A/N: I fell in love with Eveys and Vs romance and wrote this short story while listening to "I Found a Reason" by Cat Power which is featured in the movie. I recommend listening to it while reading this story. Enjoy!

When she looked at the children playing in the street it was with a taste of sweet bitterness. Before V died she had seen brief moments of a life alongside V. They were like snippets of a life that promised to come. A life where there were children and a better country. A life where she would grow old at his side. Where they would remember with laughter the days that had passed long ago. It ached to know that that life would only exist in her mind. Sometimes she resented V for leaving her here. Other times she felt guilty for it and other times she understood the fragility of life, but for the most part she felt empty. She had moved to the Gallery, each corner, each wall, each breath reminded her of him. She would cook dinner and eat at a table prepared for two. She would take a bath then she would sit in the living room and watch The Count of Monte Cristo waiting for him to recite the lines only to be answered by silence. She would await the sound of clinking metal and expect to see him battling his armor. She would sleep with the door open and spend most of the night staring at the hall, waiting for him to come in through the door with the same smirking grin she had fallen in love with. And the days passed, and the seasons too. Then years stretched into decades until she laid on a bed on an autumns evening. The warm sun caressed her face in an act of friendship, the day she had awaited for so long had finally come. Closing her eyes she saw the grinning mask extend his hand towards her for one last dance. She smiled and let the washing feeling of peace overtake her.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed! I plan to write more short stories so stay tuned! Let me know what you thought. My readers opinion is very important! Oh, and remember, you are a beautiful being, never forget that!