hoping that Alice would magically disappear and we could get to the earlier business I'd been thinking about

in the dressing room. Now that I'd seen the fingers I had absolutely no questions about whether or not he'd be able to help me out in more ways than one.

"Hi, Edward," I finally managed to say.

"Is Jazz with you?" He asked, looking away from me toward the shrimp who was now on my shit list.

"Nope, just the girls," she quipped. "What do you think?"

"Of what?" He asked confusedly as I stepped back a little and turned, crossing my arms over my chest again. Sparkly eyes followed the movement and openly stared as all my arm crossing did was squish the girls up higher and make them look even better, if I did say so myself.

"The costumes," she said and his head snapped up to my face where I stared purposively at him. Oh yeah, you were checking out the goods. He smiled sheepishly and reached up to run his fingers through that messy bed hair.

"Jasper will definitely like that," he laughed and pointed toward Alice. "Are you... coming to the party?" His eyes darted to mine again quickly.

"Yes we are," she looked at me and widened her eyes in warning, telling me not to even try arguing.

"I'll let you girls finish," he said, moving toward the exit of the dressing rooms. "It was nice to meet you, Bella," he called over his shoulder.

As soon as the coast was clear I rounded on Alice, "What the hell?" I questioned and she smiled, all Cheshire cat and annoying.

"He's cute huh?"

I couldn't even answer her because I was still feeling all fucking bitter that she had been holding out on me with the hottie.

"Can you help me out of this?" I asked. She tried giving me the sad puppy dog face but I continued ignoring her until she started untying the strings at the back of the costume. Once everything was undone she helped me peel it off and I got my own clothing back into place. Suddenly feeling a little self-conscious about what... okay, whom was standing outside. With a sigh I stepped out just as Alice did, waiting for her to go first.

"We need to get you some teeth... oh and fake blood, definitely fake blood," I followed behind her and let her pick up whatever she thought I might need, she rambled off while I stared longingly toward the front of the store...

Should have known she would win this battle.


Why did I let him talk me into this again? That thought had been the predominant mantra in my head not only for the past two weeks leading up to Halloween, but for the last year or so. Emmett's weird fucking obsession with the holiday and his desire to turn our mothers business into his own store drove me a little nuts. Nothing I said could deter him, and Rosalie wasn't helping me curb his fucking enthusiasm like she normally would have. She and Emmett had been together for years, and usually it was easy to count on her when I needed some revenge, but apparently that wasn't happening this fucking time.

Now that her brother—my best friend—was dating the Red Bull mascot also known as Alice, she'd been all distracted with finally having another girl. I swear, the only thing those girls talked about was makeup and tampons and other shit I didn't care to listen to. The only time I ever paid attention to Alice was when she started blabbing on about how she knew the perfect girl for me and she was so sure that we would hit it off. She harped on me whenever she could and I just nodded and smiled and glared at Jasper behind her back, he knew I wasn't fucking interested in any hook-ups.

Emmett had come into my room that morning all crying and begging me to come and check out what he'd done with the store. I should have known at the time that he was just using me for manual labor because somehow I'd ended up in the back room unpacking what looked like way too much crap that he'd wasted money on.

And then I fucking walked out of the back room and what do I see? My dream girl. She's dressed in what I could only describe as the best costume ever to be invented by man. Hugging every curve of her tiny body and begging me to touch her... everywhere. And of course my awkward ass could barely speak as I'd stood there gaping at her tits and imagining what it would be like to push her up against the wall or to have her writhing beneath me in my bed, screaming out my name in ecstasy.

After being caught ogling her cleavage and an awkward fucking introduction I tried to excuse myself to prevent any further embarrassment. I stood at the front of the store and watched her follow behind Alice while she fluttered her lips and Bella just rolled her eyes. Hah, I guess I wasn't the only one who didn't listen to most of what she said.

As the day of the party approached I'd actually found myself looking forward to it, excited to see her again. Bella. Maybe a little liquid courage would give me the balls I needed to make a move. This party was in my house after all, so if I could manage keep my eyes off her delicious body in that costume I knew she'd be wearing, and talk her up a little... I figured maybe I could work up the nerve to ask her for a date or some shit.

