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Slender eight : Page 8

3:35 am:

My Flashlight died.

I flicked the switch on and off consecutively, but there was no life left in the flashlight.

"Come on," I exclaimed in frustration.

I glanced at the page above my head. My eyes could barely see the words let alone the page. I swiped the note and placed it in my jacket. Then I slowly turned around. Slender wasn't behind me; I breathed a sigh of relief. However, I will have to rely on the static that overwhelms my vision in order to have a general idea where Slender is creeping. His white head should be enough for me to notice him.

Now I had to find my sense of direction. I travelled east from the tankers in order to reach the silo. The rocks were possibly north from the location of the silo. I rubbed my left temple. Now that I have collected all eight pages, where is the entrance? I have to reach the exit before the gate closes. Recalling the first location, I noticed that when I reached the remaining landmarks, I was searching for the pages in a wide semicircle; and the location of the multiple bathrooms and rusted tankers were somewhere in the middle of the semicircle. If this was a circular path, I have to turn south, then west. It is possible to reach the exit in a matter fifteen minutes…if I run.

3:59 am:

I rubbed my tired eyes, the can of gasoline was safely secured around my arm, and the pages were tucked into pockets of my jacket. Slender hadn't appeared before me yet, and I wasn't going to glance over my shoulder anytime soon. Suddenly, I felt some static. I couldn't see the static as clear as daylight, but it was there.

I was exhausted and was running out of stamina. I flicked the switch on the flashlight on and off again to see if there was some life left, but it was completely dead. I threw the flashlight along the ground, and continued walking in search for the entrance. The static continued, but it wasn't getting stronger nor was it getting weaker. Slender was following my every footstep, and I could feel him constantly teleporting around me. At one point, a strong flash of light appeared before my eyes; then quickly disappeared in a matter of seconds. The static wasn't subsiding any time soon.

Then I observed a metal gate in the distance. It was the entrance. This was the time to run to the exit; Slender appeared five feet in front of me in surprise. I screamed, and turned in the opposite direction. He teleported in front of my body again, and I turned back to the gate in the opposite direction. I sprinted toward the opened gate. I saw the gate slowly closing before me. I was running out of stamina, but this wasn't the time to stop running. I slowed down to a jog and glanced over my shoulder; Slender was teleporting closer and closer to my body. I gave a blood curdling scream. My screams continued through the air as I exited the forest, and made my way to the opening. Slender appeared closer and closer.

"ALMOST THERE!" I screamed again.

Finally, I reached the exit; and quickly closed the gate. I observed my car which was the same position it was in since six o clock. Tears were running down my cheeks. I was scared, but full of elation. I glanced ahead of me, and my eyes gazed back into the vast hole of darkness. Slender was near the opening of the forest, his face directed toward mine. I smiled. Then, Slender slowly turned his body, and entered back into the forest waiting for the next child ready to play the game of survival.

As I turned toward my car, my elbow hit something hard and sharp. I shifted my eyes to the side, and it was a box with an opened slit at the top. It was a donation box. There was a sign above it. It read:

You survived!

Thanks for playing!

Please leave me a donation

In the box below


I took out a wallet from the back pocket of my jeans. I smiled. Adrenaline rushed through my body. I slid out a bill, and placed it in the box. I wondered what the donation was for.

"Here's twenty dollars Slendy." I started.

I will never, ever, ever play again, but all I can say is that I was one of the lucky people who were able to survive this game; however, I fear for the next child who enters this farm; for they may not be so lucky. I poured the pail of gas into my car, started my Volvo, and drove down the long stretch of road. The sun started to rise. I knew that it was going to be a beautiful morning.

4:10 am:

Slender slowly walked over to the gate, and witnessed the young girl drive off; disappearing into the horizon.

"You played a good game of survival, but don't get too cocky. In about twenty four hours, the next place you will enter will be an empty sanatorium."

Soon after his words were spoken…Slender vanished into thin air.