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Conner was in the kitchen helping M'gann bake… something. He wasn't sure what it was, but his girlfriend had seen it on a cooking show and thought it was cool. When she had asked him for help cooking the whatever-it-was, he had thought it was the 'good boyfriend' thing to do, and thus was in the kitchen baking with her. He was regretting it. She had thought it would be cute or something for them to wear matching aprons, so he was stuck wearing a 'Kiss the Cook' apron. If that wasn't enough humiliation, Artemis and Zatanna had walked in right as they started mixing the ingredients. Needless to say, the two girls snickered at him and made some teasing remarks- a few more than Conner had thought necessary.

"Conner," said Artemis, pokerfaced. "You look adorable."

"Yeah," agreed Zatanna. "Very cute." The two girls looked at each other and giggled. The giggling soon turned into full-blown laughing. They had almost managed to stop, but they looked at Conner again and had to leave the kitchen. They were M'gann's friends, so they didn't want to make her upset. Conner was glad girls had their own version of the 'bro-code'. He wouldn't have been able to take more taunting.

"Alright, now we have to let the mixture sit for ten minutes, and then we can cook it. Do you want to help me bake some cookies while we wait? Robin and Wally should be here soon, and you know they're always hungry," said M'gann. Conner's thoughts were at war. One side of him was saying, 'C'mon dude! Man up! She'll still love you if you say no'. The other half of him disagreed. It was saying, 'Say yes. It's the good-boyfriend thing to do!' Conner really hated his brain sometimes. He really didn't want to bake, but he loved spending time with M'gann. Luckily, the Zeta tubes saved him; Robin and Wally arrived at that exact moment.

"Open it! Open it!" exclaimed Wally.

"Let me put it down first," said Robin. There was an undertone of excitement in his voice. Conner excused himself from the kitchen to see what the other two boys were so excited about.

He walked into the other room, where Robin and Wally's voices were coming from. They were hovering over a box. Robin pulled his version of a bat-a-rang (a bird-a-rang? Conner wasn't sure what they were called) out of the sleeve of his jacket. He cut open the flaps of the box with its sharp edge. The smaller boy tossed a new laptop out of the box, and the two looked eagerly into the box.

Conner was confused. What interesting thing was in the box now that the computer had been taken out?

"Let the 27th Bubble Wrap Games begin!" Robin shouted. He and Wally practically dove into the box. They evenly divided up the plastic, and turned to walk out of the room. Wally jumped when he saw Conner standing at the door.

"Dude! How long have you been standing there!?" exclaimed Wally.

"Since you opened the box," replied Conner. "What's so interesting about bubble wrap?"

"You've never popped bubble wrap before!?" said Robin in disbelief.

"No, and I don't plan to ever try," answered Conner. "I think getting all excited over a piece of plastic is kinda stupid."

Wally turned to Robin. "Dude. You have to let him in on the game."

"Why? He couldn't handle it, and it's a sacred tradition. We don't want him messing it up," replied Robin.

Conner was insulted. He might not know want bubble wrap is, but popping it seemed relatively simple. "I want in." Wally and Robin high-fived. Conner watched Wally hand the shorter boy some money. He suddenly understood. "What was the bet?"

"That I could get you to participate in our 'Bubble Wrap Games'," admitted Robin. "And I just won twenty bucks from Wally!"

Wally groaned. "Whatever, just split up the bubble wrap and we'll start."

Robin, the math whiz, easily split the bubble wrap into thirds. He handed the bubbly stuff to the other two boys.

"Wait," said Conner. "What's the point of this competition?"

"We compete to see who can pop the bubbles in the coolest way," explained Robin. "Ready… Set… G-" the thirteen-year-old was cut off when the girls of the team walked into the room.

"What are you doing?" asked Artemis, taking in the sight of three teenaged boys holding small piles of bubble wrap.

"Bubble wrap competition," replied Wally matter-of-factly.

"You have a competition… to pop bubble wrap?" asked Zatanna, an amused expression on her face. All three girls burst out laughing.

"Yeah… the winner gets a big shiny trophy and a hundred dollars. Still think it's funny?" countered Wally, with a smug grin.

"We want in," the three girls said in unison.

"If they're gonna play, we'll need more bubble wrap," said Robin.

Wally thought for a second, and then replied with a solution. "My family just bought a new T.V.," he said. "We can use the bubble wrap from that. I'll be right back." With a speed only he possessed, Wally zoomed off through the Zeta tubes. He was back within a minute holding a huge pile of bubble wrap. "Tada!" the speedster announced. "Bubble wrap." Robin took the bubble wrap and divided it into six even piles.

"Alright," said the Boy Wonder. "This is how it's going to work: you see here in front of you six piles of bubble wrap. When I say 'go', you pick up a pile of bubble wrap and go to your room in the cave. Wally has placed some supplies on your beds."

"No I haven't!" protested Wally.

"Then do," ordered Robin. "You don't need to listen to the rules, you've already done this twenty-six times." Wally disappeared. "Anyway, he's putting some supplies on your bed. You may use those, or anything that you already keep in your room, to pop the bubbles in the most creative way you can think of. You have one hour to think of it."

"Who's judging?" asked Artemis.

