It was an understatement to describe Pinata Island as simply "Beautiful."

Every morning the sun would rise in the east, and dawn would set over the island. The flowers would begin to bloom, the dew that had set upon them the night before gently shaking off onto the ground below. The Candaries would begin to sing softly, and the other pinatas would rise out of their homes, ready to start their day. There were no words that would describe the splashes of yellow, orange, and red that mixed into the sky, slowly turning blue by the hour as the sun rose. There really wasn't a word that could describe the beauty of the island, other than-

"Disgusting," muttered a cold voice, one that would chill you to the bone upon first whisper. Hidden within the morning mist was a face, a truly ugly face that anyone would dread to see. The mask was bright red, with a face so distorted you would think it was broken, and with teeth so crooked your face would turn the same color as them upon first glance. Wearing clothes that were so worn they were tearing, it was none other than Dastardos, the infamous Pinata Hunter.

He couldn't stand mornings. The light would creep through the holes in the twisted tree he lived in, and they would shine against his face and force him to wake up. Even though he was half dead and had no need for sleep, he would just lie there and pretend, since he did enjoy the feeling of being asleep. Thankfully he had to get up that morning, since there was an "appointment" he had to get to.

His feet gently slid across the wet grass, flicking off every last bit of dew that was left on the green blades. His good eye scanned the garden before him, one that was taken over not to long ago. The gardeners had taken over that garden only two weeks ago, and were still in the beginning stages. Of course, with who the land had belonged to before, there was no way it would ever look the same as it did before.

Not that Dastardos' boss would allow it anyhow.

Dastardos floating through the garden in complete silence. It was small, since they were not able to obtain all the land in the beginning. Dastardos glanced around, and noticed something right off of the bat.

One of them was already awake.

He was just a young boy, no older then fourteen at least. His hair was long and messy, and was as bright as a buttercup flower. It fell just over his ears, and his bangs were only kept out of his eyes by a black headband, and he still had yet to get a mask. He was sitting on his knees, patting the soil around the daisy flowers in front of him. He had no idea he was being watched.

Dastardos smirked, knowing that this kid wouldn't be able to do anything to stop him now.

"Well well, getting an early start, are we?" Dastardos cooed. The kid jumped, turning his upper body around while his legs remained un-moving. His dark blue eyes were wide, although they did not seem fearful.

"Whoa, dude, you scared me," He said, a smile on his childish face. Dastardos frowned slightly, remembering that this kid probably hasn't heard a thing about him. He was new to the island anyway.

"Um... Who are you?" The kid asks, now frowning. Dastardos smirked, floating around behind the kid, almost to where he couldn't turn around to look. The kid began to feel a little uneasy. Most residents he had met on the island were all usually cheerful and made him feel like he should be there. But something was off about this guy. Not because of the floating, but something about the bad aura he gave off gave him goosebumps, like he should just run away.

Not that it was possible for him to run away.

"You haven't heard about me? That's quite a shock," Dastardos continued, his eyes gazing across the ground. He could hear whimpers, the sad pleas of a dying pinata. They were faint, but he could hear it. It was close.

"How?" The kid asked, looking down back at the daisies. He wanted someone to come out right now, to make this creeper go away. His breathing began to shake when the faint humming began. Cold and chilling, just like Dastardos' speaking voice. The kid looked over slowly, watching as Dastardos began to poke around at a large lump. It was a woolly brown blanket, hiding something underneath. The kid knew what was underneath, watching for a mere moment as there was rising in the blanket before it descended.

"Um, sir? I wouldn't do that if I were you," the kid warned, his brows rising. Dastardos looked over, a nasty looking smirk on his face.

"Hiding something from me, are we? Even as a newbie, you should know better," Dastardos said, leaning forward to grip the blanket. The kid bit his lower lip.

"Seriously, you really-" But it was too late. Dastardos pulled the blanket away, to reveal...

A naked man.

"What in the name of hell?" Dastardos exclaimed, throwing the blanket back down. He shook his head quickly, trying to shake the horrible image from before out of his mind. The kid smacked his forehead, shaking his head slightly.

"I told you so," he said, now pinching the bridge of his nose. Dastardos snapped his attention back over to the kid, his face showing his clear disgust. It took him a moment before he was even able to speak again.

"What kind of garden is this?" He exclaimed, irritation in his voice. The kid's cheeks flushed pink.

"Sorry. Cameron likes to sleep naked," he said, his blue eyes glaring as the older boy sat up. Like him, he had no mask of his own yet. His hair was long as well, only it was straight and dark brown instead of blonde. His skin was tan, and a splash of freckles covered his nose and cheeks. His eyes were light green, and looked quite tired.

"What's going on?" he asked sleepily, yawning as he did so. He looked over at Dastardos, blinking a few times.

"... Who's the weirdo?" Cameron, as he was called before, asked as he started to stand up. The kid looked away, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Dude, you need to start wearing pants to bed. Weirdo or not, we have a visitor!" He exclaimed. Cameron stuck his tongue out, holding the blanket just above his private area.

"Chill out Hunter. Jesus, can't a man be naked in his own garden," Cameron muttered, walking away. He walked behind the apple tree, and pulled down the clothes that were hanging from a low branch above him. The kid, known as Hunter, frowned.

"Okay, sure, just leave me with the creepy stranger," Hunter yelled quite loudly. Dastardos crossed his arms, rolling his eyes. He was called creepy all the time, and the words no longer phased him in any way.

"Aw, you scared, little boy?" Dastardos mocked. Hunter grimaced, scooting away. Dastardos raised a brow, wondering why the kid wasn't trying to stand up and run, like most gardeners did. With a slight shake of his head, he could finally see what he was looking for.

A sick, pathetic little Bunnycomb.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Hunter exclaimed, watching as Dastardos floated over to the Bunnycomb. He had no idea that the pianta was sick. Without his alert system nearby, Hunter could only watch.

"Stay away from him!" Hunter shouted, planting both of his hands on the ground and pulling himself forward. His hand reached out to grab the Pinata Reaper, and was astonished when his hand went right through him. A cold chill shot through his body, and Hunter pulled back, eyes wide in disbelief.

"Nice try, kiddo," Dastardos said as he chuckled, bringing his stick down. Hunter's eyes widened as the Bunnycomb was cracked open, it's candy spilling out everywhere. He was speechless, his mouth just agap. Dastardos merely sniffed, leaning down and picking up the largest piece of candy in the scattered pile. It was wrapped in a blue wrapper, representing the pattern the Bunnycomb had. He stuffed it into his pocket, looking down at Hunter. He noticed that the kid's hand was still up, and with a snarky smirk, he gladly took it.

"By the way, I am Dastardos," He said in a fake-sweet tone. "The pleasure is all mine." He snatched his hand back, laughing hysterically as he floated back to the twisted tree. Hunter paid no attention, watching as the discarded remains of his Bunnycomb began to slowly drift upward, floating their way to the outer perimeter of the garden. Slowly the pieces stitched back together, creating the same Bunnycomb as before. Only this time, it was black and white, instead of blue.

"..." Hunter didn't have much to say as he watched the Bunnycomb hopped away. Even though it wasn't the only pinata in the garden, that Bunnycomb was the first one he managed to get, having to grow a bunch of carrots to even lure the thing in. Now all his hard work was gone, all because he hadn't noticed it getting sick.

"Okay, so I got some pants now- Hey, where did the creepy midget go?" Cameron asked, walking back out from behind the apple tree. He looked down at the ground. "... And who the heck exploded?"

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