The preparations for the party were set. The house had been decorated by Emmett in all his Halloween infatuated haze since like, not even lying... July. He started earlier every year and always went overboard. After helping to set up the bar in the living room and hearing him instruct me on playlists for the evening, I'd gone upstairs to put on my costume before guests started to arrive.

Though I usually settled for the standard "This is my costume" generic t-shirt, I had decided this year that dressing up for once might be a nice change. I'd chosen the most comfortable thing I could find in the store, knowing it was the best choice for me. So what if it was the cliché boring vampire costume, at least it wasn't a t-shirt. Girls are all fucking hot for vampires right now, right?

As I put the costume on, fastening the cape around my neck, I popped in the cheap plastic teeth and did my best to tame the mop on my head to no avail. It never fucking behaved when I needed it to. Just as I'd given up on it, I heard a commotion downstairs. I tip-toed over and opened my door to listen before walking down to see who had arrived and I heard Alice... and I fucking knew she would be here now.

My palms started to sweat and embarrassingly enough my dick started to get hard because god damn that costume was fucking sexy. Forcing myself to move forward, I walked down the steps slowly and tried to think of something to make Edward Jr. calm the fuck down.

Golden Girls. Blanche. Cheesecake. Ugh, okay... that did it.

Reaching the bottom of the steps I looked around. Nobody was in the foyer so I figured they must have moved to the kitchen. Taking a deep breath to prepare myself, I began moving to head in that direction.

As I walked through the door I saw Emmett and Rose, who had chosen to match this year and dressed themselves as Tarzan and Jane. Honestly, I could have done without seeing my brother in a loin cloth or whatever the fuck it was that he wasn't wearing enough of, but I had to admit that Rose didn't disappoint in the Jane department at all.

Alice and Jasper were matched as well, as I'd assumed would be the case by seeing the slutty cowgirl costume she'd been wearing at the store. He had a lasso wrapped around her torso and was all cowboy'd out, spurs and all. It suited him, being from Texas originally; he never had given up the dream of ropin' and ridin' and apparently he was ropin' Alice... and I was sure he'd be ridin' her later.

Then my eyes met hers, all pretty brown and long lashes. Eyes smoky and looking mysterious... Her skin was paler than it had been before, obviously added for the effect of her costume. Her heart shaped lips were painted blood red and she had drops running down her chin... down across the column of her throat and trailing just inside the top of her cleavage.

Do not get lost in the boobs... yet.

Her long brown hair was flowing in waves across her back leading down toward the curve of her ass and I looked away before little Eddie decided to join the party again. Turning quickly around, I reached for the fridge and opened it, grabbing a beer. I offered them around and when I got to Bella, she nodded her head and smiled at me all demurely with that come hither look that really fucking made me want to forget that anyone else was in the kitchen and lay her out across the table for the next... oh... couple of years.

To keep myself from throwing her over my shoulder and running off, I opened my beer and took a long pull. Emmett is Tarzan tonight, not you dude.

So after I'd gotten a handle and killed the awkward moment, I looked up and those fucking assholes had snuck out of the kitchen. Leaving us alone... I swore it felt like the temperature changed drastically–the kitchen got really fucking warm and I briefly wondered why I had decided that a cape was a good idea. Pulling my beer back to my lips I risked a glance at Bella out of the corner of my eyes and noticed that she was watching me. She raised one eyebrow at me while a small smile played across her lips. She looked me up and down slowly, as if she was undressing me with those delicious brown eyes.

Do I say something? No, shutup. Drink more.

She cleared her throat and leaned forward on her elbows, playing with the sticker on the front of her beer. Her position caused her top to droop down a bit, affording me a straight shot of her fucking luscious cleavage. Looking up at me from beneath her eyelashes, she started talking. "I got completely ambushed, what about you?" She asked with a small laugh.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean this," she gestured between us. "we've been set up I think..."

"Ah...um," I stuttered a little, my eyes still trained on the peek of skin she was displaying. "I think you might be right."

"Should we make the most of it then?" Her eyebrow went up again. "We do match after all..."

Chuckling nervously, I answered her, "I noticed that."

"So what do you say Romeo, do you want to be my mate?"

