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The summer air warms my face and makes me push up the sleeves of my robes as I stand on Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, waiting for my brother and sister to arrive. They've finally completed their first year at Hogwarts, and I've never missed them so much. My heart catches as the Scarlet Red train rolls to a halt. My youngest sister, Nina, squeezes my hand. Her blue eyes twinkle with excitement. They're the eyes of her father. "Belly, where are they?" she questions, standing on her tiptoes and looking through the crowd.

"They'll be here soon," I assure her, searching for them myself.

"Look, some kids are getting off," My other brother, Hugo says. Some students are coming off the train with luggage, greeting the parents that they haven't seen in months. "I don't see them."

"There!" Nina squeals, her pigtails bobbing up and down. "Scorpius! Rose!"

"I don't think they can hear you," I tell Nina. "The platform in so loud." After scanning the crowd for a minute, I see a head of platinum-blond hair that can't belong to anyone other than my brother. He's accompanied by a head of curly brown hair identical to mine, but with the slightest hint of red in it. It's my sister, Rose. They're speaking with Al, one of Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny's sons. Rose notices us first. She jostles Scorpius' shoulder, making him turn around. They both say a hurried goodbye to Al and take off in our direction, dragging their trunks behind them.

"Belle!" Rose says happily, giving me a hug. "We missed you all! Hi, Hugo, hi Nina," she adds. Nina can't decide which of her siblings she wants to hug first, so she tries to wrap her arms around both Scorpius and Rose at the same time. Scorpius smirks at her.

"I hope you bothered Hugo and Isobelle a lot for us," he says.

"Oh, she did," I assure Scorpius. "Give me a hug, you git." I pull my younger brother close to me. "Merlin, you're getting tall."

"Where are Mum and Dad?" Rose asks.

"At work. They're sorry they couldn't make it," I tell them. "But they're coming home early. How did Teddy do his first year?" I question. From the smile that Rose and Scorpius share, I can tell that they quite enjoyed having Teddy as one of their professors. Last summer, Teddy accepted the position as Transfiguration professor. He'd been nervous about it for months.

"Brilliant!" Rose answers. "Scorpius and I had that class together. I'm sure we were his favorites, even though he didn't say so."

"What color was his hair?" Hugo questions. "It wasn't turquoise, was it?"

Scorpius shakes his head. "No, it was just boring brown. But once, a kid in our class lit something on fire and it went yellow!"

Rose nods. "No one knew why, though. Except for me and Scorpius."

"You can't tell anyone, remember?" I remind them. "I'm sure Teddy doesn't want to begin taking requests."

Rose and Scorpius nod. "Yeah."

"How about we get home? I'm sure Mum and Dad can't wait to see you."

"Rose, Scorpius, your father and I have missed you so much!" Mum cries, pulling them into a hug.

"You saw us for Easter, Mum," Scorpius reminds her, pulling away. At the ripe old age of twelve, Scorpius believes he's much too mature to receive hugs from Mum, even in the safety of our home.

"That was a whole two months ago! You look so different!"

"I grew half an inch," Rose mutters. They've both seemed so distant from Mum and Dad since we got home, but I decide not to say anything.

"You're nearly taller than Isobelle," Dad observes.

"I'm nearly taller than Isobelle!" Hugo points out.

"I'm not!" says Nina. And that is why she's currently my favorite.

"You two must be starving," Mum says. "Come into the dining room, dinner is ready!" We follow Mum into the dining room, and dinner is already on the table. Mum insists on doing all the cooking, even though we have house-elves for that. Now, even though she doesn't exactly agree with keeping them, she lets them help with the laundry and cleaning, since there's a lot to be done.

"So, how did you enjoy your first year?" Mum asks, after everyone is seated.

"It was great, Mum," Rose answers, moving her food around her plate with her fork.

"Yeah," Scorpius agrees. "I actually think I'm going to miss school."

"The library was amazing like you said. And Belle, Holden was right. The Ravenclaw common room is like heaven! There are books, and journals, and things everywhere." At first, Rose and Scorpius were extremely upset that they weren't sorted into the same house. I think it was better that way, though, because they spent nearly every waking moment together while they were at home.

"How was Slytherin House, Scorpius?" Dad questions. Dad was extremely proud when he learned that Scorpius was put into to Slytherin. I guess he has to keep the Malfoy tradition going.

