Patch couldn't help but giggle the whole way back to his clinic. Sure, it was childish, but he couldn't help it. The race was just absolutely hilarious, although he did feel a bit bad for Ethan. With the Flapyak falling over, it was was both hilarious, as well as a large disappointment.

Poor kid. It was his first race too, the doctor thinks to himself as he slowly drives back in his little red car. He started to drift into his thoughts when his alert system suddenly beeped, and he was quick to check it.

"L-looks like a c-case," Patch stammers, turning on the flashing lights of his car and stepping on the pedal. It wasn't long before he had sped out of the village, and was on his way down to the unsuspecting garden.

Karisa couldn't believe this was happening. Not only was the front of her shirt covered in dirt stains, but she was stuck in a booth at Arfur's Inn. She allowed Maddie to drag her all the way there with everyone, not wanting to cause any more of a scene, but the girl had shoved her into a booth and sat in front of her to make sure Karisa couldn't cluckle out and run. What made it even worse?

Eddie sat right across from her.

"Okay, I know Flapjack had hit his head before as a baby, but come on! He hasn't tripped like that in years," Ethan complained, waving his straw around in the air. He had just taken it out of his milkshake, and the frothy drink was flickering off of the thing and onto everyone. Eddie made a face, but said nothing as he used his napkin to wipe the chocolate off of his cheek, not even noticing that Karisa was watching him do so. When he had turned to look at her, she would look away, and would pretend to be more interested in her water then his pretty face.

"So Karisa, tell me about your garden. You are a gardener, correct?" he asked, folding his hands together on the wooden table. Karisa became flustered, tapping her index fingers nervously.

"Y-Yeah..." she says in a hushed voice, barely even audible. Ethan raises a brow, looking over the table.

"When did this go from my race to Karisa's garden?" He asked. Sahari hushed him right away, giving him an intense look. Ethan frowns, and starts to pout. The silent conversation continued as Sahari rolled her eyes, and Ethan came to realization to what Eddie was doing.

Dammit, of course. He's doing it again, Ethan thought bitterly. It was the same way when Eddie was trying to break in Patch and his shyness. It also happened to be a lunch date on the day he had lost the P-Factor due to his Sweetooth trying to do a trick and ending up falling off of the stage.

... His pinatas aren't the smartest, you have to admit.

"What do you have in your garden? Do you have a preferred pinata?" Eddie asks, continuing to get her to speak. Karisa shrugs.

"N-not really," This whole thing was awkward. Karisa never really talks about herself in general, and right now didn't help at all. Especially the awkward silence her friends were making.

"She has a variety, mostly Ponockies and Goobaas, as well as every color of-"

"Maddie, please let her speak," Eddie says politely. Maddie frowns, and sharply kicks him underneath the table in his sensitive shin. Eddie puffs out his cheeks, holding back a scream as his purple eyes glared over at her slightly. Even though he was typically polite to most girls, Maddie was not one he was too formal with.

"Sh-She was s-saying Fl-Fluttersc-scotches," Karisa finished. Eddie smiled at her despite the tears in his eyes.

"Oh really? Must be very colorful I presume," he comments. Sahari elbows Maddie's side, shaking her head in shame. Ethan wasn't even paying attention anymore as he was playing games on his alert system while he waited for the food to come.

"I-I grow a lot of fl-flowers," Karisa almost whispers, looking down at the napkin her fingers were playing with. Eddie frowned slightly, as he did not approve of her avoiding his face. Even Patch wasn't as bad as this!

"I would have thought you would have a lot of Galagoogoos, you know," Eddie says. Karisa raises a brow, a little confused as to why he would think that. Sahari looks over, shaking her head at him.

"Eddie, don't," She warns. She knew exactly what the boy was going to do. Eddie just ignored her as his hand reached across the table to Karisa's chin. Karisa was now looking at him, and her face heated up like a Redhotts bum.

"You have really big eyes like one, you know," Eddie comments, looking right at her. Right then and there, Karisa lost it as she shook her head away from his touch.

