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Since that memorable Halloween when Edward, now known as my own personal 'Night Time Romeo' went and got all fucking caveman on my ass—which led to us gloriously tangled in his sheets—holidays had become something special for us.

And fuck, I couldn't deny that I loved it.

Even after four years, for some reason, he still got all stupid silly when a holiday was approaching... and then he started planning things. Shit that was always different, continually surprising and left me wondering what the hell I saw in him...

Most of the time, though, it left me wondering how I'd ever lived without.

We'd been pretty much inseparable since our cheesy declarations that night about becoming each other's 'mate' and we'd made it come true. To nobody in our immediate group's surprise, we were pretty fond of showing, no matter the location or included company, just how inseparable we were—as often as possible, and pretty much every minute since that night.

Poor Grandma Dwyer...

A year or so ago, one of his surprises for me was a weekend trip to Jacksonville for Easter. He'd known that I wanted to introduce him to my mother and my step father for the first time, so he'd made the plans and fulfilled my wish. Plus, I knew it couldn't hurt... the boy needed some fucking sun. Our weekend with Renee and Phil had certainly been an… interestingvisit.

Edward hadn't been aware ahead of time that Phil's mother would also be in town when we were there... After we'd arrived back at their house to find it empty, and not known that they'd gone to pick her up to bring her home with them, he'd decided to get a little frisky and somehow we ended up in the shower together. Somehow...

When the poor woman walked in on Edward and I together that afternoon, we'd both been pretty sure she was going to keel over and have a heart attack right then and there. It pissed him off, because I still giggled uncontrollably whenever I thought back to Edward's face after he'd seen her watching us. I mean, what could my unbelievably hot boyfriend utter to a seventy five year old woman—that he'd never met—when she caught him screwing her step-granddaughter against the wall in her mother's shower?

For some reason 'oh, sorry' didn't seem to cut it.

Needless to say, we hadn't visited since then... and we'd make sure we wouldn't while Grandma Dwyer was in town. I didn't think poor Edward could handle the embarrassment.

After a few years of working hard to revamp Esme's Ensembles, Emmett's business was finally booming and had turned into something profitable. Rosalie was helping to run the store with him and they'd recently started to take on more holidays than just Halloween. They had started to switch out products as the months changed, keeping items stocked for the next 'big' holiday and ready to go whenever needed.

Edward enjoyed using his 'inside' connection at the store whenever possible. Usually when he planned something for me around Halloween, Emmett was somehow involved. I had tried begging endlessly for Emmett to stop fucking helping or giving him ideas, but I never could get that big fucker to listen to me. He still had that way of flashing those killer dimples and just making me forget whatever it was I had been bitching about.

I swear to fuck those two inherited the same girly confusion voodoo power, because Edward could do the same damn thing with those green eyes of his.

Now that Christmas was approaching, and I'd finally fucking gotten over the Halloween debacle those two had caused—the one I'd refused to speak of ever again. Fucking Chippendales, whose bright idea was it for those two to dress up like that? Since they'd given me a necessary break in their 'surprises' for Thanksgiving, I was both looking forward to… and kind of dreading what I would encounter next.

Edward and I had been lucky enough to find a house in the same neighborhood where he'd previously lived with his brother. Okay, so lucky isn't the right word. Fortunate? Maybe. All I knew was that not only did Emmett not listen to me when I begged him not to help Edward, he also didn't listen when I asked him to please call before he fucking came over. He'd caught me in the midst of walking around the living room in my cheekies one too many times. If I didn't know him so well, I would swear he did that shit on purpose just to catch a glimpse of my ass.

After we'd bought the house, Alice and Tex had moved into the room Edward vacated. The four of them were now living together happily. It was odd, but they seemed to enjoy it. Edward and I, however, craved our privacy... Especially considering that whole coming over without being invited thing was even more unbearable when you lived right down the hall from said person who doesn't understand boundaries.

We were enjoying setting up our new house and decorating everything our way. Though we'd argued because I was just as fucking stubborn as him, the after-argument sexy times were always a bonus. I would never admit it to him, but once or twice I may have disagreed with a color scheme just to get that visceral, raw reaction I loved so much from him.

Since this would be our first Christmas in the new house—our first tree and all that other bullshit—Edward wanted it to be as special as possible. He had pouted and used his fucking green-eyed-voodoo to get me to agree to Emmett's idea on the afternoon of Thanksgiving.

"Bella, sweet girl, love of my life… This is the first Christmas in our own house; don't you want a real, live, Christmasy smelling tree in our living room?"

