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I sit on Simon's bed and stare blankly at the wall. He'll be home any minute now. We've been married nearly half a year, and I'm not exactly positive how I feel anymore. At times, Simon does treat me like the man I fell in love with. But others, he doesn't. It confuses me how I feel about him. I do love him, but it's still not clear to me as to whether or not I want to be with him. This just makes things even more difficult.

I'm not sure my family supports me anymore. I do try to speak to them when I can, and I try to be my kindest, but it just feels that my relationship is weakening ever since I left home. It really hurts me.

Panic rises in my chest as I hear Simon coming upstairs. I hope that I can still tell him what I have to.

The door opens. Simon's tie is loose around his neck, and he slams the door behind him. He doesn't look happy. I wish I could disappear.

Simon turns around, and then frowns when he sees me. "What are you doing?" He questions harshly.

He's in a bad mood, and I don't want it to ruin things. "What's wrong?"

Simon sighs and shakes his head. "Fucking idiots at work," he answers. I decide not to ask about it. I've learned that isn't a wise decision.


Simon gives me an expectant look. "Why are you just sitting here?"

"I have to tell you something…" I say quietly. My heart is beating rapidly.

"What is it?" Simon questions impatiently. "I haven't got all day."

I look down at my shoes. I just don't want things to happen badly again. "I've been feeling a little odd, so I went to the Healers…" I start.

Simon doesn't seem to understand where this is going. He frowns at me. "And? I don't particularly care for guessing games."

I look up at Simon. He's staring dead at me. "I'm pregnant."

A slow minute passes. Simon doesn't say anything. "You're pregnant?" He repeats. "Honestly?"

I nod slowly.

"It's a son?" Simon questions.

I'm not positive. I forgot to ask. "I don't-"

Simon shakes his head like it doesn't matter. "Of course, it is. Montagues don't have daughters."

I don't know how to reply to that, and I'm not sure that Simon wants me to. He gives me a small smile.

"I'm about as far as I was last time…" I tell him.

Simon nods understandingly. "Things will be different this time," he assures me. "We're going to have our son."

"We are," I agree quietly. I'm still not sure I want things to turn out this way. I'm not sure how I feel about becoming a mother. And if the same thing happens as last time, I think that will be even more devastating.

Simon moves closer to me and puts his hands gently on either side of my face. "I love you," he tells me, and I can feel that he genuinely means it.

I give him a small smile. "I love-"

I can't finish my statement before Simon captures his lips in mine, in a suffocating kiss. He pulls away and laughs quietly, a genuine look of happiness on his face.

"You're perfect," he tells me, undoing the front of my robes. I grasp his hand lightly to stop him. Simon takes my hand and places light kisses on my fingertips. It's been ages since he's been so affectionate toward me.

"Wait," I tell him in a small voice.

"Hmm?" Simon says in a distracted grunt, trying to work me out of my robes still.

"Have you cheated on me before?" I question.

Simon doesn't answer. "I won't anymore," he promises me. "I swear on our son."

I know how seriously Simon takes that. Perhaps things can get better for us. I can finally smile. "Wonderful."

Simon kisses my collarbone. I feel his cool silk sheets under me. Maybe we're meant to have a happy marriage after all.

"Do you really love me?" I ask quietly. "At all times?"

"There's never been a moment since our marriage that I haven't loved you," Simon tells me. "I won't ever hurt you again."

"Honestly?" I question.

Simon takes my hand in his. He rubs his thumb over my wedding ring. "Of course, not. I said you were going to have everything, and I meant it. You deserve a life as perfect as you are. And you're going to have it."

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