"M-Maddie, let me out," She warned, her stomach starting to act up. Maddie looks over at Sahari, her eyes wide.

"Move, move, move!" Maddie says, shooing Sahari out of the booth. The two girls practically trampled each other as Karisa darted out of the booth, running all the way to the ladies restroom. Puking sounds could have been heard. Sahari looked over at Eddie.

"Way to go Eddie. You made her puke," the desert dweller said to him, a frown on her mask. Eddie just looked hopelessly confused.

"I don't understand- what did I do?" He asked. Ethan didn't look up as he answered.

"Karisa tends to puke if her anxiety acts up," He answers. Eddie frowns, feeling sorry for the poor girl. He wasn't trying to come onto her or anything, he just wanted some eye contact!

"Oh that poor thing. I didn't mean to make her puke," He says in an apologetic tone. Sahari laughs a bit, taking a seat for a moment.

"Eddie, just stop trying. Karisa is a lost cause," she says. "Besides, I don't understand what it is with you having to flirt with her right away." Eddie's eyes widened.

"I was not flirting with her!"

"You were touching her chin and complimenting her eyes. Eddie, that's flirting," Sahari was very confident in her answer as she placed one hand on her tiny hip. Eddie pouted, crossing his arms.

"I don't think I was being flirty. Was I Ethan? Ethan?" Eddie asked, getting the builder's attention. Ethan just smirked as he continued to type away at his alert system.

"Status update: laughing really hard right now. Why? Eddie just made Karisa puke," Ethan muttered aloud, just to annoy his fretting friend. Maddie had taken her own alert system out to like the status, only annoying the other two even further.

Meanwhile, Karisa stepped out of the stall, wiping a little thing of puke off of the corner of her mouth. She wanted to cry- she was so embarrassed right now! Why did Eddie have to say that to her? Sure, he was just being friendly, but...

Karisa sighs as she washed her hands off in the sinks. She dried them off with the paper towels provided, and tosses them away in the garbage. First time she actually gets to sit down with Eddie, and not only can she not speak, but she has to go puke as soon as he started to be sweet. Her lips blow a small raspberry as she looks in the mirror. Well, time to face the music.

She timidly walked out of the bathroom, crossing her arms as she walked back over to the booth. She slowly takes a seat, avoiding all eye contact. As the awkward silence set in, someone had to break it.

"So... feel any better?" Ethan asked.

"Really Ethan? That's what you're going to ask her?" Maddie says, looking at her older brother in disbelief. Ethan shrugged, swishing the bangs away from his face. Karisa nods, forcing herself to look over at Eddie. Despite the event, he just looked over and smiled, as if he could care less about her embarrassing activity.

"Um... s-sorry about that," She manages to say, shifting her feet underneath the table. Eddie waves it off, as if it were nothing.

"Don't worry about it. I should be apologizing, especially since I caused it," He continues on before anyone can say anything as a retort. "It's all behind us now though." Eddie felt his alert system vibrate, and excuses himself to check it. It was only a message from Sahari, and all it had was a smiley face.

"Why did you send me a smiley face?" he asked, giving his desert friend a confused look. Sahari smiled cutely.

"I didn't have a sticker to give you for your good behavior," she says innocently, as if she was literally trying to be cute. Eddie just frowns at her while everyone snickers- even Karisa, who had to look the other way to do so. At least she wasn't the only one who was having a hard time here.

Tears were falling all over the sick Quackberry. Although Hunter did not know the formal name for Donald quite yet, he was huddled over the poor thing, and he couldn't stop the salted tears from falling. He hadn't known Donald long, but he was already close with the little duck, and he wasn't ready to lose another pinata to the reaper. No, not so soon after the Bunnycomb.

"Come on, Doctor, come on," Hunter said anxiously, looking around frantically. Thankfully Dastardos wasn't in sight, but at the same time, neither was the doctor.

Suddenly, as if a miracle had happened, there was the sound of a siren.