He fucking knew I was powerless to resist him when he pulled out the fucking eyelashes and the do-me-now look. He knew there was no fucking chance I'd be able to tell him no if he looked at me like that. For his sake, even though I still didn't fucking understand why he wouldn't let me just go to Target and get everything we needed in one shot, just have it done and over with, I'd ignored my own irrational feelings and was trying my best to smile just to have it done and over with.

The following Saturday, the six of us were smooshed into Emmett's unnecessarily large jeep on our way for a day in the cold. One that would result in us bringing our very own tree back to the house we now occupied together. Emmett had planned for all of us to venture north of Seattle toward the forests I grew up around, just outside of Forks. He claimed he'd found some Christmas tree farm where we could cut our own tree and then take it home with us for decorating.

The boys were all grunty happy about axe's and cutting, banging and whacking their own…yeah, whatever. They're always trying to bang something.

I wasn't thrilled—obviously. They all knew I was one of those 'fuck the outdoors' type of girls. My lack of balance made it unbearable to maneuver without serious concentration on flat ground, let alone in the fucking woods.

But like I said, I was trying to be agreeable for Edward.

As we ventured north, stopping off at a gas station for a quick coffee run, Rosalie manned the radio controls and took us all through a myriad of Christmas songs she'd downloaded and made into a playlist just for the trip. She'd said she was trying to get us all 'in the mood' for our day. She started off easy with those we all recognized, you know, the old favorites: White Christmas, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Here Comes Santa Claus, Jingle Bell Rock... and then she decided to switch it up a little and surprise the shit out of all of us. We heard the familiar beginning notes to O Come All Ye Faithful and listened as it was desecrated forever and replaced with: O Come All Ye Perverts.

But oh, it didn't stop there…

Her dirty Christmas carols continued to entertain us during the long trip, and we all got a pretty good kick out of learning the new version of the twelve days of Christmas. My personal favorite was that on the fourth day; when her true love gave to her... four cock suckers.

Emmett seemed to enjoy the song, too. So much so, that after we'd arrived, he was even caught singing under his breath about 'five mother fuckers'. Of course it had to be while the poor old man tried to explain to us about the process of cutting our own trees. When the little old dude's eyes got real big and his mouth dropped open, the five of us tried our very best to hold in our laughter at him, but it was a lost cause.

After that, Emmett finally shut the hell up and stopped singing, listening intently while old dude went on about Douglas Fir, Grand Fir and Noble Fir trees. We all tried to pay attention but our seriousness had effectively been killed with the five mother fuckers Emmett's true love got on the fifth day.

Plus, we knew that as long as Emmett paid close enough attention, we could just make him do this shit while we goofed around.

Once the man had finished explaining everything, and had flirted with each of us girls a little—offering us each a taste of his homemade 'peppermint stick'—much to the boys' dismay, they were appeased quickly. Each of them lighting up like a fucking tree when they were handed their own respective half-saw half-axe thingies. Once we'd stopped them from their proposed 'sword fights' we all set off toward the 'farm' in search of the perfect tree.

Edward tugged my hand, leading us away from the group as the four of them started to argue about girth and width and fucking Alice started yammering about ribbons and popcorn stringing and glitter and glow balls. What the fuck is a glow ball?

This was just another reason why I loved him so damn much. He always knew when to get me away from her before I lost my shit.

We continued to walk, holding hands and making our way through the maze of trees that honestly all looked the same to me. And the same as the ones I could have fucking bought at Target, where it was warm and cute boys offered to help me. We eventually ended up in a dark corner of the farm, before I could get my wits about me, Edward had me pressed up against the trunk of a rather ginormous tree, one hand holding a piece of mistletoe over our heads. As if he fucking needed that. His lips were on my neck and then my cheek and then finally he met my lips. He tasted of peppermint and coffee which clued me into the fact that Tex had obviously spiked their shit with some schnapps' to make the afternoon more interesting. I giggled because I couldn't help it, wondering if he really should be handling a dangerous weapon if he was at all inebriated.

We wouldn't get anywhere if he continued doing that, so I tried to stop him. "I don't...think... it will... fit—" his lips cut me off and he kissed me again, his tongue darting out to do whatever magical shit he managed to pull off that made my knees tremble and my stomach fill with the anticipation of more.

Before he could send me into a full-on Edward trance, I pulled back from him, panting slightly, only to see his eyebrow arched teasingly. After realizing what I'd said, I rolled my eyes and shoved at his chest. "In our living room, Edward. It won't fit in our living room," I finished, pointing to the tree behind me.

"I was going to say it fits just fine, Bella," he smirked. "I know it's a bit snug sometimes..."

Fucking dirty, sexy pervert. Oh, how I love you.