"I'm going to tape it and put it on YouTube. The general public is going to vote. Any more questions? No? Good. As I was saying, after one hour of brainstorming, we'll all come out onto the training room floor, and I'll record your ideas. After we've all demonstrated, I'll upload the videos to YouTube. Whoever watches will vote and, at the end of the week, someone will go home with a shiny trophy and a hundred dollars. By the way, you can't vote for yourself. I'll put a lock on all your computers, including mine, which keeps you from voting for yourself." Wally had returned at some point during Robin's speech. "Now that Wally's back… Ready… Set… Go! The each member of the team grabbed a pile of bubble wrap and raced to their respective rooms.


Artemis raced into her cave bedroom. She was going to win this competition if it was the last thing she ever did. She had thought the competition was a stupid, immature, guy thing before she heard about the prize. She wanted that prize. The archer would never admit it to anyone, but she was just as excited as any elementary school aged kid when she was around bubble wrap. The shiny trophy helped things too. Artemis opened the little box Wally had left on the bed. She pulled out… nothing.

"DARN YOU WALLY!" the blond yelled. She shook the box, and nothing fell out but a short note in Robin's messy scrawl.

Hahahah... did you really think we'd help you with this? You have superpowers, use them.


Artemis was beyond annoyed. Why would they go through the trouble to put out the boxes if nothing was in them? After calming down a bit, the archer read the note again. You have superpowers, use them. This part of the note was the most irritating of the whole thing. Robin and Wally knew she didn't have any powers, why would they even put that in the note?

She smacked herself in the face. 'I am an idiot,' she thought. She didn't have actual powers, but she did have her arrows. All she had to do was figure out a way to use her biggest skill to pop the bubbles. She was so going to win this.


Conner had his bubble wrap. He had already read the note. Now all he had to do was figure out how to pop his bubbles in a way that would win him the competition. Despite the fact Conner lived in the cave, his room was pretty bare. He had his bed, a roll of duct tape(he didn't really know why he had it; it was probably for some revenge prank he never got around to pulling off) and some clothes in his closet. That was pretty much it. M'gann had been nagging him to let her decorate it, but Conner had been able to convince her to wait. Now, he wished he had listened to his girlfriend. If he had more things in his room, he wouldn't be in this predicament. He thought about what he could do to pop the bubble wrap with just his body, and suddenly had an idea. Where was that duct tape?


M'gann sat on her bed thinking deeply. The note in the box hadn't really been helpful; she wanted to think outside of the box and not use her powers to pop her section of the bubble wrap. She thought back to the rules of the competition. She was allowed to use anything in her room. Her room was full of interesting Earth memorabilia: board games, a teddy bear, an iPod, etc. When M'gann laid eyes on her small iPod Nano, she had a brilliant idea. She had never popped bubble wrap before, but she was pretty sure it would work.

"Half an hour!" came Robin's voice over the cave's PA system.

'Just in time,' thought M'gann as she picked up her iPod.


The Boy Wonder had created the Bubble Wrap Games. Any bystander would think he would have an advantage. Unfortunately for Robin, that wasn't true. Because he had participated in the Games twenty-six times, he was running out of creative ways to pop bubble wrap. He and Wally had created the tournament back when they had first met each other. At nine years old, it had seemed like a fun way for him to show up Wally in a competition, but it had turned into somewhat of a tradition for them. They had partook in the Bubble Wrap Games every time one of them had gotten bubble wrap for about four years.

It had always been a fierce competition, but now that the rest of the team had joined in, the competition's intensity had tripled. Everyone wanted the prize, and had superpowers that would help them come up with some of the best ways ever to pop the bubble wrap. Since it was the others' first time in the Games, they had more options to choose from, making them better candidates for the prize. Luckily for Robin, he had a few tricks up his sleeve. As he fingered his bird-a-rangs, he came up with the perfect way to pop all the bubbles…


Wally had been participating in the Bubble Wrap Games ever since Robin had created it. He was proud to be able to say that he had been able to beat the Boy Wonder in ten of the games. Robin still held the record, but Wally was proud he had won against the younger boy at all. Robin was good. 'Did Bat-training cover bubble wrap competitions?' Wally thought. He shook his head. It probably did. Batman was so paranoid he had probably trained Robin in soap carving. Bat-training aside, Wally was ready to change his record of ten wins to eleven. He had been thinking about how to beat Robin ever since his last crushing defeat (i.e. about three weeks). Three weeks was a long time for a speedster. In those 'long' three weeks, Wally had come up with the (at least in his eyes) best idea ever for popping bubble wrap. He was ready to take back the title of 'Bubble Wrap Champion'.


Zatanna (like M'gann and Conner) lived in the cave, so she had a lot in her room to choose from to help her pop her bubble wrap. Although she had lots of things in her room that would help her to pop the bubbles, she decided to use her powers, as the note had said. She mentally ran through a list of spells that she knew. Not surprisingly, she didn't know a spell for popping bubble wrap. Even though Zatanna was one of the younger members of the team, she was very smart, and an out of the box thinker. Within minutes she had come up with a way to pop bubble wrap that she was sure no one else would think of (or for that matter be able to do). She was ready to win this.

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