"Awesome, Dad. I stayed away from Goyle like you said. He was a right git. Al and I think it's because he's so jealous that he's such stupid brute."

"Scorpius, don't be mean," Mum chastises gently.

"But, you say that we shouldn't tell lies," Scorpius points out.

Dad raises his eyebrows. "He has you there, Hermione." Mum ignores Dad.

"I don't care however he acts. You've been raised better than to name-call, haven't you?"

I can tell Scorpius is inwardly rolling his eyes. "Yes, Mum. I have."

"He is quite thick, though," Rose adds, agreeing with Scorpius. "And he eats like a troll. Like you, Hugo." Rose smirks at Hugo's indignant look.

"I don't eat like a troll! I've got a knife and fork."

"It's the fact that you rarely use them that's causing the problem," I inform Hugo.

He frowns at me. "Hey!" he complains. Nina giggles.

"So, what are the two of you going to do on your first day back in the real world?" I ask, making conversation.

"The Falcons are playing the Arrows tomorrow," Scorpius informs me. He has to be one of their hands-down biggest fans. "Dad owled and told me he got the tickets last month. He's taking Hugo and I."

"You're going to see the Falcons play tomorrow?" I question, unable to take the amused tone out of my voice. Hugo nods.

"Yeah, maybe they'll get beat," He says hopefully. Scorpius turns to face him.

"Hugo, have you gone bonkers?" He questions. "The Falcons can't be beat!"

"It's the truth," Dad agrees. "Seven Cups in a row, going on eight."

"Well, wouldn't that mean they were beat eight years ago, if they didn't win the cup then?" Rose points out.

"Who cares about seven years ago?" Scorpius questions, waving his hand.

"Who cares about quidditch, period?" Rose retorts. "It's a completely mindless and barbaric sport." I have to agree with her there.

"What would you know about quidditch, Rose? You can't even fly two feet on a broom without sliding off the end." You can't speak badly about quidditch in front of Scorpius and expect him not to say anything. My family and I look on. We've seen this argument between Rose and Scorpius occur numerous times. Quidditch is one of the only things they disagree about.

"That's because I spend my time worrying about more important things, Scorpius. That's why my marks are higher than yours," Rose smugly informs him. Scorpius narrows his storm grey eyes at her.

"Just barely. You get an Outstanding in Charms and start thinking you're a genius…" he mutters bitterly.

"For your information, I've always thought that," Rose says. Mum shakes her head.

"Merlin, the house has been quiet without the two of you," she tells them.

"Quieter," Dad corrects. "It's never completely quiet." He's right. It's become some sort of unwritten rule that at any given time, one Weasley-Malfoy child must be screaming. Said child is generally Nina.

"And now I have someone to play dress-up with!" Nina muses excitedly, grinning at Rose and showing a gap where a tooth should be. It reminds me of Scorpius a while ago, when he was missing his two front teeth. He couldn't pronounce my name correctly for months.

"Didn't you have Belle?" Rose questions.

"You haven't seen how ridiculous I look in a fairy-princess tutu," I tell her.

"Better than Hugo," Nina says nonchalantly, shrugging.

Hugo's face turns beet-red as Scorpius bursts into laughter. "That was only one time!" He protests.

"Don't share that with anyone else," Scorpius advises, holding his stomach.

"Yeah, Prince Hugo!" Rose adds, smiling herself.

"You two, don't be mean to Hugo," I say, frowning at them both. "Besides, it's princess Hugoto you lot." Nina, Rose, and Scorpius all burst out into more laughter. Even Dad hides a smile.

"Isobelle, don't make fun of your brother like that," Mum says disapprovingly. She's such a bloody killjoy.

"He knows I'm joking. Don't you, Hugo?" Hugo crosses his arms and turns away from me.

"Don't talk to me," he mutters. Oh, well. I tried.

Everyone settles into a conversation, listening to Nina talk about something, I'm not sure what. I notice that Scorpius and Rose seem the most disinterested out of everyone. They don't really speak unless Mum or Dad asks them a question, and even then their answers become rather short. I find that odd, because they seemed perfectly happy to see me. I wonder what's wrong.

After dinner, I go up to my bedroom. Watching Nina and Hugo all day is a great way to lose all of my energy, especially dealing with Nina. It's been a while since I've had to deal with the unwavering energy of a six-year-old. Now that Scorpius and Rose are out of school, I'm sure that things are only going to grow more hectic.