Smacking his chest again, I turned and started to walk in the other direction, muttering under my breath about what a jackass he could be at times.

After we'd circled that lot, what I swear had to be about a thousand times, we finally found a tree we both agreed on and my man set about the task of chopping it down. He took his coat off, handing it over to me and pushed the arms of his long sleeved shirt up his forearms and then bent over with the half-axe, half-saw thingy in his hand.

He pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled and grunted and sweated and his ass was in the air looking all glorious and wanting to be squeezed...

I stood back and watched him as he worked the saw back and forth, knowing that I shouldn't have been turned on by it, but good lord. It was kind of hard not to get all wound up and want to go find that fucking tree again and let him slam me up against it. A few times.

When he finally got the tree to a point where he could stand up, his face was bright red from exertion and he looked like he'd been freshly fucked. His hair stuck up all over, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead and again I turned my head and searched for that stupid fucking tree, hoping I could convince him to follow me. His half smile told me he knew exactly what I was thinking. He hoisted the tree up into his arms, telling me to come on and to stop thinking naughty things as he walked toward the front of the farm where the rest of our group was waiting for us with their own tree.

Once the guys had tied both trees to the roof of the jeep, we all piled back in. The ride took less time, like it always did when you knew where you were going—what the hell was up with that, anyway?—and I found myself honestly excited to actually get inside our house and start working on the decorating with Edward.

Finally back in Seattle, Emmett pulled us inside their house and surprised Edward and I with bags upon bags of decorations from his store. While the guys lugged the two trees to the houses, the girls and I dug through the decorations and Alice squealed while Rosalie and I rolled our eyes at her. Who the fuck got that excited over shit that sparkled? The boys came back eventually, and Edward and I loaded up our stuff to head home and get started.

We walked inside the house and I set about getting everything unloaded while Edward worked to figure out the tree stand. He looked like he was trying to figure out the answer to a really difficult math problem or some shit and I just laughed at him standing there with his forehead all scrunched in concentration. One of the bags had a box full of ornaments that someone so brightly decided it would be nice to decorate with glitter. That obviously didn't want to stay where it goddamn belonged; when I pulled my hands away from the package they were covered in little flecks of red and green.

"Stupid fucking glitter, it should be banned!"

"Aren't girls supposed to like that stuff, Bella? Isn't it 'pretty'?" He teased, and I flipped him off because he was annoying me.

"I agree it's pretty, but fuck it's irritating when it's all over your hands and it won't come off no matter how hard you try."

"Heh, you wouldn't say that if it was that sparkly fucking vampire you love so much getting his sparkle fucking whatever dust all over you," he muttered under his breath.

I ignored him while I continued to pull things out of the bag—sparkly vampires were an entirely different damn story—and began to make little piles on our dining room table of the different things Emmett had given us. Ornaments, bows, lights, more damn ornaments, some plastic candy canes, a tree skirt... It seemed like it would never end.

The last bag I got to had some wrapping paper and bows in it, and when I pulled them out I smiled. Turning around and looking down at my boyfriend who was now on his knees under the tree, that delicious ass stuck in the air again and just calling to me. Bella... Touch me... Pulling one of the bows from the package and peeling the little sticky thing off the back, I walked over and placed it right in the center of his butt.

He grunted, clearly struggling with whatever it was he was doing under there and huffed out a breath. "What did you just do?"

"Oh nothing," I sang. "You don't need to shop for me this year. Everything I want for Christmas is under our tree right now. When do I get to unwrap my package, babe?"

One of his hands shot out and he moved it around his ass until he found the bow and pulled it off, twisting to the side so he could get a good look at what it was. He laughed and turned over to look at me, resting on his back and putting one arm behind his head.


"So, you want my ass for Christmas, sweet girl?" I asked, spinning the bow around in my hands. Giggling, she walked toward me and lowered herself to the carpet near my head. I reached up and pulled her down next to me. Somehow, without managing to knock the fucking thing over,

we both landed on the floor crammed together, half under and half out of the bottom of the tree. Turning so I hovered over her, I smirked, reaching over to pick up the bow that had fallen from my grasp and placing it right at the apex of her thighs, making sure to put a little extra pressure when I attached it. Just to tease her.

The moan that escaped from her lips caused me to groan and almost lose what I'd been planning to say. "Now everything I want is under our tree, Bella," I whispered huskily, leaning forward and pressing my lips against her breast. Yup, I still can't fight the boobs. They still get me every fucking time. Opening my mouth, I pressed my tongue against her nipple roughly and breathed out, knowing she'd feel the heat through the fabric. "Can I open you?"