My eyes went wide and I gaped at her a little. She was obviously joking but the implication of her question made me hopeful. Even though I didn't know this girl, at all, something felt right and I could see myself being with her. It wasn't just that she was fucking gorgeous, there seemed to be even more underneath it all and I found myself desperately wanting to uncover everything about her. With a start, I realized she was still waiting for my answer while I stood there looking like a dumbass getting all deep and shit inside my head.

"I don't mind if you don't," I said, trying to sound casual... And not squeal like a fucking girl.

"Great," she smiled. "So, mate..." she purred. "When you're not peddling slutty costumes, what

do you with your time?"

"I'm actually a student at U-dub. It's Em's store... I just help out because if I don't, he threatens to send Rose to my room and well, she's not very nice sometimes."

"Hah, I've noticed. It's hard to believe that she and Jasper came from the same person, their personalities are so different."

"So what about you, Bella?"

"I'm also at U-dub," she came around the corner of the island and put her back against it, leaning back a little and resting her hands behind her; her beer forgotten. "I'm an English major."

"Pre-Med, with a minor in music," I pointed to myself as if she couldn't figure out on her own what the fuck I meant. Smooth.

"Oh yeah? Do you play?"

I nodded. "Piano mostly, but I also play the guitar and I've recently started enjoying the stress relief of beating on the drums."

She slid toward me slightly and reached up to run her finger along the edge of the cape. I gulped audibly and looked down at her. Her eyes were focused intensely on my chest and she bit her lip softly and looked up in my direction.

"That's kind of sexy you know." Her finger swirled around the edge once more and I tried to hold back the sudden urge I felt to faint.

I'd been with plenty of girls... okay not plenty. Okay two. Anyway, I knew what to do... I just, those girls had been long term relationships and the last one broke my heart. Ever since then, I'd had trouble even finding the energy to try dating anyone. I was admittedly a little out of practice and no girl had ever made me feel like this before. For god sakes, she made me blush and that never happens. Quickly realizing I was getting way off track in my thoughts again, I jumped back to what she'd said. What the fuck was I supposed to say in response to that? What was she even referring to? Was she saying she thought the cape was sexy?

Let's see if humor works. "It is a nice cape," I joked. Figuring that assuming she was referring to anything else was mighty cocky of me as I finished and looked down at her, throwing on the smirk that always seemed to get me whatever I asked for... Just for good measure.

She giggled and rolled her eyes. "It is, but I was talking about the music." Cue the blush. Damnit, what is it about this girl?

Alice walking back into the kitchen broke us from the bubble we'd created. I noticed that somehow we'd subconsciously moved even closer and I knew what small fry would assume. Excusing myself quietly, I noticed the satisfied, knowing smile on her face as I left them alone in the kitchen to begin making the rounds. I needed to mingle a little and could use a breather from the tension that was slowly but surely building between us.

However, it didn't make much difference, no matter where I went or who I spoke to; I could feel her in the room. Her eyes seemed to follow me. Since I'd had quite a bit more alcohol as the night wore on, I was feeling a bit more confident and finally, I took my chance and went to her.

She was perched against a wall on the other side of the makeshift dance floor, looking bored and glaring at some guy who was obviously trying to chat her up. Picking up my pace, I weaved myself through the crowd of horny couples who were rubbing themselves all over each other on the dance floor. Approaching, I pulled the plastic teeth from my pocket when an idea popped into my head and placed them into my mouth. Pushing dude aside slightly, I slid in next to her, wrapping my arms around her middle and pulling her back against my chest. I reached up and pulled her hair back, exposing her neck before opening my mouth a little and biting down. She squeaked but didn't fight it, molding herself against me as I looked up at the fucktard and pressed the teeth in deeper, letting him know who she belonged to.


Nudging her forward, I moved us toward the dance floor releasing her neck to whisper in her ear, "Let's dance."

She nodded in agreement and we stayed in that position. Her back pressed against my chest and her hips started to sway back and forth to the beat of the song. I moved my hands to her hips and guided her, trying as best I could to keep her little ass from rubbing against my dick. It was a lost cause, with every sway of her hips she seemed to push back against me more and more until I couldn't take it anymore. I lost it, tightening my grip on her and pulling her against me, letting her feel what she was doing to me.

