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"Yeah, and so I told her that if she wanted to come and watch sometime, I'd take her whenever she wanted," Dominique tells me, stretching her feet out on the sofa.

Rose smiles. "See, Dom, this is why you're my favorite cousin," she tells her. "Tied with Al."

Dom jokingly puffs out her chest. "Thank you, thank you. I do try," she answers.

"Well, you have to see what Mum says about it first," I remind Rose.

She rolls her eyes. "I don't care what Mum says. If I want to go watch Dom play football, I will." It frustrates me that Rose and Scorpius see no point in respecting their parents anymore.

I try to silently communicate with Dom through a look. I think she understands me. "Nah, that would be kidnapping if I just took you. You've got to see what Aunt Hermione says," Dom tells Rose, winking at me over her head. I give her a look of gratitude.

"Fine, all right," Rose huffs. "But you know she's going to say no."

"Why would she?" I ask. I like to think that Mum's pretty lenient, within reason.

"I'll take this one. Aunt Hermione, for reasons unbeknownst to me, thinks I'm 'irresponsible'," Dom answers. "I'm sure whe wouldn't trust me with her dear, beloved daughter all alone in the muggle world." I can't exactly blame Mum. I love Dominique, really I do, but she's very scatterbrained. However, I'm sure Rose can take care of herself for the most part.

"Oh," I say. "Well, you never know until you try."

"I do know, because Mum doesn't change," Rose says under her breath, crossing her arms. "She's so boring."

"Better than my mum," Dom says helpfully.

Rose nods. "True."

"Rose, that's rude!" I chide.

Dom waves her hand. "It's all right. We all know my mum's a blonde-haired demon," Dom reasons.

"Dominique!" A voice shrieks.

Dom sinks back in the sofa and rolls her eyes. "Speaking of blonde-haired demons..."

Victoire comes through the hallway and stomps into the living room, crossing her arms and glaring at her younger sister. I haven't seen Victoire in a few weeks and, given everything, I really haven't hoped to.

"Why are you in my flat?" Dom demands. "I thought I changed the wards..." This makes Rose laugh. Victoire narrows her eyes at her.

"Well, you obviously didn't do it well enough. Mum and Dad sent me. You knew we were all supposed to have lunch with them today!" Victoire tells Dom, giving her an annoyed look.

"I told Mum I wasn't coming! I don't know why she sent you to come and change my mind, because you aren't," Dom says simply. I don't exactly blame Dominique. Between Victoire, Louis, and Aunt Fleur, her family really is overbearing. Uncle Bill is the only one I get along with reasonably.

Victoire groans. "My God, Dominique, do you always have to behave so incorrigibly?" she questions.

Dom shrugs. "I don't know, do you always have to behave like you've got a stick shoved up your arse?" she counters. Rose smirks, but I give her a look and she stops. If I can hide my laughter, so can she.

Victoire ignores her. "Something's likely to have died in here!" she complains, looking around. Dominique has clothes strewn across the floor, along with shoes, papers, and other various items. It's complete chaos. But chaos is the perfect word to describe Dom.

"Yeah, my mood! Thanks for killing it!" Dominique retorts. "Now seriously, why don't you go back to Mum and Dad's and tell them that I'm not coming! So you can get out of my flat, and Louis can enjoy himself with whoever the hell his girlfriend is this week-"

"Oh, so that's what this is about?" Victoire demands, her face going red. "You don't want to go because you're still single? Well, maybe if you weren't so lazy and acted like a girl for once, someone would like you, too!" Something tells me that this has nothing to do with Dominique's relationship status, she just dislikes her family.

I'm not entirely sure that Rose and I should be here, watching them argue. Neither Victoire nor Dominique seem to care, though. They'll argue anywhere and in front of anyone.

"I wouldn't be so quick to call someone single! Teddy won't even speak to you! He's finally realized what an annoying bint you are!" Dominique shouts, giving Victoire a triumphant look.

Victoire's face goes slack for a moment. "You know it isn't just me, you idiot! Teddy's been under a lot of stress lately because of his... because of..." Victoire stammers, trying to think of something to say.

Dom tilts her head to the side and raises her eyebrows at her older sister. "Really? 'Cause Belle told me she was Teddy's flat just the other day," she informs Victoire.

Victoire trains her eyes on me. "What?" She questions, sticking her hands on her hips. Rose looks at me curiously as well. I didn't want things to happen this way.