She moaned and raised her hand to tug at my hair, knowing I loved that shit. I decided more teasing was in order and moved my hands to the hem of her shirt, tugging for her to pull it over her head. "I saw you earlier, when I was chopping this tree down," I pointed with one hand, while throwing her shirt to the side with the other. Bending back down, I ran my tongue along the dip between her breasts not stopping until I reached the button of her jeans, looking up at her beneath my lashes. "You looked like you were undressing me with your eyes, is that what you were doing?"

Using my teeth, I bit down on the fabric and pulled up. She squealed as I pulled harder, unfastening the button and tugging again until the zipper gave and began to unzip slowly. Her head fell back against the carpet with a soft thud and she captured her bottom lip between her teeth, lifting her hips and whining for more. "Tell me, beautiful. Tell me what you were thinking," I said, my teeth still attached to her pants.

I wanted to hear her say it; I wanted to know what I did to her.

Call me a fucking caveman or whatever, but I fucking liked hearing that she found me irresistible. While I waited for her to start talking, I sat up on my knees and pushed my hands into the waist of her pants. Dipping my fingers below her underwear, I pulled everything off at once so she was laying before me in nothing but her fucking adorable little bra with pink stripes. Before I tossed her jeans off to the side, I pulled the bow off the crotch and stuck it to her stomach, chuckling to myself when she finally started talking.

"I was thinking how," I grazed my fingers along the top of her pussy, distracting her. Abruptly, the words that had been about to come from her mouth stopped quickly as she breathed in deeply. I grinned, she could bust my balls all she wanted; we both knew I had the power to bring her to her knees. Hmm... "How good you looked all sweaty and bent over."

When she finished her sentence I gave in, pushing my fingers further and pressed against her clit, just hard enough to elicit the reaction I wanted. She squirmed against my hand and I sighed, the sexy smile on her lips and the way her hair tangled around her head was a sight I'd never grow tired of. My cock was standing at attention, already painfully hard from watching... knowing that my hand was touching what it wanted at that moment, the warmth of her wrapped around it.

Her words had given me an idea. I reached down with my other hand, popping the button of my own jeans and unzipping them to give my dick some room to breathe before I crawled over and positioned myself between her legs.

Moving my hands, I placed one on each of her knees, pushing them back toward her body. I lowered myself so my face was just inches from the sweet taste of her. I moved even closer, pushing my lips against the bare skin there and spoke to her again. "I feel... cheated, Bella. I think it's my turn to see you that way," Darting my tongue out, I ran it slowly from the top of her lips to her entrance before I continued speaking. "First..." Lick. "I'm going to make you sweat." Swirl. "Then, you're going to bend over for me. It's only fair, right?"

"Oh god," she whimpered in response, opening her legs wider for me giving me a fucking wonderful view of my favorite place to be. "Yes, please..."

There was no hesitation in my movements after hearing her plea, no more teasing. Letting go of her legs, I moved one hand around her hips, and anchored her body to the carpet. Reaching down, I teased the fingers of my other hand along her slit until I got to her opening, pushing forward as I leaned in and pressed my tongue against her, swirling it around a few times, teasing across the spot that made her legs twitch. She was so wet, just from my words, and the goose bumps that popped up on the skin under my other hand made me smirk against her. She could never hide the reaction she had to me.

Of course I fucking loved it, because she wasn't alone in that. She knew she had just as much of an effect on me, even more since we'd gotten so comfortable with one another.

Continuing what I was doing, I pushed my finger deeper inside of her, feeling the soft warmth of her. I curled it at the end and pressed against the spot I knew she fucking loved. The thrust of her hips toward my face told me when I'd found it. Moving my tongue faster, I alternated my licks against her pussy with the thrust of my finger until she was panting and her fingers were gripping the carpet so hard I was afraid she might fucking pull it loose from the floor below her.

When her walls began to flutter, I moved even faster. The warmth around my finger got tighter and tighter, and I knew she was close to finishing. I swirled my tongue around her most sensitive spot, sucking it between my lips and grazing my teeth across it, sending her over the brink into her first orgasm of the afternoon.

Sweet girl, that isn't your last.

Keeping my finger inside her as she panted my name, I slowed my pace and worked her back down easily, placing soft kisses all over the inside of her thighs while she continued to come down from her high.

Looking up, I caught her brown eyes looking down at me, hooded and lusty. I watched the heavy rise and fall of her chest—okay, I may have been looking at her tits—as she struggled to catch her breath. The light sheen of sweat across her forehead pleased me, now I would get exactly what I'd wanted. She raised a hand to her forehead trying to wipe it away and I reached out to stop her, lacing her fingers with mine. I crawled up her body until our lips touched, and my still covered cock pressed against her heat. The warmth of her caused me to moan into her mouth as I pressed my lips firmly and kissed her, pushing my tongue inside and letting her taste herself on me.