"Can you feel what you're doing to me?" I whispered in her ear through what were now less than steady breaths.

She reached her arms up and grabbed for my hair, pulling my face to hers. There was no hesitation as she opened her mouth and her tongue came forward and pushed against my lips with a breathy moan that traveled down my throat and went straight to my balls, making them ache. Before returning her kiss I let her explore my mouth, her tongue tasted like beer, but her lips had the faint flavor of cherries from whatever lip gloss she was wearing. Finally pushing my tongue out to meet hers in the middle she let out another sound that made my grip against her tighten even further. I was aware that we were now effectively making out, in my living room, in front of a whole party full of people but nothing in the world existed in that moment except for her and I.

She tugged at my hair and the control I was hanging on to by a thread slipped even further. I let out a guttural groan against her mouth and plunged my tongue forward once more. Gone were the moments of taking this slow... The time to consume her had arrived. Breaking away from our kiss, I pushed her forward once again in the direction of the stairs.


To say that I wanted him was a complete understatement. I needed him, not just now, but I was sure it would be something I would never stop needing once this happened. From the moment in the kitchen until now as we both practically ran up the stairs, I had wanted this. Our climb up the stairs was quick, stopping only for brief moments as he pushed me against the wall to kiss my lips or lick along the exposed skin of my neck, or as I pushed him against the opposite wall to place my lips against any part of him I could reach.

We somehow arrived at a door and he fumbled behind me to open it, walking us inside and kicking it shut behind him. He reached out and turned the lock as I stood there staring at him in all his sexy wanna-be vampire glory with that fucking cape and the hair and... Fuck! If I didn't fuck him soon I was going to spontaneously combust from lack of orgasm.

He stayed glued in place as he reached up and undid the cape, letting it fall in a pool at his feet. He toed off his shoes and un-tucked his shirt from his pants. His sparkly eyes watched me the whole time, filling me with nothing but anticipation. Each button on his shirt was pulled open one-by-one and I was tempted to run forward and rip the damn thing, hurry him up... because we still had my extremely tight fitting contraption of a dress to get to and once that was off... well there wasn't anything underneath to hinder us from further exploring each other's' bodies.

As the last button on his shirt finally popped open, he stalked forward and let it fall into the pile with his cape. He reached down and deliberately undid the buckle of his belt as slowly as he possibly could, leaving it hanging loose around him. The undoing of his belt caused his pants to ride low across his hips, showing off the yummy dip of his abdomen and the patch of coppery colored hair that led to the Promised Land. I licked my lips in anticipation.

He stood in front of me now and we stared into each other's eyes. His hand came up and brushed across my cheek, one finger continuing its path downward until it met the dip in my cleavage and traced along the shell of my breast teasingly, a small half smirk on his face. His other hand came forward and gripped my hip and pulled my body, encouraging me to turn around. I turned and felt his hands run across the ties at the back of my dress, pulling at the bow on the bottom and loosening each row impatiently.

While he struggled he leaned forward and brought his lips against my shoulder, sucking softly.

Once he'd managed to loosen the dress enough to let it fall around my hips, exposing my chest, his hands came around me and moved up my abdomen until they rested just below my breasts. Cupping them gently, he continued to lavish attention on my shoulder with his tongue. One hand moved up and his palm brushed across my nipple, hardening it even further, almost painfully, while the other dipped low and crept into the tight bodice of the dress. It moved lower and lower until he palmed my sex in his hand and pressed a finger between my lips. Starting at the bottom he worked his finger up slowly until he circled it around my clit, causing me to cry out his name and beg him for more.

His hand made a few more passes against me and when I started to lose my balance he seemed to sense it and removed his hand, turning me back to face him again. He placed his lips against mine and I whimpered against him at the loss of contact but thrilled a little when he started tugging impatiently at the material gathered at my hips and began attempting to drag it down. I helped him by trying to wiggle a little until, finally, it peeled away and I was left standing before him, completely naked. He looked me up and down again, the heat of his eyes reminding me of how he'd looked at me that first day and making me crazy with want.