"D-Don't fret! I-I'm coming!" Yells a stuttering voice. Hunter thanks whoever was in charge of the skies as he looks over and sees a small red car zooming towards the garden. At first Hunter wasn't sure what to think- all he saw was the large monkey head and little clown car, and he thought maybe the circus was in town. But when he saw a stethoscope and a white coat, he was ninety-eight percent sure it was the doctor.

"Oh, what a bother, Patchie. It seems I have arrived as well," Dastardos' chilling voice suddenly sounded, sending chills and Juicygoosebumps all over his arms and spine. With a shaky look of his head, Hunter looks over to see the twisted red mask with the bad teeth. His feet barely touched the ground as he floated in that one spot, his silvery hair brushing along with the wind. It wasn't very long, but long enough to be a little ruffled by the gentle breezes. A nasty smirk was on his face while he had his whacking stick in hand.

The reaper and the doctor were eye to eye now. Patch's bright blue eyes were looking right past his blonde bangs, right at Dastardos' pale silver eyes intensely. Even for a shaky doctor like him, he had kept his balance, refusing to look the slightest bit shaky with Dastardos in his presence, especially with a young gardener watching. On this inside though, he was shaking worse then a Pienna lost in the Pinarctic.

"J-Just go away Dastardos. Give the kid a break," Patch was the first to speak, and his sentence was almost flawless without a stutter. The reaper chuckled, placing a bony fist on his skinny hip. He didn't bother to say anything- the doctor didn't scare him in the least bit. Although he knew he had to move, seeing that Patch was already a few paces closer. He shot a quick glare over at Hunter, who was pretty much covering the sick Quackberry with his upper body. Hunter was staring at the reaper in fear, his dark eyes wide and teary.

Oh how Dastardos was going to have fun with this.

"It's great to see you again, little boy," He sneered the last word. Hunter shivered, cowering back a little bit.

"Yeah, missed you too," He said, his tone a bit sarcastic and cold. Dastardos rolled his eyes as he floated closer, unwrapping his arms from one another. They both fell and hung on both sides of his ghostly form, and a disgusting smirk on his face.

"No use trying to hide it. I'm already here for it anyway," Dastardos says, a bit of a humming down dancing off of the lips of his mask as he inched closer and closer. Although he didn't see that Patch had already moved closer as well, and was shocked when a bunch of green liquid suddenly flew out in front of him all over the boy and his sick Quackberry.

"I'm sorry, but I b-believe this was m-my patient," Patch manages to sneer, and sounding a bit triumphant as he said it. With some of the medicine dripping down his face, Hunter looked down and watched as Donald's head lifted up from the ground, now the right shade of dark green and white. The young blonde smiled and hugged his pinata the best he could have.

"Donald, I'm so glad you're alright! Please don't ever try to take on a Ruffian again, okay?" Hunter says, pulling back to look at his Quackberry. Donald managed a small nod, still a little wary from the medicine. In a moment he will be fully recovered and be ready to fly around again.

Patch just smiled as he watched the two bond a bit. It always made him happy to see a pinata get better, especially when it would bond with it's gardener right afterward. Unfortunately, even though it was a wonderful sight to him, Dastardos did not agree. He lost some perfectly good life candy because Dr. Goody-two-shoes had to butt in last second. With a deep growl, Dastardos floated forward and struck the doctor in the face as hard as he could with his pinata stick. Patch's head turned so quickly that it was a miracle his neck didn't snap right in half.

"I dare you to get in my way again, Patchy," the reaper growls, and with a scoff over his shoulder, he turned and retreated to the twisted tree. Patch held back a tear as he held his bruising cheek, the taste of blood noticeable on the inside of his cheek. Hunter just stared up with wide eyes.

"Ouch. That had to hurt," he muttered, half to himself. Patch turned his head, trying to give the younger a reassuring smile.

"D-Don't worry, it d-doesn't hurt t-too bad," he lies. "Well, I m-must be g-g-going-"

"Wait!" Hunter shouted. Patch looked down.


"... Can you help me get back in my wheelchair? It would be easier to thank you if my face wasn't in the grass..." Hunter says goobaaishly. With a glance at the over-turned wheelchair, Patch nods, and steps out of his red car to help the gardener.