"I said I wanted you sweaty," I said. She moaned and kissed me back roughly. Her arms flew up and around my neck, her legs wrapping around me as she pressed the heels of her feet into my ass, trying to create friction and grind herself against my cock.

Pulling back from her mouth, I tsked her and shook my head. "Ah, ah, ah beautiful girl, what did I tell you?" Her eyes rolled back into her head a little in response to my words and she bit her lip again. Pushing myself up on my knees between her legs, I motioned with a swirl of my finger for her to turn over. "Bend over. On your knees."

She sat up quickly and turned over looking all eager, making my cock throb painfully. She moved her head to the side and looked back at me over her shoulder, sinking her teeth into that perfect bottom lip. Fuck, I love this girl.

Dear Santa, I promise to be a good boy for-fucking-ever if you give me her for Christmas for the rest of my life...

Her face lit with a knowing smile as I sat writing an internal letter to Santa. She pushed her ass up into the air and wiggled it a little, effectively adding herself to my permanent naughty list. Reaching a hand out, I curved it around the swell of her hip tickling her softly. I still needed to remove my clothes, but she needed to fucking lose that bra first. I glided my hands up her body to the clasp on the back of the bra, pulling it open.

With both of my hands, I pushed my fingers under the straps on her shoulders until it fell down her arms and hit the floor below her body. Once she was completely bare for me, I started to remove my own clothes. Pulling my shirt slowly up over my head, I noted with smug satisfaction her watching me again from over her shoulder. Moving to my pants, I removed everything at once, just as I'd done for her and stood up to kick them to the side.

Lowering myself back to the carpet, I got on my knees behind her and leaned forward over her body, pressing my lips into the small of her back and sucking on the smooth, soft skin. She wiggled her hips again, a sign that she was being impatient and her ass brushed against my cock causing me to hiss. I put one of my hands between her legs, drawing my fingers up her slit, spreading the moisture of her around to make sure she was still ready for me before I replaced my finger with the head of my cock and glided it along the same path, teasing us both. She moaned my name and pushed back against me again—I was tired of waiting, I needed her.

Pressing the head of my dick just inside of her, I shifted both of my hands to her hips and gripped her firmly. Pushing forward ever so slowly, her inner walls fluttered around me—clearly she was still excited. Once I was fully inside her, I leaned forward again, trailing my lips from one of her shoulders to the other. She shivered in response and I opened my mouth, pressing my teeth against her skin, biting down. Just as my teeth pressed against her skin, I pulled my hips back and pushed forward again, slowly but firmly, eliciting another loud cry from her lips.

As much as I fucking needed her and wanted to pound into her right then and there, she was too fucking delicious at that moment for me to rush any second of it. Continuing my measured pace, I reached under and grabbed the bow, that somehow was still stuck to her stomach, pulling it from her skin before reapplying it to her back. "You are the best fucking present I've ever seen under the tree. Just like Halloween... Christmas will never be the same, you know," I breathed out between strokes in and out of her.

"Fuck, I hope not," she panted.

"Me too," I growled, pushing into her harder and picking up the speed of my thrusts. She met every push of my hips, pushing herself back toward me willfully. Fuck.. so good. We moved this way until our bodies were riding in tandem, skin slapping together roughly.

The sound of our skin meeting, of our labored breathing and the moans from our lips were the only ones in the room. Listening to her, watching her, feeling her... I was so close to the edge, but I fucking needed to feel her come around me before I let go.

Loosening my hold of one of her hips, I snaked a hand under our bodies until I could feel where we were joined. Running the tip of my finger down her pussy until I reached her clit, I began rolling it between my fingers. Her hips moved faster as we both climbed higher, the touch of my hand providing the last thing she needed to reach her climax. When she finally tightened around me and screamed, I was right there with her as she tumbled forward. As she breathed out, my head fell back, my eyes closing as it hit me. A final grunt escaped from my lips as I released inside of her.

As I came, I was stricken with the same feeling I had whenever we were together this way. Love. Whether it was making out like teenagers on the couch, kissing goodbye for the day or fucking like animals under our first Christmas tree, it was always the same.

She was everything I would ever want.

Collapsing on top of her sweaty body, using my hands on either side of her to keep my weight off, I attempted to catch my breath as I placed open mouthed kisses across her shoulders. "Fuck, I love you."

"I love you too, Romeo. Merry Christmas."

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Happy whatever holiday you celebrate.

Thank you for reading!