"I just went to... speak to him. I had to ask him something about Holden," I say uncomfortably, under Victoire's blue-eyed gaze. That isn't a total lie. How was I supposed to know that Victoire and Teddy weren't speaking? He never told me.

"Why couldn't you ask Holden yourself?" Victoire asks, setting her jaw hard.

Oh, that's a good question. "Because..."

"Because it's none of your business, that's why," Dominique answers for me. "Now, really, you should just go back to Mum and Dad's. You're probably late."

Victoire groans and stomps away, and I can hear her disapparate a second later.

"God, I hate her," Dom tells Rose and I.

"You don't hate her," I correct Dom, thinking of when Scorpius told me he hated me. I don't want Dom to be the same way with Victoire. "You just don't like her so much."

"She actually hates her," Rose informs me. "No offense, Belle, but I'd hate you too if you were like Victoire." According to Scorpius, it doesn't take that much.

"Teddy, where are you?" I call. It's probably wrong, but I have to talk to Teddy about having not spoken to Victoire. Maybe Holden and I are arguing, but I never cut off talking to him completely without letting him know why.

"In my room."

I take off my cloak and set it on the sofa, then head down the hallway. "What did you tell Victoire?" I ask, coming into Teddy's bedroom. He's turned away from me, looking out the window. "She said the two of you haven't been speaking."

Teddy rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. "I didn't tell her anything. I haven't spoken to her," he reminds me, restating my words.

"Teddy, you can't do that. If I had to speak to Holden, then you have to speak to Victoire," I tell him. "It's only fair."

"Since when are things 'fair'?" Teddy mutters. He picks up one of the photographs on his bedside table. He shows it to me. "Do you remember this? It was when we were younger, before things got complicated-"

"Things were always complicated," I correct Teddy, laughing in spite of myself. "I think you mean less complicated?"

Teddy nods. "Yeah, that's what I meant," he says. "So, did you talk to Holden? You said earlier..."

"I did speak to him," I tell Teddy shortly.


I have to take a second to compose myself. Since it happened yesterday, I haven't really thought about the conversation between Holden and I. Now that I look back on it, I can't help but get emotional. "It didn't go well," I whisper, taking a seat on Teddy's bed and bowing my head.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

I nod. Talking would be nice. "We-we got into this huge argument, and it ended with Holden yelling at me and saying he 'couldn't do it' anymore, and that he needed a break," I whisper, feeling a tear slide down my cheek.

Teddy sits down beside me and he takes my hand in his. "I'm sorry," he apologizes sincerely.

"I just never thought that he could be so hurtful," I sob. "What does this even mean? Is he- is he done with me?"

Teddy shrugs and shakes his head. "I don't know, Belle. I really don't know..." he admits.

I glance up at Teddy through my tear-rimmed eyes. He actually seems pretty beat up that I'm upset. Maybe it's selfish of me, but I like it that Teddy's upset, too. It shows that he cares about my feelings, unlike Holden. "This is all my fault," I say quietly.

"How?" Teddy asks.

"I've been trying to hold on to a relationship that I know isn't working," I tell Teddy. I mean, I just haven't, I don't know..."

"What don't you know?"

I take a deep breath. "You know I've never been with anyone else," I say.

"Yeah, I know that."

"And I guess I just feel like I have to stay with Holden. We don't really have a reason to separate," I explain.

Teddy wrinkles his eyebrows. "What do you mean you don't have a reason? You know not all relationships last forever. You know that."

I sigh and wipe my eyes a bit. "I do know that. But Dad and Astoria separated because Astoria was mental for Merlin's sakes. And Ron, he- he couldn't accept the fact that Mum had another child. Holden and I don't have something nearly important as that-"

"Him making you cry isn't important?" Teddy asks, squeezing my hand. "If anything, the fact that you guys don't have anything crazy like that happening, and he's still nasty to you makes it even worse." I suppose I never thought of things that way.

"Teddy, why is it that so many people have to go through more than one relationship before they meet someone who treats them correctly?"

Teddy shrugs. "Well, sometimes you have to have some wrong in your life to know what's right," he answers.

I purse my lips in thought. "Is this right?" I ask. The fact that Teddy and I are both cheating on someone isn't right, but say that we weren't. Then should I still feel guilty about having a happiness that I deserve?

"I need to know... for myself. I need to know whether or not we're being stupid, or if this actually means something," I continue slowly.