I'm startled by a knock at the door. "Come in." the door opens and Rose walks in, followed by a sullen-looking Scorpius. They both sit gingerly on the edge of my bed. "What's wrong?" I ask. Rose and Scorpius share a look, as if they've talked this over quite a few times.

"Where are our parents?" Rose asks quietly, looking me straight in the eye. I'm caught completely off-guard by the question.

"Downstairs… in their bedroom, I don't know…" I answer, shrugging. Scorpius rolls his eyes.

"She means our real parents," he clarifies. The temperature in the room seems to plummet.

"Real parents?" I repeat, utterly confused. They can't be asking what I think. Rose and Scorpius nod.

"Draco isn't my real Dad," says Rose.

"And Hermione isn't my real Mum," Scorpius adds. How can they believe that? Mum and Dad have been in their lives longer than their actual parent. Why would they want anything different?

"Mum and Dad are perfect parents to you," I tell them both. "Is that not enough for you?

"But they aren't our parents," Rose points out. "Me and Scorpius think it's only fair for you to tell us who they are."

"Well, maybe you should ask Mum and Dad. It's not my job to tell you that," I say, ready to shoo my siblings out of my room. They've probably had this planned all year, to ask me who their mother and father are, as if I was going to just easily tell them. I didn't even know Rose's father too well, and Scorpius doesn't deserve to know what kind of person Astoria was. At least not yet.

"You know Mum and Dad won't tell us," Scorpius says lamely.

"Perhaps they have a good reason," I tell them both. "Does Hugo feel this way, too?" I ask. Rose shakes her head.

"No, he doesn't ask at all. I don't think he remembers our dad, much," she answers. Hugo was only three when his dad left, so it probably doesn't bother him as much as it does Rose.

"Maybe you should follow his lead," I suggest. Scorpius frowns at me.

"You know that's not fair. You always wanted to know who your Mum was," he points out. "It's the same thing." I don't feel comfortable being attacked by both Rose and Scorpius at once about this. It only makes me wonder, how long have they wanted to know?

"It's not the same thing. I never knew Mum. You've both known your parents," I inform them.

"But that was so long ago," Rose insists. "We may as well have never met them."

"And it's not fair that you and Nina get to live with both your parents," Scorpius complains. Little do Scorpius and Rose know, only half of that sentence is true. Nina is more Rose's sister than she is mine. And besides, I've lived with both Scorpius' parents longer than he's been alive. I think he can return the favor.

"Scorpius, I'm sorry. You, too, Rose. But you really are better off," I assure them. Neither of them seems to be placated in the slightest. "Things like this are difficult. You can't just ask to see your parent, and they show up in your life as if nothing's ever happened. Trust me, it doesn't work that way at all." I can tell them that first-hand. After I met Mum, I wasn't sure for a while that having her in my life was actually what I wanted. Now, I wouldn't take it back for anything.

"But what if things work out good like they did for you?" Rose questions.

"Things like this don't happen twice," I say quickly. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but they don't have to know.

Rose and Scorpius both give me sad looks. "Could you at least talk to Mum and… Dad for us?" Rose asks hesitantly. I don't know how Mum and Dad are going to take something like that, but I'm sure they're a bit used to it.

"I'll ask, but I'm not in control of whatever they say. And if they say no, that's final, got it?" I ask Rose and Scorpius. They nod quickly.

"Thanks, Isobelle," Scorpius tells me. Even though I don't agree with either of them wanting to meet their parents, I do feel some sympathy for them. I know what they're going through, and it's difficult. At least their step-parent accepts them, though. I glance at the clock.

"You're welcome. I'm sure Hugo and Nina would like to spend some time with the two of you," I say, giving each of my siblings a hug before they turn to leave. "Rose, will you hand me my cloak?" I question, pointing to the hook beside my door.

Rose wrinkles her eyebrows. "Where are you going?" she questions, handing it over.

"Holden's," I answer nonchalantly, tugging on my cloak.

"This late at night? Do Mum and Dad know?" Scorpius asks, raising his eyebrows and sharing a suggestive look with Rose. Merlin, they're so immature.

"I'm an adult, you nasty little twits. I can leave when I want. That's one of the perks of being the oldest."

"Along with babysitting, right?" Rose smirks. I roll my eyes. Even though having four siblings can be exhausting, I wouldn't trade them for the world.

"Oh, you know it. Now get your skinny bums out of here."

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