Reaching forward, I grabbed for the button on his pants and popped it open, taking my own turn to tease him a little. I reached for the zipper and moved it down slowly. Once it'd reached as far as it would go down I moved my hands up to his abdomen and traced the line of the muscles there, feeling them tense below my fingertips. Pushing my fingers into the waist band of his boxer briefs, I moved my hands around to his back and then lower until I gripped his ass in both hand and squeezed before moving my hands back forward and tugging the fabric down impatiently.

His erection sprang free as I moved lower and my eyes widened in surprise when I saw the size of him in front of me. Definitely not Tyler. Even when his pants continued to move down his legs without my help I continued in that direction, leaning forward and placing the flat of my tongue against the dip in the middle of his stomach and tracing it down slowly, moving slightly to the left and licking his hip bone as I settled in front of him on my knees and took him in my hand. Running my thumb over the head of him, I used it to stroke him up and down a few times. I leaned forward and placed his head between my lips, swirling my tongue a few times around him.

His hands came forward and he threaded his fingers into my hair, guiding the movements of my head with his hands as I began to move my mouth over him. He moaned loudly, muttering curse words and bucked hips toward my throat, pushing himself deeper. Looking up at him, his eyes were hooded and when they met with mine, the intensity I saw there caused me to cry out against him. Breathing heavily, he pulled back quickly and reached down for me.

He lifted me into his arms and I wrapped my legs around him, arching my back. He held me securely to him and moved forward, placing one knee and then the other on the bed behind me. His tongue lavished attention on my chest, swirling first around one nipple and then trailing across to the other while he crawled forward.

My hands moved to his hair, tugging roughly and pulling him into me, feeling like I couldn't get close enough to him. He pulled back for a moment, placing me tenderly on the mattress and backing up slightly. He leaned over and reached into a drawer next to the bed, pulling out a foil packet and tearing it open. I watched, biting my lip anxiously as he stroked himself a few times before rolling the condom onto himself.

He settled himself back between my legs, ass planted on his feet as he stroked up and down the inside of my thighs and stared at me for a moment. He was giving me a chance to back out, but I wanted this. Wanted him. "Please," I whispered, widening my legs and opening myself further to him.

His hands moved from my legs and up the sides of my body as he leaned forward. I felt him press against my entrance without any guidance, as if we were made to fit together this way. My arms rose above my head and grabbed for the comforter below us as his lips came in contact with mine again. No rushing or hurried movements this time. Slow, deliberate and passionate... He pushed his hips forward and I cried out against him as he eased himself inside of me until I felt our bodies meld together perfectly. The slight tensing of his abdomen pushed against my clit as he held himself still for a moment, his eyes looking down at where we were joined almost as if he couldn't believe how perfect we fit. I moaned gutturally and pushed my hips further into him, urging him to move.

He began thrusting with my moan, "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he repeated quietly with each slow, deep thrust inside of me. I matched his swearing with loud moans as he filled me fully with each pass of his hips.

Our bodies were covered in sweat before long as he continued moving in and out of me, I was hovering on the edge of release, "Edward, faster... please... harder."

He moved deliberately against me, pushing at the spot inside of me that caused my moans to become uncontrollable. One of his hands reached for mine and he linked our fingers together while the other trailed down and slipped between us. No teasing movements, he pushed against my clit without hesitation and no question at all that he knew exactly what he was doing to me. My inner walls began to tighten and his pace continued to pick up, the sound of our bodies meeting roughly filled the room along with our moans and heavy breathing. My stomach filled with butterflies and I felt my release begin and I cried out his name squeezing his hand with mine as I began to fall over the cliff and into oblivion.

"I can feel you Bella, come for me," he said... and I did, white flashing behind my eyes as my entire body tensed in pleasure and I squeezed around him.

After just two more deep strokes he followed behind me and with one final push into me his head went back, eyes closed and mouth open wide. He grunted and stilled his body, spilling into the condom inside of me. His body collapsed against mine, our hands still connected as we both attempted to catch our breath. I squeezed his hand once more and he looked up at me, a slow sexy... satisfied smile on his face.

His other hand came up and traced across my face as he pressed his lips against mine. Still smiling, he kept his eyes open and I smiled in response against his lips, completely spent and happier than I'd been in a long time... and then he took the words out of my mouth.

He grinned. "So, Bella. About that mate thing you mentioned earlier..."

Happy Halloween!