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When the team arrived at the Watchtower they found it surprisingly empty. There was always someone on duty up there, and most Leaguers chose to spend their free time socializing with their hero friends after their civilian jobs. That being said, it was an unusual occurrence for none of the superheroes to be at least on Monitor Duty- almost unheard of.

This would have worried Robin if he hadn't known exactly where all the Leaguers were. His plan was working perfectly.

Wally, however, wasn't as informed as Robin. "No one's here."

Robin rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses. Trust Wally to say the obvious. Unfortunately for Wally, it wasn't Robin who pointed out his 'Captain Obvious' statement.

"Really? I thought they were all invisible!" said Artemis sarcastically. Unlike Robin's, her eye roll was clearly visible.

Wally groaned. Before he could respond with his own sarcastic comment, M'gann spoke. "If no one's here, then who's watching out for villains? What if they're all kidnapped or something!" With every second M'gann's voice grew more frantic. "What if-"

Robin put a stop to the Martian's worried ramblings. "Relax. Whenever Batman's irritated with one of the League members during his turn on Monitor Duty he watches from the Batcave."

"But since no one's here now… Anyone wanna pop some more bubble wrap?" suggested Wally, grinning.

Robin stared at him. "You think just because Batman's not here he's not watching?"

"No, but he didn't say anything against it," Wally argued weakly.

"Let's just get started," said M'gann, eager to avoid a conflict.

The group of teens began to stack the bubble wrap in a corner of the main room of the Watchtower. Everyone was resisting the bubble wrap temptation well. After half an hour of cleaning the up the plastic, Wally couldn't resist any longer. He cannonballed into the enormous pile of bubble wrap the Team had just spent a good portion of their afternoon cleaning up.

"WALLY!" exclaimed Artemis, furious with the speedster. "Was that really necessary? You can restack that all by yourself, because I'm done."

"I won't have to do it alone. Rob, Meg, and Supey'll help me," Wally retorted smugly. He lost his haughty air when he looked at his friends.

M'gann looked apologetic.

Conner had crossed his arms.

Robin put on his trademark smirk.

"Really guys? No one has my back?" Wally said, his smile gone. He was disappointed in his friends. "You're really gonna abandon me?"

M'gann nodded sadly. "Sorry Wally. You kinda did this to yourself. We'll watch you and provide moral support though."

Wally frowned. "Fine. I didn't need your help."

"Aw, did we hurt the wittle baby's feelings?" said Artemis, giving him a condescending smirk.

Wally didn't dignify that comment with a response, although he sorely wanted to. He just quickly sped around cleaning up the bubble wrap for a second time.

"Let's Zeta back to the Cave before Wally gets another telligent idea," said Robin.

"Telligent?" asked Conner, quirking an eyebrow. Though the clone thought Robin's words were pretty childish, he did secretly enjoy them.

"Yeah, if the opposite of 'inexcusable' is 'excusable', wouldn't the opposite of 'intelligent' be 'telligent'? So instead of being smart, you're not."

That explanation given, the Team Zeta'ed back to the Cave to hang out.


By the end of the week, the only one still sulking about there not being a bubble wrap winner was Wally. He was the one with the most history with the Games, other than Robin, and he really wanted to have won. Bragging rights, a shiny trophy, and a hundred dollars were on the line, and now he'd never know who was really the best. He was disappointed to say the least.

Suddenly, Black Canary's voice came through the speakers. "Team, please report to the training room."

Wally ran into the training room. There was finally something to distract him from thoughts of bubble wrap! The rest of the Team quickly joined him.

"Now, I'm sure you all remember the little bubble wrap popping tournament you guys had earlier this week."

They all nodded uncertainly, wondering what was going on. Well, all but Robin. He smirked to himself.

"The League received the video, and we've all collected votes. Everyone had a hard time choosing, but we finally picked one. The winner is… Wally. Congrats." Black Canary looked around at the room full of perplexed teens, shrugged, and left.

As soon as she left the room, the Team exploded into a confused mess of voices.

"YES! I won! IN YOUR FACE ARTEMIS!" shouted Wally.

"Quit talking Wally, it was just a stupid game," muttered Artemis.

"How'd she see the video?" asked Conner. "Batman took the camera away before we could do anything with it."

"Yeah, how?" seconded M'gann.

Robin was the only one to remain quiet, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by Artemis. She walked over to him. "You know something, don't you."

"Who, me?" asked Robin feigning innocence. At Artemis's death glare, he confessed. "Fine, I did it. I knew we'd never get the video out on YouTube without Batman finding out, so I pre-recorded a message asking the League to vote instead."

"But how'd you know the League would get it? Wouldn't Batman have just taken it back to the Batcave or something?" asked Artemis.

"That part was easy," replied Robin. "Batman had to go straight to the Watchtower to make sure the bubble wrap mess was left for us to clean up. Since Flash loves bubble wrap almost as much as Wally, it made sense that he'd be there, and would ask why Batman was carrying a camera. We all know how 'persuasive' Flash can be, so I figured he'd be able to wrestle the camera away from Batman. From there, Flash wouldn't be able to resist showing it to everyone else."

"You put way too much thought into this. You know that, right?" said Artemis, shaking her head.

"Probably," answered Robin, smirking. "But it was totally worth it. Except for the part where I didn't win…"

The bird turned to face the rest of the Team. "Alright! Now that we all know who won, it's time for Wally to receive his prize." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a crisp hundred-dollar bill and reluctantly handed it to Wally. "I'll fork over the trophy tomorrow… after I've had a chance to say good bye to it."

Wally smirked, and nodded. "Thank you my good friend, and less than worthy opponent. And now for my victory speech…"

Everyone groaned.

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