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Raven's POV

As I got up to pour myself more tea,I heard the common room doors swish open.I looked over in the doorway to see Beastboy.I raised my eyebrow and looked at him."What are you doing back up?"I said.I saw him jump 2 inches in the looked over towards me clearly scared to hell and he saw me he sighed in relief and a smile spread on his face."Heh, i couldnt fall back asleep!"he said rubbing his neck I felt a smile begining to form but I stopped it in the progress.I grabbed my tea and sat back down in the stool.I heard beastboys footsteps begin over to the kitchen area.I looked up from my book to see beastboy opening the fridge and take out a small platter of sat down right across from me and started munching on his tofu.I sighed and picked up on the word i left off on.I could swear i felt beastboy's eyes on me.I looked up to see if my suspition was correct and indeed it eye's locked onto each other.I blushed as he smirked slyly i reached for my hood on my cloak but remembered i wasnt wearing it."shit"i said to myself. I tore my eyes away from his in attempt to bring relief to my now burning cheeks.I heard Beastboy laugh happily."I made you blush ,Rae!"He said grinning ear from ear.I blushed even more."Shut up you grass stain!"I said angryly crossing my laughter died down and he just sat there smiling sweetly.


I smiled sweetly at raven ,sometimes it was worth it to make her just looks so cute when she's flustered.I laughed a bit whoever says raven cant be cute has clearly never seen her the way i do."Come on Rae you know you love me!"I said still smiling no matter what she says i know she loves me. But that still doesnt mean she had to like looked at me face still red mind you and said very clearly"Beastboy why do you enjoy making me mad so much?I know you enjoy it so just tell me why."She said while crossing her eyes widened in shock, she knew i liked making her mad?Why the in hell hadnt she kill me mind clicked she must like me enough not to kill me. I smirked this was the perfect time to tell her we were alone and both were single.I walked up to her and dropped by head down to her ear and whispered"Because you look so cute when your mad"I said while was about to say something when I bent my head down and our lips eyes flew open but slowly went down and i felt her arms sneak their way around my neck I slowly weaved my hands onto her waist and pulled her closer to my taste of her sweet lips made me go bazerk ive been waiting to do this for a long slowly started pulling me to the couch i knew better than to rezist. She pushed me onto the couch while still being attached to my straddled my waist in attempt to be at an better finally parted lips when air became necassary.

Raven's POV

I gazed into his forest eyes searching for any regret but found none only love and compason.I smiled alittle{Hey better than nothing!}I could feel my heart pounding in my chest beating out of control.I sighed and laid my head on his muscular began playing with my hair,swirling it around his finger and clearly enjoying playing with it.I began to trace his chest muscles through his shirt.A side of me knew this was wrong and i could hurt him dearly but another side told me this could be the only chance at love i could ever have.I sighed why were these feelings so complicated.I looked up into his eyes and felt a spark in me smiled and whispered into my ear "I love you raven and i always will.."I felt tears build up in my eyes,that was the first time told me they loved me.i leant up into his ear and was about to say i loved him too but the common door swished open and there stood the rest of the titans.

Regular POV

Beastboy and raven gulped they both knew how wrong this looked and they wondered how the rest of the team would glanced at each other nervously clearly asking what to do from one another, But neither of them knew what to do Titans just stood their eyes wide and mouths ajar, hell even starfire had a weird look on her shuffled off of beastboy and he stood their beside her looked as if he had something to say but it wouldnt come just stood their mouth agap and eyes starfire after she understood what was going on she ra-Floated over to the two and hugged them close."Ohh friends this is wonderfull you are now a couple!"She practicaly screamed in their rubbed his neck and looked down blushing while raven face was beat red from what her bestfriend said to recovered quickly and started laughing his ass off. while Robin stood their with a smirk on his face and arms quickly excused herself from the room and left everyone standin there.


I saw raven quickly exit the room as cyborg came over to give me a nougie,I looked at everyone and excused myself from the understood i knew they did.I walked down the hall that held ravens door.I breathed in and knocked hoping that she wouldnt come out door slowley creaked open and it showed a red eyed raven, sure signs that she had been crying."Raven I-"I tried to say but she interuppted me by pulling me into the turned to me tears falling frealy from her dived into my chest crying into it searching for detached from me and wiped her eyes.I looked at her worried"Raven are you okay?"I asked putting a hand on her looked at me with blood shot eyes and whispered something i couldnt hear."What?"I asked with an eyebrow looked at me and repeated a little louder"T-that was my first kiss Garfield"She looked back eyes widened ,i couldnt belive it raven never had a kiss before?I hesitated before awnsering"N-not even from h-him?"I asked hoping she would say shook her head.I looked at her with a small smile and made her look towards me."Raven do you love me like i love you?"I asked hoping just hoping she would say yes to my sighed and whispered in my ear"I Alwaysed loved you Gar"She whispered her voice full of love.I smiled and kissed her nose and said"Then dont worry about it"I saw her smile and wiped away her last tear."Ready for your second kiss ?!"I asked smiling slyly She hesitated before
jumping on me and kissing me life get any better?

From that day on they shared many kisses together but the most important kiss was on their wedding they never frogot their very first kiss that started it all

~The End~

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