"WHOOOOOHOOOOOOO," screeched Bumi as he tore outside into the pouring rain. His sister and brother soon followed him. "MUD FIGHT!" was the only warning they got before being covered in the substance.

Katara and Aang watched with wonder at just how fast their three little ones could go from clean to filthy. Before his wife's shoulders could sag with the thought of getting them all clean again, Aang wrapped a strong arm around them. She looked up at his smiling face and grinned back, both remembering the days of their youth.

They kissed briefly before Katara drew back, a mischievous twinkle much like Aang's in her eyes, as though she had stolen it for a moment. Pulling him along, she bolted for the door that led to the rain and mud.

Even years later, the air acolytes still swore that all the mud had never been removed from the bath house.