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First Kiss Rewritten

BB: 18
Rae: 19
CY: 21
Star: 20
Rob: 20

Ever have the feeling an inanimate object is watching you? Well yea I'm getting that feeling right now. That damn cat clock Starfire got me that Christmas is scaring me to hell. I didn't have the heart to tell her it was scary as hell because she said in these exact words "Friend beast boy this clock is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I just know you'll love it! "I mean she was so happy I just couldn't say no! But now, Dude I regret my decision. I just need to get the fuck out of this room and away from that clock!

Regular POV

Beastboy got up and scurried out his door into the long hallway. He groaned "Just what I need a long freaking walk! "He said in his head. As he walked down the hallway his mind started wondering to tofu and tofu to mopeds and somehow it got to raven then he suddenly imaged raven sitting on a moped showing off her curves in a two piece bathing suit. He blushed madly at that thought, it was no surprise that beastboy had a crush on raven. Everyone knew except the thing of his affection. He would throw hints here and there but she was just too stubborn to notice them. He just sighed and continued walking till he turned a corner and ran into just the person he was thinking about.

Rae's POV

I sat up in my bed quickly breathing very hard. I had another nightmare about my father, even though he was gone I still am having these dreams. I sighed and got up out of bed. "It's nothing a cup of tea can't fix "I said to myself I slid out of my dark room into the hallway. I walk quietly even though no one's up I still have the habit of trying to be very quiet. As I round the corner I run into someone and we both fall to the ground. I groan as I look to see who this person is and I find my eyes connect with forest green eyes.

Regular POV

Beastboy's eyes widened and hurried up and got to his feet he stuck out one of his hand while rubbing the back of his neck with the other. "Sorry Rae I didn't see you! "He said while she took his hand and he pulled her up. "It's fine, Anyways what are you doing up this early? "She said brushing herself off. He laughed nervously and looked at his feet.
"Umm you remember that cat clock star got me last Christmas? "He said looking up at her. "Yes, Why?" She said crossing her arms looking at him. "Heh, It kind of scares the shit outa me..." He said smiling a bit. Raven Shook her head and sighed. "Sometimes I swear your still 14"She said as she began walking to the common room.


I watched as she walked away. I wish I could tell her the way I felt I just wish she didn't have to be so damn stubborn! My eyes widened as I realized she wasn't wearing her usual leotard and cape she was wearing a thin blue tank top and black shorts. I couldn't help but stare as she walked away. The way her hips swayed as she walked I could just feel myself wanting to walk over and plant a long kiss on her beautiful lips turned back around and went back to my room with a smile on my face.

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