Teddy's shoulders straighten. "What do you mean?" he asks cautiously.

"I don't want to say it. That will make it sound even more mad." I move closer to Teddy and gently place my hand on his cheek. "I felt a bit bad for Victoire this morning. But the more I think about it, the less she deserves you," I whisper.

"Doesn't feel so great, does it?" Teddy leans forward, nearly closing the distance between us. His lips are so close to mine, there's only a breath between us. I pause for a second, and gaze into Teddy's eyes. He doesn't talk about his feelings a lot, but I can see by his eyes alone that he's as hurt and confused as I am.

Teddy glances down at my neck, at the silver pendant resting on my chest. The one he and Holden gave me for my birthday. He reaches around my neck and unclasps it, setting it carefully on the bedside table. I understand why he took it off. That necklace is a symbol of both Teddy and Holden. It wouldn't be right for me to wear it at a time like this.

I look at Teddy again. There isn't anything holding us back except for each other. I close my eyes as Teddy kisses me. This time, it feels slightly different. There's something about being Teddy's room, in his bed, and on a 'break' from Holden that makes this feel less... immoral.

I try not to think of Holden as Teddy's lips find their way down my bare neck. But I can't. It isn't just that easy. That's the disadvantage of only having ever been with Holden. Even when I'm with someone else, I can only think of being with Holden.

Tentatively, I pull Teddy's shirt over his head and let it fall to the ground. He stops and looks at me. "Are you sure about this?"

"Y-yes," I answer, my breath hitching. I feel Teddy's fingertips trace lightly over my stomach and around to my back. I'm glad Rose convinced me to wear a dress today. Next thing I know, my dress is coming off my shoulders and pooling around my waist. Teddy gently pulls it down my legs.

"Teddy, I have to know. Do you love me, yes or no?" I ask timidly.

"I thought it was obvious," Teddy responds, looking down for a moment.

"Did you ever tell Victoire you would marry her?"

Teddy shakes his head. "No."

"Well, did you ever promise her-"

"Vic and I never really talked about those things. We kind of just took life as it came at us," Teddy explains, doing his best to quell my fears. I couldn't be responsible for the destruction of a potential marriage.

I sigh. "Holden and I should have done that." Teddy puts his hand under my chin and leans forward to give me a kiss. I pull back."Are you going to break up with Victoire?" I ask.

Teddy seems surprised at my question. "I... I don't know," he answers. "I've been thinking about it."

"I just wanted to know there was a possibility," I admit. "You can kiss me now."

Teddy grins at me. "Thanks for the permission." I put my hands around Teddy's shoulders and he kisses me over and over. It isn't seconds until I feel Teddy's cold navy bed sheets beneath me.

"It is possible to love two people at once, isn't it?" I ask suddenly. "Like you can love me and Victoire, and I can love you and Holden? Or is that wrong?"

Teddy nods. "Sure, it's possible. Just not at a moment like this," he informs me. I can tell Teddy's a bit amused at how little I actually know about relationships, but he won't say it out loud.

"You- you won't compare me to Victoire, will you?" I ask nervously.

Teddy shakes his head. "I wouldn't even think of it. And as long as you don't compare me to Holden," he answers. Teddy really is so nice to me.

"I won't," I promise him.

"Okay then, I won't either."

I can certainly say that things went well between Teddy and I. I realized that maybe if I have to think about whether or not being with Holden is worth it, then it isn't. If Holden and I had the relationship that we should, then I wouldn't have to question it.

When I come home, I hear loud shouting and things slamming. I immediately know Dad is involved. Some things just don't change. "Dad?" I ask, going up the stairs. No one answers. "Dad?"

"She isn't! You can't make me think anything!" That's definitely Scorpius.

"I know that I can't!" Dad shouts back.

"You love Isobelle more than you love me! You only care about her!"

"That isn't true! If I didn't care about you, I wouldn't care what you did!" Dad points out.

"You don't! You're always worried about what Isobelle does! You and Mum! And then you get mad at me and Rose when we're upset about it! Isobelle is grown up, she's supposed to be able to live by herself!" Scorpius yells. I don't feel comfortable with them talking about me like this. They don't even know whether or not I'm in the house, and they aren't taking any care to be quiet.

"Scorpius, I have explained this to you numerous times!"

"That doesn't make it any better! Isobelle gets to do whatever she wants to, but if I do it, I get in trouble! You're just easy on her because she's crazy!" Scorpius shouts.

"Don't you dare say that about your sister!"

"She is! She's insane, and we all know it! Even you said things would be less trouble without Isobelle around!"

I can't believe it. Why would Dad say something like that to Scorpius, of all people? Well, maybe he didn't really say it. "Scorpius, you don't get to use my words against me!" So much for that.

"You lied to me," I say, coming around the corner and glaring at Dad. "You want me gone, don't you?"

Dad gives Scorpius a dark look. And, as usual, he's going to blame this on Scorpius being so loud instead of himself for actually saying it. "Isobelle, I-"

"After everything you said to me the other day? Why would you even lie to me like that? And if you've forgotten, it's you who won't let me leave!" I say, raising my voice.

Dad tries again, "Isobelle-"

I put my hand up to cut him off. "No, you wait a second! You thought you could just tell me whatever you wanted, and I would believe you! How crazy of me, right? But I can't help it you know, because it's just habit for me by now!"

I can tell Dad's growing increasingly frustrated. Like he has a reason. "Isobelle-"

Scorpius gives me an annoyed look. "Since when did you co me home?"

"About five minutes ago, actually. And you might want to be careful when you talk about me behind my back, because the last time I heard you, I tried to kill myself! Did you know that? I tried to kill myself! You remember that, don't you Dad? That was quite a week! I don't know why I did it, though. Maybe it's because I am fucking INSANE!" I scream, waving my hands madly and laughing sarcastically.

"ISOBELLE!" Dad roars, his face flushing.

"Dad, don't try to control me now! You had your chance! I can't even trust you anymore! 'Oh, Isobelle, I understand you completely, and I want the best for you'! That's bullshit! You just don't want to look bad! You don't give a damn how I turn out as long as it doesn't make you seem any less of a person for it! But you never had to admit it, because you knew I'd believe whatever you told me! Am I really that stupid to you?" I don't know why, but it feels like everything is spilling out my mouth like a broken dam. I can't even help it.

Scorpius and Dad are silent.

"So, we're quiet now? Is that the game we're playing? Well, I don't want to play! Really, I have to commend the both of you! Especially you, Scorpius! You can both say that you've been manipulated by Astoria! You can't even form opinions for yourself! Congratulations!" I cheer, clapping my hands together so hard that they begin to hurt. "I hope I'm being crazy enough for you! I hope you enjoy it!"

"Draco, what's going on?" Mum questions, coming down the hallway with a laundry basket. Dad glances at Mum briefly, but doesn't say anything. They're probably having some silent conversation about my mental instability or whatever the hell they like to do. As if I can't understand them.

"Oh, we're having ourselves a lovely conversation, Mum! Please, do join!" I invite her, pulling her by the arm. "I hope you don't have a problem with that, Scorpius, since you've taken it upon yourself to be so rude to Mum! Do you have a problem with that, Scorpius?"

Scorpius looks at me wide-eyed. I don't know why, because this is exactly what he wanted. He shakes his head slowly.

"All right, then! Let's have a conversation with Mum, shall we? What are you doing, Mum? Laundry? How nice of you! Oh, look here, you're doing Scorpius' laundry, too?" I snatch some of Scorpius' robes from the top of the basket. "Oh, Mum, you're too kind! You know, Scorpius doesn't even think you're his mother! His own mother doesn't even do laundry, no reason for you to! Here, Scorpius, you take these! Mum doesn't need them!" I thrust Scorpius' robes into his arms. Some of them fall to the floor.

Mum sets her laundry basket down and puts her arm on my shoulder. "Isobelle, calm down-"

"Don't touch me!" I yell, jerking away from her.

"Go to your room!" Dad shouts.

"Why do I-"

"Just go! And give me your wand!"

I force my wand into Dad's outstretched hand, nearly jabbing him with it. "Fine, because that's the only damned thing that's mine in this house! I am going to my room, and I am going to drink myself into fucking oblivion! No one bother me!" I scream, turning around and stomping off. "I'm crazy?" I scoff. "You're all crazy!"

I hear Dad coming after me. "Just give her some time, Draco," Mum says sensibly. I don't know how much of this I can deal with anymore. I can't be lied to, and I certainly can't take any more stress from my family than I already have. The only people who seem to be helping me remotely are Teddy and Mum.

Before I slam my door shut, I hear Scorpius say to Mum, "So you are going to do my laundry, right?"

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